Anna Wintour, the crotchety old editor of U.S. Vogue has banned Rihanna from ever appearing on the cover of Vogue after someone in Chris Brown's camp was thoughtful enough to share Rihanna's nude pics with the world!!

The only other black females to grace the cover of the historically racist magazine are talk show Diva Oprah Winfrey, Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Who does Anna Wintour think she is to deprive Rihanna of the opportunity to share such a honor with those distinguished women?

I say we boycott U.S. Vogue! If they ban Rihanna from the cover, we should never support the magazine again. Are you with me?

From Celebitchy via Star magazine:

“It could have been Rihanna’s shining moment: the cover of Vogue! But when the nude pictures hit cyberspace, her once-in-a-lifetime chance was gone in a flash. Rihanna and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had been talking for weeks about doing the cover and an inside spread, says a close friend of the singer, who adds that the two even chatted about it at the Met Costume Institute Gala on May 4. “Anna told her Vogue absolutely loves her and really wanted to work with her. Rihanna was ecstatic!” But since the photos came out, says the friend, “Anna hasn’t returned any of her calls. Rihanna’s so upset!"

Photo: Rihanna Daily

Next week, American Idol contestant Adam Lambert will "come out" to the world in an exclusive interview in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine. “He didn’t want it to be an issue during the contest, but he’s fine with his sexuality,” a source tells the New York Post.

Are they kidding? Who didn't know this boy was gay before, during and now after American Idol?

Why do we have to wait until he "comes out of the closet" when the closet door is already hanging off it's hinges?

According to Fadedyouth blog, "photos of Adam kissing a man have been published extensively on the internet and were discussed by conservative commentators on The O’Reilly Factor."

And still there are women who don't believe he's gay and they hear it from his lips. No wonder the HIV rates are skyrocketing!

Rap artist T.I. entered a minimum security federal prison in Arkansas on Tuesday of this week to begin serving a 366 day sentence on gun charges.

While incarcerated, T.I. might be a little lonely. He has already told family and friends not to visit him because he wants to tough it out and do his time and come home. I assume he doesn't want his children to see him behind bars.

If you want to drop T.I. a note to cheer him up, you can address your letters to:

    REGISTER NUMBER: 59458-019
    P.O. BOX 9000
    FORREST CITY, AR 72336


I was just talking about this irresponsible rumor last night with a friend. We couldn't believe Essence put this out. Isn't Essence supposed to be a legitimate news source? Why didn't Essence at least contact someone at Grand Hustle before publishing this story? It would have been as easy as calling or emailing Hannah or Clay.

It's almost like Essence is attempting to compete with certain blogs that routinely and intentionally fabricate stories to drive traffic to their websites.


A publicist for rapper T.I. is denying reports that his client got married to his longtime girlfriend Tameka "Tiny" Cottle during a private ceremony in Miami two weeks ago.'s Kenya Byrd reported Tuesday that the couple had exchanged vows, based on an unnamed "source close to the bride." The source said, "All I am allowed to say is that T.I. and Tiny are officially husband and wife." The Web site also reported "the intimate affair was attended by close family members and select members of Grand Hustle, the rapper's label imprint."

However, T.I.'s publicist Sydney Margetson on Wednesday told Sister to Sister magazine that the report is “absolutely not true.”

Meanwhile, Tiny and Lil Wayne's ex-wife Antonia "Toya" Carter are starring in a new reality show to premiere on BET June 30 at 10 p.m.

Titled "Tiny and Toya," the half-hour series will follow the "two dynamic, young women immersed in the craziness of the hip hop world, but striving to find inner strength, peace and purpose," states a BET press release.

BET will air a preview special, Monday, June 15 at 10pm/9c followed by a sneak peek Sunday, June 28 (immediately after the BET Awards).

CBS, the parent company of Atlanta's ratings leader V-103 sent a clear message to one of its radio jocks: "disrespecting their advertisers won't be tolerated."

Greg Street, who holds down the 6-10 spot Mon-Sat, was placed on a one-week suspension for taking out his personal grievances against a local promoter in a series of "tweets" on the social networking website over the weekend.

Street's suspension began on Tuesday (5/26).

The world is going gaga over the premiere of Lady GaGa's video for her UK hit "Paparazzi." By the way, Lady GaGa is signed to Akon's label. I'm not a fan of GaGa or her music, but this track is growing on me. I can see it being a club favorite on this side of the Atlantic. The video, on the other hand, is one long, boring distraction! Hopefully the label will release an edited version of this video that cuts right to the track.

Thanks to loyal readers BevG and Gina of for sending the links to this story. Brenda Lee, a reporter for the heretofore unknown Georgia Informer, was dragged kicking and screaming from the L.A. airport tarmac where Barack Obama's Air Force One was parked awaiting his arrival.

According to online reports, Ms. Lee, who described herself as a "Roman catholic priestess" had planned to personally deliver a letter to Obama encouraging him to take a stand against gay marriages. But two Secret Service agents forcibly removed her from the area before she could get her chance.

