By Sandra Rose  | has pics of Halle Berry sucking her tummy in while out shopping in Beverly Hills this weekend. As you know, Halle gave birth to daughter Nahla in March. But since then, she's struggled to get rid of her excess belly fat.

We know she's holding her tummy in because JustJared posted pics of Halle from this weekend showing her protruding belly.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a woman holding her tummy in. But at the same time it does seem shallow and smack of deceit. I know of a man who divorced his wife after learning she'd been sucking her tummy in for years.

Anyway, I felt it was my duty to point out Halle's one flaw since she's so perfect in every other way -- and with me being a hater and all...

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  • Sharonda

    I think she working that baby phat!

  • ThatCarmen

    Im proud of her for not going on that Hollywood's three day after birth diet and starvation bulls*it. She is a beautiful woman and that weight looks good on her.

  • ckarinwhite

    I think she looks beautiful, and comfortable in the summer colors (I love white and khaki together)...Kudos to Halle for losing her pregnancy weight.

  • ckarinwhite


    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

  • prynsexxx

    I still don't know what your getting at, Sandra. I just don't see it.

    Her outfit is hawt.

    And she looks modelish in 2nd pic.

  • marshefen

    Well it's good to know that you've accepted you are a hater Sandra! That's a step in the right direction. Lol.

  • prprincess1577

    It must be really slow today...I need a better headline than that with a better story if i'm gonna stay awake at work.


    the woman is over 40, give her a break! plus she looks fine. better than some! hell!! AND btw i bet she is happy no matter what color her baby is Sandra Rose . com. :)

    and a man did that to his wife? what a pure AZZZ hole. i bet he should try having a baby and losing the weight. i don't have kids but i hear and see it can take a while to loose the weight and for all women it's diff, diff bodies and all.

    Lord please allow me to loose my weight within 2 months and look fierce! i'm scared as heck to have kids!! i likes my body. dang rugrats kinda jack ya up son! marry the right man ladies...and work it back out!!! :)


    She looks wonderful with her tummy! My tum tum looks like that now and I have YET to have a kid..

  • Kymystry

    I'm over 40.... and would LOVE Halle's so called tummy ...

    She is beautiful ... and as far as I know .. they have Spanx and Kymaro body garments that will do all the suckin and tuckin you need ... a Woman trying to "suck" her tummy in .. wouldn't wear a shirt that OPENS up so u could see her tummy ....

    Again Sandra is like a chick gettin some good sex .. REACHIN for stuff in the air that ain't there .....


    Halle looks good. Period. Especially for being over 40 and just having a baby. If she wants washboard abs again, she will get there.

  • scorpio

    Why does she look so MAD all the time?

  • browni007

    I've been too busy to comment over the last couple of days, but this one hit home. She looks good. It takes a while to snap back and she 40something. We will see her with her personal trainer in the next six months... Sh!t she's probably tired of looking perfect for us.

  • BayArea

    Sandra said: I’m almost always wrong which is why I don’t understand why anyone takes what I say seriously.

    Moving on........

  • Certified

    I think she looks good! I don't see NOTHING wrong!

  • Mzsuave

    So effin' what! She is still a beautiful mom! Find something else worthwhile to hate on...there is nothing wrong with Halle. SMH


    I never knew spanx were soooo expensive!

  • Mzsuave

    I am 25, petite, with stretchmarks outta this world. I wish I was blessed to have a tummy like that, shoooottt....what I'd do for a nice tummy

  • aqtpie

    She looks great!

  • Fatkat

    The world of men said Halle was perfect not Halle herself, Halle said she has flaws and pointed some out awhile ago. I heard that sucking in your belly is an exercise to help loose the bellly. With Halle being of age it takes alittle longer to trim the belly when your doing it the right way.

  • ReadTheBlog

    How is she getting around with no bra on after having a baby some months ago? I just had my son in April and I swear by the wire! FYI, holding your tummy (abdomen muscles) in is good practice. As a dancer, it became a habit for me.

  • tdl74767

    So what


    Sandra girl, I would tell you to get in that dam corner if not for the fact that you make my day go by so much faster with all your crap.....Halle is 41 years old who gave birth 4 months ago....Sandra, give credit when it's due.....The woman looks fab....P.S. u ever hit on Rhi Rhi like this???

  • katgirl33

    I'm not seeing where she's sucking her tummy in.....her stomach looks the same on both pics......


    @, she swore by rihanna's lebianism for almost a year. Sandra is reaching and its kinda sad. She had a baby, she's 41 and she looks good. She is not being deceitful, I think u're bein jealous.


    sandra, come on with some good stuff. this is not worth your time finding pictures of someone who looks like they are sucking in their stomache!

