I know I wrote that I would never mention Rihanna's name on this blog again, but that post was written during a moment of anger and frustration.

The reality is that Rihanna, 22, is one of the most popular singers in the world right now (behind only Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Ciara - in that order).

I would be remiss if I didn't at least acknowledge the fact that Rihanna's ungrateful tweets has brought more traffic to my blog over the last few days than any post I've ever written about her.

But this post is not about Rihanna and her unintended blessings, this post is about a victim of domestic abuse who made light of a serious situation because it no longer benefits her career to play the victim.

Now, after 2 years, Rihanna's attorney has asked a judge to modify Rihanna's restraining order against Brown.

Why didn't she lift the restraining order a year ago when Brown was struggling to rebuild his career?

I agree with Brown's Stans who said Rihanna was extremely selfish and manipulative. Rihanna never hesitated to drag Chris Brown's name across the coals when she was promoting her new album, LOUD. But now that LOUD has crossed the 3 million plateau in sales, Rihanna has a change of heart.

Brown's plaintive weeping at the 2010 BET Awards failed to soften her heart because Rihanna had an album to promote. She couldn't care less about him or his career.

The fact that Rihanna took to her Twitter page last week and tweeted that her fans didn't care about a restraining order, she missed the point entirely: some of her fans do care about a restraining order -- especially the ones who still suffer at the hands of their violent abusers.

By making light of a tool put in place to protect victims of domestic abuse, Rihanna empowers abusers and discourages other domestic abuse victims from seeking protection and speaking out about their hurt and pain.

Rihanna has done her fans a great disservice.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared Saturday that President Barack Obama's legislative agenda is "over."

If you recall, McConnell drew fire for his remarks following the midterm elections, by saying his No. 1 goal was to make Obama "a one-term president." McConell has since backtracked from that statement. He now says Republican lawmakers will work together with Obama and the Dems to do what they "think is right for America."

The Kentucky Republican criticized Obama for performing "Clintonian back flips" to portray himself as a moderate now that he's running for re-election. But McConnell said it's yet to be seen whether Obama's new tone is "rhetoric or reality."

But McConnell said that congressional Republicans - who took control of the House and increased their numbers in the Senate following last year's election - are "prepared to do business" with Obama.

"And to the extent that the president wants to do what we think is right for America, we won't say 'no' simply because there's an election coming along," said McConnell.

Rapper Eve was spotted looking like a million bucks backstage at the Rebecca Minkoff Show in the Lincoln Center, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC yesterday. Just the other day I asked a friend if he'd seen Eve around town. He answered, "She's somewhere spending some rich man's money." He may be right. Eve, 32, has managed to parlay her stripper mentality and feminine wiles into personal wealth beyond her wildest dreams.

She's still a private dancer -- dancing for money in mansions and on yachts in the Mediterranean. Eve gets mad respect for accomplishing what so many wannabe video vixens and former strippers are striving for: personal wealth and independence.

And she did it without getting breast implants or butt injections.

Photos: Splash News Online

Before you read any further, please click this link and save the article to your favorites so you can read it later.

The article was published in Atlanta magazine in 2009. It chronicles the sad story of a brilliant con artist named Darren Lumar who as a little boy aspired to live in one of those upscale mansions on Tuxedo Road in the wealthy Buckhead enclave of Atlanta.

Lumar eventually did make it to Tuxedo Road, where he lived in a fabulous $1.5 million pristine white mansion with his wife and two beautiful children. But the story doesn't end there.

The story of how he acquired that home, and how he eventually lost all his riches, his family, his mansion -- and his life -- will astound you.

Lumar was married to Dr. Yamma Brown, a pharmacist and the daughter of the late, leendary James Brown.

The well-written article goes into great detail about the abuse, the fights, the stabbing, and everything she endured at the hands of a raging narcissist.

Today, Yamma has found the strength and the insight to see that her father's many absences from home is what caused her emotionally dependency on men like Lumar.

In this video, she gossips about Chilli, Jada Pinkett and Sheree Whitfield ('Real Housewives of Atlanta'). But the real story is the struggles she went through to arrive at the woman she is today.

Here's that link again.

Source: Christ James

Actresses Syr Law and Vivica A. Fox, 46, attended the Candy Ice Pre-Grammy Affair For Breast Cancer event at the Supperclub in LA on Wednesday. I don't care what anybody says, Miss Vivi is HAWT. By the way, Syr Law emailed me this morning. Hers was one of the emails that I sent straight to the trash bin without reading it (I have to stop doing that). I immediately fished the email out of the trash once I saw her picture. You'll be seeing more of her on this blog.

Singer Neyo, 31, right, hung out with actress Michelle Rodriguez, 32, rapper Killa Mike, 31, aka Mike Bigga, and comedian Cedric the Entertainer, 46, at the Westwood One Radio Remote room yesterday in LA. Also attending the event were rapper Yung Berg, singer Mya, among others.

Singer Omarion, 26, attended the Bacardi presents The Black Eyed Peas Peapod Benefit at The Music Box in LA yesterday.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Singer Keri Hilson, 28, attended the Westwood One Radio Remote at The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center in LA yesterday. Doesn't she look HAWT?

Rapper Lil Mama, 21, gave the kids FEVER at a pre-GRAMMY event at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Hollywood yesterday. I hope she ignores all the people who call her names. They're just jealous of her success!

Pseudo-celeb Amber Rose, 27, attended the GRAMMY Style Studio a couple of days ago in LA. She had the 'net going nuts yesterday after she leaked nude cell phone pics of herself online.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Singer Ciara, 25, attended the Black Eyed Peas & Friends Peapod Benefit Concert at the Music Box Theatre in Hollywood, Ca yesterday. She wore a revealing frock that left very little to the imagination! I can't hate on CiCi: she is a gawjus girl.

Singer Chris Brown, 21, attended the RETNA: The Hallelujah World Tour art exhibition opening in NYC yesterday. Brown, who was described to me by an industry insider as "a wicked little boy," will perform at an event in NYC after being told he was not welcomed at the Grammys on Sunday.

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons, 23, also attended the event looking fabulous! Whoever she hired as her stylist is worth every penny her daddy is paying him.

Photos: Splash News

According to Rap-Up.com, burlesque singer Beyonce, 29, is set to headline England’s Glastonbury Festival this Summer.

If you recall, her husband Jay Z, 41, headlined the festival last year. Expect ticket prices to be higher this Summer than they were last year. After all, Beyonce has a bigger stage show than Jay Z, tens of stage hands, plus all her baggage that she carries (physical and mental).

“This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there," said Bey. "Everyone who attends is really appreciative of music and is in such a good mood that entire weekend,” said Beyoncé. “I’m pumped just thinking about that huge audience and soaking up their energy.”

Rappers Kanye West, 33, and Kid Cudi, 27, were among the celebs attending the GQ and CFDA Present The Best New Menswear Designers in America Fall 2011 Collections at Ace Hotel in New York City last night.

Music mogul Sean Combs, 41, looked casket sharp (as Fresh would say) at the 2nd Annual Black Women in Music event held at Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA last night.

BFFs Kim Kadashian, left, and LaLa Vazquez were spotted leaving a nail salon on the Upper West Side of NY before heading back to their hotel. Kim, 30, posted on her twitter page that she was "Spending the day in NYC with my BFF @LaLa". Meanwhile, LaLa, 31, held a meet & greet for 7 of her Twitter followers at the VIBE magazine offices in NY. That was nice of her. Photo: Daniel/INFphoto.com

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

Alicia Keys looked stylish and stunning as she braved the cold winds while shopping with a friend in NYC yesterday. Alicia wore a black, leather hard-to-find Hermès Birkin handbag ($21,000) as she shopped around NYC's Meatpacking district neighborhood.

Hermès are handmade and must be ordered at least 3 months in advance. Your handbag can sometimes take a year for delivery. If you can find a Hermès store (there used to be one at Lenox Mall), you won't find any Birkin handbags in the store.

