A packed house turned out for Ludacris' album release party at the Velvet Room in Tucker, GA last night. Luda didn't give away any cars or make it rain, but fans were happy just to see him.

Luda doesn't get to spend much time in the 'A' anymore due to his hectic film schedule. Luda's a wanted man in Hollywood!

"I wanted an album where you could listen to it from beginning to end and it would put you in an imaginative state," said Luda about Theater of the Mind, in stores today.

Rappers Young Jeezy and Bow Wow were in the house to support their homeboy Luda.

Young Jeezy

Luda and Bow Wow exchanged congrats

Photos by Freddy O

Click here if you can't view the video

First and foremost, congrats again to Bow Wow! (Call me, Teresa!) :)

Oh, just to save you some time, Karrine Steffans just keeps the drama going in this video because that's what insignificant people do when they have nothing else going for them.

Anyway, did you hear 50 Cent interviewing Bow Wow on his Shade 45 show on XM radio last night? Fiddy was hilarious! He kept clowning Shad, talking over him and wouldn't let him say his piece. You recall that Bow Wow used to shag Fiddy's current girl Ciara. You ladies don't know that men gossip worse than females. Some guys are inquisitive and like to ask the chick who was better in bed and whatnot. Fiddy sounded like he was hurt last night. He really sounded like a woman scorned. :)

But Bow Wow held his own despite all the hate from the G Unit crew. Bow Wow said he opened a shoe store in downtown Atlanta called Prestigious (I think). Anyway, Bow Wow is diversifying his portfolio which is very smart thing to do when you're a man in his situation!

Props to Zedi over at Dimewars.com for the video link!

Bob Owens sent the following email to request that I correct some "factual inaccuracies" in my post on automatic weapons this morning.

While his points were duly noted, I informed Mr. Owens that we here at Sandrarose.com tend to infuse a little dry humor into some of our posts. Some readers get the humor, but a lot don't.

I'm still at a loss to understand why people take my blog so seriously. :?

At first I wasn't going to post Mr. Owens' email, but since it contained such interesting information, I decided to post it:

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 12:26
From: Bob Owens | confederateyankee@gmail.com
To: sandra@sandrarose.com
Subject: Factual inaccuracies in your assault rifles article

Hi Sandra,

My name is Bob Owens, and I own the site you linked to regarding the increase in "assault weapon" sales. I was hoping that you would update your post to correct some things you got wrong. I ask this as something of an authority on firearms, as a someone who writes about them, who once sold them, and who legally carries one concealed.

    "Assault rifles are the weapons of choice for hired killers, terrorists, the KKK, rappers and other like-minded individuals."

Only in the movies. In the real world, according to FBI statistics, so-called "assault rifles" are very rarely used in crimes. Most crimes are committed with handguns and cut-down shotguns, weapons that can easily be concealed. Loaded "assault rifles" weigh in around 9-12 pounds and are too difficult to conceal.

The people that actually buy the semi-automatic rifles you call "assault rifles" (real military assault weapons having been used in exactly 2 violent crimes since 1934 and one of those was by an Ohio cop) are typically collectors, hunters, and target shooters, with the AR-15 (the look-alike of the military M-16) being very popular target rifles with it's own dedicated shooting competitions. So who are buying these firearms? Generally, most are middle-aged, middle-aged suburban and rural white guys. None have criminal records or they couldn't pass the NICS background check. In short, the people buying them aren't those you should be worried about.

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Denzel Washingon was seen out riding his bike with his handsome daddy in L.A. over the weekend.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is in London, England promoting her new film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The movie also stars Chris Rock and Ben Stiller.
Photo: Splash News Online

Sean Combs was spotted at JFK bundled up against the cold NY air wearing a pair of Adidas flip flops and black socks. I have the same pair of flip flops and I kid you not, I was going to wear my flip flops and socks to the mall yesterday in 45 degree weather. But then I decided against it because I didn't want to be the only fool at Lenox mall wearing flip flops in the Winter.

Brothers Chance (left) and Real were spotted leaving a L.A. nightclub with two chicks that they were trying hard to convince they were reality tv stars. It doesn't look like the ladies believe them.

Photos: INF DAILY except where indicated

It isn't like I didn't warn you guys.

