Latin heartthrob Ricky Martin ended years of speculation today when he came out of the closet in a letter on his personal website. The singer, who used the services of a surrogate mother to birth his twin boys, wrote that finally coming out filled him with “strength and courage.”

“At this moment I’m feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share,” he wrote.

Hopefully, those of you who refused to believe Ricky was gay (just as some of you still refuse to believe Tyler Perry and Bow Wow are gay) — will remember all the denials he made and the string of women he paraded in front of the media while hiding his true sexual orientation.

Yes, Virginia, more than half of your male singers, actors and rappers are either gay or bisexual, and they don’t want you.

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Pop icon Janet Jackson is calling it quits after 28 years in the music business. Jackson signed her first recording contract with A&M records at the tender age of 16, releasing her self-titled album in 1982.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the 43-year-old Diva disputed reports by ex-boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupri, who claims he’s working on an album with her:

Janet Jackson has two tracks in rotation—“Nothing” and her Pitbull collab “Heartbeat Love”—but she told Rolling Stone that she’s not working on the follow-up to 2008’s commercially disappointing Discipline, nor has she signed a new deal after parting ways with IDJ. “There was a time where I was actually in the studio and I was recording, but I’m not working on an album,” she says. “There have been a lot of record labels that have asked me to sit down and talk with them, but I don’t know if I want to do something completely independent, or go with a major… I haven’t decided on exactly where I want to go or what I want to do.” “Nothing” is a one-off she co-wrote and co-produced with boyfriend Jermaine Dupri for the new Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married Too? As for the second song, Jackson said she did it as a favor for Rodney Jerkins, for “fun.”

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Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Antonia “Toya” Carter look stunning on the cover of this month’s Hype Hair magazine.

In a recent interview with Honey mag, the ladies shared their relationship experience and wisdom with their younger fans by telling them that it’s not okay to be loose with their bodies. Hopefully, the young ladies will take heed of their advice.

How soon is too soon to get intimate with a guy?
Toya: When you first meet him like in the first 8 months. I think that’s too soon. Some of them just want to talk to you because of who you know, who you are, what you’re doing so you have to test them out. I want to know if you like me or who I am associated with. You have to feel them out.

Bad guy or good guy? Who are you more attracted to and why?
Tiny: Honestly I’ve always been into the bad boy – I can’t lie. Something about the bad boy just attracts me, just gets my attention you know? There are some good guys that I can think of now that can be sexy, now that I’m older. But when I was younger, it would always be the bad boy.

Toya: I don’t like a softy softy but I don’t like a thug either. The reason why is because I don’t need any thugs around me. I have a daughter. I need someone who is well-established, not into a lot of BS, and very family-oriented. Someone that is cool and not on no dumb stuff. You can’t just bring everybody around your kids. I’m dating. I need someone I can bring home to my daughter. Not just anybody can come around her.

The 2nd season of the popular Tiny and Toya Show premieres on BET April 13th.

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It looks like actress Gabrielle Union got a little tipsy in the club this weekend. Gabby was in town hosting the “In The Layne” Launch party at DaVinci’s nightclub in Atlanta on Saturday night. I’m told she partied hard with the regular folk as well as a few NFL players.

My spies tell me Gabby was still showing out on the dance floor with the event staff after the club was closed. She was in a very good mood…

…probably ’cause NFL player Charles Grant (formerly of the New Orleans Saints) was in the house.


Date: Monday, March 29, 2010, 12:08 PM


This is very disappointing that you would post pictures up from the In The Layne Launch Party with Gabrielle Union stating that she was drunk as a headline. By no means was Gabrielle Union drunk. She was having a good time, dancing and hanging out with her friends in support of the Launch Party for In The Layne Ent. By no means does she deserve this bad press. She was very personable and approachable and a pleasure to work with, which is more than what I can say for most. I guess when you are being positive and having a good time, something negative always has to be said for a story line.

D.A. Layne
In The Layne Ent.

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Club owner Eddie, Gabrielle Union and D.A. Layne (in The Layne Entertainment)

This is how we do it in the A

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According to an online report, multimedia personality LaLa Vazquez underwent a rhinoplasty (nose job) just in time for her upcoming nuptials to NBA star Carmelo Anthony. La La doesn’t come across to me as a vain type of woman who would be insecure about her looks.

So you be the judge: the photo on top was taken yesterday (Mar. 28), and the 2nd photo was snapped back in February of this year.

Personally, I don’t see a difference in either photo. It isn’t like her nose was that bulbous to begin with. So why mess with perfection? I’ve got La La’s back on this one.

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(L-R) Actors Trey Smith, Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith at the 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith (L) and daughter Willow Smith attended the 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards in LA over the weekend.

Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, left, and Rev Run’s son Diggy Simmons at the Kid’s Choice Awards. Diggy, who fancies himself to be a rapper, doesn’t even have an album out and I’m tired of him already.

Janet Jackson’s ex, Jermaine Dupri (R) and his daughter Shaniah Cymone Mauldin, attended Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kid’s Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion in LA over the weekend. In case you’re wondering: yes, JD has an endorsement deal with Polo.

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Normally I don’t work on a Sunday, but I had to address this misconception.

The Internet is buzzing about Erykah Badu’s digitally altered azz in her new video for “Window Seat”, that premiered Friday. I thought it would be obvious to everyone that Erykah Badu has never had a phat azz ever in her life. But I guess it wasn’t obvious — even though everything below her waist is blurred throughout the entire video.

Still, it amazes me how easily some people will fall for anything that’s right in front of their eyes. But I guess that’s why you have me to open your eyes for you and help you to see the light. By the way, the entire video was shot with her in front of a green screen. But you already knew that (I hope you did). Notice how you never see her feet?

Anyway, peep the screen grabs above for all the evidence you need.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!