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A private chef for rappers Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi was called out on social media for posting images of mediocre dishes she cooked for her clients.

Chef Morgan posted a video on TikTok titled “Day in my life as a private chef for Kid Cudi.

Chef Morgan showed off her Mercedes Benz and her comfortable work environment inside the rapper’s gated mansion. The comments went left when she displayed the food she feeds Kid Cudi.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Private chefs make a lot of money cooking for celebrities. However, Kid Cudi’s fans say he shouldn’t pay his private chef a dime.

Their main gripe was that the food should look like a chef prepared it.

One fan wrote: “We [really] using the title “chef” loosely these days.”

Another person wrote: “so basically we can all be his chef.”

And a third person wrote: “glad to know im eating better than kid cudi.”

Watch the video below.

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