In Case You Missed It: Beyonce: Year of 4

Beyoncé’s much-anticipated behind-the-scenes documentary premiered on VH1, MTV, BET, and Centric last night.

Considering that her album sales failed to meet or surpass expectations, wouldn’t it have made more sense to premiere this documentary before her album dropped?

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  1. 1
    Hard Hitter says:

    Probably so
    …She’s on GMA putting in work

  2. 2
    Crickett says:

    Whatever it is- she still has it. If it doesn’t sell- she will go back to work until she gets it right. She’s in a class of her own- I think she’s outdone Janet, Janet didn’t always have a hit and Madonna had some duds too.

  3. 3
    Queen_City Gem says:

    wouldn’t it have made more sense to premiere this documentary before her album dropped?

    I was thinkin the same thing.

    I am SO not a beyonce fan BUT in her defense (which damn show don’t happen often) every artist is entitled to at least one F on the report card… :shrug:

  4. 4
    annabraa says: she actually showing some personality now? :coffee:

  5. 5
    Hard Hitter says:

    All she gotta do is throw on a leotard, make a new boot-E dance and it’s a wrap…platinum status…add that to the fact that she has unsurpassed talent to sing, dance and entertain …Neo just needs to write her another hit (one of his reflections about some dude doing him wrong again)

  6. 6

    I watched it! It was nice. She is a humble and driven young lady. She said it best. It’s her first time running her OWN show, she will get better and better each time.

    She’s a force to reckon with!!! “I run my world”

  7. 7
    mexidorean says:

    Good Morning y’all it’s Friday :yahoo:

  8. 8

    LMAO @ Hard Hitter’s Neyo comment

  9. 9
    yvonne79 says:

    I enjoyed the video…….

  10. 10
    Hard Hitter says:

    Off topic – lol at a weatherman wearing a red, big-striped blazer (ala americian flag). Looking like he should be on the streets walking on stiltz (sic)

  11. 11
    ValerieB1 says:

    I am not a BEYAKI fan at all but I watched the premiere and really enjoyed it. She made me cry after the africans left the dance set, becuase she really showed emotion.

  12. 12
    sexyphillygirl says:

    I watched the video and I enjoyed it, say what you want but that girl stay grinding, I like to see her behind the scenes normal life and I think her and Jay make a cute couple. I love countdown I may buy her album.

  13. 13
    sexyphillygirl says:

    When the african dancers asked Beyonce what her name was I bust out laughing cuz they truly had no idea who she was lol.

  14. 14
    Smonae80 says:

    I liked the video, & love the album,, one thing Beyonce is not & that’s lazy, her work ethic is crazy.

  15. 15
    Eb says:

    It was nice. For the past 10 years beys been answering the same 10 questions. This showed she’s not a robot

  16. 16
    sexyphillygirl says:

    I agree I laughed when she said if I dont sleep nobody sleeps I was like I know thats right Queen B lmao

  17. 17
    flsun99 says:

    All artist have a few albums that don’t do well but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she is a great performer. I’ve seen that girl in concert….she is a BEAST! I like her new CD far much better than her last. I think she is growing and she is wanting to do what the hail she wants to do. As long as she is happy with it, then her work has been done. Believe this…when she goes on tour, ALL her shows will be SOLD OUT!

  18. 18
    Hard Hitter says:

    Watch her perform – hands down the best that’s doing it
    Exudes $exiness. Staring at her face, she is so “niiiicccceee”.
    I know folks wanna hate but “I’m sorry….what yall want me to do?” (in my Jay-Z voice)

  19. 19

    Who said the album was going to be a flop? Based on what? An opinion of a blogger? Do we really believe everything a blog moderator post?

    Her album seems to be doing quite well overall!

  20. 20
    Trucie says:

    She don’t know much about “algebuh” but she knows 1+1=2. and that’s okay :think:

  21. 21
    sexyphillygirl says:

    I think countdown got me hooked on this album maybe cuz I love Boys 2 Men….215 all day!!

  22. 22
    prynsexxx says:

    Sandy you giving her MORE press than Kelly ever did/is doing! Are you on Mathew’s payroll?

  23. 23
    Fayla says:

    This was actually a good made me like her just a pinch as a person. This woman is driven like a mf & I really respect her work ethic. I believe this is what sets her apart from most artists..

  24. 24
    iscream says:


    Thank you Sandra bc I missed it.. Was at R Kelly concert (BTW he ripped it!!!!) One of the best concerts I’ve been to. Non stop hits and he did them all including remix’s.

    I am looking fwd to seeing this… #teamBey

  25. 25
    Lola Falona says:

    Beyonce’ is BAD!! The girl works hard, she’s a hustler. No artist in the game right now can compare. This is a nice video, probably one of the best I’ve seen of her. There is no doubt that her album will be successful despite people praying for her downfall.

    *singing* “Who runs the world? :whistle:

    #teamBEY :cheer1:

  26. 26
    iscream says:



  27. 27
    MediaExec says:

    This is my first post here and I hope I don’t go on too long but I have particular insight on this issue. Thanks you for opening up registration Sandra. I’m looking for to contributing to the conversations here.

    I don’t understand the misinformation being spread. This album hasn’t been a failure by a long shot and for Beyonce it was absolutely what she needed to do.

    She has moved beyond being an American pop star and is doing everything she can do to create an international audience. She is well on her way to securing a lasting fan base around the globe the way Tina Turner did.

    Here’s what I mean…

    “4” went triple-platinum in Brazil on its first day of sale. (See: Billboard)

    That is the fastest growing and largest market on the planet for Beyonce, as well as one of the top 5 economies in the world that is projected to be in the top 3 by the end of the decade she is the biggest non-Portuguese speaking import on two legs since Tina Turner and approaching even Michael Jackson.

    When you wake up one day and you realize you’re in Rio performing in front of 120,000 people in an outdoor stadium, the next you’re playing to 100,000 Glastonbury kids from all over the globe who are there for the next Coldplay, the requests from desperate mid-level major label brass to re-record and imitate another “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” for the Z100 and Hot97 listeners somehow pales in comparison.

    So, remind me again WHY would Beyonce privately care about what anyone has to say on this issue?

    She is doing something few artists at her level ever get to do. She’s making a SHIFT. And it is working by all accounts.

    The industry always pushes against an artist being quirky. We like keeping them consistent and predictable. It works for us on the management side but it isn’t what they like doing and it certainly isn’t something they should do. They have to remind us who the boss is sometimes. They are.

    Finally, you can see the full story on Billboard: “All the speculation that gets around is frustrating when it’s just not true,” Columbia/Epic Label Group Chairman Rob Stringer tells “The story about us being unhappy with the record and stuff is just not true. There’s never been any doubt or conversations about moving the record or changing it… Those conversations never existed. We’re really, really happy with it.”

    I promise to not make such long posts in the future :bye

  28. 28
    MsOnederful says:

    Bey showed her personality and her growth here. BEY: I don’t need people to think for me. Something, Aunt San probably thought about Bey for years lol. You see Aunty she is showing some personality here. I know you are proud lol.

  29. 29
    MsOnederful says:

    I’m loving the new Post Matthew Knowles. After he had that illegitimate baby Bey distanced herself from that altogether. Good Job BEY!

  30. 30
    nybrn2 says:

    Beyonce is the hardest working chick in the game. I will be buying 4 to support her! #thatisall

  31. 31
    SuthernBelle4 says:

    Good morning all, hope everyone is doing well :)
    Anyways Bey’s new album has made me a fan again and watching this video reminded me why I liked her so much. When she goes on tour, I will be going and I like the new album.

  32. 32
    MsOnederful says:

    sexyphillygirl says:

    When the african dancers asked Beyonce what her name was I bust out laughing cuz they truly had no idea who she was lol.

    Msonederful: Which made her even more human. Not EVERYONE knows who Beyonce is. It’s 6 Billion people on this planet. Probably 5 Billion are familiar with her. The african guys fell under that 1 Billion that had no idea who she was lol. Also, catch that Bey did not mind that they did not know who she was. I love her even more. I know YSO is somewhere sitting proud of her Beysus lol.

  33. 33
    sexyphillygirl says:

    @Ms1-exactly she had no problem at all, I wouldnt call myself a fan but I do respect her work ethic and talent and the fact that she is humble and I have never heard of her acting like a diva a hole she gets my respect plus she can dance her butt off lol.

  34. 34
    MsOnederful says:

    1 last comment.. does anyone know if that LION was actually REAL that was on the set there?

