Kelly Rowland

R&B superstar Kelly Rowland seems to believe men were an afterthought when God created women.

In an interview with the, Rowland, 33, said “I’m a feminist!” She went on to say that women are “incredible creatures” and men must be from another planet because women rule planet earth.

She told the “I am a feminist! I believe women are the most incredible creatures on earth. I think men are truly from a different planet because our planet is the s**t. It’s just all our own and we’re just amazing creatures. God knew exactly what he was doing.”

Kelly – whose forth studio album ‘Talk a Good Game’ was released in June last year – can’t wait to start working on her next record in which she’ll express her feelings about being a woman with a career.

She added: “I’m super excited to get back in the studio, you have no idea. It’s actually been the main thing on my brain because I feel like I have so much to say at this point in my life, as a woman, as a woman with a moving career and great people around me, other great women around me who are going through different things … life.” Source

It’s easy to see who wears the pants in the Kelly Rowland household. I wonder if her new husband will take Kelly’s last name?

Photo: Splash News Online

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    She must’ve just watch TLC’s Creep vid :coffee:

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    She ain’t ruling nothing with that outfit. :no:

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    I liKe her shoes!

  • OutsidetheBox

    It’s easy to see who wears the pants in the Kelly Rowland household. I wonder if her new husband will take Kelly’s last name?

    Yet you insist that she is jealous of others. :cool:

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    Stop! Hammer time :danban1:

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    I liKe her shoes!
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    Who in the :cuss: dressed my beautiful Kelly like Buck Rogers?!

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    Y’all Roses are a mess! :lol:

  • Buttercup

    Who in the :cuss: dressed my beautiful Kelly like Buck Rogers?!

  • Ni ni

    This new feminist stuff almost seems cult-like. A lot of young girls are on twitter yelling this women rule the world crap.

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  • OutsidetheBox

    any story but the 1 we want on her FOB KC


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    Sitting there lookin like the love child of Antoine Dodson and Seabiscuit.

    Nobody wants another “one-relevant-song-album” from Horse face kelly. :no:

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    Smonae says:

    She must’ve just watch TLC’s Creep vid :coffee:
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    Where is Dubb? This Mariah Carey breakfast club interview… :facepalm:

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    I loves you and all Kelly but I need you to make an album that has more than one hit on it. I also need you to stop biting off of Bey with that women rule the world crap, and I want to write about my experiences being a women with a career. Sounds exactly like her. Please be original. Lastly, I need for you to wear a better wig boo. It’s a bob, very easy to accomplish this look.

  • proudgh

    The feminist movement as I understand it (from an African perspective) is not about one gender being better than the other. It’s about economic and social equality for both genders– especially as women have (traditionally and historically) not had the same opportunities as men. Men are part of the feminist movement too. Ms. Rowland seems to have her own definition.

  • Afiya

    Kelly, STFU, you sound stupid too, just like your BFF :angry: