Black Churches Blast Barack Obama’s Decision Not To Defend the Marriage Act

U.S. President Barack Obama, who calls himself a Christian when it benefits him to do so, has come under attack from the most unlikeliest of foes: the black church.

The Rev. Anthony Evans, who heads the National Black Church Initiative — a coalition of 34,000 black churches — is blasting President Barack Obama’s decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

The Rev. notes that Obama “has violated the Christian faith” by failing to uphold Jesus’ teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman.

DOMA was signed into law in September, 1996 by then President Bill Clinton. The law is intended to uphold and preserve the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman.

Gays, (and other special interest groups) who make up a substantial portion of the left-wing voting bloc, say the law is unconstitutional. Not surprisingly Obama, who was opposed to gay marriage until it came time for him to seek reelection, agrees with them.

Obama’s new stance has angered the Rev. Evans who says black churches must “reassess their extraordinary support for him.”

34,000 black churches probably won’t put a dent in Obama’s chances to win reelection. Not unless Rev. Evans and his coalition of churches are able to rally the millions of black, non-churchgoing Kool Aid drinkers to join their protest.

I’m not surprised that black people have soured on Obama after years of drinking the Kool aid. Would it be appropriate for me to pause here and say that I told you so?



Music Video: Dr. Dre ft. Eminem – I Need a Doctor

Old as sin rapper/producer Dr. Dre finally released this music video for “I Need a Doctor” today featuring Eminem & Skylar Gray. This is the 2nd single off Dre’s much-hyped Detox album that was scheduled to drop decades ago. The song is wack, but the visuals remind me of Kanye West’s critically acclaimed “Runaway” mini movie. Dre’s raps sounds like he was swigging a 40 ounce and smoking some chronic in the booth. He insults gays in the hopes of sparking controversy that will breathe life into this track. But Dre will need a doctor to bring his career back to life if the rest of the album sounds like this crap.

Thanks: Karen


What She Said: Ciara

Ciara can’t sing to save her life (Bless her heart). But with that bangin’ body, she certainly has a career in modeling or at the very least, as a video vixen. Ci Ci took that first step toward her goal by appearing on an episode of ‘Fashion Police‘ on E! Entertainment TV with Joan Rivers.

Ciara couldn’t wait to update her loyal Stans with this tweet on her Twitter page yesterday.

The episode airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Source: Rap-Up


PICS: 4th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon

Singers Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott and actresses Jennifer Lewis, Vannessa Bell Callaway, Tia Mowry and Gabrielle Union were among the many lovely celebrities gracing the red carpet at The 4th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon yesterday at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. They all looked beautiful!

Jennifer Hudson attended the luncheon with her adorable son Punk Jr.

Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons is getting thick and juicy

I hear that actress and socialite Lauren London is turning down movie roles left and right. Who needs to work when you have an ex-convict baby daddy that’s a baller?

Photos: Splash News Online


What She Said…

Singer Keyshia Cole let her hood side come out on Twitter today. I’m not sure what prompted that outburst on Twitter since I never go to that website. But whatever it was, I hate to see a young mom lose control and throw a tantrum in such a public manner when she normally tweets about God and Blessings. Call me, Keyshia!

Moving on, don’t Keyshia and her hubby-to-be, Daniel “Booby” Gibson, look cute on the cover of this tattoo magazine?


Loyal reader Mz. Kim emailed me to explain why Keyshia was so upset this morning. She writes: “In regard to why Keyshia is upset with Mediatakeout. [They] posted some nude pictures from a text message and said that it was her.”

Okay, now I remember reading something about nude pics on Twitter yesterday. But me knowing Keyshia, and knowing she doesn’t get down like that, I totally dismissed the rumors without even seeing the pics. Why couldn’t she ignore the rumors also?

A few years ago, some moron manufactured a fake rumor about Beyonce taking out a restraining order against me. The rumor still persists today. But I couldn’t care less. In fact, I joke about the phantom restraining order, because anyone who knows me knows that there is no restraining order. Why couldn’t Keyshia just joke about the pics and defuse the situation by taking away their ammunition? I’m just asking.


Celebs Out & About: Kanye West, Suri Cruise, Meagan Good

Precocious Hollywood tot Suri Cruise was spotted gettting coffee with her nanny while in town with dad, Tom Cruise, who is filming “Mission Impossible 4″ in Vancouver, Canada. There’s a growing debate over whether small children should be allowed to drink coffee. This isn’t the first time the child has been photographed with coffee. They say 4-year-old Suri makes regular trips to the coffee shop with her nanny for her morning cup of joe. Some moms don’t see a problem with that. But doesn’t coffee contain high levels of caffeine, and isn’t caffeine addictive? Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes don’t want their daughter to go through caffeine withdrawals?

Kanye West was spotted sitting courtside at the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game in Chicago, Illinois yesterday. The Bulls stunned the Heat in a 93-89 upset win. On Wednesday, Kanye stirred up a bit of controversy with his anti-abortion tweet about gold diggers and the hapless ballers who fall victim to them. Most of us yawned, but of course the media took the bait and ran with it. Photo: Kamil Krzaczynski/

Lipstick lesbian Meagan Good, 29, smiled for the cameras during a night out with her girl Lil B in Los Angeles last night. Lil B was camera shy. But Good, who is never camera shy, obviously didn’t realize she had Lil B’s lipstick on her right cheek.



‘Two and a Half Men’ Shut Down; Charlie Sheen Rages

Charlie Sheen’s $2 million paydays are over — at least for the time being.

Yesterday, CBS announced it’s decision to shut down production of the wildly popular TV sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men‘. The shut down will severely impact the wallets of the production crew who haven’t received a paycheck in weeks due to Sheen’s erratic behavior and attention-seeking antics in public.

The news reached Sheen while he was vacationing in the Bahamas with his girlfriend and others. Sheen has held up production of the show for weeks, angering the cast and crew. This is what happens when Hollywood elevates unstable narcissists to god-like status.

Charlie Sheen is not taking the news of Warner Bros. and CBS’s decision to suspend production of ‘Two and a Half Men’ too well.

In a message to, Sheen called the decision “crazy” and “sad” and said that he was moving to HBO to do his own half-hour show titled ‘Sheen’s Corner.’ The deal would reportedly get him $5 million for an episode.

Sheen is already the highest paid actor on TV earning $2 million for each episode of ‘Two and a Half Men.’

Sheen reportedly said, “I’m close to securing a deal with HBO for a 10 show guarantee. It will be epic, all types of guests, and we will focus on the truth and the absurd!” Radar notes that HBO could not be contacted for comment.

Radar is also reporting that Sheen accepted a challenge to prove that he is clean and sober by agreeing to undergo a drug test on Monday. Sheen said, “I’m so confident where I am at and that these faceless names can’t touch me … I know that I will pass the test and prove my detractors wrong.”


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