With baby daddy Scott Disick a distant memory, reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian, 38, stepped out with boy toy & male model Younes Bendjima, 23, in Cannes, France. The mother-of-3 wore a halterneck Bardot dress emblazoned with the body of a Greek Goddess.

Photo by Splash News

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and his girlfriend of 3 weeks, Izabela Guedes, were seen enjoying a night out at Pinz Bowling alley in Studio City, Calif. The cute couple wore matching classic Vans lace up sneakers (retail $60).

Photo by Backgrid


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  • Bossy704

    Kourtney is holding up better than her sisters. I think she had the least amount of work done. Izabela looks like her lips hurt.

  • Please Stop The Madness

    Love Vans.

    And love the fact that the oldest Kardashian sister who has the most kids, has a 23 yo bf.

  • Please Stop The Madness

    Nelly if things dont work out with Ms. Jackson call me. 777-9311. You still looking sexy out in these streets. Like a damn male snack.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    Izabela's face looks like a migraine waiting to happen!

  • WutizaGRANNY!

    When I see some "Celebrities" wear expensive fashion and jewelry especially rappers..I wonder do any of them listen to rich people? I remember back in the day when Jay Z said something profound.. You can't afford it unless you can buy it twice.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9eb2b76e506e38d5072dd1cf3ad262774eb5ffcb7856de93eefa3205f33fbcb1.gif

  • Jen_no_juice

    I swear Sandra picks the most jacked up still shots

  • imright

    got my Vanz on but they look like sneakers ??????

  • hottlanta

    Nelly you remind me of black men back in the day that would walk into a room all fresh cut and fly and I would say ump, ump, ump I want some of that. Now all we get is these over tattooed, whale suit coat wearing Pharrell, and nasty looking men like Lil Wayne that makes me turn my back to the door when they walk into a room Someone please bring sexy men back. Sick of these little bitty men that weight 150lbs.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    Kendall doesn't look like she's had anything done, possibly a nose job at the most? No boob or butt job, I don't see signs of botox either. She's just tall and thin, not trying to look like the rest of them. She still looks like a child in the face. But considering how Kourtney has had 3 children, she looks pretty damn good.

  • Yetunde

    I always wonder how Lil Wayne managed to get 4 women to get pregnant for him. He looks like a disease.

  • sherri2016

    First they thru Kim everywhere then Khloe after that Kendall and Kylie now Kourtney when will it end

  • hottlanta

    Yep he looks like he comes with a warning label and a red light blinking when he walks toward ya. Some women don't care.

  • Miami8981

    Umm. I just have one question of the stinky smelly Kartrashian family today. How much does a brova or a sista get paid for dating them for their reality show? No one in their right mind would date and/or marry any of them from free so mama must have gotten it added to their contracts for the network to pick up the tabs to pay people to date and/or marry them. There are a few people asking for hand outs every day I go into the 7-11 and these brovas need to get a YOB. Sorry a job. And I can recommend them to the show. Some sistas too.

    Think about it. The giant monsta Khloe is in a new "serious and in love" relationship every 2 months. The disick thing with Courtney is obviously a scripted situation (and they obviously don't care about dragging the kids into it) and everybody else just falls into their own scripted life. They got tired of paying Tyga's bills on the show because he started hanging out more with his male lover than what's her face. These men and women have to be getting paid by mama or the network. And once again you can tell these people straight up don't bathe. Would you look at the stink stink rolling off of Courtney Kartrashian's skin? It's disgusting.

  • dontgetblocked

    This is all for publicity. Kourtney doesn't believe in marriage or relationships after her mother cheated on her father and wrecked their marriage. That's why Kourtney gets these young men who aren't ready for a relationship. She's four years older than Scott and used him to produce three kids. She didn't even sleep in the same bedroom as him and he was in his 20s. They only had sex when she wanted to get pregnant. I don't even think Kourtney likes sex.

  • BellfRoots

    Wow, you know a lot about Kourtney's personal life, did she tell you all that herself?

  • Coy little wink

    She saw kourtney and Scott have sex 3 times on their show. That show is real you know ?

  • Prettybootnikki

    I am now convinced that they don't eat solid food. Thick smoothies and smoothies liquid watery juice must be their diets. No meat, cheese nor bread. Maybe a cracker a day and the rest liquids.

  • IamAllnatural

    Mo money, mo money, mo money. These wannabe reality star women will do anything for $$$

  • the guest

    I read somewhere that models soak cotton balls in fruit juice and suck on the fruit juice cotton balls to curb hunger. Visit a "pro ana" website, you'll be shocked the lengths gone to be skinny.

  • lilred1

    I can't upvote this enough.

  • lilred1

    Wait .. what in the trying too hard hell is Kourtney wearing??

  • V Dubb

    Lolol you stupid.....you know she is vegan. No Msg..no gluten..no taste...no life food

  • BlueHousen

    They are getting North ready.

  • BOSS

    What happened to AMBER? They were just seen kissing ?

  • Quitedeliteful

    I like everything Lewis Hamilton has on. I love love love that jacket !

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    Lol Wayne looks smelly...

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    I cannot understand how that ugly plaid shirt that Drake has on costs almost $900...

  • Jussjess25

    That fit is cute chile what u mean ?

  • Jussjess25

    I agree

  • lilred1

    Giiirrrrllll.. ?

  • Wayup!

    Kortney really wanted sum attention hunh..???...... looking like she gotta dic..??

  • Wakando Shamar Taylor

    funny how kourtney can jock hop but scott has to hide his chicks in other countries

  • HelloToni

    I love Kourtney's romper!

  • Guess Who

    Kourtney is the only one out of Kris Jenner's spawn I can tolerate.

  • Renee26

    The Kartrashian sisters look a mess especially Kourtney and her frock... Nelly, Yum! Lewis I see you!

  • Renee26


  • Lucy

    cute pattern, not so cute design.

  • Jessica

    Kourtney has a nice body but that face is getting old-looking.

  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    Kourtney's dress is real cute on her. That's all I got.

  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    Yup! That dress or whatever is real cute on her.

  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    Yeah, Kourtney doesn't eat anything...and she works out...so there it is...

  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    That's actually a good idea!.................I'm joking....kinda of

  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    Yeah....the FB Guy....wears like the same tee shirt and jeans...billionaires.....usually don't wear flashy stuff....


    Kourtney needs to get class and act her age being that her kids will soon notice and be teased about all of this.

  • XoXo

    He's sexy af.

  • Vixen

    Girl..he could've found the same shirt at a thrift shop, goodwill or garage sale.

  • Quitedeliteful

    $2.99 tops -- and that's only because it has a leather pocket!!!

  • WutizaGRANNY!

    Yep I have seen pictures of real money rollers and they don't.

  • Youngblood

    Courtney looks washed.dats why the other sister's try 2 stay looking blk .because it dnt crack.tans,weavs,fake lips,fake butts.etc they do anything to look blk sleeping with all the blk men they can find.they are so nasty..

  • Vegas1989

    I wish I could have put a leather patch on a picnic table shirt and get paid....Damn it!...LOL

  • Vegas1989

    I know. I know that my hips and butt is too big for that outfit....LOL....

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Izabela Guedes: freaking Gorgeous!

  • Jussjess25