Rev. Jesse Jackson Wants You To Know…

Rev Jesse Jackson

…that his Twitter page was hacked when this anti-gay retweet about Pope Francis appeared on his Twitter timeline on Saturday, May 24.

The Tweet, which was retweeted by Jackson — or someone controlling his Twitter account — rebukes the Pope for “living with another man in a one bed room apartment.” The Twitter user goes on to insinuate that the Pope was gay.

In response to the angry backlash from his followers, Jackson Tweeted an apology of sorts, which he hoped his followers would accept and go away quietly.

But that doesn’t help to explain why the offensive Retweet is still on his timeline for all to see.


Could it be that Mr. Jackson is too busy to delete the Retweet? Or maybe he secretly approves of the Tweet’s message and that’s why he hasn’t deleted it?

At any rate, the folks over at took it upon themselves to help Mr. Jackson locate the Undo button.



50 Responses to “Rev. Jesse Jackson Wants You To Know…”

  1. 1
    sassyshe says:

    Jesse dont want a war with the catholics against their pope. The catholics and the pope is equivalent to bey and her beyhives; they go gaga for that man

  2. 2
    sassyshe says:

    Has anyone seen the reality show about the group of midget women

  3. 3


    Thank you Sandra and you have a great weekend now ya hear!

    *gets THEE he!! on ‘fore the Vatican comes calling* :kona:

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Zoe B. says:

    “I don’t agree with the views” :huh: Didn’t specify which views. He could have meant he doesn’t disagree with the old half dead humbug part. Jesse has always been a hater in stealth mode.

  6. 6
    Unshakable says:

    People gon learn about ruffling the flamboyant feathers of the gay community.

  7. 7
    FuturedocDonte says:

    All the illegitimate kids….
    Did his son ever get his time for that money situation?

  8. 8
    Unshakable says:


    What do they do that separates them from the rest of the population?

  9. 9
    sassyshe says:

    @unshakable I have not seen it just the preview but they were talking about how they are normal and sometimes even better than normal size women

  10. 10
    sassyshe says:

    Nancy wasnt trying to be offensive but sometimes I have no couth :hide:

  11. 11
    luVn_liFe... says:


  12. 12
    Wheres My Check says:

    Jesse up there looking like a real life negro spiritual. :yes: How peoples twitter account gets hacekd is beyond me. :thinking:

  13. 13
    Unshakable says:


    I wonder how they feel they are better in some ways. Interesting, but not enough for me to watch. If you care to watch, fill a rose in, mkay? :hahaha:

  14. 14
    sassyshe says:

    @unshakable ill try to catch an episode and report back was one saying tall dudes like her cause of where her head reaches…

  15. 15

    was one saying tall dudes like her cause of where her head reaches…

  16. 16
    sassyshe says:

    Sandra is it true, another blog (which often tends to be credible) is reporting that someone from tiny camp is saying that the fallout behind tip and tiny wasnt because he smashed one of her friends but because he messed up her money by smashing one of the girls from her older group, french kiss

  17. 17
    luVn_liFe... says:

    OMG SASSY!! i read about that situation a few months back, that girl had a baby too

  18. 18
    sassyshe says:

    @luvn maybe that’s why everyone saying he had a side baby…the vanessa chick favors tiny

  19. 19
    luVn_liFe... says:

    i read it awhile back on emm T Oh; which Is why I ignored it. :blink:

  20. 20
    Sandra Rose says:

    If you believe the silly baby rumors, T.I. has about 4 “break” babies now. :rolleyes:

  21. 21
    luVn_liFe... says:

    Noone believes that SANDRITA were just shooting the breeze with tawdry gossip

  22. 22
    sassyshe says:

    Lol Sandra I dont think he has a break baby but I do think he messed with the girl

  23. 23
    luVn_liFe... says:

    sassyshe says:

    Lol Sandra I dont think he has a break baby but I do think he messed with A FEW girls

  24. 24
    luVn_liFe... says:

    what aboutd.Howard having another baby, he has more than six kids. He was featured on OTL
    years ago.
    :think: SANDRA could you some how find that Outside the Lines ESPn did on him?

  25. 25
    sassyshe says:

    Luvn he had another one…hes better hope he dont catch the t.o. and end up jobless, broke and unable to pay child support

  26. 26
    luVn_liFe... says:

    yeah SASSy his 2nd bm is preggos for him again :eek:

  27. 27
    Nakeya_J or Keke thanks to Unshake says:

    Hold the hell up! How do you have someone sign you, and you turn around and screw the husband!? And IF Tip did that he ain’t shyt. (Auntie I did say IF so don’t snatch my log in. )

  28. 28
    Who Dat says:

    Messy Jesse

  29. 29
    MrsL says:

    Welp, Donald Sterling is suing the NBA. :tea:

  30. 30
    luVn_liFe... says:

    the Heat kicked the shyte outta the Pacers! :bball:

    #spurs baby

  31. 31
  32. 32

    Morning lovelies.

