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Blac Chyna is the latest celebrity to free herself by shaving her hair off.

The 34-year-old Instagram model and actress shared a video of her newly shaven head on Instagram, along with audio of @maariamarie discussing "Bald Head Hoz."

In the audio clip, Maaria Marie says:

"At the end of the day bald headed h**s got good pu**y... Let me tell you, when it's not all this hair up here and you bald, you can really see a woman shape. That's the thing and you can see who's really pretty. 'Cause everybody can't pull off being bald-headed."

Blac Chyna captioned her video:

"Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair. But a confident bald woman - there's your diamond in the rough. [trophy emoji] @lashedcosmetics."

Chyna is following in the footsteps of pop singer Doja Cat who shaved off her hair and eyebrows in August. Doja explained she sees absolutely no point in having hair since she mainly wears wigs onstage.


Blac Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni is accusing the Kardashians of leaving granddaughter Dream Kardashian with a nanny who "burnt" her twice.

In a new interview, Tokyo claims that Dream Kardashian, Blac Chyna's daughter with Rob Kardashian, was left with an abusive nanny who burned the child twice.


Dream (left) is pictured with her auntie, Khloe, and cousins True Thompson and Chicago West (right).

In an interview with Night & Day Network, Toni said, "This is why I don't like the rest of them, Kim, Khloe, none of them h*es, is because when Dream got burnt two times, the nanny did it."


Toni said her daughter, Blac Chyna, called CPS twice when she discovered her daughter's burn injuries.

"Chyna got CPS over there and everything but these b***hes forget," she said. "Chyna done played fair with these h*es for a long time, because I'm going to tell you... if my child over your house and got burnt the first time I don't know about letting that slide. A second time in the same place, oh she ain't coming back over there."

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A judge gave Rob Kardashian full custody of his daughter after proving Chyna was an unfit mother. But Toni says Rob is not a full-time, hands-on father.

Toni questions why her granddaughter's alleged abuser isn't on TMZ.


"Why the nanny wasn't on TMZ with her face shown in Cook County? I don't know where the f*ck its at... Calabasas Jail," she said.

Blac Chyna and Rob recently settled a lawsuit out of court after she sued him for leaking her nudes online.

Chyna is currently starring in the movie Secret Society 2 on Amazon Prime, which premieres on Amazon Prime on July 29.

Chyna will attend a star-studded private screening of the movie in Atlanta on July 26th.

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Miasha Productions

Miasha Productions' advanced premiere screening of Secret Society 2: Never Enough will be held in Atlanta on Tuesday, July 26.

Cast members in attendance will include: Blac Chyna, Vivica A. Fox, Reyna Love, Erica Pinkett, T'Arie Jae, Jeremy Meeks, Kelvin Hair ll, Cree Campbell, Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson, and more.

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From gold digger to being thrown under, Celess (Reyna Love) is making her rounds to prove her loyalty to the game with bestie Si Si (Adejah Parrish). It's not a matter of if your past will catch up to you, it's when! In this fast-paced, edge of your seat sequel to 2021's movie of the year, viewers are in for even more twists than before. Celess is back outside! With a newfound hunger and a bestie, Si Si, to eat with she wastes no time filling her plate. She and Si Si climb the ranks of young Hollywood and are on the brink of making it big but that's when they learn the 'bigger you are the harder you fall' – especially when your past is tugging at your Louboutins. Picking up where Secret Society left off, Secret Society 2's fashion, drama, and plot twists all set out to prove one thing and that is in Celess' world of love versus pain, it's Never Enough.

Coming to Amazon Prime July 29th in the U.S. and the UK.

Watch Worldwide on Vimeo On Demand July 29th.

Source: Press release

Watch the movie trailer below.

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Blac Chyna will get another day in court when her revenge porn lawsuit against Rob Kardashian goes to trial next week.

Chyna lost her $100 million lawsuit against Rob's mother, Kris Jenner, and his siblings last month.

Now Jenner is trying to force Chyna to pay up $300,000 in attorney's fees.

Jenner's demand comes after a judge denied Rob's motion to enforce a settlement that doesn't exist.

Rob said his ex was backing out of her agreement to drop her lawsuit against him if he helped get her dropped from a separate lawsuit.


Chyna's attorney said her client is looking forward to her day in court.

"Chyna is very pleased that the trial judge denied Rob's motion to 'enforce' a settlement that never existed," Lynne Ciani told Page Six exclusively. Ciani added that Chyna will "prove her case ... that Rob posted devastating revenge porn of her" when the trial begins June 20.


Rob is accused of posting nude photos and videos of Chyna on social media after they broke up in 2017. Chyna filed a complaint citing California's strict revenge porn law that prohibits posting nude imagery of an ex-partner online without authorization.

