Jo Jo Simmons, son of the venerable Rev. Run of "Run's House" TV series, was arrested last week for possession of medical marijuana, damage to property and resisting arrest. It wasn't so much the weed that earned him a future spot on The Smoking Gun's mugshot page -- it was the resisting arrest part.

New York cops routinely look the other way when a person with celebrity status is caught with a little weed. It isn't worth the paperwork to haul them in. Plus, celebs break the cops off something proper, and they tend to have that high quality sticky that the cops like.

According to the police report, Jo Jo crashed into two cars while trying to evade cops who approached his truck on Wadsworth Ave in Washington Heights as he was lighting up inside. Apparently, Jo Jo had just scored -- I mean purchased -- his weed which he uses for medicinal purposes just like every other rapper does.

Why don't they just legalize weed and allow only potheads over age 21 to purchase it? The president smokes weed so it can't be all that bad. Police resources shouldn't be tied up chasing down every weed smoker in a city where potheads outnumber the rats.

Hold your head up Rev. Run! Your son's arrest will provide a big boost to your ratings. Especially if the MTV cameras were rolling as the cops put the smack down on Jo Jo.

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Make no mistake about it: Barack Obama is in over his head as president of these United States. dissects Barack Obama's pre-election promises and discovers that he has morphed into the president that Hillary Clinton would have been had she not lost the election.

How ironic.

This country was determined not to elect a female for president (Sarah Palin) but we ended up with one anyway!

On the campaign trail, Obama belittled Sen. Hillary Clinton's decision to defend the war by claiming he was the sole candidate to oppose the war. Clinton argued that Obama's tight timeline to remove the troops from Iraq was unrealistic. She was right.

According to

Rather than withdraw all combat troops on a set timeline, Obama opted for a conditions-based withdrawal that will leave as many as 50,000 troops in the war zone at the end of 2011 — exactly the sort of drawdown he maligned Clinton for proposing.

Clinton also opposed Obama's healthcare plans as both inadequate and ineffective. Both candidates proposed universal healthcare, but only Clinton's healthcare plan included a mandate that all Americans be insured. Of course, Obama opposed the mandate because his puppeteers didn't approve. Obama said Clinton’s plan would require “harsh, stiff penalties on those who don’t purchase it.”

Typically, Obama has now flip flopped on that issue. According to, Obama is now moving toward Clinton’s position of a mandate.

His budget outline proposes a health care plan that “must put the United States on a clear path to cover all Americans.” That strongly suggests a mandate, since any volunteer system would see some opting out. As Ezra Klein reported in The American Prospect when the administration’s health care plan began to leak out, “Despite the controversy over the individual mandate in the campaign, [Obama’s team] will support it.”

Obama has always come across as a girly man who needs his wife's (or daughter's) approval for every decision he makes. Just like Michelle Obama wears the pants in their marriage, Hillary Clinton apparently wears the pants in the White House.

Thanks to loyal reader Michael for the link!

From a press release:

Yesterday, at a private residence in Bel Air, Talib Kweli and DJ Eque tied the knot. They were surrounded by a very small group of friends who included Queen Latifah, Questlove, DJ Rashida, Adam Rodriguez (of CSI) and family. The reception took place outdoors underneath white tents where guests cooled off under the 90 degree weather with Hennessy Continentals (a drink that includes Hennessy VSOP, cranberry and pineapple juices). In the photo below and attached, the happy couple pose right before sitting down to eat an early dinner with their guests. Hennessy also gifted the glowing pair with a few bottles of Hennessy Paradis which retail at $500 a pop.

I would not be living up to my reputation as a hater if I didn't point out how tacky this wedding photo is. Times must really be hard if the bills for Talib Kweli and DJ Eque's wedding were written off by a liquor company. I thought certain things in life were sacred? It doesn't matter if the wedding was free. I'm not posing for my wedding photos holding a bottle of hard liquor. It just ain't right. Congrats to the happy couple though.

The Huffington Post has confirmed that the nekkid pics rocketing around the Internets are of our girl Rihanna.

The four shots that do not include Rihanna's head in them include two of a bare bottom as seen reflected in a mirror, one of a dark lacquer-nailed hand squeezing a bottom and a photo of an undressed torso from a reflection in a mirror. One breast is pierced and pink Nike towel is flung over a shoulder hiding the other. READ MORE...

Speculation is that Chris Brown -- or someone in his camp -- leaked the pics online in retaliation after his ex-girlfriend Rihanna dumped his bitch azz.

Its typical for overly possessive, abusive men to make a bitch move like this once they no longer have the female under their total control. I'm glad that Rihanna now sees him for what he is.