  33. 33
    luVn_liFe... says:

    :wave: Morning chan ~ C.Breezy was released from jail at 4 t his morning
    :woohoo: <-KrunchykaKes

  34. 34
    Nakeya_J or Keke thanks to Unshake says:

    Morning y’all!! OK so @luvin its not even 8 in the morning yet, and you already decided not to be shyt. That girl name KrunchyKakes though? Lmao. :Lol:

  35. 35

    @LuvN: I heard about CB too. Is it sad I got slightly excited and thought I hope Rihanna visit him :oops: So Cochie bubble can be burst? She think she is about to get wifed and have that easy life. She probably will. She is an enabler to me. I think Rhianna was like :nono: and he couldn’t deal with the real.

  36. 36
    aRoTh says:

    :ghost: @ Rev Backslider.

  37. 37

    I really dislike when people piss you off first thing in the am. I promise I TRY to be good but people.. they just want to be unwise :no:
    Sidenote on my sidenote: I hate (yes hate) when old people learn about technology but don’t know how to use it. This old man sent me a calendar invite to all of his affiliate board meetings with the agenda enclosed. Why? I think he is confused but I have told him several times that I don’t attend these meetings. But since he is coming here to have it he is always sending them to me like I am going to schedule them on his behalf because he is black and I am black :eek: NO SIR. You better call the admin for the VP to do that. IN THAT DEPARTMENT.

  38. 38
    VDot says:

    I want Rev Jesse Jackson to know 1935 :cell: they want their conk hairstyle back.

    Karin Stanford :cell: too. She wants her child support $. :yes:

    Happy Monday Yall :waves:

  39. 39
    aRoTh says:


    Be patient with the old, for one day you will be the same and would want someone to be patient with you as well. Would it be too much to fwd his schedule/calendar to the admin for the VP? With technology today, I find it amazing that in his old age he was able to even SEND it. Bravo :oldman: LOL :champ:

  40. 40
    luVn_liFe... says:

    V. Stiviano was attacked on the streets of NYC by a pack of men who yelled racial slurs … at least, that’s what her lawyer is telling people.

    According to her attorney, V. was leaving dinner with her sister and friends by the Gansevoort Hotel on Sunday night when two men followed her and attacked.

    Stiviano’s lawyer claims she was punched several times while the men screamed racial slurs.

    no police were called and a police report was never filed.
    THis IS Interesting :think:

  41. 41

    @VDot :hugs: So Donald Sterling’s jumpoff is saying she got jumped and beaten by 2 men while racial slurs were hurled at her. Chile :rolleyes: but she ain’t pressed charges yet. Okay. Seems staged.
    And Sterling went to a black church :stop: All people should be welcomed but they said (radio) he got a standing ovation. FOR WHET? I tell ya

  42. 42

    Yes it will be too much. Not going to explain why. I am the most kind accommodating person I know. Everyone has a limit. Shouldn’t have said anything. Don’t need a reprimand but hey I didn’t give the whole story. My fault for putting it on the blog :shrugs:

  43. 43
    VDot says:

    V.(I hate that bish tried to have the same name as my handle :eyeroll: ) Stivano better get her Gremlin azz on with her lies. Your 15 minutes of fame are over.

    “And Sterling went to a black church :stop: All people should be welcomed but they said (radio) he got a standing ovation. FOR WHET? I tell ya”

    Fugg that bish too. Sometimes I dislike how forgiving and welcoming the black church can be sto random azz strays. Chit, we can forgive but that doesn’t mean welcome them into your home. Sterling wouldn’t have welcomed not a nan one of them to sit courtside with him at the :bball: game, so why does he get to sit courtside in the pew :nono:

  44. 44

    And I go to church but I will say religious folks get on my nerves because some of them will be so kumbaya to rich racist pank toes and say we need to forgive but let a young girl get pregnant and they will be like :rules: STONE HER!!!!!!!!! SHE’S A WHORE! And talk about her and her kids for the rest of her life. But I’m sleep tho :tea:

  45. 45
    luVn_liFe... says:

    VDot says: V.(I hate that bish tried to have the same name as my handle :eyeroll: )

    Sterling is really trying to tender that senile claim :tea:

  46. 46
    MissHarlem says:

    Good Morning :waves:

    :coffee: don’t have a care for the above

  47. 47

    :offtopic: So the Ga toddler that was injured by the police who threw a flash grenade in the house has lost use of one lung. At first I was all :cuss: at the police like they should have known kids were there is they were doing surveillance :rules: Then I kept reading and realized that the parents moved into the home because theirs burned down and they KNEW their relative was selling meth… they just tried to keep their kids in a separate room. I can’t :no:

  48. 48
    VDot says:

    :newpost: on CB’s love child

  49. 49
    Keesh says:

    What the booty doo.. Morning Roses!!!!

  50. 50
    aRoTh says:

    LOL @Take

    It wasn’t a reprimand. SHEESH LOL I was just asking/wondering would it be too much? Are there levels to it? That’s all. But you said everyone has a limit, so I take it that you’ve fwd it mannie mannie times before.

    ….but I do still stand by my “be patient with the old” tho. :-P LOL

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