Rob posted a video of Chyna lying in bed with another man. In the caption, Rob claimed she slept with him before bedding the guy.

"Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person. Come spend time with your daughter instead of f-king me and then this dude right after. U need help."

Rob, 35, and Chyna, 34, share 5-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian who lives with her dad full-time.


Chyna obtained a restraining order against her ex-fiancé, who retained famed attorney Robert Shapiro to represent him.

Shapiro apologized for Rob's poor judgment.

"I personally on Robert Kardashian's behalf apologized and offered our regrets for what has taken place in the past couple of days, and now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only: whatever's in the best interest of this child," Shapiro said.


But Chyna was not satisfied with an apology, she filed a lawsuit, seeking millions in damages for her pain and suffering.

"Revenge porn is a very dangerous form of violence predominantly perpetrated against girls and women," Ciani told Page Six. "Victims of revenge porn typically experience serious anxiety, shame and helplessness. Some revenge porn victims have committed suicide."


Ciani also said Rob has "never taken responsibility for his heinous and vengeful act" of posting nude photos and videos of Chyna on social media in July 2017.

"He was never criminally prosecuted," she concluded. "It is finally time for Rob to be held accountable in a court of law."

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Blac Chyna and her opponent Alysia Magen both called bullsh*t after their first pay-per-view celebrity boxing match ended in a draw on Saturday night.

"Maybe they should check the scores again!" Chyna said after the fight, according to TMZ.

Chyna went down hard in the 2nd round - after she was pushed by Alysia - at the Charles F. Dodge Center in Pembroke Pines near Miami, Florida.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Chyna lunged at Alysia during the pre-fight weigh in on Friday. The two ladies were separated by their muscular handlers.

The ladies threw a flurry of soft punches and light body shots during the fight, billed as the "South Florida Rumble."

The small crowd grew restless for some real boxing action in the third and final round, but they didn't get their wish.

The judges scored the fight a draw between the two evenly matched Instagram models.

During the match, fans tweeted that Blac Chyna booked a fight the day before she's scheduled to babysit her two children - King Cairo Stevenson, 9, and Dream, 5.

It isn't clear how many people paid to watch Chyna and Alysia throwing paws at each other.


Rob Kardashian says Blac Chyna is trying to back out of a deal to settle their revenge porn lawsuit.

In a new court filing obtained by TMZ, Rob's attorneys says his ex agreed to drop her lawsuit against him for leaking her nude pics - if he helped get her dropped from a separate lawsuit.


Chyna, 34, is pictured working out for her celebrity boxing match against Instagram model Alysia Magen on June 11.

As TMZ reported, one of Blac Chyna's exes, Pilot Jones, filed a lawsuit against Chyna and Rob, claiming they outed him as bisexual, thereby exposing him to public threats and ridicule.

According to TMZ, Rob says he accepted that deal last month, but now Chyna's trying to get out of it by not dropping her lawsuit against him.

Rob says Chyna is threatening to go forward with a trial in the revenge porn case.


Rob wants Chyna to stick to her deal to drop the lawsuit altogether. He's asking a judge to force Blac Chyna to keep her part of the bargain.

Rob is desperate to avoid another public trial, like the recent highly publicized trial over their reality show getting canceled.


Chyna lost her $100 million lawsuit when a jury sided with Rob's mother, Kris Jenner, and his siblings, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

Rob filed a motion for an emergency hearing. The judge has yet to rule on Rob's request.


Blac Chyna was already back at work days after losing her $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashians & Jenners.

The mother of 2 wore a skintight bodysuit to film for her TV series in Malibu, CA. Chyna was seen posing in front of a Lamborghini.


Chyna took to Instagram to urge her 16.4 million followers to watch BET's four-part series The Black Hamptons.


"Make sure y'all tune in, I can't wait for y'all to see me as "Karrin" in Carl Webers "Black Hamptons" Thank you @tridestined bet #bet."

The Black Hamptons also stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Brian White and Elise Neal.

The series is produced by the same team behind the popular BET+ original drama The Family Business.

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Tokyo Toni's effort to help her daughter, Blac Chyna, raise $400,000 to appeal the Kardashian verdict is paying off.

Tokyo launched a GoFundMe account with a goal of $400,000 a day after a Los Angeles jury handed Chyna a devastating loss in her $100 million defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians and Jenners.

The GoFundMe page, titled "Cheering for Blac Chyna's Appeal," reads:

"Hi I am Shalana Hunter BKA Tokyo Toni. I would like to appeal to the courts this Go Fund Me Fundraiser to help my daughter, Angela R. White BKA Blac Chyna financially in this endeavor to get justice.


