Video Premiere: Keyshia Cole – Trust and Believe

Keyshia Cole

Everyone was raving about Keyshia Cole’s performance of “Trust and Believe” on ‘Black Girls Rock’. She killed it! No one can sing about heartbreak and hurt and make you feel it the way Keyshia can. “You had my heart, but then you blew it,” Keyshia croons with such emotion.

When Keyshia tells her best friend (Tae Heckard) that her boyfriend didn’t call her back after she paged him, Heckard says “He really loves you. You know this.”

But Keyshia, like few young women today, is much more aware of what true love is. She knows that true Love is not what a man says, it’s what he does.

Love is expressed through his actions, now his words. And Keyshia’s instincts tell her that his actions are shady. She’s right.

She tells him “I’m so over you/Go get lost/Boy who do you think that you are!” when she catches him in bed with her best friend. The confrontation ends in tragedy.

By the way, does anyone know if Tae and her lesbian lover @SoEastCoast are still together?


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