T.I. held a private screening of his new movie Takers at Atlantic Station last night. And the Atlanta glitteratti turned out in full force for the lavish after party sponsored by Remy Martin. Check out the rest of the pics at ATLPICS.net!

Mr. and Mrs. T.I. and Tiny looked sharp in all black everything last night at the Takers after party at 200 Peachtree street.

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Beyonce and Jay Z continue their vacation with Jay Z’s son, Isa Jael yesterday in Saint Barts. A loyal reader emailed to inform me that Beyonce does indeed have a close relationship with the child who was sired by her husband.

Why does Beyonce feel the need to toot her assets up in the air whenever she knows a camera is around?

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Rumors coming out of London are that Oscar winning actress Halle Berry may be pregnant again. Supposedly she went to see a gynecologist while in London who confirmed the pregnancy. Please don’t quote me on this because how gossip sometimes takes twists and turns.

Despite their recent split, Halle and Gabriel Aubry spent time together with their daughter, Nahla Aubry in London, UK this morning. Halle is in London filming a movie. They look like one big happy family. I’m happy for them! But who’s the daddy?

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U.S. president Barack Obama has approved $6 million in taxpayer dollars to be used to spruce up Islamic sites and mosques all over the world. That’s nice of him isn’t it?

According to the Washington Post:

The goodwill tour of the Middle East by the Imam behind the proposed mosque near ground zero is just part of the U.S. government’s efforts to reach out to the Muslim world.

This year, the Obama administration will spend nearly $6 million to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including mosques and minarets, in 55 nations, according to State Department documents.

Under a program established by Congress in 2001, the department will fund at least five projects in as many countries at a cost of more than $271,000.

The contributions include $76,135 for the 16th century Grand Mosque in Tongxin, China, and $67,500 for the 18th century Golden Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. An additional $62,169 will be spent on restoring a 19th century minaret in Mauritania’s ancient city of Tichitt; $50,437 for the Sundarwala Burj, a 16th century Islamic Monument in New Delhi, and $15,450 to restore the 18th century Gobarau Minaret in Katsina, Nigeria.

I’m sure there are churches in the black community right here in the United States that need a little fixing up. Good luck getting the funds out of Obama if you’re church isn’t a mosque.

Beyonce and Jay Z continued their vacation at at Club 55 in Saint Tropez, France today.

But what is Bey wearing? It looks like her nephew Jules vomited his breakfast all over her. I guess she left her stylist back home?

Beyonce is once again in the news for grand theft. No surprise there. A London fashion house is accusing Bey of stealing their original design. E-Label claimed that Beyonce bought a pair of studded leggings from their store in London’s TopShop last November.

Now Bey is flaunting a similar pair of stockings in flaunts in the new campaign for her fashion label, House of Dereon. Helba Hallgrimsdottir, a co-owner of E-Label said, “I thought she was wearing our leggings. It is practically just copy-paste.”

“No decision has yet been taken [to file suit]. We need to inspect her brand’s trousers closer because, according to law, it is not copied if a certain number of things have been changed from the original design.”

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Do you remember sometime back I told that there was trouble in Timbaland’s marriage? I won’t go into specifics because my search function still works.

But I will tell you that my source (a female who Timbo confided in) told me that Timbo seemed depressed about his situation. This happened a couple of years ago.

Now fast forward to yesterday:

According to sources, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department put out a “possible suicide attempt” APB just before 5 PM PT yesterday. A helicopter and squad cars went on the hunt for the rapper/producer’s Escalade.

Here’s what we’re told happened … Timbaland was on the phone earlier in the day with his brother-in-law … deeply upset about something. We’re told one of the things that was eating at him was a theft at his Malibu residence a day before. Someone had stolen a crazy expensive Jacob & Co. watch — valued at $2 million — and Timbaland suspected it might have been someone he trusted.

Timbaland left his home yesterday and began driving. Family members couldn’t locate him, became extremely worried and called the Sheriff’s Department.

We’re told the helicopter located the Escalade, ground crews pulled Timbaland over and began talking to him. At some point they put Timbaland in a patrol car and took him to his residence, where they continued speaking with him and family members.

Deputies called for paramedics to come and evaluate Timbaland. After the evaluation, paramedics determined Timbaland was not a threat to himself and left.

We’re told the Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of Timbaland’s jewelry and they have possible suspects. Source

I don’t think Timbo’s suicidal ideations has anything to do with a watch. Anytime a man confides in a female about problems involving his wife, there are definite issues at home.


According to TMZ, Timbaland just called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, and confirmed someone stole something from him and that he was upset about it … but says there was definitely no suicide attempt.

Timbaland said he simply took a drive to clear his head, when someone got a little too worried about him and called the cops.

Update II, 2:56 PM ET:

TMZ has obtained the Timbaland 911 call, in which his mother-in-law desperately declares an emergency — stating the rapper/producer was “tired of the stress” … and noted that he was near a cliff.