Photos: Splash News Online

Who knew Greg Leakes had a grown son named Damien (or Damian)?

If you're like me, you don't care about this story, but the reality is that 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' continues to reel in big numbers for Bravo Network for some odd reason.

Listen as Greg and his son Damien, 34, butt heads during a heated interview on the Ryan Cameron Show on V-103 yesterday. Apparently, Greg took offense to Damien trying to make a name for himself by dragging his family's dirty secrets out of the closet.

It seems that Damien is feeling some kind of way about missing out on all the fame and riches that goes along with being a reality TV star in his head. But, according to Greg, the only reason he (Greg) and his younger sons were on RHOA was because they happened to be living in the house while the show was being filmed.

"You're going about it the wrong way," said Greg. "I had no control over that show whatsoever. I'm not a housewife."

Most RHOA viewers believe that the Greg and NeNe drama is scripted for TV, but Damien told RadarOnline that his father and stepmother are really considering going through with the divorce even though no papers have been filed.

Damien says NeNe owes Greg something like $300,000 that he loaned her for all that plastic surgery she had that hasn't improved her looks not one bit. But how can Greg give NeNe $300,000 when he couldn't afford to pay $6,000 back rent for that house they leased during the 1st season?

Thanks to Ryan Cameron Show's producer Tamika McConnaughey for sending this audio clip in!

It saddens and pains me to say that after all these years of supporting Rihanna unconditionally, the love affair is over. Henceforth, I will never again mention the name Rihanna on this blog.

When all other bloggers dissed Rihanna and called her "pon de forehead", among other insults, I still stood behind that bitch. I posted her music whether it was horrible or not. I supported her even when her singing was so off-key, that all the dogs in the neighborhood started howling right along with her. And this is how she repays me?

I can't go on...

R&B crooner Usher, 32, was spotted out and about shopping for a new pair of sunglasses with a female friend in West Hollywood today. When they spotted the paparazzi, Usher and the chick quickly ducked into a car and left together. Some blogs are saying the chick who was driving is his baby mama and ex-wife, Tameka Foster. I can't tell if she is Tameka or not. Tameka has had so many plastic surgeries done on her face. She almost looks like a new woman. What do you guys think?


It's February, so that means it's that time for New York to kick off the big Fashion Week extravaganzas that take place around the world twice a year. Traditionally, Fashion Week was held several months in advance of fashion collection debuts so the big fashion houses could preview their designs for boutique owners and department store buyers.

Over the years, the private showings were opened to the public and the events mushroomed into big splashy, overhyped spectacles where celebrities, VIPs and other wannabes jockey for position in the front rows.

Among those celebrities are actress Taraji P. Hensen, singer Ashanti, 30, who is famous for no reason at all these days, and her bestie Kelly Rowland, 29, who is a major superstar overseas, but not so much here in the states. But they both have good PR people, which is why we're blogging about them.

The ladies attended the sold out BCBG Max Azria show at the Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week today.

Don't you LOVE Ashanti's shoes? I'll wait for Allen over at UpscaleHype to tell us who makes them. Then I'll update the post.


Thanks to loyal readers Sonya (SoulofBeauty.com) and Tenitrus who found Ashanti's Massimo Dogana F U Shoes on TheCrusade.net and CoCoPerez.com! The shoes come complete with rhinestone tennis bracelet and manicured fingernail and are available as a boot or sandal. They retail for around $1,100.

Photos: Splash News Online

According to EOnline.com, Rihanna has had a change of heart.

She has agreed to approve chris brown's request to lift the restraining order barring him from making contact with her or approaching within 300 yards of her.

brown's attorneys filed an aplication with the courts asking a judge to lift the restraining order and amend it to a level one - citing his inability to attend awards shows.

While Rihanna has requested that the order be dropped to a level one—meaning that they can have contact as long as Brown doesn't annoy, molest or harass her—and Brown attorney Mark Geragos has been informed of her approval, Geragos still needs to go to court to have the order officially modified by a judge.

But according to an industry source, it's the Grammy people who don't want brown in attendance this Sunday for the reasons that were stated in this post.

Still, Rihanna's change of heart means the industry will lift its unofficial blacklist that was imposed on him after he beat Rihanna to a pulp prior to the Grammy Awards in 2009.

But will the fans have a change of heart and accept brown again? I highly doubt it. chris brown has not changed. He is still an immature little boy who feels entitled to do and say whatever he wants.

I agree with my source who says age is not an excuse for bad behavior -- especially at 21. "People are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan who are younger than him."

R&B Diva Whitney Houston was in rare form yesterday when she was spotted in Beverly Hills outside her doctor's office. Whitney, who was accompanied by her beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina, was asked if she would consider opening for New Edition on tour if they ever got back together.

Whitney, who obviously felt insulted, snapped "Isn't that a joke?!" as she climbed into her car.

But all jokes aside, doesn't Whitney look HAWT now that she's lost all that weight?

Thanks to FlashCity.com for the exclusive video!

Photos: Splash News

Video: FlashCity.com

This email was sent by a well-connected source within the industry who asked to remain anonymous:

By the way, I know the real reason why Fistopher Brown isn't going to the Grammys: the producers of the show and the Grammy committee told him that they did not want him there. They said he waited too damn long to try to get that restraining order lifted, he should have told them sooner so that they could have planned for their security, and that they did not appreciate him making a scene so close to the award show by asking for the restraining order so close to the show. They know well enough that the reason Rihanna did not make it to the show that year is because of him beating Rihanna.

According to my source, they never even expected him to have the nerve to show up, especially since they scheduled Rihanna to perform. They were furious when they found out that he was trying to flip the script and all of a sudden come. They didn't even have a SEAT for him. Also, they wouldn't have had Rihanna performing "Love the Way You Lie," - a song about domestic violence, with his ass in the audience.

They were not checking for the idea of having to deal with that PR, especially since Fistopher is really B-list and not an artist too many people are checking for. Let's face it, he ain't nobody's Michael Jackson, in spite of what he may think. The Grammy people did not want their show to turn into another VMA Kanye/Taylor Swift fiasco. I don't know what Brown's people were thinking, but this was the worst move ever.

Photo by Sandra Rose

A 20-year-old British student is dead after flying to Philadelphia with friends to undergo a "must-have" butt injection procedure.

In Hackney, East London, where Claudia Aderotimi was born, butt injections are illegal. They're illegal in the U.S. too, but authorities here have done nothing to stop the unlicensed, dangerous practice.

Claudia and her friends thought it would be a simple procedure. What could go wrong? The "clinic" was in the shadow of a big city hospital -- the same hospital where she was eventually pronounced dead.

But Claudia knew something went wrong hours after the operation when she felt horrible pains in her chest. She was rushed a block away to the hospital, where she died at 1.32 a.m. on Tuesday.

The "clinic" where Claudia and her friends went chasing their dreams was inside a seedy Philadelphia motel room. The unlicensed street technician is still being sought by police who are certain she didn't use sterile technique. They are also certain she didn't use medical grade hydrogel or silicone, which are difficult to obtain outside of a hospital setting without a doctor's order.

Claudia had aspirations of appearing in music videos, like her idols, the video vixens who advertise their talents on Twitter.com. Claudia thought that in order to qualify to appear in rap music videos today, she must have a butt as big as Nicki's or Esther Baxter's or Keyshia Dior's.

All Claudia wanted was a few injections to fill out the curves that she already had, she told friends. She thought the butt shots would make her famous, heartbroken pals say.

Like most young black women today, Claudia's self-worth and identity are defined by a big butt and breast implants. They don't know any better because their idols don't know any better. It's a vicious cycle.

Now that the eyes of the world are on the U.S., maybe Congress will take some action to put a stop to this hydrogel epidemic that is killing our beautiful black women and turning them into deformed walking mannequins.


