Rumor has it that Metrosexual rapper/producer Kanye West is ready to settle down and tie the knot with his beard Amber Rose. The strange couple are reportedly getting hitched next year in the Caribbean if all goes well.

A friend told the Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “He has really bonded with her since losing his mother and needs another strong woman in his life.”

Apparently they're going to stay in a eight-bedroom villa in the Dominican Republic for the romantic occasion. The friend added, “He’s very serious, otherwise he wouldn’t be spending that much money on her.” Read More...

That makes sense since Amber Rose is about as close to a man as Kanye is going to get.

I'm sure Kanye already sent word to all his male side pieces that the nuptials are only going down for show and they shouldn't worry about their gravy train running off track -- as long as they keep their mouths shut like Amber is doing.

Pop singer Alicia Keys, who clearly still gets those expensive mustard facials, went shopping with her boyfriend Swizz Beatz, aka Toucan Sam yesterday at Christain Louboutin in NY's West Village. It's not clear who actually spent the money, but we're going to take a wild guess that it was Alicia since she seems to be the one in control of the relationship. We're almost positive she rules Toucan and their household. He looks so beat down every time you see them out.

More evidence that Swizz is a punk came when he took to the social networking site Twitter this week to argue with his ex. What real man does that? It's clear that Alicia Keys -- like Angie Martinez -- goes for the weak, pathetic brothas who won't challenge their authority.

Here's a tip for Swizz: a real man keeps his family together for the sake of the kids no matter what. Hopefully Swizz and AK wont have a son together since there is no one in that relationship to show him how to be a man.

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When word of Matthew Knowles transgressions with his female office staff hit the blogs, Celestine Knowles, aka Tina, stayed quiet. When rumors of Matthew Knowles' alleged drug use and embezzlement of funds hit the nets, Celestine -- like that other famous Tina -- staunchly stood by her man.

And when it became publicly known that Matthew got another woman pregnant, Celestine swallowed her pride and held her family together for the sake of the children (Beyonce and Solange).

Rumor has it that her daughter Beyonce was so distraught upon hearing the news of her father's whoring that she drowns her sorrows in any bottle of hard liquor that she can find.

Now comes word that Celestine has finally found the courage to divorce that man. Friends say it was Elin Nordegren -- estranged wife of Tiger Woods -- who gave Celestine the strength to find her voice and finally walk away from a dysfunctional marriage.

According to online reports, ...documents were actually filed last month and Mathew was officially served his walking papers on the 16th of November.

We applaud Celestine, Elin and all strong women everywhere who take a stand against these dogs who do not respect their vows.

Picture this: you're a successful, strong, independent woman with all your mental faculties intact who still has yet to meet that one man who will sweep you off your feet and put a ring on your finger.

Like all secure sistas with higher than average self-esteem, you have similar friends who share your values and goals in life -- but they're all married to seemingly good men. "So what's wrong with me?," you ask yourself.

One day, a good friend -- sensing your anxiety about not being married yet -- sets you up on a blind date with a man whom she describes as "sensitive, fun loving, with a good sense of humor, but not so cocky that his machoism will turn you off."

"Have an open mind when you meet him," your friend suggests to you over the phone.

So you swing into high gear and spend all day shopping picking out the perfect dress, the perfect handbag and the perfect shoes for your big date. That big day finally arrives and your heart races with anticipation as you prepare for your date, knowing in the back of your mind: HE JUST MIGHT BE THE ONE!

"Calm down girl," you tell yourself as your doorbell rings. You rush to the door but you slow your pace just as you get there. You adjust your outfit and with your heart beating out of your chest in hot anticipation, you reach for the doorknob and open the door.

You stand there in stunned silence as you take it all in -- the spiked hair that looks like a kid poured grape flavored kool aid all on it, the tribal markings engraved on the side of his head, the black fingernail polish, the soft, dainty hands (that looks like he never misses his manicure appointments), the tight jeans, etc.

Your mind races to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And when it all comes together, it forms one word:


But in your heart of hearts you refuse to acknowledge what your brain is telling you. Your heart is still beating out of your chest -- but for a different reason this time. Slowly, he turns around and faces you. A smirk dances on his lips as he waits for you to acknowledge him.

He does not compliment you on your dress, your hair, your bag or your shoes that you spent so many hours picking out for this special night.

"Hi, my name is Nokio," he says slowly. "You might know me from the group Dru Hill?"

This is what took place in 2003 when Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin met NY radio personality Angie Martinez, according to a close friend of Angie's who asked to remain anonymous. "We tried to tell her he was flaming, but she was in love and love is blind," said the friend.

The friend also said Martinez is attracted to "soft, cornball" types of men (like the rapper Q Tip) who "won't challenge her fear of intimacy with real men."

Now, I don't know if any of that is true, so please don't quote me on it.

A few months after their fateful meeting, Martinez was pregnant with Nokio's son. Niko Ruffin came into the world on June 12, 2003.

My question to you is -- despite the obvious glaring red flags that a man is gay, would you still sleep with him and have a baby by him anyway?