  • JustSaying

    I have to cosign with the comment above - a Woman trying to “suck” her tummy in wouldn’t wear a shirt that OPENS up so u could see her tummy, PERIOD. Sandra go find something else to blog on. Love ya, but you are so off on this one.

  • mjoylaw

    This is one jacked up topic--a post partum woman (any woman, doesn't matter if it's a celeb) SUCKING IN HER STOMACH?!

    Sandra boo boo, what's wrong?


  • cupcakes

    Halle looks good to me! She not sucking in anything!!

  • karaz

    Maybe Halle wasn't told the age old trick of binding your stomach after birth until it shrinks back to size, not that her stomach is even the size of your normal sized woman, but I had to indulge you Aunt Sandy. I'm more surprised that her boobs are still looking okay sans brassiere.

    May I suggest some topics for you to blog on?

    - The FL middle school teacher who raped a 13 yr old boy for years who has yet to spend a day in jail?

    - The 2 yr old who went missing yet her mother didn't ever mention she was missing until 5 weeks later, and still it was the grandmother who reported her missing.

    - WNBA players have a brawl like you and Angel are about to.

    - Missing morning wood!!!!

    - TI & Tiny are finally getting married :) I keed!


    Karaz, dont play like that!!! LOL but u know we'd never hear the end of that if it really did or was gonna happen this lifetime

  • Dizz


  • karaz

    Mochamommy, you know TI is never going to marry that woman, but if her decides to I bet Sandra would be sending out a newsletter to our emails and changing the artwork on her banner to announce it.

  • Mzsuave

    lmaooooooooooooooooooooo at Dizz. I'd like to see that

  • Mzsuave

    Speaking of pics of SR...has she ever posted any of herself? Just curious...

  • cinnamonkisses97

    LOL @ Karaz

  • topsecret02

    She looks beautiful as always, I would say more Sandra but you said enough. Oh and in case you didn't know that wasn't a flaw. Hi Hater. LMAO!!!!!!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Sandra, you are turning Hulk green with all that jealousy and hating!

    Halle looks GOOD for being her age and having a baby. And trust me - walking/talking/breathing/acting normal while holding your stomache in is an art form that should be respected!

    And holding your stomache in is shallow and deceitful?? As Rihanna says in Take A Bow - pu - leaze!

  • bcsmiamic

    she still look good... I <3 halle lol

  • licia

    i see nothing wrong with the way halle looks and just because she's so called trying to hold in her stomach , that doesn't make her shallow . the minute she lets that belly hang out you would still have something to say .

    who said that halle was perfect ? noone in the world is perfect . we all have flaws. even the people with money.

  • bloggergirlz

    sandra can you read (and consider) #30 and give us some real stories to talk about...u wish u could "hit" halle...i'm sitting here sipping a acai smoothie trying to stay me out here!

  • Lisa

    We now know what you look like thanks to that other site and you have NO BUSINESS. NO BUSINESS talking about anyone in a negative light about appearances.

    Remember I told yall if it's not about MONICA, TI, TINY, RHIANNA,and the local Atlanta artists that aren't A-listers Sandra ain't feeling ya.

  • aprilshowers

    topsecret02 Says:

    She looks beautiful as always, I would say more Sandra but you said enough. Oh and in case you didn’t know that wasn’t a flaw. Hi Hater. LMAO!!!!!!

    HI HATER....BYE HATER!!! :-D

  • SnootyPooty1

    Halle Looks awesome!!! I that I look like her when I get 41 shoot!!!

  • milly

    Sandra I'm glad you realize you have a problem...afterall thats the 1st step to getting help

    And yes Halle looks Fab!

  • teecee

    shes a 42 yr old chick who had a baby 4 months ago, she looks amazing for her age and situation. it takes most women a yr to loose the weight and people are acting like shes 20 with a 20 yr old body. most women would love to have just a lil tummy after giving birth 4 months ago.

  • miamore73

    I think she looks great. The older you are it's going to take longer for your body to bounce back to normal. I don't think her stomach is a flaw whether she's sucking it in or not. Now my that's a flaw.

  • AugustTee

    You are beyond being a hater. To call you a hater would be too nice

  • starr

    ohhhh sandra. Hate is not a gonna good thing. Have you ever had kids? Have you ever had kids at 40+? You know how many women would love to like that after a baby... plenty.

  • terika83

    Lol well I suck my stomach in all the time while in public. I have a pretty flat stomach but sometimes when I get full it takes a round form as if I'm pregnant. I'm not obligated to let it protrude while in

  • Kymystry

    good Morning SR Family ...

    Sandra Wake up and give us some more topics PLEASE ... you've got us on a "diet" and we don't LIKE IT ... :-)

  • Mika79

    Shoot whenever a camera is around, I suck my stomach in...and I'm fat! LOL!


    she might just be haveing another baby's soooo easy to have them back to back!!

  • free

    faker than a gold chain at a flea market....