This short film, directed by David Fincher, for Michael Jackson's dark single "Who Is It" is one of two video versions released in 1993 as part of a promotion for the single. This version never aired in the U.S.

The story goes that Michael wasn't happy with the finished product, because the video made him out to be 'normal' with emotions and everything. So he banned the video from airing in the U.S. A Michael Jackson impersonator played most of his parts because Michael was touring during the filming (that's the impersonator sleeping on the private jet).

The video is about a millionaire who learns his girlfriend leads a double life as a high-priced call girl. The directing is visceral and sensual. It has everything a Michael Jackson fan wants: excitement, beauty, intrigue, mystery, suspense and a little sex.

Apparently, anyone can be elected mayor of Dallas.

The uproar that ensued when people found out that Dallas' next mayor gave Mike Vick the key to the city, died down quickly when the city took the key back.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway presented Vick with the key to the city sometime last week prior to the Superbowl game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Caraway, who doesn't seem very smart, said he believed “a great majority” of the people of Dallas would have supported his decision, despite Vick’s conviction and jail time served for running a vicious dog fighting ring.

Caraway – who is poised to step in as Dallas mayor when Mayor Tom Leppert leaves office – did not say exactly where he was (“somewhere downtown” and “one of the clubs”) or exactly who was sponsoring the event where he handed Vick a key to the city. He said the event occurred around 5 p.m. with children in attendance.

“I gave it to him, sure I did. The wayward children that were there needed to have hope,” he told the media after realizing his error.

The current Mayor Tom Leppert was furious about the civic honor bestowed upon Vick without his permission or knowledge. In a tersely written statement, he said:

“The action taken was not sanctioned by my office and was not an official ceremonial honor on behalf of the City of Dallas. Official Keys to the City are presented by the Mayor, or an elected official designated by the Mayor, and reserved, on a limited basis, for an elected official of international status. Clearly, this was not the case in this situation and done without my knowledge or approval.” Source

As fate would have it, the same man who adopted Mel, one of Vick's canine victims, went to the ceremony to confront Vick and show him a picture of the dog.

But of course, the coward walked away.

Click the link below to watch the video of the confrontation

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...who the biological father of Usher's youngest son is? The boy is the spittin' image of his mother, Tameka Foster, but he looks nothing like Usher. I've been hearing rumors about who the real father might be, but I won't divulge that information at this time until it has been confirmed. Usher and his adorable sons, Usher Raymond V, 3, aka Cinco, and Naviyd Ely Raymond, 2, attended the LA premiere of 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' last night.

Photos: Splash News Online

A Florida teenager is in jail charged with burglarizing an air conditioning business.

When two deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office responded to a silent alarm at the Windswept Appliance and Air Conditioning in Marathon, they found an unlocked office with a light inside. There they found 19-year-old Keith White in front of a computer monitor, pulling his pants up.

According to the officers, White, who was in a state of arousal, had been watching porn on an office computer, which was still playing on the monitor. White was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft.

Teenagers who can't control their sexual impulses may have a problem with obsessive-compulsive behavior. It can be particularly problematic when teens masturbate in public during the commission of a felony or other risky, illegal behaviors.

It can be a bit hard to determine whether your teen is a sex addict unless they are open about it or caught in the act. There are some things parents can do to help prevent their children from becoming addicted to sex. For one, parents should speak with their children about sex, especially if they have questions about it at a young age. Many parents tend to ignore these questions and will heavily sugarcoat or block it out altogether. Instead, parents should answer these questions during childhood, just as they would other questions children have about life.

If your teen compulsively acts on their sexual desires and continues to do it and won’t stop, there is a high chance that he or she could be addicted to sex. It is important that you seek help for your teenager as soon as possible to prevent him or her from getting worse. Sex addiction is known to cause lots of problems in the lives of sex addicts, including problems with relationships, families and friends. Financial problems and mental or emotional problems can also develop. Get help for your teen today with teen sex addiction treatment. Source

More Info On the Web

Teen Sex Addiction - Sex Addiction Rehab

Advice for Parents of Teen Porn Addicts - Focus On the Family

So you thought 'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams was too weak and insecure to leave her hunky husband, Eric Williams? Well, she fooled you all.

