Kelly rowland ice

The full-length video for Kelly Rowland’s hit single “ICE” featuring Lil Wayne premiered last night.

“The whole feeling of ice is very sensual… it’s very sexy,” said Rowland, referring to the video and the frozen cubes as they glide over her body. “It’s going to be so magical,” said Rowland of the video which was shot recently on a closed set.

“Ice” is off of Rowland’s studio album, Year of the Woman, which is set for a 2013 release.

  • FuturedocDonte

    :coffee tired of lil Wayne… And that dude looks like lil bow wow

  • Trendsetter


  • bnatural

    I don’t like the video….I got so many different Kelly’s in the video…..Rupaul-Kelly, Old Destiny’s Child-Kelly…. :shrug: I expected better, maybe it’s just me….

    I hate the studded lips too….

    Morning folks :waves:

  • FuturedocDonte

    Rupaul Kelly


  • A.J.

    :yawn:mmm hmm

  • Bedazzled His Razzle

    sick of that damn song…the ENTIRE time i was in texas they played that chit back to back to back… SMH

  • lovelyaries

    I don’t like this song.

  • bnatural

    Bedazzled His Razzle says:

    sick of that damn song…the ENTIRE time i was in texas they played that chit back to back to back… SMH

    Is that Tyra Banks in your gravi? :lol:

  • MsB


  • iyonah

    I want all of Destiny’s children to prosper. All the best on the release. Can’t even give this a listen with the gremlin on it :shrug:

    Morning yall :waves:

  • Milky

    I have never liked this song, the radio stations play it so much. Tryin to shove Kelly Wrongland down our throats. Lil Wayne when are u goin to stop callin urself Lil, ur a grown ass man!!

  • Myaela0207

    I’m so tired of this song. Anything with Lil Wayne gets played too much around here.

  • WorkInProgress

    Kelly bores me :yawn: and I absolutely cannot stand lil Wayne.

  • NaijaGal

    I like the beat, Wayne wasn’t needed, smooth groove…get it Kelly…the dancing was unnecessary to me

  • Hershey

    Kelly and Ciara should walk hand in hand into whatever modeling agency is paying the mostest, and sign a contract to NEVER, EVER, EVER…EVVVVVEERRRR sing a note again. :coffee:


  •!/Birdshu Bird

    She refuses to give up on a solo career. God bless her disillusioned soul.

  • KayCeiSoul

    They play this song entirely too much everywhere I believe.
    I can only hear the hook ONCE and then I turn the station.

  • KayCeiSoul



    Hey Hershey! They can take ol’ bumpy cake face, but she ain’t gettin’ a contract. :no:

    I think she owns Heart & Soul on Sirius satellite. There is no way a station should play that Girl on Fire song like they do. I just scream real loud “NOT AGAIN!!!!” everytime I turn and it’s on, which is at least 6 times a day. No lie.

  • MsB



    Because I absolutely despise that Girl on Fire song, it has made all her music intolerable to my ears…. :shrug:

  • Hershey

    @ KayCei….I HATE THAT HEFFA ON FIRE SONG!!!!!!!!!!! She should’ve stayed broken hearted and stressed about marrying Gonzo, she made good music back then.

    Alicia and Kenya Moore can sign a Proactiv deal, all that money chit my face would be new born baby ass smooth :lol:

  • Milky

    Girl on Fire song, I cant see how anyone can say her vocals are on point on this song. She sounds like someone is squeezin a cat’s balls!! The song has a good point, but someone else should be sangin it!

  • <–Doesn't Talk To Strangers

    Icee sex reminds me of Do The Right Thing :love:

  • JD

    Kelly has a great voice…I am just tired of the over-sexed music. Its not working for her. Now Alicia on the other hand gets on my last nerve. Her boy chest! Her hair! Her husky voice! Her hollerin! I just cant!

  • spongebobfan

    Kelly vocals sound so lazy in this ice song…..i hate it, motivation was cool. this is horrid, and i hate the song with her and ludacris…”you gonna learn today”? or some mess

    alicia needs to go back to square one….or live happily ever after with swizz her son, and swizz 99 kids

  • KayCeiSoul

    MsB says:



    Because I absolutely despise that Girl on Fire song, it has made all her music intolerable to my ears….

    :cosign: !!! WHO told her to release that song!? Whoever told her that song was bangin’ and ready to roll out is her WORST ENEMY.

  • anw_rootbeer

    guess everybody has the same thought throw lil Wayne on your song if u want it to sell….I like this song though, had to grow on me

  • KayCeiSoul

    We all need to get together and boycott the “Cat on Fire” song.

    I hate it just that much to start a petition. :shotsfired:

  • lisaROSE

    atleast there was no butt pads! thats all i got ……

  • Trucie

    Defintely a sexy video. Always a pleasure to see her finally get some much deserved or belated shine. But I was over it before it actually got here. Rooting for Kelly but you did this last year boo. Same track, different vid!

  • Crickett

    I thought Kelly was classier than this, shame on you Kelly. She should be doing videos with Kendrick or Miguel, Lil Wayne is just nasty.

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Thank God for satellite radio because they try to play this, RhiRhi and Alicia Keys every two seconds on the local stations. Some songs start to grow on you because they play them so much but, then they turn annoying.

  • sassyshe

    I love the song, video was so-so. I see Kelly taking choreography tips from Rih

  • Taboo01

    The video left a lot to be desired. Her choreography was 1, that black spiked hill was 1,2 and 3, but the looks and the hair could have taken a different direction. She is still beautiful though come thru Kel!

  • texaspaine

    I think she see looks like the girl in red in new jack city when she was daincing in front the screen to color me bad lol

  • MZ_CARAM3L74

    @ Hershey, add Cassie to the list :yes: