Alex Gidewon (AG Entertainment Group), rapper Nelly and male socialite/reality TV personality Kenny Burns (Bad Boys Club)

Rapper Nelly hosted the popular Monday night Key Club party at the industry hotspot Gold Room last night in Atlanta. The occasion was also club promoter Juan Farmer's birthday party. Juan's cousin Dallas Austin and Kenny Burns of the new reality TV show, Bad Boys Club, was also in the house. The party was on and poppin' as producer/DJ Jermaine Dupri put it down on the ones and twos. It seemed like I was just there yesterday. Has a week gone by already?

Birthday boy Juan Farmer and Jermaine Dupri

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Everyone knows that rapper Ludacris loves intelligent women. That's really all he dates when he decides to get serious about a girl. Luda's baby mama, Christine, is a well-respected attorney and event planner in Atlanta. And he's dated other Atlanta business women before settling down with his current flame, a gorgeous Miami med student.

In a recent interview with Honey magazine, Ludacris' spoke on his current relationship status, saying “I try to preserve certain things and keep things special, and that is one thing that I would like to keep private.”

Unfortunately, Ludacris should know that as a superstar rapper, he lives his life under a microscope. His refusal to give up her name or any details about her only whet's the blogger's appetite for info on who she is.

Thanks to loyal reader Carsyn, we know that Luda's fiancee's name is Eudoxie and she's a bilingual med student from Africa who speaks French fluently. She's a student at the University of Miami and she's super smart, and very low key. Luda often flies her into Atlanta to spend weekends with him at his home. And when she's not hitting the books, she accompanies Luda to NBA games and atended his concerts while he was on tour with the Black Eyed Peas.

Additionally, Eudoxie's Facebook page is private and she updates her statuses in French. She doesn't mention Ludacris' name on her FB page, but she does refer coyly to a "you know who."

Prior to snagging Luda, Eudoxie dated a NBA player who you all should know. I'll share more details later.

Ladies, I know how much you love DJ Holiday, the mixtape King of the South. So last night, I brought him in for questioning. I interrogated him for 60 minutes straight and I was able to extract the information that you need. I tried to get him to take his shrt off for some hawt Morning Wood pics, but he refused (he so shy). Maybe if Holiday reads the comments and sees your pleas for real "Wood" pics, he'll change his mind.

Anyway, last week, I wrote that DJ Holiday was going 'Hollywood' and he quickly responded with vigorous denials. DJ Holiday is one of the top DJ's in the industry, in addition to being Gucci Mane's exclusive producer. As you know, Gucci is currently incarcerated, but that hasn't stopped him! Holiday plans to drop Gucci Mane's official mixtape on April 13 titled The BurrrPrint 2HD on Asylum Records.

Here's what DJ Holiday had to say about the official Gucci Mane mixtape:

The label thought it would be a good idea because our mxtapes are so successful as far as what we do in the streets. You know, the whole Southeast -- all over. Me and [Gucci] put together a little mixtape and it's like a collection of everything, you know. A couple of new tracks from Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jim Jones. Just me talking on it and doing my one-two thing.

What's unique about it is we actually recorded songs from him over the phone. I took his vocals from him rapping on the phone and matched it up to a beat from [local producer] Drumma Boy. That's like never been done before. That's gon' be something different. It's like the first track on there.

You know, I feel like I got the upper hand right now as far as the mixtape game. God's blessed me for people all around the world to know my name and my brand and what I'm doin'. I'm definitely up and coming!

DJ Holiday's Stats

Age: 27

Height: 5-11

Weight: 205 lbs.

Marital status: "Just say I'm married to the game"

Car: "Nissan 350Z and a 2010 Range Rover"

How you living?: "I bought a house. It's comfortable, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths"

What type of women gets your attention:

"A woman who's got a damn job, with a good head on her shoulders and can hold a real conversation, you know what I'm sayin'?"

How can a woman impress you:

"I tend to shoot for the girls who light up the room. Somebody who just kinda stands out. I know every n*gga in here is gonna try to holla at her. But I'm just going by my environment because it's my club. I'm a DJ so that's my environment. I ain't gon' lie. I have went to a Barnes & Nobles before, and a coffee shop just to see what's in there. Just to get a different scenery. Just fly to L.A. for the weekend or something like that. Just to get a different view.

What turns you off about a woman?:

The one's who's been in heavy rotation with every rapper, NBA and football player that comes through the muthaf***ing club. And you know me, I know that because I DJ at the clubs! It's very, very easy to pinpoint 'em!

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I'm all late with this one. Last night I received a call from Akon's brother Bu Thiam, who is VP of A&R at Def Jam Records. Bu asked me if I knew what happened to him out in L.A. I'm thinking Bu got locked up, shot, robbed, etc. Thank God it was none of that.

Instead, Bu told me some fool was impersonating him and using Bu's good name to curry favor with the ladies, get into the clubs for free, get free perks, etc. So Bu tweeted about the fool on his page over the weekend. One of Bu's followers sent him the imposter's photo and phone number. So Bu called the guy and got gangsta with him, and it was all caught on tape.

Bu and his kin have a reputation for taking things into their own hands. "We're big in Africa," said Bu, referring to his extended family of brothers and sisters, including superstar Akon. "We're like the Jackson 5 in Africa. We don't play around!" This is just a reminder that impersonating anyone (not just a public figure) is a federal offense.

R&B Diva Monica gave a throwback performance on BET's 106 & Park live yesterday. She performed a medley of her hits from the 90s and early 2000s. Mo's sixth studio album, Still Standing, is in stores today. Please go out and cop the album.

There are disturbing rumors making the rounds that J Records neglected to throw their full support behind their star and this album, and that they may have even sabotaged used Mo's budget for other music projects that they are releasing. If Mo's fans support her 100%, that will show J Records how much we love and appreciate quality R&B music.

The last time we heard from convicted woman beater Chris Brown was when he begged his remaining fans to help him resuscitate his failed career by calling into the radio stations to get them to play his records.

When that failed, he created another Twitter page (after deleting his first page) and begged his fans to follow him again. Chris Brown is so deep in denial that when his fans didn't rush to follow him en masse on Twitter, he promised to go live on Ustream if they would just help him get to 100,000 followers (which they dutifully did, but only because they pitied the fool).

With all that begging and pleading going on, you had to figure that Chris Brown's peers/competition were waiting in the wings to throw rocks at him. Rapper Souljaboy Tellem took the first pitch tweeting this nonsense about Bow Wow and CB's followers not equaling his 2 million plus followers.

Bow Wow ignored the taunt (I think) but Chris impulsively tweeted back:

Now, there was a time (just a month ago, in fact) when most of us would have cared a hoot and actually entertained the possibility of these three kids slugging it out online. But not any more. Chris Brown, your career is dead. Get used to it.

Thanks to loyal reader Shana for the tip.

The left wing blog, Huffington Post, published this letter in response to the racist who shouted a racial epithet at civil rights hero John Lewis during a health care protest in DC:

I imagine this will come off a bit corny -- please indulge me. When I heard what happened on Saturday outside the Capitol building, I was brought to tears. And now I feel compelled to apologize for the behavior of my fellow citizens. When I heard that some of the tea party protestors called you "ni**er" and verbally berated you for your support of health care reform, I initially assumed they didn't realize who you were. Then I realized: they probably just don't care.

That you've spent most of your life working for the cause of civil rights, often at great personal risk and alongside such icons as Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. James Lawson is completely irrelevant to the self-named "tea party patriots." They aren't interested in the fact that were it not for the work of brave pioneers like you, many of them would not enjoy the extensive rights and liberties they have today.

And I doubt that more than a few will take the time to reflect on the deep shame their behavior brings to the United States and its citizens, and that how in their fear-whipped frenzy of verbal violence, they reveal a sad truth: that American racism is still very much alive and well, with its newest forms hiding behind mostly-contrived grievances like taxes and "questionable" birth certificates.

In a way, it's a relief to have my suspicions confirmed. At least now we "anti-racists" don't have to continue wringing our hands wondering if there is something to the accusation that we "see racism everywhere." And although it's a stretch to say that all tea party protesters are patent racists, Saturday's incidents pretty much sealed the deal -- fear of racial difference animates a portion, if not the entire "Tea Party Movement." These people claim to be about the notion of "freedom," but they not only do not seem to support the concept for those different from them, but the individuals they single out for their most vitriolic attacks are often those who have done the most for the cause of freedom for all. I would say it's ironic, but that would imply that tea partiers understand the term "freedom." So instead, I'll say it's surreal. Read More...