Actor Brian J. White took to his Twitter page yesterday to lash out at haters for questioning his reasons for marrying a LSLH Latina.

Over the weekend, White married the former Paula Da Silva in an intimate, small budget wedding attended by close friends and family.

Shortly thereafter he posted the wedding pics on his Twitter account and on Facebook. That's when the anonymous tweets of outrage began appearing on from angry sistas who accused White of being another example of a self hating brotha.

White responded to the outrage by reposting tweets from his loyal followers whose sentiments he apparently shared, but maybe he was too afraid to express.

In case anyone confused his "retweets" for his own thoughts, White repeatedly tweeted this disclaimer: "NOTE: My RT's of ur tweets do NOT = my opinion."

But in reality the retweets must have equaled his opinion or he wouldn't have taken the time to retweet them.

He must feel some kind of pressure (maybe from his friends?) to justify his marriage to a LSLH Latina woman. And if that's the case, I wonder how his wife feels about all this?

Pop singer Rihanna announced over the weekend that she is updating her own Twitter page. She tweeted this pic while she was in Hawaii.

Rihanna wasted no time sparking a little controversy on Twitter by tweeting a pic of her eroding hairline (due to harsh chemicals from dyes and whatnot). RiRi has decided to let go of the lacefronts and weaves and just wear a wig like her friend Solange.

Did I tell you guys that I was recently asked to go out on tour with RiRi? Yes you read correctly. But I quickly turned down the offer, because A. I don't fly, and B. I don't want to leave my mom alone while I'm on the road reporting on Rihanna from behind-the-scenes. I realize it would have been a great opportunity since no blogger has even gotten an interview with Rihanna much less followed her on tour. But I am Blessed and I know that other opportunities will become available to me! Shout out to Rihanna who loves! And shout out to Def Jam label VP of A&R, Bu Thiam and Kathy Jones (!

Is troubled singer/actor chris brown losing weight? chris and his brother were seen outside their LA hotel over the weekend. chris was wearing a plain white Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt, the iced out $25,000 Franck Muller Black Cortez watch that he got on loan and apparently never returned, and a pair of $70 Vans Vault Spectator Lx Sneakers.

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T.I.'s son, King showed his support for his daddy by getting the movie's title carved into his hair. Is King the coolest little 5-year-old in the South?

T.I. saluted his fans for making Takers the #1 movie in America. Yesterday the movie industry jumped the gun by proclaiming The Last Exorcism #1 before the final receipts had even been counted.

Some industry insiders secretly blamed racism for the hasty estimates. Even after Takers was proven to be the box office winner, some movie websites dragged their feet on announcing the winner.

"They all wanted [Lionsgate movie studio] to win the box office three weeks in a row," said a label exec who asked to remain anonymous.

The film's excited star, T.I., was on the phone Monday reaching out to media and supporters to thank them -- including a personal phone call to that went unanswered due to technical problems with my garbage HTC phone. (I ended up buying a MyTouch Slide last night as a result).

"It was so tight, they kinda misinformed people prematurely and gave out the wrong information," T.I. said in a phone interview with MTV News. "But officially, as it stands right now, 'Takers' is the #1 movie in the country, contrary to popular belief. In my heart, I felt it would be."

According to BoxofficeMojo, Sony Screen Gem's “Takers” took in $20.51 million on opening weekend, while 'Exorcism' pulled in a respectable $20.36 million to take the #2 spot.

Photo: Sydney Margetson/Atlantic Records

Pseudo-singer Ashanti always looks fabulous when she cleans up. Too bad her flawless appearance doesn't match her flawed voice or she would be a superstar now. Ashanti attended the 20th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards at the Directors Guild Of America yesterday in Los Angeles, California.

My spies told me that actor Lance Gross took actress LisaRaye aside and they had a long talk. I have no clue what they spoke about. You may recall that Gross' ego was shattered after he tried to holla at LisaRaye and she brushed aside his immature advances at a party in LA. Lance had just been dumped by pseudo model Eva Pigford and he needed another Hollywood name to latch onto to keep him relevant. But LisaRaye had her guard up after being used by a man once before. Gross later denied the incident ever took place, but we had witnesses.

