Rapper Bow Wow, 23, hosted "Thursday Nights" at Gold Room last night (promoted by Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment and Slimm of Plush Blue Ent.) When it comes to the ladies, Bow Wow enjoys a smörgåsbord of tasty filets. The Columbus native spent most of the night in the VIP surrounded by a bevy of LSLH honeys (the only type that he prefers). When a Twitter follower asked him when he would settle down with just one wifey, he responded: "Wheneva i can find a "Real" woman"

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

The Queen Bee Lil Kim called into the Ryan Cameron Show yesterday to clear up allegations that she lied about selling 113K copies of her new mixtape, Black Friday, on PayPal.

Ryan said he called PayPal and they confirmed that a seller can have as many transactions as they want. The maximum amount of a single transaction on PayPal is $10,000.

"The haters are always going to be there and we need them, ya na ah mean?", said Kim.

Kim said Black Friday is a diss record toward rapper Nicki Minaj and Cash Money Records CEO Bryan "Baby" Williams.

Kim said she didn't even consider picking up the phone to call Nicki Minaj's people to find out why she was disrespecting her. "At the end of the day, it was too far gone for alla dat," she said.

Kim also expressed disappointment in music moguls Sean "Puffy" Combs and Baby, who she said were both "part of the problem."

"Me knowing Puffy and being with Puffy for so long... if this was back in the day, he would never let any of those records go out."

Proud mommy Monica Brown posted this adorable pic of her son Lil Rocko, 5, on her Twitter page a few weeks ago. She tweeted: "I'm So proud of my son Rocko, being crowned for excellence in academics & excelling *tears of joy*" Daddy is rapper Rocko Da Don.

Proud mommy, singer Keyshia Cole tweeted these cute pics of her son DJ, 1, and her fiance, NBA star Daniel "Booby" Gibson. She tweeted: "I love my son a my family so much. Protect your families ladies. And gentlemen let nothing come in-between your families happiness. Love ya"

Proud mommy LaShon Dixon showed off her two handsome sons by rapper T.I., Messiah, 11, and Domani, who will be 10 next month. She tweeted this about her scholar Messiah: "He's almost taller than me lol. No sports he's a reader and video gamer. He's almost on 7th grade reading level!"

Remember that sexy Morning Wood I posted on Monday featuring Lady Gaga's man servant carrying her egg at the Grammys?

Well, his name is Manwe Sauls-Addison and he has a Twitter page.

Manwe is a model, choreographer and modern dancer who resides in the U.S. But he's well-known over in Europe.

Follow him at @manwe4u.

It's a shame that almost all of you assumed the man was gay. He didn't seem gay to me. Normally, I would get a vibe from gay gays -- even the undercover ones. But I got nothing from him.

Why do we insist on labeling black men as gay simply because they're unavailable to us, or they're sexy beyond belief?

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Grammy Award winning Soul legend Aretha Franklin is planning a triumphant return to the stage in May, according to Billboard.com.

The singer, who underwent gastric bypass surgery (according to inside sources) in early December, will play her first concert since the surgery on May 28 at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Buffalo, N.Y.

Though she's feeling better than she has in years, Ms. Franklin, 68, steadfastly refuses to admit she had gastric bypass surgery done. She's not alone; many celebrities have undergone the procedure and then lied about it, saying they lost the weight through diet and exercise.

It's too bad that celebrities won't use their high profile access to the public to talk about the health benefits of gastric bypass surgery. What it is about human nature that makes us deny self-improvement procedures as if these procedures are somehow taboo?

Since her surgery, Aretha has focused on her diet, which she changed drastically per doctor's orders. She is noticeably slimmer but she won't say how much weight she lost.

Instead, Ms. Franklin talks about maintaining the weight she's at now. "I want to not only maintain the weight I am at now, but better it, by one dress size," the Queen of Soul said Wednesday in a phone interview with The Associated Press.

Ms. Franklin cancelled concert plans last year prior to her surgery due to an undisclosed illness. But sources say Franklin was feeling fatigued and short of breath due to the heavy physical demands placed on her by her concert performances.

"Her doctor told her to lose the weight or she might die," said my source who works for the singer's record label.

Aretha is sticking to a strict low fat, low cholesterol, low salt diet, but she said it will be tough to avoid eating her post-high fat, high calorie snacks, such as chitterlings, pigs' feet and ham hocks.

"They're off my diet. They just really don't fit with Whole Foods," she said. "I had it for enough years that I don't miss it. You can't continue to eat things that are not good for you."

"When you come off (a high-energy concert), a carrot or some celery just isn't going to work. I've gotta do a fresh fruit thing ... and come up with some tasty and satisfying recipes that are going to work for me after concerts."

Actor Columbus Short, star of the films You Got Served and Stomp the Yard, was spotted leaving the Entertainment Basketball League game on Sunday (Feb. 13). The 28-year-old sported a beer belly and a receding hairline. Remember when he was so fine back when he was a dancer for Britney Spears? Short's next movie role will be in the action comedy, The Wannabes, in which he plays a villain.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty

Rapper Lil Wayne, 28, inadvertently outed his friend Chris Brown, 21, when he implied what many in the gay community have been thinking all along: that Brown is gay.

Knowing how quick the gay community is to claim a male celebrity as one of their own, I personally don't believe Brown is gay.

Lil Wayne's slip of the tongue occurred during a live Ustream session last night from the set of Brown's futuristic new video for his single “Look at Me Now", featuring Weezy and Busta Rhymes, who also collaborated on the track.

“It’s a crazy video right now we shooting. Chris got a billion people dancing. He got these crazy contacts in. I would’ve put them in too, but I’m straight.”

What do you think? Did Weezy slip up and call Chris Brown gay by referring to himself as "straight" - as in heterosexual?

Images: Rap-Up

Pop superstar Justin Bieber usually has a team of adults around him to remind him to stop talking in case he says the wrong thing (which is often, I hear).

But his handlers weren't with him when Rolling Stone magazine contributing editor Vanessa Grigoriadis rode around Atlanta in Bieber's Range Rover recently. Grigoriadis was in town to interview Bieber for a cover story, and the impish 16-year-old said exactly what was on his mind, whether it was politically correct or not.

On becoming an American citizen, the Canadian native who makes Atlanta his second home, said: “You guys are evil. Canada’s the best country in the world.”

Bieber also compared America's healthcare system to the free healthcare in Canada:

“We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills. My [American] bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby’s premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home.”

But it's what Bieber said about abortion that has him in hot water with pro-abortion groups, particularly when he implied that rape "happens for a reason."

"I really don't believe in abortion," the teen idol said. "It's like killing a baby?" When asked if he was still adamantly pro-life in cases of rape, his stance didn't really change. "Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason," he said. "I don't know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that."

This seemingly innocent opinion led to many headlines and jeers at Bieber's expense, ridiculing him for implying something as traumatic as rape "happens for a reason." But Grigoriadis, the interviewer, has a different opinion of what Bieber was trying to convey. "I think he meant that God has a plan," she told PopEater. "Even for the most die-hard Christian, it's hard to justify rape as part of God's plan, and harder to justify rape that leads to pregnancy and abortion. I think he was wrestling with that in his answer, which I found to be solid and logical. I think it is being widely misunderstood. He did not say that rape was part of God's plan."

Here's a better picture of pop superstar Lady Gaga's horns and monster claw. She was spotted entering the NY studio where ABC's "Good Morning America" is taped. I'm convinced that something is wrong with her. The line between reality and fiction blurs easily for celebrities who already have mental issues before they hit the big time. Lady Gaga doesn't hide her growing interest in the occult and satanism. The 24-year-old often infuses occult symbols into her fashions, songs and music videos. The sad part is she's influencing an entire generation of youth -- some of whom are already troubled and mentally disturbed.

