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Update, Aug. 30, 2023 at 9:08 AM:

TikTok NPC streamer Pinkydoll hit back at accusations that she’s a colorist who uses a light-skinned filter because she’s ashamed of being Black.

The popular TikTok influencer was dragged on Twitter/X on Tuesday for using a filter to lighten her dark skin.

Fans were shocked to see Pinkydoll was dark-skinned when she attended The 2023 Streamy Awards in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, Aug. 27.

Now she claims she isn’t trying to trick her Caucasian and Asian fans into thinking she isn’t Black.

TMZ’s camera man spoke with Pinkydoll at LAX on Tuesday. She offered the most lame excuse for her skin tone discrepancy.

Pinkydoll told the camera man she’s proud of her melanin skin — but she claims she gets “a little darker” when she’s in the sun.

“You know, it’s life. What can I do? And I love to be a Black woman,” she said.

Her “sun” excuse is insulting to Black people. She could’ve at least claimed she was in costume as an NPC gaming character.

As for copycats stealing her NPC style, she said, “I love it. Do what you gotta do. I’m happy for you.”

Fans accuse Pinkydoll of using a filter called “Liteskin face” to trick her followers into believing she’s light-skinned.

Pinkydoll once told her fans that her name refers to her skin color, which she described as “lite-skinned.”

Penske Media via Getty Images

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Pinkydoll, real name Fedha Sinon, earns over $200,000 a month with her “NPC livestreams” in which she pretends to be a video game character.

Her followers pay her to do various actions and say repetitive phrases like “gang gang,” “Thank you, baby” and “Ice cream so good.”

Pinkydoll’s fans are disappointed that she is a colorist who appears to be ashamed of her Nubian skin.

Pinkydoll, who is based in Canada, also received backlash for announcing she would be accepting a gig in Hollywood during the writers’ and actors’ strikes.