Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

On Tuesday I told you Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner was off the market. But until now her mystery man’s identity was a closely guarded secret. Jenner’s new man is music industry executive Corey Gamble, who also happens to be singer Justin Bieber‘s co-manager (along with Scooter Braun).

Corey Gamble

Corey Gamble

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    • 69

      Them K :chickenhead: rdashiah hoes all love the sensation of a big black dack. I Mama :chickenhead: be in that bed like :hump: I’m the head Hen. I gets all the first cock visits in this bish. :kona:

    • 69

      And Sandra play too much. Most powerful women in Hollywood. Yeah, right. More like most powerful jaws. :rofl:

    • bnatural

      The the news “broke” about him and Kris and the first thing he does is hop on the blogs…he is an attention seeker to the fullest….he’ll fit right in with that family :coffee:

      But on a serious note, that “relationship” won’t last long…

    • San ah make ya dance

      He’s….thick :tea:

    • VDot

      :clap: to SR getting the exclusive!

    • San ah make ya dance

      @User, leave that dude alone 😮
      :hug: Wasting

    • missyJ

      From downstairs:

      we talk about everything but its only when it comes to anytihng involving money that he starts going bonkers.


      He had a female that he thought he was her man and she thought he was her fren. So they were going out, he buying her chit acting all Joey (sorry Carrington) for her and her friends. Then next thing you know he got a text message asking if he got any extra chairs he can bring to her engagement party barbeque.

    • Beta

      Duck duck goose 😐

    • luVn_liFe…

      “That worries me and I’m hoping it’s not a setup from Kris because I do really like her.”
      It shouldn’t worry him, He besta RECOGNIZE Quick they are vultures and need their coins More then love,sex or happiness.

      Him looks like he got a touch of splenda in em

    • San ah make ya dance

      Whats with them and blk men

    • Bootcampgirl

      “That worries me and I’m hoping it’s not a setup from Kris because I do really like her.”
      Dude is you serious, even yo momma know she a fame whore..

    • Vanna is the root of all evil

      I can’t call it

    • Time to Waste


      Sandra done did the education!

    • missyJ

      Kris trying to get Kylie a record deal :tea: run brother

    • Bootcampgirl

      @Sandra, is dude a FOB since he granted you the exclusive? I’ll keep :tape: until I find out… :kona:

    • lovezoe

      The fact that he got to question if she scheming answers his question

    • VDot

      he said that if he buys a chick a drink and she gives it to her friend he would smack the shyt out of her and then it went from there.


      :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

      I gave a drink away some guy bought me last Thursday. I told the nicca I didn’t want the drink with all those different liquors. He ain’t listen and I politely gave it to some thirst bucket standing near me. He bought me another one, with ONE liquor to replace the one I gave away. I WISH THAT NIGGA WOULD HAVE SMACKED ME! I would have bird called and had family hopping out the rafter on his azz :karate:

    • User Friendly

      @User, leave that dude alone


    • missyJ

      “I don’t know how anyone had those pics because no one was seated across from us,”


      Cuz a busboy or waiter never walked by :eyeroll: he not too quick is he? and he shaped like Sherri Shepard :no:

    • VDot

      Him looks like he got a touch of splenda in em


      Check out Beta’s gravi – Bruce “Gender Bender” Jenner :tea:

    • Time to Waste

      Whats with them and blk men
      And why Kourtney got a black man in a white man body :thinking:

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