According to online reports, Williams plans to file for a divorce from the former NBA player very soon just in time for the 'Basketball Wives' Reunion show.

"I plan on filing for divorce in the next couple of weeks," Jennifer told Life & Style magazine. "It's a new year, and I just want to put this behind me."

Reportedly, Jennifer, 30, and Eric, 38, who met in 2000 and wed in 2007, split back in December, due to Eric's admitted infidelities.

"I really wanted it to work and believed he would change," Jennifer explained. "This whole lifestyle is dysfunctional; it's not a typical marriage. The bad just started to outweigh the good."

Good for her for taking that first step toward reclaiming her identity, self-respect and independence!


Nancy Grace, the 'Swift Justice' host, and in-your-grill prosecutor, tells Popeater's Rob Shuter that she knows why Lindsay Lohan isn't in jail for habitual shoplifting.

Grace said what we already know: that there is a different justice system for wealthy, privileged Caucasians, and overindulged celebrities:

"I believe celebrities get into so much trouble because they think the rules don't apply to them," Nancy said. "I think it becomes instinct that they can do, say whatever they want, and there's no repercussions."

The troubled 24-year-old actress is facing felony grand theft charges for allegedly swiping a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store last month.

"She's on video! She goes in the store without the necklace. She comes out with the necklace," said an infuriated Grace.

Grace said the reason Lohan wasn't immediately "thrown down on the asphalt" and arrested was due to her race and celebrity status.

"Let's just say you send a black girl into that same jewelry story, or an uneducated person or a poor person, they come away with a $2,500 necklace, honey, they would be thrown down on the asphalt and dragged by their feet back into the store and prosecuted!"

Watch the video of Nancy Grace's interview after the break!

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Halle Berry managed a slight smile for the paparazzi when she arrived for a lunch date with friends at Pane e Vino Trattoria in West Hollywood yesterday. Berry, 44, is in the midst of an ugly custody dispute with her ex, Gabriel Aubry (not pictured) over their daughter, Nahla, which has now turned race specific. Photo by: The Media Circuit/INFphoto.com

Eddie Murphy's ex, Nicole Murphy, 43, was spotted arriving for lunch with a friend at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood, California yesterday. Photo by: The Media Circuit/INFphoto.com


Was struggling R&B singer Ciara dropped from Jive Records? We don't know for sure. The rumors that Ciara was dropped from the label ran rampant on the Internet yesterday. Sandrarose.com was able to trace the source of the rumor to a foreign wire news service report that was translated into English.

According to the report, Ciara's next single off her Basic Instinct CD, "Turn It Up", was removed from the March 8 release schedule, which seemed to give life to rumors that she was done at Jive. The report went on to say that the "Goodies" singer is believed to be negotiating a new record deal with Interscope Records.

But a well-connected source who I spoke with last night could only say that he thinks Ciara was dropped from the label. He couldn't say with 100% certainty that Jive showed her the door, or confirm the rumor that she may be going over to Interscope.

Ciara's statements to Gerrick Kennedy of the Los Angeles Times reportedly angered Jive label execs, particularly when she said she wasn't bothered by Basic Instinct's poor album sales, but she saw the future and money in touring.

But record labels view success in the number of albums sold, not tours sold. And putting together a successful tour relies on corporate sponsorship, which give weight to albums sales.

Space travel has become so commonplace, that the media barely mentions a scheduled space shuttle takeoff in the news any more.

Last week, NASA announced that Mark Kelly -- a veteran of 3 space flights -- would be piloting the space shuttle Endeavour on its final flight into outer space.

Immediately after NASA's announcement, the questions began: why was Kelly leaving his wife, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who is in rehab recovering from a head shot, to fly into outer space for two weeks?

Kelly, who was in Houston on Jan. 8 when Giffords was shot, rushed to Tucson, Arizona to be by her side. It wasn't long before he was in front of the cameras giving daily updates on Giffords' condition.

