Michelle Obama – the brains behind the Barack Obama campaign machine — is always impeccably dressed and elegantly appointed when she steps out. So it is no surprise that she tops Vanity Fair‘s 2008 Best Dressed list – a major achievement for a non-celebrity. VF even referred to Michelle as “our commander-in-sheath.” That means they’re really smitten with her.

But get this: rapper Knaye West also made the Best Dressed list on the male side (!) How did he make anyone’s best dressed list, I ask? Were the judges drunk when they made their selections? Vanity Fair might as well name Pharrell Williams and T.I. to the best dressed list if Knaye made the list.

Some people think they’re entitled just because they are celebrities. Dre 3K always has a pompous attitude, so I’m not surprised to read the following story about A3K gypping a hard working waiter out of a tip. I’m sure A3K knows that most waiters work for tips only – which is probably why he didn’t leave one. Maybe A3K felt the service wasn’t worthy of a tip. So why write “thanks!” at the top of the receipt?

Atlanta waiter Matt Moore claims that he went out of his way to hook Andre up with some vegan dishes after the rapper visited the restaurant he works in — even though it is non-vegan. Apparently, that effort wasn’t enough and Andre decided to complain anyways — getting his bill reduced in the process. At the end of the meal, the low-baller left a $0 tip and walked away. Classy.

What’s a guy to do? eBay! Moore was understandably pissed and threw his story up on the auction site, along with a description of the injustice and the offending receipt. “The chef had tried to please them with original dishes and took time out of the busy dinner to customize a meal for them,” he wrote. “Despite the spot-on service and super-catered food, they felt the need to leave me no money. I had nothing to do with the food, yet he stiffed me.”

Looks like Matt made his tip back. The auction for the receipt ended yesterday with bidding topping out at $14.50.

Ha Ha! $14.50 for an authentic A3K autograph. That’s $14.49 more than I would have paid for it! 🙂

Actor Jon Voight has nothing nice to say about Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Voight – who is best known as Angelina Jolie’s estranged father – accused Obama of “sowing socialist seeds in young people.”

I had no idea what he meant by that. But rather than dismiss the old geezer, I read on because I figured I might learn something.

In an op-ed piece for the Washington Times, Voight wrote:

Sen. Barack Obama has grown up with the teaching of very angry, militant white and black people: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rev. Michael Pfleger. We cannot say we are not affected by teachers who are militant and angry. We know too well that we become like them, and Mr. Obama will run this country in their mindset.

The Democratic Party, in its quest for power, has managed a propaganda campaign with subliminal messages, creating a God-like figure in a man who falls short in every way. It seems to me that if Mr. Obama wins the presidential election, then Messrs. Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers and Pfleger will gain power for their need to demoralize this country and help create a socialist America.

Sounds to me like the Republicans are panicking now that John McCain’s mental condition is public knowledge.

The only other thing I took away from that rambling rhetoric was this: the democratic party is a propaganda machine that’s brainwashing us blacks into worshiping a God-like figure in Obama.

Lol, I’m trying to picture Obama as a God-like figure, but I can’t do it without laughing. 🙂

LL Cool J is MTV’s “52 Bands/52 Weeks” featured artist for the week of July 28. Eleven hours of LL Cool J video clips will be integrated into MTV programming the entire week. LL Cool J on-air promotions can be seen on MTV all throughout the week of July 28.

Thanks to Allie Wester at Fanscape for the video!

LL will be one of my featured Morning Woods tomorrow. So check back in the AM!

[EDIT]I edited this because the artist decided not to release the diss track. I urged her to strike while the iron is hot, but she felt it would not be a good career move at this time.[/EDIT]

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks let it slip that she has a major crush on singer Chris Brown. Jordin said she was sweating CB hard on the set of “No Air” — until Rihanna showed up and shut her down. Now Jordin is waiting for Rihanna to dump Chris so she can have Rihanna’s leftovers.

But little does she know that Rihanna doesn’t have him on lock either. Chris is Tina’s man!

“Chris is so hot. I had a crush on him for a couple of years and, well, I still do. Rihanna came to the video shoot. I didn’t know they were dating – they were doing the ‘just good friends’ thing in the media – and I thought ‘Oooh, maybe I have a chance’. But it’s not to be. They are a sweet couple. I wish them all the best”. (Source)

Lil’ Wayne’s peeps reached out to Sandrarose.com today to request extras for a music video featuring Wayne, Baby and G Malone currently being shot at Dreamz nightclub in Decatur. The shoot started at 12 noon and is expected to continue through the day. So you have plenty of time to get there.

Weezy is already in the building, but don’t expect him to have a Styrofoam cup in his hand. According to label sources, Weezy has been “clean” for three weeks now. Supposedly, his doctor told him that his liver is hanging on by a thread and he would likely suffer the same fate as Pimp C if he kept sipping the syrup.

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According to online reports, singer Alicia Keys issued an apology for tobacco ads that appeared on posters advertising her concert which is only two days away.

The 28-year-old singer apologized after discovering that her gig, which kicks off on July 31, was sponsored by tobacco firm Philip Morris.

In a statement, Keys said she asked for “corrective actions” as soon as she came to know about the advertisements. The company has withdrawn their sponsorship and the billboard posters have also been removed.

“I apologize for any misleading advertising initially associated with the show,” BBC quoted Keys, as saying in a statement. “I”m an unyielding advocate for the well-being and health of children around the world and do not condone or endorse smoking. (Source)

Don’t you love it when celebrities feign ignorance about a promotion that’s using their name? I guess she missed that big ass Philip Morris logo on everything associated with her concerts, ie tickets, posters, etc? Who or what did she think was sponsoring her shows?

A celebrity is a fool if he or she doesn’t know about a promotion that’s tied to their name. They can’t blame the business manager if they’re ignorant about business.

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