The fallout continues for W.I.P. nightclub, the location of the infamous bottle throwing incident by musicians Chris Brown and Drake earlier this month.

As predicted, the city snatched the nightspot’s liquor license, citing numerous fights, illegal use of the name “W.I.P.”, and rampant drug sales on the premises.

The city’s action effectively shuts down WiP nightclub (and sister venue Greenhouse) for good. If the owners are thinking about opening somewhere else in the city, they will face hurdles.

Anyone who knows anything about nightclubs knows how difficult it is to get a liquor license. The person whose name is on the application must have a spotless record with no criminal history or bad credit. Some big city mayors are known to take bribes to speed up the application process.

Word on the street is nightclub owners are wary of paying thousands of dollars to Brown or Drake to host parties in their establishments due to the bad press.

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In these rare photos, NY Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony joined his wife La La to unveil his wax likeness at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Midtown, NYC on Tuesday. The couple shared the moment with their son Kiyan, whom they rarely see.. (He’s been spending time with singer Ciara, lately.)
Photos: Wenzelberg/NY Post / Splash News

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  • On June 25th — Gay Pride Day — giant cookie maker Oreo rolled out it’s new Pride Oreo cookie stuffed with creamy fillings representing the colors of the gay rainbow. Oreo was careful to note that the colorful creamy fillings don’t actually exist, so don’t expect boxes of gay pride Oreo cookies to hit store shelves any time soon.

    The Oreo gay pride cookie is just a symbol of message of tolerance, unity and love from Oreo’s marketing team. Kudos to them.

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    Unlike androgynous realty TV star Joseline Hernandez, University of Kentucky standout Anthony Davis has thick skin.

    From the time he set foot on the UK campus, his teammates prevailed upon him to shave his unibrow. But Davis took the taunts in stride.

    To the 19-year-old future NBA star his unibrow was his trademark — and now he’s making it official.

    Davis, who is expected to be the top pick of the Hornets in Thursday’s NBA draft, plans to trademark the phrases “Raise the Brow” and “Fear the Brow” — in reference to his uniquely fused eyebrows.

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    Strippers in New Nork will have to find another butt shot practitioner to administer their butt shots. Whalesca Castillo who prided herself on fleecing hundreds of customers for $1,500 a pop was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

    Castillo was arrested for continuing to operate her “underground augmentation factory” after being busted in 2011.

    Police serving a search warrant on Castillo’s Bronx home found empty bottles of Columbian silicone, used needles, bloody gauze, and “dozens” of tubes of superglue to seal injection sites to prevent leaking silicone.

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    Some of us wondered aloud if Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars MiMi Faust and Stevie J really had a 2-year-old daughter. MiMi posted several pics of the adorable toddler on her Twitter page, proving that little Eva Giselle Jordan does indeed exist.

    As for MiMi’s tumultuous, 15-year relationship with Stevie — MiMi is adamant: “I put my #FamilyFirst! Everything else is secondary,” she wrote in the caption under the above photo on Instagram.

    MiMi, who cleans celebrity homes for a living, is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t rely on a man to validate her as a woman!

    See MiMi and Stevie’s daughter Eva after the break!

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