Michael Jackson's cover of the Supremes 1966 #1 hit "I Hear A Symphony." This song was recorded in 1969 on Motown Records but never released until 1995 when it was included in a 4 disc box set.

Michael's vocal tone, pitch and cadence are so effortless that it's hard to remember he was only 11-years-old when he recorded this song.

Most artists don't master this type of vocal control until they're well into their twenties. And in the case of Beyonce, not at all.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Sandra, you were doing well - a nice positive comment on MJ and his singing ability.

    Then, you resort to true form to dis somebody - in this case, your fav target, Beyonce.

    Can we go one post w/out commenting on her or ANYTHING negative? Your blog is getting more and more negative.

    Good clip of MJ either way.