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Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green may be suspended indefinitely for putting Minnesota Timberwolves player Rudy Gobert in a chokehold during Tuesday’s in-season tournament game.

Green, teammate Klay Thompson and Timberwolves player Jaden McDaniels were all ejected just 1 minute and 43 seconds into the first quarter.

According to a report, Green should be suspended indefinitely after this latest act of violence.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Chris Paul (#3) argued that Green should not have been ejected. They said Gobert’s arm was around Thompson’s neck – and that Green was only protecting Thompson.

Gobert told The Athletic: “He’s backing his guy, but I think he knows. Deep inside, he (doesn’t) want to say it but his guy is a clown.”

The replay shows Gobert tried to break up the fight between McDaniels and Thompson.

After the game, Gobert slammed Green‘s “clown behavior”.

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He said Green tried to get ejected because Warriors’ star Steph Curry was sidelined by an injury.

Statistics shows Green is ejected frequently when Curry isn’t playing.

“It’s kind of funny because before the game, I was telling myself that Steph is not playing, so I know Draymond is going to try and get ejected. Because every time Steph doesn’t play, he doesn’t want to play – it’s his guy Steph. He’ll do anything he can to get ejected,” Gobert said.

Gobert continued:

“Clown behavior, and I’m proud of myself for being the bigger man again and again. And yeah, doesn’t even deserve me putting my hands on him. My team needed me tonight. I did whatever I could to keep my cool and then show that I wasn’t making the situation worse, and I do hope that the league is going to do what needs to be done because that’s just clown behavior. Not much to say. It’s clown behavior.”