Rapper Robbed At Downtown Atlanta Hilton Hotel

Rapper robbed

A man who told police he was a rapper was robbed early Sunday morning at the Hilton Hotel on Courtland Street in downtown Atlanta, according to a police report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The man told police he was tied up by three men who barged into his hotel room around 3:30 a.m. He was robbed of approximately $5,000 in cash and $20,000 worth of jewelry.

The man was identified by 11 Alive news as 612 Fat Boy, a/k/a FatSauce (pictured above).

The robbery was the second such incident targeting Hip Hop in as many weeks. In a previous incident, three men were robbed at gunpoint of $40,000 worth of jewelry and iPhones as they sat eating breakfast at a Buckhead Waffle House.

The Waffle House victims were reportedly followed from a popular Atlanta nightclub by a robbing crew.

Rumors spread like wildfire via social networks that rapper Ca$h Out was one of the Waffle House robbery victims.

Ca$h Out denied the rumors on his official Twitter page and his publicist sent the following statement to the AJC.com.

“In spite of what you may have heard or read online … regarding an alleged robbery that involved national recording artist Ca$h Out, we would like to inform fans, media, and the general public, that my client was not robbed,” Carter said. “The incident in question … pertains to another individual that is unfamiliar to us, and with whom we have no ties. Our prayers are with the young man, who was the victim of this horrific assault.”

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    26 Responses to “Rapper Robbed At Downtown Atlanta Hilton Hotel”

    1. 1
      Miany says:

      20k worth of jewels & all that pocket change? :facepalm: surely Biz Markie Jr. Could afford security to protect his investment

    2. 2
      KK76 says:

      Looks like he rubbed a pork chop all over him face.

    3. 3
      KK76 says:

      Probably was being flashy somewhere and welp- the streets are watching all of these flashy fools. Happy Sunday :hi:

    4. 4
      Yardgirl says:

      From downstairs, weekend roll call!! :D

      Good afternoon Roses :waves:

      KP Gibson
      MISS SANDRA!! and anyone my eyes may have missed ‘cos this roll call is not easy :D


      Miany says:

      20k worth of jewels & all that pocket change? :facepalm: surely Biz Markie Jr. Could afford security to protect his investment

      :dead: @ Biz Markie Jr :D

    5. 5
      bgood says:

      at least they only took his money and jewelry he could still have his food… :pizza:

    6. 6
      bgood says:

      so my question is if the restuarant witnessed him being robbed who pays the check???

    7. 7
      Dr.GiGi says:

      STOP showing EVERYBODY what you have…or would like others to perceive you have. This ish is as IGNORANT as it comes!!!!!!!!!

    8. 8
      bgood says:

      his shirt is not fitting for his body IJS :no:

    9. 9
      DJ DCeezy says:

      WHO? Is this rapper Young Muffin Top?

    10. 10
      Sandra Rose says:

      Sunday Roll Call :waves:

      KP Gibson

    11. 11
      Dr.GiGi says:

      Thanks for thinking about us today Sandra! Enjoy your day!

    12. 12
      LuvNeek says:

      :waves: missed roll call hey auntie and everyone… and what a shame this robbery in hotels seems to get more common :thinking:… stop blasting every move you make via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It aint just the feds watching… my .02 back to lurk mode… :peace:

    13. 13
      Blackswan says:

      Why ppl still keep stuntin for the streets and social media I don’t know. These chicks they meet in the club be setting they butts up too. Can’t trust folks no more

    14. 14
      bgood says:

      Hey good day Sandra…

    15. 15
      GottaBigOne says:

      . . . with ALL Dis Robbin’ and Stuff . . . I’m Takin’ My Ignant SASS to Scandinavia Where we DON’T Hang OUT!!!

    16. 16
      KP Gibson says:

      Man they moved from banks all the way to hotels. Damn where Bonnie and Clyde at when you need they ass.

    17. 17
      Crickett says:

      Same dudes from Waffle House??

    18. 18

      He look like he can’t breath :ghost:

    19. 19
      AlluringlySweet says:

      He looks like his bowels are obstructed…poor thing.

    20. 20
      Shuga Honey says:

      is he a friend of the hog….err….i mean the blog?

      :pigsfly: into the :kona:

    21. 21
    22. 22

      You know what…… :tea:

    23. 23
      Carrington says:

      He line…

      This is his way of getting free publicity & I suspect that there will be a “mix tape” regarding this incident in 5, 4, 3,….

      If you have $20,000 worth of jewelry before anyone knows your name – save your jewelry coins & take your frumpy a$$ to White Castle & get 16 doubles with extra pickles where you really want to be anyway.

    24. 24
      r2dmax says:

      WHY DO THESE IDIOTS RUN AROUND WITH $5K CASH???!! Rappers are allowed bank accounts too. However, I’m sure he is still “in da stoodyo” aka in Pop’s basement rapping into a Karaoke machine…

      REAL MONEY doesn’t flash it!! Buy what you want, eat where you want, etc. But there is no reason to run around w/ that amount of cash!!

      #veilofignorance #stupidityisachoice

    25. 25
      Sincerity7 says:

      Yeah, let me take multiple pics of myself holding alot of cash while I wear every piece of jewelry I own. I doubt doing that will attract any attention from would-be armed robbers in the area. :sarcasm:

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