By the way, the pics are all over the Internet. I chose not to post them since this is a family oriented blog. But they shouldn't be too hard to find.

The only thing I hate worse than a thong wearing down low Queen who pretends to be hard, is an attention whore like Cassie who pretends to be a victim.

Anyway, some chick over in England went and shaved the side of her head to look like Cassie. Her name is Amelle and she's a member of a group called Sugarbabes. We're hoping this trend does not continue here in the states because it is so NOT sexy and very unbecoming of a female. Wearing a beaver on the side of your head is not cute.

It seems blogger Perez Hilton can't lose in a court of law -- only in the court of public opinion. Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira (who stole his blog name from Paris Hilton in order to use it for monetary gain) won a case against the blog PerezRevenge for stealing his name (Perez) and using it for monetary gain. Something doesn't add up here.

Lavandeira has won a case against PerezRevenge, a gossip site which styles itself as an antidote to Hilton's "meanness." U.S. District Court Judge Gary Feess has ordered the blog's owners, Margie Rogers and Elizabeth Silver-Fagan, to stop using the PerezRevenge name, turn over the site to Hilton, and desist from "using the term 'Perez' to designate any platform, medium, and/or website that contains entertainment or celebrity news or gossip." READ MORE

So let me get this straight: if someone uses your name on a blog in a hateful or malicious manner, you can have the blog shut down and turned over to you? I never knew that. I'm glad I didn't name my blog after Beyonce!

L to R: Esther Carretero (owner of Tous), Nicole Cooke-Johnson (3 Brown Girls), Terrinee Briggs Esq (Collective Renaissance Group), who's married to producer Shekespere; Tami, Chilli (TLC), Mojdeh Briceland (The Eye Spa)

Happy Mother's Day to all my moms on! Tami of Talking With Tami TV and blog attended the Mother's Day event at Tous in Lenox Mall. I'll let her tell you all about it.

We were all pretty in pink last nite at Tous ( located at Lenox Mall in Atlanta,Ga. The owner Esther Carretero also a mom, has a really beautiful store! It was a Moms day event hosted by Atlanta’s fav Moms! We had a great time. I met some of the most fab women that Atlanta has to offer! Lots of people came out to shop,network and see some of the cutest items that Tous has. Nuvo ( was the wine sponsor and I was feeling happy as a lamb. I dont drink but I do like Nuvo) lol.

Click to see more pics

According to online reports, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson recently proposed to her fiance, David "Punk" Otunga, and presented him with a personally designed 5-carat Neil Lane engagement ring worth more than you and I make in a year.

The problem with this news is twofold: first, Punk already proposed to Jennifer 5 months ago; and second, her actions smacks of desperation.

It is never romantic for a woman to reverse the man's role. Punk has already proposed to Jennifer. So now she needs to concentrate on planning her upcoming nuptials with the help of her sistah girls -- instead of buying him expensive trinkets and making a grand show of proposing to him.

Ladies, play your role. Stay in your lane. YOU be the woman and let HIM be the man. The problem with black women today is that we've reversed the roles by raising our boys to be bitches instead of men. We coddle these boys, look the other way when they're bad, and encourage their total disrespect towards other women because of our own self-hate issues.

The only way I can co-sign J-Hud's behavior is if she knows her fiance is on the down low, and she wants to treat him like the queen that he is -- then this would all make sense. Otherwise, her behavior is all wrong and reflects the wrong image of strong black men.


R&B songstress Mary J Blige looked drop-dead gorgeous last night during an outing with her BFF Keisha Whitaker (Forest Whitaker's wife). We're not sure what was going on with Mary in these pics that we posted earlier. But we're glad to see she's recovered!

On the other hand, Keisha's emaciated appearance continues to evoke concern. Is she afraid of food? Isn't her husband concerned that his wife looks sickly? I thought men liked their women with a little meat on their bones? I know I do. Keisha's pretty in the face though. Maybe Forest is a face man.

Photos: Splash News Online

According to Dr. Drew of, Penny McDonald’s BET Farewell Celebration took place at TAJ in New York City last night. Ludacris, and others gathered to wish Penny a fond farewell. Was she fired? For some reason I don't think Dr. Drew liked Miss Penny very much.

Looks like Luda was handling his business

BET's Rocsi, left, posing with my good friend Julissa Bermudez

Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe of Bell Biv Devoe performed for Miss Penny

She must have been very influential to get all these B and C-listers to come out and fete her like this.

Aww, it looks like Miss Penny had a great time despite the damp air giving her hair a mild case of the frizzies.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Loyal reader Janet writes:


I am an ardent reader of your site. I go to your page twice a day! A few months ago you posted an article about Ciara (and I am paraphrasing) and how she has fallen off because she went Hollywood by firing those who helped build her career and with the influence of 50 in her life.

Her album is on track to sell a measly 75K copies in its first week? If she was going to be the next supermodel or Beyonce or whatever she is trying to be, what happened? Shouldn't she be at like 300K? I mean Ashanti and Kelly Rowland sold 90K their first week and we KNOW that they didn't have the budget she got for promoting her record! We liked her better when she was the girl next door with swag instead of this glamazon!! I hope Chrisette Michelle gets that #1 spot! She has real talent and deserves it!

Peace and blessings,


Photo: Wireimage/Getty

All I can say is Thank God Rihanna toned down the Goth makeup and washed those horrible streaks out of her hair! What got into her anyway? She looked so beautiful last night! But we HATE that ring. It's horrid and looks dangerous. But how happy are we that RiRi dumped bitch boy Chris Brown and she seems to have gotten her mind right? But there was no excuse for her recent fashion miscues. Rihanna must never forget she is a fashion Icon and a trend-setter. And as such, failure is never an option!

Rihanna to Beyonce: "Bitch, sit down!"

Rihanna showed love to little Isabelle Huurman, who was honored last night at DKMS' 3rd Annual Star-Studded Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in NYC.

Awww, aren't they adorable? *sniff*

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I don't know if the audio below is really T.I.'s voice or not. But Worldstar Hip Hop says it is T.I. speaking on terminating his artist Alfamega from the Grand Hustle family after secret DEA documents leaked by The Smoking Gun showed Alfa worked as an informant for the DEA. T.I. fired Alfamega for not disclosing his past history with the DEA.

Personally, I like Alfamega. He's a cool dude who stayed down for T.I. throughout all of his legal troubles. I had hoped that T.I. would ride for his loyal artist, but I guess there is no loyalty among thugs.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Rumors have swirled for years that certain elite members of the black community are part of the secret order of Masons. The Masons are a secret society of brothers who recognize each other through a series of clandestine signals such as a special secret handshake as evidenced by the photos above.

When a friend alerted me to the suspicious hand signals exhibited by rappers Jay Z, Sean Combs and NBA star Ron Artest in the above pics, the first thing I thought was that the handshakes looked like some ol' regular hood greetings to me. But of course I was wrong, as the friend pointed out.

He told me he was positive the greetings held some special significance because he had heard that Sean, Jigga and Ron were secret members of the Masons. Well, if these Masonic handshakes are supposed to be so secret then how is it that non-members know what they look like?

Then I thought well, maybe the Masons is an exclusive down low club. It would not be far outside of the realm of possibility considering that we are talking about Diddy and Jay Z.

But it turns out the Masons are not a secret society of well-to-do homos at all. It's a brotherhood of powerful men, sort of like a fraternity, who keep the power and the money within the society.

Members of the Masons are alleged to be such powerful public figures as Barack Obama, Jay Z, Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Ron Artest, Jamie Foxx, etc. In other words, black men with money and influence.

I Googled Masonic handshakes to see if there was anything to all of this, and what I found were examples of greetings that were difficult to distinguish from the normal handshakes, fist bumps and daps that you see brothers (and the Obamas) exchange every day. But who am I to question? I'm just repeating what I was told by the friend who has studied Masonic handshakes exhaustively.

I will do some more research on this subject and get back to you. And then again, I might not...

Information on the Web:

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

British singer Estelle attended the launch party for Belvedere Pop-Up Shop over in London yesterday. Estelle has been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and London for the past several days. We know this because she told us so yesterday on her Twitter page. We also know exactly what time the wheels on her jet lifted up off the ground because she told us that too. In fact, it seems there is hardly anything that Twitter addicts won't reveal about themselves on the social networking site.

You can find Estelle, and her fellow Twitter addict Solange Knowles, Twittering away at all hours of the day and night yapping about what they ate, drank or whether it's raining outside their window. There is a fine line between addictive personalities like Estelle and Solange -- and narcissists who think their lives are so important that they have to fill us in on every microscopic detail of it.

The endless tweets of Twitter addicts contain zero calories and are, in fact very boring to the rest of us who are mining Twitter Land for actual information that we can use.

What Twitter addicts fail to realize is that the quality of their twits is more important as a whole than what they are doing every minute of their lives. Wouldn't it be a sad world if all we did all day was sit and wait for an update from someone on Twitter who thinks the world revolves around them?

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

I'm at a loss to explain what came over normally rational thinking people yesterday.