Actress Megan Good also attended the evening's festivities looking hawt in a one shoulder gown!

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Yes, men can be gold diggers too as evidenced by Leicester Stovell's lawsuit against NBA star LeBron James. Stovell filed his lawsuit in June alleging he met James' mother, Gloria, in a Washington bar in 1984, when she would have been 15 or 16 years old.

He claims he had sex with the minor child only once, and that she contacted him months later to inform him that she was pregnant. Stovell, who is an attorney, said she told him she would name their child LeBron, a combination of Leicester Bryce -- Stovell's first and middle names.

But on Monday (Aug. 30) Gloria filed a counter suit against Stovell seeking to dismiss his frivolous lawsuit on the grounds that a DNA test proved he is not the father.

Stovell claims LeBron, Gloria and Santa's elves tampered with the DNA test so it would show a false negative. Stovell is demanding millions in compensation for the loss of a relationship with a son that he couldn't care less about even though he -- allegedly -- was informed of the child's existence.

He claims he has been trying for three years to establish paternity, which he hopes would lead to "financial and commercial opportunities."

But in a legal filing on Monday, James' team of attorneys, Frederick Nance and John Burlingame, scoffed at Stovell's demands, saying he is a gold digger (not in those exact words).

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Despite early estimates that The Last Exorcism had edged out Takers for the #1 spot, a final count of the receipts proves that Takers is the #1 box office hit in America.

Sony is claiming the victory for Screen Gems' Takers based on revised estimates including numbers from Sunday where The Last Exorcism fell behind, dropping 45% on Sunday to Takers' 32% and that allowed Takers to win the weekend with $20.6 million to Exorcism's $20.4 million. It's still early and one can expect the numbers to be contested with it being so close, but right now, it looks like Takers has indeed kept Lionsgate from having their first-ever third weekend at #1. Read more...

Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union attended the Bridgehampton Polo closing day hosted by Hamptons Magazine, Bing and Dwyane Wade at Bridgehampton Polo Grounds on Saturday (Aug. 28) in Bridgehampton, New York. I see DJ Solange Knowles decided to dust off her afro wig and wear it to the closing ceremonies.

Actor Brian J. White, who everybody thought was teh ghey, got hitched over the weekend. His wife's name is Paula, and we are not surprised at all to see that she is LSLH.

Obviously she doesn't care about the gay rumors or the fact that her man doesn't exactly measure up.

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Loyal reader, Craig T, who is a law enforcement officer, wrote in to say he is all for Antoine Dodson's right to address his sister's attacker on the television news.

I am a veteran law enforcement officer. I to saw the video when it aired on our local left slanted news agency. It tickled my heart, not because the victim's brother was flamboyant in his speech, but because the reporter actually let a citizen speak directly to the suspect via news media. He actually shared the same sentiment as many morally conservative citizens. "Listen to the messege and stop looking at the skin tone of the speaker." I would tell that to anyone smirking or distracted by this man's position in our society. Thanks, be safe and have a good weekend.


If you recall, Dodson is the man who appeared on a local news broadcast and verbally threatened his sister Kelly's attempted rapist, an unknown assailant who crawled in her 2nd floor window and got into bed with her.

Dodson, a hair stylist by trade, fought off his sister's attacker who fled into the night. The man has never been caught.

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Rappers Kanye West and Raekwon are getting ate up on Hip Hop message boards for jumping on this Justin Bieber track. This is the epitome of cooning by both of these talented men who desperately need comeback hits.

I love Raekwan, but how embarrassing for him to try and use a teeny bopper to mount his comeback?

I couldn't listen past the 60 second mark because my ears started to bleed. What do you kids think of this tragic collabo?




This is an almost unbelievable picture of U.S. President Barack Obama banging his umbrella against an overhead bar on a gate as he and first lady Michelle Obama toured the Columbia Parc Apartment Development yesterday (Aug. 29) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Obama and the First Lady were strolling through the gate when the umbrella he was carrying impacted the overhead bar with a resounding clang! The noise so startled Michelle that she instinctively ducked down. Obama tried to laugh it off as he always does when he makes a goof in public. But look at Michelle's face. How embarrassing for her!

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