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who once famously said the U.S. smelled of sulfur in reference to the Iraq war, said yesterday he "still" smells sulfur in reference to President Obama's policies.

Chavez, who was not included on the list of speakers at the Copenhagen climate conference, referred to Obama as the "Nobel Prize of War."

Chavez seemed to be calling Obama out in the middle of the street when he said, "The Nobel Prize of War just finished saying here that he is here to act. Well, show it sir. Don't leave by the back door."

"I think Obama isn't here yet. He got the Nobel Peace Prize almost the same day as he sent 30,000 soldiers off to kill innocent people in Afghanistan," Chavez said after promising not to speak more than the other speakers at the conference.

"The Kyoto Protocol cannot be declared dead or extinguished. This is what the United States said. If Obama, Nobel Prize of War, has that here, it always smells of sulfur here. It smells of sulfur. It still smells like sulfur in the world," said Hugo Chavez. Read More...


Sports Illustrated's online staff scrambled to replace a corporate ad that was deemed inappropriate in the aftermath of Cincinnati Bengals star Chris Henry's untimely death.

According to, the popular sports magazine's website featured very prominent expandable site takeover ads for Liberty Mutual which included a complex ad graphic that expanded outward to cover the viewers PC monitor and give the appearance of a cracked windshield.

Henry, 26, died early this morning of head injuries he sustained after falling from a pick up truck being driven by his fiance Loleini Tonga.

After fielding calls of concern over the inappropriateness of the ads from its readers, the magazine's online staff quickly replaced the takeover ads with a different ad -- at a loss of revenue in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Police are investigating the Henry case as a domestic dispute.

Please don't take this post and run crazy with it because it may not be true.

Do you recall Kim Porter celebrated her 40th birthday this week here in Atlanta at the Gold Key soiree? Well, the very next morning, I was on the phone with one of her closest friends who was with Kim Porter at the airport.

They each got about two hours worth of sleep after partying all night, and they were at Hartsfield airport by 9 a.m. the next morning preparing to catch a flight to LA.

Honestly, I don't know how they do it. I would be comatose if I slept for 2 hours after partying and drinking all night.

As we spoke, I could hear familiar voices in the background of other chicks who had partied with Kim the night before. Anyway, me being the nosy type, I asked every question -- except -- what's going on out in LA? Because I knew Kim was hovering somewhere nearby listening to every word her friend told me.

So I called another close friend of Kim's who said cryptically, "What do you think they're all going to LA for? Haven't you heard?" When I said I hadn't heard, she responded, "well, you'd better ask somebody," before hanging up.

There have been rumors that Diddy is getting married after the New Year, but I was told he popped the question to his other baby mama, Sarah Chapman. Sarah did tweet that she had exciting news on her Twitter page yesterday. In all fairness, Sarah emailed me last week but she didn't mention any wedding. She does seem like the private type though.

Plus, Sarah's been going out of town a lot lately and so I assumed she was going to be with Him. After all, Puffy didn't even bother showing up to Kim's birthday party here.

I'm told Kim threw herself a big birthday bash in LA last night, but I don't see any pics online if that is true. So maybe that's why all her friends flew out there with her?

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These oversized rabbit fur hats are all the rage in New York as ugly as they are. You know all it takes is one superstar style icon like Rihanna (and a fading star on the comeback trail like Erykah Badu) to wear something and it becomes an instant must-have fashion staple.

I've already put in my order for the super sized rabbit fur hat. Hopefully I'll get it before Christmas.

I have yet to watch a single taping of the Mo'Nique Show -- and that string continues as I didn't even bother to watch this video. I'm only posting it because some of you are so caught up with these Hip Hop frauds. This show is based in Atlanta and this particular show was taped sometime last week.

By the way, Nicki Minaj shot her video for one of her tracks day before yesterday in Atlanta. I still have yet to see the pics -- not that I'm holding my breath.

A male cheerleader for the Missouri Tigers got more than he bargained for when he knocked on the door of his next door neighbors and asked them to keep the noise down.

He ended up with a broken nose and a black eye.

The occupants of the apartment were players for the Missouri basketball team who were celebrating a big win over the Pan-American team.

Police arrested seniors Amanda Hanneman and Jessra "The Enforcer" Johnson and charged them with assault and "dynamic disturbance." The two top scorers for the Lady Tigers were suspended from the team indefinitely.

Police say Missouri senior Justin Short, complained to his female roommate -- who was at the party next door -- that she and her friends were being too loud. It was then that police say the basketball players started smacking him around.

Witnesses say Short attempted to restrain his roomie, but was then jumped by the other players.

Police described the dispute as more of a brawl, "with at least eight people" trying to break it up and/or get involved in the punching. Coach Cindy Stein has suspended her two players indefinitely, but even without their top two scorers—according to the Missouri Media Guide, Johnson's nickname is "The Enforcer"—the Tigers still managed to beat Murray State by 39 points on Sunday. Read More...

Meawhile, Hanneman took to her twitter page as if nothing had happened.