january jones

Actress January Jones admits she may not be the best man to raise a son. Jones made headlines in May when she said her 4-year-old son, Xander, already has his own “beauty routine” in the mornings.

The 38-year-old star of TV’s Mad Men said she involved the boy in her daily “primping schedule”.

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Kanye West

Nurses and other medical personnel at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles were terminated after they accessed musician Kanye West‘s medical records.

Wedt, 39, was involuntarily hospitalized on Nov. 21 after experiencing what a house call doctor determined was “temporary psychosis”.

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Young Thug

Last week, rapper Young Thug insulted 2 female airport employees for causing him to miss a flight. The story goes that Thugga was rushing to a concert date when he was delayed at the airport by 2 Alaskan Airlines employees. The delay caused Thugga to cancel the concert.

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Donald Trump Kanye West

Kanye West visited Trump Tower in NYC for a scheduled meeting with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning.

After meeting with the Donald privately, the 39-year-old musician and Trump, 70, posed for photos in the lobby of the opulent Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

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