Even though Beyonce is supposedly 8 months pregnant, she has not gained a pound anywhere but in her tummy. But her Stans continue to insist that her nose is spreading. In an effort to put an end to the nonsense that Beyonce’s nose is spreading, we placed two photos side by side that clearly shows Beyonce’s nose is exactly the same size as it was last year.

In fact, in the picture on the left — which was taken on Nov. 23, 2010 — Bey’s nose looks pudgier than the in the pic on the right, taken Nov. 20, 2011.

But even with clear photographic evidence, Bey’s Stans will still continue to see what they want to see.

Soul legend Mary J Blige performed an intimate concert at the sold out Tabernacle in support of her new album, My Life: The Journey Continues, in Atlanta last night. After the concert, she attended an after party at Luckie Lounge with her celebrity friends Monica, Jeezy, and Devyne Stephens.

Photos by Thaddaeus McAdams/Photos by ExclusiveAccess.net and INFphoto.com

Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive . . .

After months of lies, trickery and deceit, singer Beyonce has released a new video to further manipulate the media and her crazy Stans.

Remember I told you last month that I’d spoken at length with a source who works for a mainstream publication?

Well, according to the source, who begged for anonymity, it was determined through the coordinated efforts of other mainstream publications and photo wire services, that Beyonce has not been seen or photographed entering or leaving a doctor’s office for prenatal care over the past 6 months.

We’ve seen many paparazzi photos of Beyonce entering and leaving several office buildings in NYC, but sources confirm there are no obstetrics or gynecology offices located in those buildings.

Anyone who has ever given birth over the last 100 years knows that prenatal visits are a mandatory requirement for the health of any baby. But even though Beyonce now claims to be 8 months pregnant (lol) — she has not been seen visiting a doctor’s office every week, or even bi-weekly, as is the norm for a woman in the 3rd trimester.

But she has been seen getting on planes and flying in her 3rd trimester, even though there is an increased risk of developing blood clots on airplanes when flying long distances.

This is only the latest in a series of missteps by Beyonce since she surprised the world with her magical “pregnancy” on the MTV VMAs in September.

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The self-proclaimed King of the South, rapper T.I., graces VIBE magazine‘s year end Dec. 2011 issue. It’s a good thing this is a holiday weekend or T.I.’s publicists would be working overtime trying to put out the fires that his mouth ignited.

T.I. had a lot to say about The Gays who currently wield the balance of power in the entertainment industry. Most of what the rubber band man had to say about The Gays was selectively edited by VIBE magazine.

T.I. on all Americans having equal rights:

“Man, I will say this, the funniest joke I ever heard [comedian] Tracy [Morgan] say during a stand-up was, ‘C’mon man, I think gay people are too sensitive. If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.’ [Cracks up laughing.] That shit was funny to me. And it’s kind of true. They’re like,‘If you have an opinion against us, we’re gonna shut you down.’ … That’s not American. If you’re gay you should have the right to be gay in peace, and if you’re against it you should have the right to be against it in peace.’

But T.I., 31, did have some strong words for rapper 50 Cent and others who criticized his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 36, for not taking the drug charge that sent her man back to federal prison for 11 months.

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, families around the country will sit down to feast on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey and all the fixings.

Registered dietician Ellie Krieger has seven superfoods that can help you see better, increase your energy and make your skin look more youthful.

Krieger recently appeared on ‘Inside Edition‘ with Deborah Norville where she explained the benefits of eating healthy by including these 7 superfoods in your holiday meals.

Superfood #1: Kale

“Kale is great for your eyes because it has lutein that can help your eyes and prevent damage from aging.” Sauté it or throw it in a salad.

Superfood #2: Dried cherries

“Especially tart cherries. Interestingly, they contain melatonin which has been shown to help regulate sleep patterns.” They’re great as a snack or toss them in a salad, pancakes or muffins.

Superfood #3: Salmon which is loaded with omega-3 fats.

“Omega-3 fats reduces the inflammation in the body. So inflammation is thought to be at the root of many diseases, including heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, even cancers. Fresh salmon costs about $20 per pound. You can get a can of salmon which will run you about $4 per pound and it has all the omega fats.”

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This is why we LOVE Keri Hilson. At least one person in Hollywood isn’t afraid of Beyonce and Jay Z!

According to celebrity blogger Miss Jia, Keri has once again shaded Bey — and this time, she left no doubt as to her feelings for the “PArty” singer!

The latest Ultimate Diss occurred during the 2011 Soul Train Awards last week as Juicy magazine was conducting interviews with celebs on the red carpet.

The interviewer asked each celeb to do a verbal “drop” while holding up the current magazine, which featured Jay Z and Beyonce on the cover.

All the other celebrities complied with the request for a drop. But when Keri’s turn came, she glanced at the cover and said dryly, “Yeah, who is that?” then she said, “No, I can’t do that. I’m sorry.”

It should be noted that Keri went ahead and did the drop — without holding up the magazine. At least Keri was polite and gracious while declining to acknowledge Beyonce, which she is within her rights to do.

Watch the video after the break!

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Pictures of singer Justin Bieber exposing his pink underwear are creating a stir all over the Internet. Bieber, who emulates rappers by wearing his jeans sagging low, was spotted with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, leaving an iHOP Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA the day after the American Music Awards.

The paps report that Beiber’s pink undies were showing the entire time they were snapping away — and the “Baby” singer made no attempt to pull his pants up.

British tabloid, the Daily Mail referred to Bieber as a Metrosexual:

Note to Justin Bieber: If you’re going to wear your trousers that low… make sure your pants aren’t a girly shade of pink!

Singer Akon joined his mother Ms. Kine, President of Akon’s Konfidence Foundation to distribute 300 holiday turkeys to Atlanta families in need in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs Of Metro Atlanta yesterday.

Singers Justin Bieber, 17, and Usher, 33, performed this morning on NBC’s “Today” in the TODAY Plaza in New York City. Justin is still struggling with his post-puberty voice change. But his fans don’t seem to care about his voice.

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Fans of The X-Factor contestant Brain “Astronomical Kid” Bradley were shocked at his terrible attitude during last week’s results show.

The spoiled 15-year-old threw a mini-tantrum onstage and refused to perform when he landed in the bottom 2. His meltdown was reminiscent of troubled singer Chris Brown’s most famous antics. The Brooklyn teen’s cocky attitude was an alarming indication of what is to come when he faces real pressure from the music industry.

Astro is a perfect example of a kid raised in the narcissistic street culture of Hip Hop, where they have no morals or values.

Astro, as he’s called, apologized to his “fans” and said the X-Factor was “punishing” him for something that occurred “behind the scenes.”

“Just look at the numbers” he bragged during a recent interview. “I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter out of everybody in the competition and get voted in the bottom 2. So, I thought something was jiggy.”

After judge Simon Cowell scolded Astro for his bad behavior and told him not to disrespect his mother on national TV, Astro revealed that it was his mother who encouraged him to quit the show.

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