Most husbands would have taken a leave of absence from their jobs to care for their wives. But a narcissist puts his needs above all others. It is more important for Mr. Kelly to pilot the final space mission for the shuttle program, than it is to remain by his wife's side and allow another pilot to get the glory.

As the whispers grew louder, Kelly defended his selfish action, saying that his wife would be "very comfortable" with his decision to fly off into space for two weeks.

He avoided reporters questions about her condition or how he knows she would be comfortable with his choice.

"I know her very well and she would be very comfortable with the decision that I made," Kelly said tersely.

"The longest amount of time we've spent together is probably a couple of weeks at a stretch," Kelly told the NY Times when the couple wed in 2007. It should be noted that Kelly was still married to his first wife when he met the congresswoman in 2003. He eventually divorced his wife to marry Giffords.

Kelly predicted that Giffords, 40, will be at Cape Canaveral, Fla., on April 19 for shuttle Endeavour's liftoff.

"I have every intention that she'll be there for the launch. I've talked to her doctors about that," he said confidently.

Between now and then, Kelly, 46, will be kept busy working long hours in preparation for the space flight. There will be limited time to spend with his wife, who can breathe on her own although she still has a breathing tube down her throat.

Doctors plan to plug Giffords' breathing tube so she can speak. But probably not before Kelly joins the other astronauts in quarantine a week before the launch.

Nene Leakes of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' and Isaiah Mustafa (of Old Spice deodorant fame) were guests on the Wendy Williams Show today in NYC. NeNe was there to promote the 'Housewives' reunion show, which airs this coming Sunday (Feb. 13). NeNe is wearing the taller version of those Burberry Prorsum shearling boots that Janet Jackson loves.  Photos by: Roger Wong/INF PHOTO

NY Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and industry carousel actress Cameron Diaz couldn't take their eyes off each other as they strolled arm-in-arm in NYC today. Diaz, 38, has dated Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon and Jared Leto in the past. She started dating A-Rod, 35, in July of last year.


Mariah's hubby Nick Cannon was one of the unlucky travelers to be detained and strip searched prior to boarding his plane at LAX airport in Los Angeles yesterday. Cannon, who must have looked suspicious to homeland security personnel, was forced to strip down to his underwear as he went through a vigorous security screening at American Airlines. He showed off his boxer shorts which had lucky horseshoes and four leaf clovers on them. Cannon was allowed to board his flight once it was determined that he had no bombs or bomb making material hidden in his underwear. Nick, 30, and wife Mariah, 41, are currently expecting twins.

Max Page is the six-year-old who played the "Darth Vader Kid" in the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad that everyone is still talking about. He was spotted out and about in Manhattan, NYC with his mom today. I still don't see the big deal with that commercial. Am I the only one who missed the entire point of the commercial?

Photos: Splash News Online

Halle Berry covers the March 2011 issue of EBONY magazine. Inside, she discusses the ongoing public custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry over their daughter Nahla, 2.

Regarding Aubry's orders not to call his daughter black, Halle says, "I feel she's Black. I'm Black and I'm her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory."

The archaic one-drop rule refers to the racist law passed in the 1920s to describe someone who isn't 100% Caucasian.

Halle is wrong, of course. Her argument is based on an archaic law that is not even valid and no longer in use in today's society. I'm embarrassed for her.

Anything that is mixed is no longer original. Anything that is put together to make a whole is still a sum of its parts. I'm not agreeing with Aubry, because he is misguided too. What is wrong with just accepting the fact that their child is biracial: a combination of their races?

Halle recently sat down with EBONY's Editor-in-Chief Amy DuBois Barnett in Chicago to touch on her recent Golden Globe nomination, motherhood, marriage and what motivates her to continually challenge herself in every aspect of her life.

"Being a mother is probably the most important thing in my life right now. Career is important, but nothing really supersedes my roles as a mother. That's the most important thing I'm going to do in this life at this point," she said.