As you know, Queen Oprah decided to feed the hungry yesterday by allowing anyone with a fast computer connection and a printer to download free coupons from her website for a two-piece grilled chicken dinner at participating Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants.

I'm sure that somewhere in the fine print it said 'Participating KFC restaurants only' -- or something to that effect. From my understanding, upwards of a million people tried to redeem those coupons for free greasy chicken yesterday.

Is it any surprise then that most restaurants in and around NYC declined to participate? There were reports of sporadic violence and sit-ins at restaurants that refused to accept Oprah's coupons. It was reported that some of the protestors were well-dressed in suits and brand name clothing -- not a homeless person among them.

All of the violence kinda makes you wonder: did Oprah clear this offer with the restaurant owners beforehand? And how exactly did she plan to pay for all the free chicken?

But the madness didn't restrict itself to just the New York area. Folks right here in Atlanta -- who could well afford to treat the entire restaurant to free chicken -- made a mad scramble to download the coupons. That's the part that gets me. What was it about Oprah's coupons that made even wealthy people feel the urgency to download them?

Last night I was on the phone with a very well-connected industry insider who informed me that she and some of her well-heeled friends went to someone's job at 6:30 AM yesterday morning to print out Oprah's coupons because they couldn't print them out at home.

Here's the catch: this chick could afford to buy her own KFC franchise if she wanted one! I asked her to explain her actions to me, but she said she just wanted the free chicken. All of which leads me to believe that Oprah's coupons represented some type of exclusive status to the coupon holders that separated them from people like me who don't give a damn about Oprah or her coupons.

I guess there are just some things in life that are simply beyond my understanding.

Sexy siren Taraji P. Henson turned heads at the Herve Leger By Max Azria Collection Launch Party at Live! in West Hollywood yesterday. I LOVE how she color coordinated the shoes and the clutch with her dress.

Image conscious rapper/actor Ludacris attended the 34th Annual One Show Awards Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC yesterday. Isn't he handsome in his Armani suit? I wonder if he uses the same tailor as V-103's Ryan Cameron? I ask because their suits are cut the same.

Rapper/actor philanthropist Ludacris and his former co-worker La La Vazquez attended "Cocktails with Jessica" at Taj in NYC yesterday. Luda (Chris Luva Luva) and La La worked together as jocks on Atlanta's Hot 97.5 (now, Hot 107.9) back in the 90s.

L to R: Universal Music's Shawn Costner, industry vet Michael Mauldin (Jermaine Dupri's pops) and singer Usher attended "Cocktails with Jessica" at Taj in NYC last night. You might recognize Shawn Costner as one of the cheapskates who gypped a NY establishment out of $1,500. Jay Z ended up saving the day by tipping the waitress $500 out of his own pocket. That was very noble of Jigga.

L to R: Universal Music's Shawn Costner, Ryan Howard (Philadelphia Phillies) and Atlantic Records rep Mike Kyser attended "Cocktails with Jessica" at Taj in NYC last night. Kyser is the other cheapskate who was with Jay Z and Shawn Costner when they stiffed that NY restaurant out of $1,500.

BET 106 & Park co-host Terrence J, left, and Chaka Zulu of Ebony Son mgt. (Ludacris manager), attended "Cocktails with Jessica" at Taj last night in NYC.

Legendary rap group De la Soul performed during MTV's "The Lair" at the Metro Theater in London last night. You don't understand how much love I have for this group. Their classic album Three Feet High & Rising is one of the essential CDs in my car's emergency survival kit.

Hot 97 NY DJ and trend setter Funkmaster Flex attended the grand opening of Next Level at Prime in NYC last night. No one else worth mentioning was in attendance.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

In a PC move, Barack Obama has agreed to allow 1,700 students to remain in the DC private school voucher program until they graduate from high school. But no new students will be allowed to enroll, thus ending the program that provided funding for underprivileged children to attend private schools.

Apparently, what's good for Obama's children isn't good for children whose families can't afford private school education. Obama hopes to save a few bucks by ending the voucher program so he can fritter away more tax dollars on important government projects like updating Air Force One photos.

Barack Obama's long forgotten Hope & Change platform has collapsed under the weight of all his broken promises. During the campaign, Obama promised not to repeat George Bush's military transgression in Afghanistan of "just airraiding villages and killing civilians" because he didn't have enough troops there.

Well, now that the Obama administration is "just airraiding villages and killing civilians" in Afghanistan -- you don't hear a peep from the liberal media:

Villagers dug dirt graves Wednesday to bury what the international Red Cross said were dozens of Afghans - including women and children - killed in American bombing runs. A former Afghan government official said up to 120 people may have died.

