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Frank Ski returned to the Atlanta airwaves with his longtime producer, Nina Brown, this morning, Feb. 1, on KISS 104.1.

The new show featured a plethora of "welcome back" calls from ecstatic fans of Frank Ski and Nina.

The new show will feature celebrity guests, and news and entertainment topics wedged in between classic R&B hits.

According to's Radio & TV Talk blogger Rodney Ho, Frank picked topics that included a woman who had an "African American" surcharge placed on an American Airlines bill, a lawsuit accusing Subway of serving tuna without any actual tuna in it, and the Lifetime Wendy Williams biopic that aired over the weekend.

He also brought back his signature "Inspirational Vitamin," accompanying a gospel song. The first-day theme: reinventing yourself. The song he chose was Kirk Franklin's "Love Theory."

"It feels so natural," Ski said on air at about 9:30 a.m. "It doesn't even feel like I'm anywhere new. I just feel like we moved to a better apartment."

"It's been so welcoming," Brown added.

Frank and Nina previously worked together at V-103.


Actress Halle Berry doesn't want her only son growing up to be aggressively masculine like the men who hurt her.

The Oscar winner is teaching her children about sexism and encouraging her minor son to challenge gender stereotypes.


The 54-year-old Leo shares 12-year-old daughter Nahla Aubry with her model ex Gabriel Aubry, and seven-year-old son Maceo with French actor Olivier Martinez. She is making sure they are well aware about harmful gender expectations.

In a digital Sundance Film Festival panel titled, Women Breaking Barriers: An Industry Shift, the single mom said:

"I have a seven-year-old son, and I have realized what my job is in raising him. If we want to have a future that's different, that is where it starts. You made me think of how many conversations I've had with him, say, since he's turned five years old, about the differences in boys and girls, and I see how he's taught to feel like he's superior, at five, than girls are."


Halle is raising her son to ignore the differences between the male and female sexes and to reject the masculine thought process.

"I've had to really break that down for him and give him a new perspective, and challenge those thoughts and ask him to identify where that comes from, and if he believes that or not and challenge what he's subconsciously getting from somewhere.

"I can tell that because we're having those conversations he is going to grow as a deep thinker on the subject. He's going to be determined not to just accept it. I keep challenging him all the time, like, 'Well, why is [pink] a 'girl color?’"

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Rapper T.I's daughter Deyjah Harris tweeted and deleted a cryptic message about her father waking her up and offering her juice at 5 a.m.

The teenager wrote: "This is gonna sound super weird but last night, my pops woke me up around 5 AM asking if I wanted some juice and when I sat up, it LITERALLY felt as if I caught a charley horse but it was on the right side of my neck [sic]."

In response to a question from a follower, Deyjah wrote: "lmaooo, this isn't a normal thing. He just randomly came and asked if i wanted juice. i was confused like shit but i took it... [sic]"

The tweet was sent out on Jan. 23 -- days before Atlanta socialite Sabrina Peterson accused the rapper of putting a gun to her head. And before a plethora of women came forward to accuse T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris of drugging them and sexually abusing them.

Someone on gossip forum Lipstick Alley captured Deyjah's tweets and reposted them in a lengthy thread where many speculated that Deyjah's innocent tweet meant her father's sweet gesture was somehow incestuous.

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Rolling Out


Meanwhile, former friend Sabrina, who accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head "in front of children," took a lie detector test that showed no deception.

T.I. responded to the allegations that he and his wife drugged and sexually abused women.

"What we not going to do is open up the door to my bedroom," he said in a video posted on Instagram.

"Whatever we ever have done, has been done with consensual adults who into what we into and like what we like. If we want something, we know exactly where to go get it. We've never forced anybody, we've never drugged anybody against their will, we've never held anybody against their will. We've never made anybody do anything. We never sexually trafficked anything."

He captioned the video: "No weapon formed against us shall prosper. We vehemently deny ALL these disgusting, anonymous allegations..."

