Remember when embattled dictator Muammar Gaddafi confirmed his tight friendship with Barack Obama, the president of the free world who is up for reelection next year?

In a speech published in London-based al-Hayat newspaper in May, 2010, Gaddafi expressed his love and admiration for Obama, whom he described as a fellow Muslim.

At the time, he said: "Now, ruling America is a black man from our continent, an African from Arab descent, from Muslim descent, and this is something we never imagined – that from Reagan we would get to Barakeh Obama."

Gaddafi referred to his friend Obama's election as "a major historical gain."

"He is someone I consider a friend. He knows he is a son of Africa. Regardless of his African belonging, he is of Arab Sudanese descent, or of Muslim descent. He is a man whose policy should be supported, and he should be assisted in implementing it in any way possible, since he is now leaning towards peace."

But Obama's handlers, who continue to insist he is not in any way a Muslim, must have reached out to Muammar, because he never described Obama as a Muslim again -- at least not in public.

Source: YNN via Drudge

  • Leo

    The man said he's Christian...can we just let that be!

  • ALBoy

    :lol: Is This Him the Lion :lol:

  • chase

    Lmao Sandra every1 knows this niglett ruler of Libya is 5 cans short of a 6 pack..

    Listening to anything he has to say would be like listening to my crazy uncle whom know one in the family leave their kids or pocketbook in the room alone w/ his crazy tail...

    This man is beyond disturbed.

  • Destinee

    He didnt say that Obama was Muslim, he said Muslim descent. He said that he is someone that he considers a friend. Not that he was a friend. Stop trying to bamboozle us Sandra!

  • pinksghetti

    I just want to know how many different ways is this man's named spelt? I've seen Quadafi, Khadafi, Ghadafi, Gadafi. What's really going on?

  • pinksghetti

    oops, meant spelled, LOL

  • renegadesince1985

    OMG....You are no better than Rush or Glenn....

    He said he's of Muslim and Arab DESCENT...didn't say he was a Muslim :no: you ain't right Sandra

    And futhermore...Ghaddafi is a delusional man who refers to himself in 3rd person. He also thinks he rules Africa, the world...oh and the Universe...GTFOH!

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    Really Sandra??? Like forreal?

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    Sandy, you do know that Gaddafi is nuts, right?

    And look at his knifed up face. I guess he and Michael Jackson had the same plastic surgeon.

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    Ya'll gotta realize that Sandra does this because she knows people don't read these posts. She twists the words in the title knowing that not many people will actually READ the post to know that it is twisted.

    Good one Sandra lol

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  • Bird

    You are really reaching with this one. First of all he said the man is of arab and muslim descent, which he is only half right about. Secondly, it is common knowledge that the man is a stone cold lunatic so what he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Stop playin girl.

  • Lady_L

    oh lord not this again......


  • Sandra Rose

    pinksghetti says:

    I just want to know how many different ways is this man’s named spelt? I’ve seen Quadafi, Khadafi, Ghadafi, Gadafi. What’s really going on?


  • Sandra Rose

    Mamacita sasy:

    Ya’ll gotta realize that Sandra does this because she knows people don’t read these posts. She twists the words in the title knowing that not many people will actually READ the post to know that it is twisted.

    Good one Sandra lol


  • Mannie

    LMAO @ SR

    Come on Miss SR You know just because someone is born into a half Muslim household does not in anyway automatically make them Muslim. Obama's mom was christian and his grandparents were christian and they raised him christian. Please stop reaching so far. :think:

  • Sweet-D

    Umm, does Sandra work for Fox News??? There are three guarantees in life. Death, Taxes, and Sandra trying to twist an her negative OPINION into actual news. SMH at you SR :nono: :nono:

  • lola773

    He's dreaming out loud. His real friend is Noah Robinson Jesse's half brother

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. So what? George Bush, the older one, was good friends to Bin Laden and his family. Truth be told, several of Laden's family members were in NY when 9/11 happened. Did the authorities hold them for question? Hell naw, they shipped them back to their Muslim countries within 24 hrs of 9/11. Hell, we could have held them for ransom--they turn in Bin Laden, we give them their family.

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