On Saturday Ludacris held his annual private dinner at his Straits restaurant as part of his LudaDay Weekend of festivities. Accompanying him was singer Ciara who dined with singers Estelle and Letoya Luckett; actor Lance Gross and reality tv personalities Meeka Claxton, Tika Sumpter, Keisha Knight Pulliam, and random NBA Players. Photo courtesy of Tami of Talkingwithtami.com blog. Visit her blog for more pics!

Ludacris and his fiancee Fab partied at Mansion Elan in Atlanta on Friday night. The party was packed to capacity and it was one of the many events featured as part of his LudaDay Weekend festivities.

Also attending the party at Mansion Elan were L-R: Chris Paul (in blue shirt), Fab, La La Anthony, Ludacris and Carmelo Anthony.

Celebrity blogger Tami, left of Talkingwithtami.com blog attended the LudaDay Weekend private dinner at Straits restaurant with reality tv personality Lisa Wu, right, and actor Lance Gross.

Photos: Splash News Online and ExclusiveAccess.net

  • Daisy

    I HATE Luda’s sideburns but him and his boo look cute (who called her Eucirin Lotion 😆 )

    Lisa and Tami look nice

    CiCi betta WERK love her hair and dress

    Lance has the best skin and smile :yes:

  • Daisy

    LaLas smokey eye is nice

    Chris Paul is a cutie pie to me

  • chocolate divalicious

    Luda baby those sideburns :nono:/Luda girlfriend so cute :claps:

    Something seems off with Ci-Ci, that foot coming out of the shoe, that calf muscle that looks like it is about to give birth.

    Talking with Tami-:tape:

    I guess Lisa Wu Tang Clan is doing just fine about her divorce because her azz is everywhere now.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Tami is pretty.

    I :heart: Ciara’s shoes.

    Lance :hump:

    :waves: @ Daisy

    We have new emoticons!

  • Daisy

    @MsKay HEY :waves: OMG long time no chat. How is the baby?

  • Eb

    Tami looks great. If I was her I would have licked Lance Gross. I bet he taste great

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I know, it’s been awhile!!!! I see we have new emoticons and new people. The baby is doing well.

    :waves: @Gypsy, Ebony, Renegade, VIBaby, original twitter crew

  • Daisy

    @MsKay Yes, we have new emoticons and people. I am glad you are doing well. :welcome: back

  • GottaBigOne

    Hello Everyone from The BIG APPLE!

    I don’t know about Lance tasting “Great” but it is SO . . . SO Very good to know that People of Color can have a Wonderful time without the Necessary Drama and Violence which usually accompanies an event such as the One Ludacris and friends put ON!!!

    I’m Not into Rap per se but I have to give it to LUDA who seems to ALWAYS be community-minded and ALWAYS Giving Back to the People!!!
    (I’m gonna find his Charity and will be making a Donation to it)

    Rock On . . . FAB and LUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cinderella

    Lisa looks pretty & Chris Paul has always been too cute.

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    Everyone looks nice, except them sideburns on Luda

  • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

    Is it safe to say that Ciara has had some work done and she looks fukking AWFUL, yet?

  • Secret

    @ Carrington

    She been hanging around the Kardashian’s too long.

    I dont get it, if you are pretty already why get work done just to look like who did it and ran?

  • Daisy

    *scrolls back up*

    I don’t see this work that ya’ll think CiCi has had :shrug: she looks the same to me but then again I always thought she was pretty

  • screwball69

    Ciara is a bad bish, I don’t care what anyone says. :yes:

  • http://talkingwithtami.com/blog talkingwithtami

    I wanted to kiss Lance on the cheek! Hotness tee hee! I do admit, I should have worn two spanxs but had surgery on my stomach, no spanx can fix that pooch but lipo lol

  • Lizzyb

    Tami girl that pop of color on that very lush black shift is fab!!! Werk! You look great@
    Lance has the best smile, if he cold just ease his way outta the b level work he seems to get, I have lots of hope for him, he seems a doll. And yes Luda the sideburns are killing me softly, please PLEASE shave they are in no way working.Still you doing good works so small pass :)
    Cici looks uncomfortable, can’t figure why, even Luda looks uncomfy with her, not just that she looks 7ft tall but just odd.

  • cocoa49

    Luda’s Fiancee is naturally pretty. She doesn’t have to cake all that make up on her face. The feet on Ciara……….

  • miss g

    Luda – that nigga is how tall? 4’11?

  • miss g

    By the way, Lala is not cute… I mean shes iight but she has a wonky eye and whenever shes with the kardashians her make up is on point as I am assuming she uses their artist – but she does look good from time to time.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rgLxBIQbsQ lipstickbandit

    I actually went to this party Saturday night at Mansion Elan. I didn’t even know it was a Luda event. Needless to say it was PACKED but it was lame as hell and I could have saved my money. No one danced at all, granted the dj sucked but when he did play a few jams everyone just stood around. It was a fashion show that was lacking fashion. I normally don’t go to the clubs down here because everyone in ATL tries to portray their more important than they really are…they were charging $30-100 to get in….I mean why spend the money to NOT enjoy yourself? Then when Luda them came in everyone ran to the back of the club and literally stood around and watched them for 2 hours, no one move. I can’t believe how “stars struck” people could be….I mean it’s just Luda, Lala, Carmelo etc…..I’d hate to see what people would do if Kanye and Jay Z attended the club. I also went to Slimm’s (Vivica Foxx fiance) all black and white party Sunday…same DJ but EVERYONE dance and had a good time!

  • Ty

    Lance is so cute…love the chocolate :love: @ Tami dont worry about the spanx, u look cute. Now u can tell Lisa is holding her stomach in because it looks like her chest was going to explode if yall didnt hurry up and take the picture :rofl:

  • IsaiahsMom

    Tami!!!! You looked good girl! :bow:
    Your ass should have jumped on my man and tore his ass up! Shhhhyytttt!!!! :hump:
    Ci-error looks like a cat. I agree that something looks off about her face (seems more taunt/pulled back). Her calves are a little too much too…

  • txvirgo

    La La….that eyeliner………..