Reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel (NY Housewives) was so horrified at the comments and suggestions that her body was heavily retouched on that PETA billboard in NY's Times Square that she released the photo on the left to prove to you that her face and bod were not heavily touched up.

I don't know about you guys but I'm convinced.


Shutting down the comments section on was probably was an afterthought for Tiger Woods' damage control team. The last time I checked, the comments numbered around 27,000+ in his 'apology' post -- and most were fairly critical of the serial cheater who got caught bedding sleazy skanks. was the first to report that Tiger's fans (and haters) were using his website as a sounding board to voice their personal opinions on Tiger's transgressions.

Now it appears Team Tiger has read and reacted to's exclusive report.

Visitors to the site no longer are allowed to leave comments, effectively ending the debate between Tiger worshippers and haters on his own site. Instead, the Dear Tiger part of the site features only questions and answers - and the statements that appear most embarrassing in retrospect have been removed.

I know how Tiger must feel. It would be a free-for-all in my comments section if I didn't stand guard at the gate to my blog and determine who gets in and who stays out.

Our precious little Lacefront Baby is becoming a legend in her own time. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, co-hosts of the popular Young Turks radio show, tackle the issue of wigs on a baby.

They seem to agree with me that lacefront wigs (made popular by Beyonce) look hideous on our beautiful black women and children. "The baby is cute but the wig is not. It's freaking me out," declares Cenk.

Thanks to loyal reader, and blogger Gina (What About Our Daughters) for the video link! reports that Brittany Murphy, star of popular teen angst movies, has died of a cardiac arrest. She was 32-years-old.

Murphy was found unresponsive in her shower around 8 a.m. this morning by her mother who called 911. She was transported by ambulance in full cardiac arrest to Cedars-Sanai Medical Center (a few miles away) where she was pronounced dead.

Murphy starred in such films as "Clueless," "8 Mile," and "Don't Say a Word."

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Convicted rapper Lil Wayne can't seem to avoid run ins with the law. Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, and 11 members of his entourage were detained by a Texas border patrol late yesterday evening, according to He wasn't arrested but he is not free to go just yet (at the time of this post).

Border patrol agents tell TMZ a random spot check turned up bags of kush on two tour buses, but no drugs were found on Weezy's person or on any of his entourage. No arrests have been made.

Wayne's bus was pulled over by border patrol in the tiny hamlet of Falfurrias -- roughly 100 miles from the Mexican border. As usual, an officer smelt weed and the search was on for the source of the sweet aroma. Members of law enforcement who need to pad their arrest stats routinely pull over tour buses of rappers now. I mean, it's a given that weed and/or unregistered weapons will be found on board a rapper's tour bus.

Wayne was convicted on weapons charges earlier this year and sentenced to a year in prison. He is to begin serving his sentence in February, 2010. But if he's arrested in Texas, he may be entering the prison system sooner than he expected.

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While I am aware that today's teenagers are 30 x's more promiscuous than in my day, I never knew such things as sex hit lists existed. I'm so out of the loop that I didn't even know pregnant teens attended regular high schools until a few years ago.

According to HipHopUpdate blog, this kid was grounded for 3 months because his sister tattled on him for hiding a six-pack of beer in his room. So he exacted his revenge on her by posting her sex "hit list" online.

This is why I never wanted girl children. I bet her parents thought she was a virgin.

You can see for yourself all the sordid acts she's planning for your sons in her school. She even put dates next to their names to indicate exactly when the act will go down. There's a government study that shows 88% of pregnant teenagers got knocked up while on school grounds, which gives a whole new meaning to sex education.

The picture above says it all: Swizz Beatz walks behind his woman while she hangs on to another man's arm to keep her balance while crossing the street.

It doesn't matter if the other guy is her bodyguard or her stockbroker. A real man accepts responsibility and would never allow another man to show him up like this. Everyone knows they are a couple so they need to come off it.

If he's trying to look cool by not having his woman hang onto him, then he chose the wrong time to do it. That's the problem with today's black men: they're so concerned with their image and looking cool that they don't realize when they look stupid as hail.

To compound things further, Swizz clowned himself royally when he argued with his ex-wife on Twitter like two hens going back and forth with each other.

Anyway, I'll let a real man tell it:

Based on what you said, I do think that Keys likes men who can overpower her but Swizz doesn't do that. Arguing publicly with Ex shows he is a bitch it's ok to fight but on TWITTER? wow! What's worst is that he is in public and his woman is hanging on to another dude which is something women do instinctively to protect herself from falling down when on high heels and that's what I mean with she does like strong guys but Swizz isn't. Dude looks like he won't take no shit from anyone. I remember a girl hung on to me while her man was there and he immediately stopped that which was also an act out of instinct.


Rumor has it that Metrosexual rapper/producer Kanye West is ready to settle down and tie the knot with his beard Amber Rose. The strange couple are reportedly getting hitched next year in the Caribbean if all goes well.

A friend told the Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.”

Apparently they're going to stay in a eight-bedroom villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion. The friend added, “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.” Read More...

That makes sense since Amber Rose is about as close to a man as Kanye is going to get.

I'm sure Kanye already sent word to all his male side pieces that the nuptials are only going down for show and they shouldn't worry about their gravy train running off track -- as long as they keep their mouths shut like Amber is doing.

Pop singer Alicia Keys, who clearly still gets those expensive mustard facials, went shopping with her boyfriend Swizz Beatz, aka Toucan Sam yesterday at Christain Louboutin in NY's West Village. It's not clear who actually spent the money, but we're going to take a wild guess that it was Alicia since she seems to be the one in control of the relationship. We're almost positive she rules Toucan and their household. He looks so beat down every time you see them out.

More evidence that Swizz is a punk came when he took to the social networking site Twitter this week to argue with his ex. What real man does that? It's clear that Alicia Keys -- like Angie Martinez -- goes for the weak, pathetic brothas who won't challenge their authority.

Here's a tip for Swizz: a real man keeps his family together for the sake of the kids no matter what. Hopefully Swizz and AK wont have a son together since there is no one in that relationship to show him how to be a man.

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When word of Matthew Knowles transgressions with his female office staff hit the blogs, Celestine Knowles, aka Tina, stayed quiet. When rumors of Matthew Knowles' alleged drug use and embezzlement of funds hit the nets, Celestine -- like that other famous Tina -- staunchly stood by her man.

And when it became publicly known that Matthew got another woman pregnant, Celestine swallowed her pride and held her family together for the sake of the children (Beyonce and Solange).

Rumor has it that her daughter Beyonce was so distraught upon hearing the news of her father's whoring that she drowns her sorrows in any bottle of hard liquor that she can find.

Now comes word that Celestine has finally found the courage to divorce that man. Friends say it was Elin Nordegren -- estranged wife of Tiger Woods -- who gave Celestine the strength to find her voice and finally walk away from a dysfunctional marriage.

According to online reports, ...documents were actually filed last month and Mathew was officially served his walking papers on the 16th of November.

We applaud Celestine, Elin and all strong women everywhere who take a stand against these dogs who do not respect their vows.