He added: "I want to say my wife is a beautiful person with an amazing spirit and a kind heart," T.I. shared on Instagram. "She's a devoted mother and she has a humble soul. She don't deserve it."

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Nearly a dozen women have come forward with sexual abuse allegations against rapper Tip "T.I." Harris and his wife, singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris.

The women claims they were drugged and raped by T.I. and Tameka after they met the couple in strip clubs and bars.

The women came forward after the couple's longtime friend, Glam University owner Sabrina Peterson accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head.

In a recorded phone conversation, one woman told Sabrine that T.I. made her and pornstar Roxy Reynolds pop pills like "Molly" and Ecstasy while having sex with him and Tiny.

Another woman DM'd Sabrina on social media to say she contracted an STD from T.I. and she knew of others who also contracted the same STD from the rapper.

After Sabrina shared the women's testimonials on her Instagram Stories, Tiny's BFF Shekinah Jo accused Sabrina of happily participating in the drug-fueled orgies and even supplying T.I. and Tiny with women.

Sabrina responded by stating she shared the same space with Shekinah "for no more than 12 hours in my entire life."

T.I. and Tiny vigorously denied the allegations in a statement released by their lawyer on Friday.

"Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson. The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously."

Rumor has it that T.I. applied for a restraining order to prevent Sabrina from going near him and his wife or disparaging his good name on social media.

Sabrina shared shocking allegations made by women in her Instagram stories.

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Women everywhere sympathize with Iyanna "Yaya" Mayweather (right) who is depressed and longing for her baby's father, NBA YoungBoy -- even though he's moved on with someone else.

Yaya, who recently gave birth to the 21-year-old rapper's 8th child, Kentrell Jr., took to social media to share a throwback photo of herself and YoungBoy when they were smitten with each other.

The 20-year-old's hopes and dreams were shattered when YoungBoy impregnated another woman -- while Yaya was still pregnant with his seed.

Yaya's followers begged her to let him go. They told her he's no good and he doesn't care about anyone but himself, but she doesn't care.

"I post what I want," she told her concerned fans on Instagram.

Yaya is content to be a loving single mom who waits by her phone for that one call that will never come.

Like most rappers, NBA YoungBoy has a plethora of children and baby mamas. When he's not making time for them, he's shacking up with his latest concubine, Instagram model Jazlyn Mychelle.

The couple was seen grocery shopping together in Houston, Texas last month.

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Rapper T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris rushed to her husband's defense amid allegations that he held a gun to family friend Sabrina Peterson's head.

The 40-year-old rapper is a convicted felon and can't be in possession of a firearm.

Glam University owner Sabrina took to Instagram on Tuesday, Jan. 26, to make the shocking claim, writing: "The sad part about being a woman & BEING A BLACK WOMAN IS THIS! The public PRAISES OUR PREDATORS! @troubleman31 you PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD IN FRONT OF CHILDREN & I NEVER CALLED THE POLICE ON YOU! But for years you have painted me as the VILLAIN!"

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Sabrina also leveled shocking allegations against T.I. and Tiny, claiming they are sexual predators who routinely drug, seduce, and sometimes physically abuse their female victims.

In an attempt to defend T.I. and Tiny, Tiny's BFF and hair stylist Shekinah went live on Instagram and claimed Sabrina happily participated in T.I. and Tiny's drug-fueled orgies and that she -- Sabrina -- actually recruited the girls from strip clubs and nightclubs for the celebrity couple.

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Shekinah also accused bisexual Sabrina of "catching feelings" for Tiny, and she said if Tiny had responded to Sabrina's sexual advances none of this drama would be playing out on social media.

However, Tiny denied the allegations, and jumped to her spouse's defense in a comment published on Instagram blog The Shade Room, in which she claimed that Sabrina had long been harassing her family.

"Hold up... Now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back? What wit you today Pooh? I'm confused. Stop Harassing My Family. You strange. Everybody know you been special (face slicing seminar lady). Please get help but LEAVE US ALONE. [sic]"

Tiny also posted a message on her Instagram page, accusing Sabrina of clout chasing: "All clout ain't good clout... esp when it's revealed you're clout chasing [sic]."

