Lipstick on Obama's collar

In the months following President Obama’s reelection, he has not behaved very presidential. In fact, Mr. Obama behaves like a man on the verge of divorce who knows he has nothing to lose.

On Tuesday, President Obama deliberately showed up at a White House function with lipstick on his collar, sparking more rumors of trouble in his marriage.

“I have to say I think I know the culprit: “Where is Jessica Sanchez?” Obama joked wryly at the reception for Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

He quickly added, “it wasn’t Jessica — it was her aunt … Where is she? … Auntie! right there!

A typical narcissist, Mr. Obama used the lipstick stain to draw more attention to himself.

“Look at this!” Obama said, pointing to the traces of lipstick on his collar. “Look at this!” [in Eddie Murphy’s voice]

“I just want everybody to witness — I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle. That’s why I’m calling you out right in front of everybody.”

At this point it has become glaringly obvious that Mr. Obama no longer cares what we think.

No president in recent history has done this much to embarrass his wife while still in office. There’s was that slip up in April when Obama flirted with Attorney General Kamala Harris. And who can ignore the rumors about the president’s fling with actress Kerry Washington. Then in February, the Obamas vacationed separately — she in Aspen with their daughters, while Mr. Obama vacationed with a man.

And word has it that Mrs. Obama plans another “lengthy” vacation with Sasha and Malia on Martha’s Vineyard without Mr. Obama.

Mrs. Obama is a good woman who is married a man who has no intentions of staying faithful to one woman. Her top priority is the health and well being of her children.

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