You knew it had to happen sooner than later: drag queens, cross dressers and transvestites have gone mainstream and are now poised to dominate high fashion runways.

Bosnian model Andrej Pejic, and now Lea T (pictured above) are causing a frenzy in the world of high fashion. Natural born female supermodels are glancing nervously over their bony shoulders at their male counterparts whose flawless gender bending looks and statuesque physiques have made them famous.

From Splash News Online:

This is Lea T, born Leandro Cerezo, the world's first transgender supermodel as she hits the catwalk in her first ever fashion show in Sao Paulo Fashion Week on January 29th. The Brazilian was the star of local designer Alexandre Herchcovitz' show and was the last one on the runway. She was watched by her dad, Brazilian soccer player Toninho Cerezo, as she returned to the country for the first time since becoming famous - having said she left to live in Italy partly because of discrimination. There had also been reports her family was struggling to accept her new life, which she has denied. It came on the back of a whirlwind of publicity that propelled her into sudden stardom, after appearing in a ground-breaking Givenchy advert and a magazine cover in which she kisses Kate Moss. She returned as a star and lead to a media and fan frenzy at the SPFW venue.

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Musicians Monica, Nelly and tennis superstar Serena Williams were among the many celebs to walk the green carpet at the 1st Annual Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards at Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, CA yesterday.

At 36, rapper Nelly is too old to keep dressing like a school boy. When will our men grow up and assume their positions in the community as mature role models to our youth? Well, at least his pants aren't sagging.

Singer/songwriter Ne-Yo was spotted leaving his NY hotel yesterday looking grown man fresh in a lambskin biker jacket with shearling collar.

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It looks like perennial beard Amber Rose got herself another sucker. And her ex, Kanye West, is somewhere dying laughing.

This story is in the current issue of FADER Magazine, on newsstands now:

For FADER Issue #72 we traveled to Los Angeles and spent the better part of a week with Wiz Khalifa. After, we emerged from a cloud of one-billion joints with a story about what it means to become famous now, and a lot of incredible images. Relatively new FADER photographer Ross Mantle shot Wiz in the center of a music video shoot and documented some of the first days of his relationship with Amber Rose. Mantle said, “He’s pretty down to earth. I don’t know if he’s going to get a head about him later on, but he has a bit of a young ego. I think to be in the position he’s in you have to have something like that to begin with.” More about Mantle’s experience, the rest of his photos and our cover feature on Wiz are featured alongside a feature on James Blake and interviews with Lex Luger, Niki and the Dove and Porcelain Raft in FADER #72. Available on traditional and digital newsstands, March 8th! See one more photo of the couple, and a cryptic statement Kanye West tweeted over the weekend that may be aimed at Amber, his ex-flame.

photos: Ross Mantle/FADER

Multimedia personality La La Vasquez, 31, was spotted out & about shopping with her mother in Beverly Hills yesterday. Lala's husband, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, was acquired by the NY Knicks yesterday in a deal that cost the Knicks almost half their roster. The deal also involved The Minnesota Timberwolves for a reason that is not clear to me even after I read the explanation.

Lala should be happy because her spending habits were reportedly causing some tension in her household. But Lala is now infused with $65 million more to spend on frivolous items such as $24,000 Hermes bags and $2,500 Christian Louboutins shoes. And the Knicks now have a marquee player (in addition to Stoudemire) who is known more for his celebrity status than he is for winning championship rings. I hope the Knicks get their money's worth.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO and Reuters Photos

Pseudo-singer Ciara, 25, was spotted leaving her doctor's office in Beverly Hills yesterday. This makes the third time we've seen CiCi leaving a medical office. I'm not one to start rumors, but is she sick?

Actress Vivica A. Fox, 46, and her fiance Slimm, 27, of Plush Blue Entertainment, were spotted out & about in Miami on Saturday night. The couple decided to skip the hectic events surrounding the NBA All Star game (and the thirsty groupies) in Los Angeles.

Rapper Common, 38, real name, Lonnie Rachid Lynn, was spotted out & about with his daughter Omoye Assata Lynn, 14, in Los Angeles yesterday. That little girl looks like a fully grown woman! I hope Common is ready to start changing diapers real soon. Common, who is known for his intelligent raps, is a model for GAP as well as a spokesman for Diesel's men's fragrance and Blackberry cellular phone company.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

It turns out that Shaquille O'Neal's ex-baby mama, Shaunie O'Neal, is just as low down and dirty as Shaq said she was before she ran off with all his money and a much younger man. It's amazing that Shaq had 4 kids with this woman before he realized how ambitious and messy she was. But I digress.

According to Philly radio Queen Miss Jones, Shaunie met with Chad Ochocinco's 19-year-old baby mama Paige last week after hearing that Paige lawyered up and a paternity suit will be filed very soon in the near future.

