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Janet Jackson fans are expressing their disappointment over her new “Together Again Tour.”

Loyal fans who attend all of Janet’s concerts are disappointed by the minimal stage sets and cheap costumes.

One displeased fan wrote in a comment on Data Lounge:

“Janet Jackson’s “Together Again Tour” started yesterday April 14 at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood and it was a huge disappointment:

– She lip synced

– The stage, the production and costumes are SO cheap

– She’s lost weights but was still out of shape

– There were only 4 dancers. WHY? She used to have at least a troop of 12 dancers in her previous tours.”

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The fan posted a cellphone video that showed Janet lip-syncing on stage while dressed in a black “Rhythm Nation” t-shirt and black jeans — not a costume fans have come to expect when paying hundreds of dollars for tickets.

Another fan wrote:

“Janet is a Global super star personified.
But honey this production budget is zero dollars.
Someone needs to set up a GoFundMe and help a sister out.”

Janet experienced technical difficulties during her debut April 14 show in Hollywood, Florida. Her mic kept cutting out and she was forced to sing live over her background track.

Hopefully the technical issues will be resolved by the time Janet’s tour arrives in Atlanta on April 26.

Atlanta’s own Ludacris is opening up for Janet on tour.

Watch the video below.