If so, it would be the deadliest case of civilian casualties since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. "deeply, deeply" regretted the loss of innocent life, and the U.S. military dispatched a brigadier general to investigate the deaths in two villages in western Afghanistan's Farah province. READ MORE...

In yet another chapter in an ongoing series of comical blunders by the Obama administration, the White House today reversed its earlier decision not to release the $328,000 taxpayer-funded photos of Air Force One.

Earlier today, arrogant White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told the media he couldn't find the photos in question.

Now the White House has decided to release "one photo" along with a pack of lies to support it. I already know that the photo will be bogus. But I'd like to see it anyway so I can have some material to write about for the next few days.

I was going to wait until they released the photo to make a post about it. But I see that Obama is up to his old tricks of dragging the suspense out until late in the day when everyone has sat down to dinner or gone out for the evening.

Doesn't she know her husband has rekindled his romance friendship with his former roommate, Larry Johnson, in her absence? I have no experience with heterosexualism, but wouldn't the knowledge of your man partying with his former roommate while you're away make you catch the first red eye flight home to confront the both of them?

By the way...

One of my readers emailed me to say Bey's dad/manager Matthew Knowles gave strict orders to Bey's bodyguard to stick close to her in case she falls since she has a tendency to walk into things and knock things over. Do you think her bodyguard is close enough to her?

Photos: Splash News Online

The paparazzi caught up with Rihanna shopping in NYC today. She looks 10 times better than she did in those other photos. Do you think maybe she reads and saw that I disapproved of her Goth look?

Shopping for hawt bags and shoes always helps a woman forget her problems

...and watching her shop helps us to forget our troubles as well

I still don't like that raccoon on top of her head. But at least it looks like the old Rihanna is beginning to shine through.


Whatever Jada Pinkett-Smith is going through right now -- be it life threatening illness or drugs -- I hope she gets over it so she can regain her youth and beauty. Remember how hawt Jada used to be? Now she looks like a 60-year-old woman and she's only 37.

Jada, her husband Will, and kids Trey, Jaden and Willow attended the The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Annual National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

T.I., Grand Hustle and MusicBusinessPolitics cordially invites you to attend T.I.'s Grand Going Away "Fete to the Future" party in Miami, Florida on Friday, May 15. And to ensure that one lucky SR member gets to taste the full experience of this once-in-a lifetime event, Grand Hustle is giving away one All Access pass** for you plus a guest to attend the event in Miami!

To win the pass, either leave a comment in this post or send an email to info @ (remove the spaces) explaining why you feel you are T.I's biggest fan!

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For more info, click the invite below!

Some of my readers seem to think it's OK for Barack Hussein Obama to waste their tax dollars on whatever he sees fit. They didn't extend that same tacit approval to George Bush when he was in office.

Apparently, Obama gets a pass because he's half black. But loyal reader Pat disagrees:

I am just biting my tongue and fingers trying not to drop a comment on that post. Sandra you have those folks penned in a corner. They jump up in the post and don't even want to answer a direct question. THIS is why our politicians go unchecked and unchallenged. They don't have to blindly steal from us. They boldly snatch what they want from us IN our FACE. And the best response the herd can give us is "other administration did it" or "other administration did worse." This mentality is why we can progress and pare down government. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and it is unsettling that they can't even acknowledge the wrongs that are taking place. People with this mindset must belong to that 52% voting block that the other 38% of us are taking care of. Weez in a world of trouble.


I am astounded by the number of Kool Aid drinkers who refuse to comprehend why the Air Force One file photos fiasco is a near-scandal bordering on Watergate proportions.

I wasn't even in New York on that fateful day in 2001, but I felt the sheer terror of what was taking place thousands of miles from the comfort of my bedroom. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that New Yorkers would be terrified to see a 747 bearing down on them with two fighter pilots close on its tail!

I'm posting these pics for the Kool Aid drinkers among you to compare. The top photo is Barack Obama's Air Force One being hotly pursued by one of two fighter pilots (circled). The photo below is a hijacked commercial airliner being flown into the South tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The difference between the two photos is that one of the airliners is NOT being pursued by fighter pilots! We all know the outcome of that tragedy on 9/11. We are STILL being kept in the dark about what happened last week with Obama's jet.

We now know that the photographer who snapped the mysterious photos was inside the plane as it buzzed buildings in Manhattan. Here's what Obama's WH press secretary, Robert Gibbs said when asked about the photos: "I don't know where those are."

Welp, so much for transparency in Obama's administration!