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As you know, Miss Jones broke the story about Paige carrying Mr. Ochocinco's fifth baby. Of course denials abounded on Twitter, but Ochocinco, 33, has yet to formally deny the allegations himself. Besides that, Miss Jones has irrefutable proof that I can't share with you guys at this time for legal reasons.

But there's more to this sordid story.

According to Miss Jones, Shaunie, 35, offered Paige an undisclosed sum of cash to be quiet about Ochocinco running all up inside her raw while he was supposed to be planning his nuptials to "Basketball Wives" franchise star, Evelyn Lozada, 41.

But apparently, Shaunie's cash offer wasn't enough, so Paige politely declined. Good for her. If they really want to shut her up they'd better publicly acknowledge her seed. All a pregnant groupie wants is a little respect from her seed donor, who in this case is Chad Ochocinco.

It seems that Shaunie realizes her carefully constructed empire will crumble once the public finds out that Chad and Evelyn are not a real couple -- and that their real goal all along was to have several spin-off shows from "Basketball Wives" so they can all eat cake when it's not even their birthdays.

Though Evelyn and Chad's relationship is a complete sham, I don't doubt that Chad is tapping Evelyn's back every now and then while it's convenient -- and because Evelyn really does have a thing for him, but he's not feeling her like that. Something tells me this story will not end well for all parties involved.

Pop star Justin Bieber met up with rapper Jeezy, singer Lloyd and Def Jam exec Bu Thiam (Akon's brother) for a recording session at a studio in Los Angeles last night.

These pics must have been taken after Rihanna's ultra exclusive birthday party last night, because all of the people mentioned here (except for Justin) attended her birthday party. How do I know? More on that later.


Beyonce, 29, and Jay Z, 41, squashed all rumors that the two had split when they showed up together at the game yesterday. Although Jay Z and Bey admittedly don't spend as much time together as they used to, they are still a couple. But you knew that already if you read my blog on Saturday.

Jay Z turned up alone when he attended Rihanna's ultra private 23rd birthday party at her fabulous mansion in the rolling hills of Los Angeles last night. How do I know that? Because was the ONLY blog to gain access to the party! More on that later.

Speaking of Rihanna, she couldn't keep her hands off her personal assistant Melissa Forde last night. Rihanna performed at halftime with rappers Drake and Kanye West. Yes, Drake was at Rihanna's private birthday party last night at her crib. But they weren't all up on each other. I keep telling you kids they are not a couple. But no one listens to me.

Kobe Bryant's long suffering wife, Vanessa Bryant, sat at courtside with their daughters Natalia Bryant and Gianna Bryant. Kobe and the Western All Stars beat LeBron James and the East All Stars.

R&B legend Stevie Wonder (center) couldn't see the game, but he heard it better than anyone else in the building. That's director Spike Lee on the left, giving Stevie the lowdown on what was happening on the court.


NFL star and "Dancing with the Stars" alum Chad Ochocinco, 33, and his "fiancee" Evelyn Lozada, 41, of "Basketball Wives" are seen vacationing in Miami Beach, Florida where they drink wine and listen to music. Chad never fails to grab the spotlight whenever the paparazzi are around. Isn't he romantic?

This particular picture is certain to fuel the down low gay rumors that have plagued the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, even though he has 4 kids and one rumored to be on the way with a 19-year-old groupie. Chad and Evelyn skipped the flashing lights and glamour of the rainy NBA All-Star weekend in LA for a little fun and relaxation in Miami where everybody knows their names.


Of all the photos I've seen of the NBA All-Star festivities in Los Angeles, this photo sums it all up the most. NBA All-Star is more than just a showcase of the most talented NBA players. It's an overblown, overhyped, over-exaggerated spectacle of obscene proportions -- just like the women in this photo.

For decades, trannies and drag queens have chased a fantasy, an illusion of what they consider to be the ideal feminine form with their over-exaggerated, over-the-top feminine characteristics.

But now in a bizarre twist, biological females are chasing their illusion of the ideal tranny image by absurdly exaggerating their natural born figures with dangerous (and illegal) butt and breast injections.

It's a disturbing trend that is resulting in the deaths of many insecure black women.

In the past, a female had to be rich or well off to afford Brazilian butt lifts, a procedure performed by licensed doctors who inject the patient's own fat cells back into their bodies.

Then trannies started experimenting on each other in kitchens and hotel rooms, injecting each other with saline and industrial strength silicone to fill out their manly figures. It wasn't long before the trannies attracted the attention of exotic dancers seeking a cheap alternative to the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Unfortunately, the dancers (and other women) who seek out trannies for butt injections don't realize that they already possess the ideal feminine contours and physiques that trannies can only dream about.

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