While Sabrina has yet to respond directly to Tiny's comment, she did post on her Instagram page on Thursday night, Jan. 28, telling her followers she had "learned something this week".

"You never heal from the things you don't reveal," she wrote.

"Speaking to your pain, past experiences & getting them out allow you room to process them & cultivate some level of a healing plan. Also note your silence is THEIR POWER! They will do anything to discredit you and attempt to make you not feel or reveal your truth."

Rumor has it that T.I. has filed a restraining order against Sabrina.

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Beloved actress Cicely Tyson has passed away at aged 96. Her cause of death is unknown.

Tyson's longtime manager, Larry Thompson, confirmed the sad news in a statement on Thursday, Jan. 28 - two days after the release of her memoir, Just As I Am.

The statement read: "I have managed Miss Tyson's career for over 40 years, and each year was a privilege and blessing. Cicely thought of her new memoir as a Christmas tree decorated with all the ornaments of her personal and professional life. Today she placed the last ornament, a Star, on top of the tree."

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The multi-Emmy winner's credits included the films The Help, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, and Sounder, in which she portrayed the matriarch of a Depression-era sharecropper family.

She also starred in TV drama How to Get Away with Murder, playing the mother of Viola Davis' character, Annalise Harkness. She portrayed abolitionist and slave escape leader Harriet Tubman in the 1978 TV series A Woman Called Moses, and she tackled the role of Martin Luther King, Jr's wife, Coretta Scott King, in TV mini-series King.

Tyson also showed off her comedy skills in Tyler Perry's films Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Madea's Family Reunion.

Born in Harlem, New York City in 1924, Tyson began her career as a model and landed her first acting role on the U.S. TV series Frontiers of Faith in 1951. She landed her first movie credit as Dottie in 1957's Carib Gold.

She was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and she received an Honorary Oscar in 2018.

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Bravo TV

Last week, Brooklyn restaurateur Marc Daly announced he was finally filing for divorce from his long distance wife Kenya Moore.

The couple share a toddler, daughter Brooklyn Daly, who lives with her mom in Atlanta, while Marc lives and works in New York City.

The marriage was doomed to failure from the start. But the couple made it work for appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Now that Marc is officially single he is planning to film his own reality TV show, according to RhymeswithSnitch.

Marc has reportedly lined up a celebrity co-star for his new reality show (no, the star isn't Kenya). The concept of the series will revolve around restaurant management and finding romance.

The source claims Marc will use the show to find a new love connection.

Questions: 1. Will you watch Marc's new show? 2. Do you want to be Marc's Love connection?

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Cardi B posted a bounty on a man's head on Instagram last night. The Bronx rapper asked her 81 million followers to identify a man in New York City, but she did not say why she wants him.

In a grammatically correct post, she captioned an image of a balding white man: "Anybody knows this man from New York? I'm looking for him... You tried it BUDDY!!! I'm giving a reward For any info that helps capture this man!"

So far, no one seems to know the identity of the man in her comments section.

Hopefully nothing bad happens to the guy or Cardi may be on the hook for harassment/stalking charges.

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K. Michelle shocked her fans by announcing she is departing Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta after six years.

The studio singer announced her departure on on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Michelle explained that her heart was no longer in it and that she had "no desire" or passion to continue faking scenes on LHHATL.

"I just didn't care. I knew it was time for something bigger than throwing drinks," she said.

K. Michelle won't be gone for long. She will be throwing drinks on her own reality TV show on Lifetime Network in February 2021.

The 34-year-old mom-of-one is rebranding herself as a country music singer in Nashville, Tennessee, after her R&B career failed to take off.

"It's such an amazing feeling to not only watch your dreams come true but to KNOW ILL BE HELPING WOMEN TO LIVE. Saving lives," she wrote. "When they count you out, God will count you in."

Question: Will you boy K. Michelle's country music songs?

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