So the White House approves press credentials for just anybody now? I guess I'll apply for one then.

As each day passes, it becomes more and more obvious to kool-aid drinkers that Barack Obama is not the Messiah they thought he would be.

Of course, some of us weren't fooled by his slick talk and good looks. We saw right through Obama from the start. But now others are seeing the light.

Gay groups are upset -- and rightfully so -- at an obvious snub delivered by Mr. Bendover during a DNC fundraiser where he helped raise $4 million on Wednesday:

From the NY Times:

"A gaggle of sign-waving protestors milled around outside The Beverly Hilton, the sprawling hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. They must have caught the president’s eye when he arrived at the hotel from an earlier stop in Las Vegas because he relayed one of their messages to the crowd.

"'One of them said, 'Obama keep your promise,’ ' the president said. 'I thought that’s fair. I don’t know which promise he was talking about.'

"The people in the audience – who paid $30,400 per couple to attend – laughed as they ate a dinner of roasted tenderloin, grilled organic chicken and sun choke rosemary mashed potatoes."


Obama is a master at conveniently forgetting -- or claiming not to know anything when a controversial issue arises.

Let the fireworks begin!!


Rihanna's lawyer just said the D.A. told him his client will be subpoenaed at the next court hearing.

Donald Etra said Rihanna will be called to the stand to testify at Chris Brown's preliminary hearing on June 22.

Etra says his client will cooperate and take the stand. It's not at all unexpected that the alleged victim would be called to the stand in a prelim.

Also today, the judge rejected a motion made by Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, asking for an order requiring the LAPD to ante up info regarding leaks in the case.

Hey, Obamaholics: Can we go ahead and say that Barack Obama's so-called $747 billion "Stimulus" bill -- the one that he never even bothered to read before signing -- is an epic failure now?

According to FOX News, the bill has failed to stimulate anything. In fact, the U.S. unemployment rate continues to climb with job losses numbering 16,000 each day!

But we already knew Obama's wasteful spending bill was full of it. We knew that the bill contained billions in pork and pay offs to Obama's cronies for helping him get elected.

The president called the stimulus package "the most sweeping economic recovery act in history -- a plan designed to save jobs, create new ones and put money in people's pockets." He said it already has created or saved nearly 150,000 jobs...

Texas Rep. John Culberson called the stimulus package "a fiscal flop and nothing to celebrate," and he said that since the bill was signed Feb. 17, "1.597 million jobs have been lost and unemployment numbers at their highest levels in two decades."

We're happy to see that Oscar winning actress Halle Berry is back on the wagon again after numerous paparazzi photos circulated around the blogs showing Halle looking dangerously thin. Some speculated that Halle may have been hitting the pipe, but those vicious rumors were never confirmed.

New paparazzi photos (from last week) reveal Halle's new pixie hair cut. Again, we won't bother to say who the inspiration behind Halle's new look is. We'll just post the pics and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Photos by INF (Rihanna) and (Halle)

Who wore these strappy gladiator sandals worse: Rihanna or Lindsay Lohan? I'm going to say Lindsay wore these sandals worse. And I'm not saying that because RiRi is my favorite fashion icon either. Lindsay looks like she borrowed those sandals from one of her more trendier friends. Home girl has no style or class whatsoever.

From Perez Hilton:

B's camp has announced that there will be 1,000 tickets priced at $20 a pop for each date on her North American tour!

Fans of Beyowulf can purchase the cheapie tix via Ticketmasterbeginning Friday morning.

Is Miz Knowles gifting her fans with affordable tickets because she's feeling generous or because they weren't selling otherwise??


Songstress Mary J Blige, left, and rap legend-turned-actress Queen Latifah attended a private dinner for the new group Electrik Red somewhere in NYC last night. Don't they look beautiful?
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

These two still together? Christina Milian and her prop The Dream attended a private dinner for Electrik Red somewhere in NYC last night.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

I see your girl Christina is still getting some publicity mileage out of that bottle of bleach dye and that package of Yaki.
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

This is the new group Electrik Red. I guess the label felt they had to stick a sista in the group to make them legit. I'm not impressed. These chicks look like every other packaged female group already out. Clearly they were manufactured for their looks vs. their talent. Not feeling them at all. NEXT!
Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The lead singer of the punk/rock group The Noisettes is a lovely black female. Her name is Shingai Shoniwa, which is an Asian name. She doesn't look at all like she's Asian to me. But then neither does Ne-Yo who is also part Korean.
UPDATE: According to loyal reader Tatenda, Shingai is originally of Zimbabwean descent.
Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Everybody's favorite Socialite Kim Kardashian and her prop Reggie Bush were spotted at that boring Denver Nuggets vs. LA Lakers game at the Staples Center yesterday. We were beginning to wonder if they were still together. LOVE the Chanel bag and the Christian Louboutin booties. No one can say Miss Kim isn't all the way up on her style game!
Photos of Kim and Reggie: Splash News Online