Barack Obama surged into the highest office in the land on a wave of lies -- the main one being that he would hike taxes on 5% of the population who made over $250,000. Only the Kool Aid drinkers believed him, and only the Kool aid drinkers will continue to make excuses for him even as he raises their taxes -- which is inevitable:

President-elect Barack Obama may consider delaying a campaign promise - to roll back tax cuts on high-income Americans - as part of his economic recovery strategy, two aides said on Sunday.

David Axelrod, the Obama campaign strategist who was chosen to be a senior White House adviser, was asked if the tax cuts could be allowed to expire on schedule after tax year 2010 rather than being rolled back by legislation earlier. “Those considerations will be made,” he said on "Fox News Sunday." Source

Meanwhile, the federal government has just promised Citibank -- a privately held company -- another $300 BILLION of your tax dollars! We're still awaiting the bailouts for the millions of Americans who have lost their homes or are at risk of losing their homes.

But I guess they don't count.

"Superwoman" was the second single from R&B singer Karyn White's self-titled debut album. Karyn White was the embodiment of the New Jack swing sound originally introduced by Teddy Riley.

Karyn's first album went platinum on the strength of this #1 hit and other stellar tracks such as "Secret Rendezvous" and "The Way You Love Me" -- the latter of which earned her a Grammy nomination.

As you watch the kitchen scene in this video, try to recall where you've seen it before. :)

While shopping at Lenox mall this weekend, I ran into rapper Diamond and her friends Jai Jai (left) and J. Marie (right). The ladies were doing a little shopping of their own in preparation for the Dirty Awards going down tonight in Atlanta.

Oh, you didn't know the Dirty Awards were tonight? I didn't either until Diamond told me. In fact, no one I spoke to yesterday knew the Dirty Awards were tonight. That means Hot 107.9 isn't doing such a hot job getting the word out.

They say Tahira Wright isn't in charge of publicity this year. That would explain it. Tahira is really good at what she does and her PR skills are a direct testament to the success of the Dirty Awards over the years.

Anyway, back to the original topic. Diamond told me her man Li'l Scrappy was also in the mall shopping for something to wear tonight. She gave me a copy of her hot new mixtape Ms. Boojhetto Bitch Musik Vol. 2. I begged the girls to take a picture with Santa Claus, and at first they were open to the suggestion -- until they saw the line. So I snapped a pic of the trio with my new Sidekick LX with the help of Jai Jai, who couldn't believe I didn't know how to take a photo with my cell phone (what professional photographer shoots with a cell phone?)

Jai Jai is a celebrity makeup artist who counts Diamond among her celebrity clientèle. She's also rapper Oowee's baby mama (they could pass for sister and brother). J. Marie is a very soft-spoken model who was in town visiting from St. Louis.

Diamond's solo album is due out in the first quarter of '09.

Diamond's Myspace page
Jai Jai's Myspace page
J. Marie's Myspace page

According to various gun shops around the country, sales of assault rifles have literally shot through the roof since the Nov. 4 presidential election.

The recent run on assault rifles and semi-automatic pistols would mean big profits if only shop owners had the supply to meet the high demand.

"I could sell a hundred ARs an hour, if I had them," said one gun owner who is patiently awaiting a delivery of AR15 carbines, AK-47s and high capacity magazines.

Assault rifles are the weapons of choice for hired killers, terrorists, the KKK, rappers and other like-minded individuals.

Gun shop owners deny the weapons are being stockpiled by racists and rednecks to kill hundreds of blacks, as some wild Internet rumors allege.

The shop owners say gun enthusiasts simply fear stricter gun laws under the new Obama-led administration. Obama is expected to impose the most divisive, anti-gun laws of any president in recent history.

The Clinton administration outlawed assault rifles in 1994, but was lax on enforcing the laws. The law expired in 2004 under the Bush administration.


Three female inmates at the Greene County jail in Indiana used a shower drain to pry open ceiling panels in their cell and escape for a night of passion, drinking and card playing with three male inmates who were being housed in a nearby cell.

Surveillance cameras failed to capture the escapes which occurred more than a dozen times. The women were busted when jail officials found notes in their cell detailing their sexual encounters with the male inmates. All six inmates now face felony charges.