Momma Tokyo."

As of this morning, Tokyo's GoFundMe account has raised $960 toward its $400,000 goal.

The top donor was a superfan named Pamela Gayle who gave $100. While Kim Kardashian herself donated $5 toward the cause.

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TMZ caught up with Tokyo on Tuesday in L.A., and she thinks Blac Chyna has a solid chance to win on appeal — if they successfully raise that $400K for legal fees.


Tokyo also had a message for the Kardashians to "do what's right" and end the war against her daughter, especially since Chyna and Rob Kardashian share 5-year-old Dream Kardashian.

Tokyo was by Chyna's side for the entire hearing —— until the judge had her booted from the courtroom and told her to never return.

Question: Do you plan to donate to Blac Chyna's appeal fund?


Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni launched a GoFundMe account after a Los Angeles jury denied her $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashians.

A jury on Monday denied Chyna's defamation lawsuit against Kris Jenner and her daughters, Kim, Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Just one day after the stunning loss, Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni, pleaded with fans for $400,000 for an appeal.


The GoFundMe page, titled "Cheering for Blac Chyna's Appeal," reads:

"Hi I am Shalana Hunter BKA Tokyo Toni. I would like to appeal to the courts this Go Fund Me Fundraiser to help my daughter, Angela R. White BKA Blac Chyna financially in this endeavor to get justice.


Momma Tokyo."

So far, 28 fans have donated $440 of Toni's $400,000 goal. She is hoping to raise $1,000 by the end of the week.

Question: Will you donate to Chyna's appeal fund?


Blac Chyna spent big bucks on a designer wardrobe, handbags and shoes for her showdown with the Kardashians & Jenners in an L.A. courtroom. But it was all for nothing.

A jury on Monday denied the socialite's claim for damages in her $100 million defamation lawsuit against Kris Jenner and her daughters, Kim, Kylie, Khloe, and Kourtney.

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Chyna won't even get reimbursed for her attorney's fees or stylist's fees.
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The jury decided that none of the family members defamed Chyna or interfered with her ability to earn a living wage.

While the verdict was announced in L.A., the Kardashians were in NYC preparing to attend the 2022 MET Gala.


Chyna, a former stripper and "video vixen", claimed the family used their influence to get her reality TV series "Rob & Chyna" canceled in 2016.

She said the family interfered with her revenue and landed her in the poor house.

Chyna, real name Angela Renée White, was engaged to Rob Kardashian at the time. They share 5-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian. Rob, 35, has primary custody of Dream.

Chyna, 34, also has a son named King Cairo Stevenson, 9, with rapper Tyga.

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A judge threw out Kim Kardashian's portion of Blac Chyna's high-profile defamation case in a Los Angeles courtroom.

A Los Angeles judge ruled Kardashian, 40, should not be held liable in Blac Chyna's $100 million lawsuit because she didn't say anything "alleged to be defamatory."

According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly on Friday, April 29, the judge ruled that there was no evidence that Kardashian said anything defamatory against Chyna, 33.

The defamation claim against Kim was dismissed, but she is still on the hook for intentional interference with a contract for her part in canceling "Rob & Chyna" TV series.

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The ruling was based on the lawyers' arguments, and court documents, according to Page Six.

Even though Kardashian was dropped from the defamation lawsuit, she, her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters, Khloe, Kylie and Kourtney are still accused of using their influence to cancel a potential second season of Chyna and ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian's E! reality show.

However, former executive producer Jeff Jenkins said a second season was never on the table.

The case has gone to the jury and deliberations began at 9:30 a.m. West Coast time.

Update: No verdict today. The jury will return Monday morning to continue deliberations.

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Rob Kardashian testified in court about the domestic violence he suffered at the hands of his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna.

Chyna is suing the Kardashians and Jenners for $100 million, alleging they black balled her and put her in the poor house by getting her "Rob & Chyna" reality TV series canceled.


Chyna was seen laughing hysterically after Rob testified against her in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday.

Rob said he began dating the former stripper when he was at his "lowest point" in life. Chyna took advantage of his mild manner.

He testified things went south quickly after he asked her to marry him when she fell pregnant with their daughter, Dream Kardashian.

He said Chyna beat him at least 5 times during their relationship and held a gun to his head several times.


Rob detailed how Chyna beat him with a metal rod and tied a phone cord around his neck, strangling him.

He became agitated on the stand when Chyna's attorney pointed out he didn't have scars on his face from the alleged beatings.

"Stop trying to make it sound like it didn't happen," he cried. " There were no marks on my face or neck. That doesn't mean it didn't happen."