  35. 35
  36. 36
    Cocoabana says:

    As a Beyonce fan, I am BEYOND satisfied with this ‘4’ album. Her best work to date IMO! While it may not be a success commercially, the FANS will support it and continue to play it out!

  37. 37

    Just watched it…Liked it. Liked her. Even got a little choked up.

    Still not I stan but a bit more of a fan.

  38. 38
    xamaycan says:

    I missed the documentary, but I will catch it later (cant view it at work) but from reading the comments, sounds like it was a good watch. I bought her deluxe album, havent listened to the whole album yet but Party is my SONG at the moment LOL

  39. 39
    sexyphillygirl says:

    Yeah I have to get Jill Scott and Ledisi new albums as well I heard they are both really good.

  40. 40
    yerkesbabe says:

    Beyonce is the BUSINESSSSSS!!!! I :heart: her.

  41. 41
    chocalatecity29 says:

    Love this girl!!!…She is so humble and down to earth!…..She is one of the best at what she does!!..#TEAMBEYONCEALLTHEWAY!!!!!!

  42. 42
    chocalatecity29 says:

    YSoSerious says:…Just watched..Liked It…Like Her…Even got a little choked up


    :crying:…SO DID I!…The girl is passionate at what she does!

  43. 43
    rhiannon says:

    Beyonce is a beast and as everyone has said, no one is touching her from this generation! This video was not much different from the DVD she released late last year though. If you’ve never seen it, watch it. I gained a whole new respect for her after watching it.

  44. 44
    jamil2008 says:

    Loved the documentary! Made me go a watch the “Run the World” again video and I definitely have a new appreciation for it after seeing the story behind it. GIRLS!!!!! WE RUN THIS MUTHA!!!!!(in Beyonce’s voice)Do it Bey!!!

  45. 45

    “My english is bad but my spirit is good.” African Dancer, cool pure words :yes:

  46. 46
    Iblondon says:

    I like Killer King B, but I aint playing with yall on the “Beysus” part LOL. I give all Glory to God lol. Yes, King Kelly worked the hell outta his Love Letter tour. But back to important news, King B did that!

  47. 47
    MissT says:

    I think B is doing her thing. Never been a big Fan but this new cd i luv… I have listened to it since i bought it. It goes every where from the car, to my desk, to home, oh and if i ride wit u B riding to thats just how much I like this cd. N from the look of this video and what i just heard from some coworkers going to get extended cd today. She on her grown women. Yay B!!!

  48. 48
    spongebobfan says:

    where solange be at i see more pics and videos of juelz with bey and jay than with his own mother ,,, :shrugs:
    she killed it on GMA i liked the yellow

  49. 49
    Ididntreallymeanit says:

    Nope didn’t miss it,just wasn’t interested in watching.

  50. 50
    Mamacita says:

    I love her! :love:

    So humble and dedicated to what she does! She’ll always have my support.

  51. 51
    Krissy says:

    :applause: Gotta give it to her she works hard (Just not on that scalp) :no:, but looking at this video makes me really like her, and her dedication to what she does. And As I listen to the album again its about four songs that I do like, but its no Dangerously in love. Cant take away the fact that this bish is talented, and very pretty…..And I got my :karate: ready for some of you crazy Beyonce fans who be going hard like you can pick up the phone and call her :vomit:

  52. 52
    Lady_L says:

    Smonae80 says:

    I liked the video, & love the album,, one thing Beyonce is not & that’s lazy, her work ethic is crazy.

    i love her new CD I can definitely hear the growth!

  53. 53
    Smokie says:

    This was great. She’s so inspiring. This is the kind of “reality” I like…not those b.s. women who eat, drink, fight, and gold dig all day.

  54. 54
    CHA CHA says:

    :applause: *with hands on the hips making my shoulders jump… GIRLS… looking to the left … WHO RUN THIS MUTHA ……..GIRLS :danban1:

  55. 55
    peribabes says:

    I think this album is by far one of Beyonce’s greatest. I am not a fan of hers in no shape form or fashion, but this album won me over. She really shows evolution and change. Beyonce is on her grown and sexy and this album shows growth and that she is in love. I love this album and have never been into her like that, but I can honestly play this album and not have to skip any songs. I can see why they went ahead with the release, because my friend “burned” me the deluxe edition and I am abso in love with it =)

  56. 56
    Atypical says:

    Even though 4 is my fave B cd(Countdown is my jam), I LOVED this doc.

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