Photos: Splash News Online

The world's biggest pop star Lady Gaga, 24, forgot to wash the Grammy Awards makeup off her face. She was spotted wearing devil's horns and horny cheekbones when she left a recording studio in NYC last night. Is she even concerned about the devil worshipping message she's sending out to her young fans? Weird. The singer's latest single "Born This Way" is her 3rd #1 single, breaking numerous digital sales and radio chart records. Gaga was criticized for the song's similarity to Madonna's "Express Yourself". But as Gaga said, if Madonna doesn't care then why should you?

Ashanti wore a stunning cobalt blue dress to the Marchesa Fall 2011 presentation in NYC yesterday where she's attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week events.

Actor Djimon Hounson, 46, was spotted out & about earlier this week in Beverly Hills, CA. His wife, reality personality Kimora Lee, 35, was with him. Hounsou and his wife have a son together.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

Singer Keri Hilson, 28, was a vision of beauty at the Jeremy Scott showing at the Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week in New York City yesterday. Both Keri and Kanye (below) rocked designer sunglasses throughout the showing where they sat front row with actress Vanessa Hudgens (not pictured).

Kanye West, 33, attended the sold out Jeremy Scott showing at the Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week in New York City yesterday. Photo: Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com


According to TMZ.com, troubled NFL quarterback Mike Vick canceled his sit down interview with Oprah Winfrey today. It was to be his first major interview since being released from prison where he served 18 months on dog fighting and animal cruelty charges.

Oprah had won the bet she wagered with CNN host Piers Morgan about who would land the interview with Vick first.

There is no word on why he bailed out of the interview with Oprah. But we can only speculate that Oprah was going to grill him about the dog fighting. Or maybe she planned to bring out the kindhearted people who adopted Vick's surviving victims.

What else would they have to talk about for a whole hour?

According to TMZ.com, a judge has ruled in favor of Halle Berry, 44, taking 2-year-old daughter Nahla to New York where she is filming a movie. The judge disagreed with Gabriel Aubry's argument that Halle's work was prohibiting him from co-parenting their child.

As a result, Aubry, 34, withdrew his custody petition in court today, but he is moving forward with his request for child support from Halle. Men can be Gold diggers too:

Sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel was trying to block Halle from going to NYC to shoot "New Year's Eve" -- the movie from which she withdrew in order to deal with her custody issues over Nahla.

After hearing arguments this morning from both sides -- as Halle looked on -- the judge gave her the green light to travel to New York with her kid. We've learned she won't take back the role that was given to Katherine Heigl, but she'll play another character in the movie.

Halle's lawyer, Neal Hersh, tells TMZ, "We are pleased the judge took the time to deal with this very imminent and important issue. The judge read a great deal of paperwork and gave us time to argue."

Hersh added, "Halle is very pleased with the judge's order."

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, 26, looks like he was dressed by his gay stylist for the catwalk. I realize Cristiano is not gay (or so he says), but this look is gay. Hopefully, your man doesn't dress like this. Tight pants and brand logos all over everything? Um, no. Being a male Brand Diva is not cute or classy.

Ronaldo was spotted outside the "Late Show with David Letterman" studio wearing pieces from his favorite luxury brand, Gucci. He had on a Gucci Vintage Bomber Brown Leather Jacket ($3,775), a Gucci interlocking G buckle belt ($295) and pair of Gucci high-top sneakers ($670) that have interlocking G detail, leather and crocodile trim.


Atlantic Records is at the forefront of changes in the music industry from violent, misogynistic rap to real Hip Hop and dance-oriented music. The record label has assembled a winning roster of risk-taking artists that they believe will change the game.

Black History Month honors those individuals who took risks and by doing so, changed the course of history. Following that same tradition, Atlantic Records salutes Black History Month, year round with artists whose musical passion will forever leave an imprint in Black History. That being said, we proudly present B.o.B, Janelle Monae, Lupe Fiasco and Estelle... The Game Changers.

Hosted by Danyel Smith, Editor-in-Chief for Billboard magazine.

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