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Rob testified he didn't love Chyna when he asked her to marry him. He was in love with a stripper - not the woman behind the personae.

"It wasn't real love. I had a baby with this girl," he said.

"I had a gun held to my head several times by this woman. That's not love."


Blac Chyna admitted in open court that she earned over $1 million on Only Fans, but she hasn't paid taxes in three years.

The shocking revelation came on day 4 of Chyna's $108 million defamation lawsuit trial against Kris Jenner and her Kardashian brood in a Los Angeles courtroom.


Chyna, 33, sued the Kardashians and Jenners for black balling her and causing the cancellation of her reality TV series, "Rob and Chyna" on E! Network.

Like most Americans, Chyna is obligated to pay her taxes every April. However, the mom of two revealed has not paid her fair share of taxes which could land her in hot water with Uncle Sam.

Chyna was under oath when she took the witness stand on Thursday. She had no choice but to be truthful and admit she is a tax cheat. Lying on the stand would cause more trouble than she's already in.

Photo may have been deleted Mona Shafer Edwards / BACKGRID

During cross examination Kardashian attorney Michael Rhodes asked the former stripper about her claim that the series cancellation cost her millions of dollars in future income.

Rhodes asked Chyna if she had any bank accounts or tax documents.

"I don't have any personal bank accounts," Chyna replied. She also said she hadn't filed her taxes since 2018.

Rhodes slammed Chyna for bringing a $100,000 Hermès handbag into court on Thursday, despite her claims of being penniless.

Chyna broke down in tears while testifying about Rob Kardashian's infamous nude photo leak.

But she might want to save her tears for the day the tax man cometh.


Blac Chyna told a Los Angeles jury she was "just kidding" when she put a gun to Rob Kardashian's head and tied an iPhone cord around his neck.

Chyna is suing the Kardashians for $108 million for black balling her and urging executive producer Ryan Seacrest to cancel her reality series "Rob & Chyna."

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The fashionable reality TV star arrived to court on Wednesday accompanied by her stylist.
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Chyna came clean about her violent tendencies after the Kardashian family's attorney brought up the 2016 incident in court on Tuesday.

Attorney Michael Rhodes said Rob, 35, and Chyna got into a "major fight" at Kylie Jenner's house in 2016. He said Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble, got between them and broke up the fight.

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Mona Shafer Edwards / BACKGRID

Chyna, 33, told the packed courtroom that she took a gun off of the dresser in their bedroom and "jokingly" put it to Rob's head, saying, "If you ever leave me..."

She insisted the deadly weapon was not loaded.

"It was not loaded. I would never shoot Rob or anyone at that. It was just joking, like, 'HA, HA!'"

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As for the allegation that she wrapped an iPhone cord around poor Rob's neck, Chyna had an explanation for that, too.

She said she "jokingly" wrapped the cord around Rob's neck and tightened it to "get his attention" while he played video games.

The mom of two insisted she was not trying to strangle Rob — although it may have seemed that way to him as he struggled to breathe.

Chyna is a petite 5-foot-2 and 135 pounds, while Rob is 5'-10' and weighed around 200 pounds at the time of the incident.

Chyna and Rob share 5-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian. A judge gave Rob primary custody of the child when she was an infant.


Kardashian family attorney Michael Rhodes claims Blac Chyna held a gun to Rob Kardashian's head and tried to strangle him with a phone cord.

Rhodes made the allegations on Tuesday in a Los Angeles courtroom where Chyna's $100 million lawsuit against the Kardashians is being heard.

Rhodes said Rob and Chyna got into a "major fight" during season 2 of "Rob and Chyna" on E! Network. The fight was captured on E!'s reality TV cameras but never aired.

Rhodes alleges that Kris' boyfriend Corey Gamble broke up the fight by physically getting between them at Kylie's house.


Blac Chyna, real name Angela Renee White, is a petite 5-foot-2 and weighs about 135 pounds. Rob is 5'-10" and weighed around 200 pounds at the time of the fight.

"This relationship was fraught with problems and the network was very worried," Rhodes said in court. "They were acting against their own financial interest to protect someone they loved."

Chyna accuses the Kardashians of defaming her and causing producers to cancel her reality TV series. She said she earned $100,000 per episode.

The Kardashian family admits asking producer Ryan Seacrest to cancel the series because they were trying to protect Rob from her.


"Miss White wanted something," Rhodes said. "She wanted to be one of them... She wanted that name. The evidence is going to show you that Miss White would say or do anything to be part of this family."


The family said Chyna took out a restraining order against Rob, so they couldn't be filmed together anyway.

Rob, 35, and Chyna, 33, share a daughter, Dream Kardashian. Rob is Dream's primary parent.