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Cory Hardrict had a one-word response to rumors that he cheated on his estranged wife, Tia Mowry who filed for divorce.

On Tuesday, Tia, 44, announced she was divorcing Cory after 14 years of marriage.

In an Instagram post featuring a B&W photo of her and Cory together, Tia wrote:

"I have always been honest with my fans, and today is no different. I wanted to share that Cory and I have decided to go our separate ways. These decisions are never easy, and not without sadness."

Tia cited "irreconcilable differences" in her divorce petition. She asked the court to divvy up the couple's assets according to their ironclad prenuptial agreement, which does not entitle Cory to her TV money.


Tia's fans began speculating that Cory, 42, cheated on her, which caused the break up of their marriage.

But Cory denied the rumors in a one-word tweet.

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He also retweeted a follower who wrote: "Don't react too quickly. Stay calm and remember it's just a moment. It shall pass."

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R&B crooner Miguel is back on the market after his long-suffering wife, Nazanin Mandi filed for divorce again.

Miguel and Nazanin announced their second divorce months after their reconciliation, according to a statement to People magazine.

In her 2022 statement, Nazanin cited "irreconcilable differences" and asked the court to divide their assets and properties according to their prenuptial agreement.

Nazanin also cited "irreconcilable differences" when she filed for divorce in September 2021.

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The couple dated for 10 years before getting engaged in 2016 and tying the knot in 2018. Nazanin reportedly told friends she wanted to get married and start a family before age 35, but Miguel was hesitant. She is now 36 and still childless.

In a post on Instagram, Nazanin said she is embarking on a new journey as a life coach. She plans to teach women how to avoid emotionally unavailable men like Miguel.

In a new video, Nazanin downplayed beauty as a feature that fades over time.

"Intelligence, kindness, the way you treat people, the way you carry yourself, class is the only beauty that never dulls, it never fades, it never goes away," she said.

"All that external beauty is 100 percent temporary," she continued. "Your mind defines you. Your character is what's going to raise your children - not your beauty."

In an interview for the PEOPLE Every Day podcast in March 2021, Nazanin explained why she and Miguel grew apart during the forced pandemic quarantine.

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"We were used to being around each other a lot, but then we were also used to traveling a lot," she told PEOPLE.

"So keeping the spark alive was definitely something we had to stay on — because when you're in different cities, it's automatic to feel excitement [when you see each other again]."

"But being home [together] all the time, it's like, 'Okay, we have to find new things to watch, and to do and to read.' It was a lot, but overall, we did great. I have no complaints, [and] am grateful for everything."

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Tia Mowry is back on the market after 14 years of marriage. The actress filed for divorce from actor Cory Hardrict, according to legal documents, obtained by The Blast.

Tia, 44, cited "irreconcilable differences" as the cause of their break up. She is asking for joint custody of their two children and no spousal support to either party.

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Tia started dating Cory after she spotted him at a bus stop while working together on the set of a movie.

In an interview, Cory explained his meager living conditions when he met his future wife.


"I had odd jobs. I worked at K-Mart, graveyard shift, security. That's when I was just grinding man. I met my wife during them days. She was with me. She was just coming out of "Sister, Sister," but they had everything man and I didn't have anything. I had a studio apartment, sleeping in the corner, no furniture for almost two years."


Tia and Cory were married in April 2008 after dating for six years. They share two minor children.

Tia says they have an ironclad prenuptial agreement, meaning he is not entitled to half of her TV money or other assets. / BACKGRID

Tia prides herself on being an independent woman who doesn't follow "traditional gender roles" in marriage. She insisted that their marriage be an equal partnership.

"If I'm working a lot and Cory's home, he will put [son] Cree to bed, and if dishes need to be washed, he will wash them," she told HuffPost Live. "So it's not like, 'Oh, I'm going to wait until my wife gets home and she's going to be doing all that.'"

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are back on the market after 13 years of marriage. The NFL quarterback and the fashion model-turned-homemaker have retained divorce attorneys.

According to reports, Gisele is upset over Brady's decision to un-retire and return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A source told the NY Post's Page Six: "I never actually thought this argument would be the end of them, but it looks like it is ... I don't think there will be any coming back now. They both have lawyers and are looking at what a split will entail, who gets what and what the finances will be."


Gisele, 42, had hoped Tom, 45, would be a stay-at-home dad to their two minor children.

A source close to Gisele told Page Six that their split had "nothing to do with his decision to return to the NFL." The source called the claims "sexist."

CNN reported last month that Brady and Gisele were "living separately". They own several homes together.

People magazine reported that Gisele did not attend the Buccaneers' Sept. 25 home opener against the Green Bay Packers because she was busy "working on personal projects."

The couple previously separated in 2015 amid allegations that the 7-time Super Bowl champion had an affair with their nanny.

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Chicago gang banger-turned-rapper Lil Durk is reportedly back on the market.

Rumors spread that Durk was single after his longtime girlfriend India Royale tweeted "I'm a free agent" and unfollowed him on Instagram on Sunday.

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India also scrubbed his photos from her Instagram page, which doubles as a shrine to the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

A hopeful fan tried to flirt with Lil Durk on Instagram over the weekend.

The fan slid into his DM and wrote, "Fck India Slide With London. I'll treat you better she don't appreciate you."

Durk, 29, responded, "On tooka grave ion want yo skinny broke a** [sic]." His tweet referenced slain Chicago gang member Tooka, whose death was mocked in drill rap songs ("smoking on Tooka").

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The shameless fan shared a screenshot of the DMs with a caption that read, "Dang my bad."

India Royale, 27, is an Instagram influencer with over 4 million followers. She had a daughter named Skylar before she started dating the drill rapper in 2017. They share a 3-year-old daughter named Willow together.

Durk also has 5 other children by 4 baby mamas.

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Ne-Yo has filed court documents asking a judge to reject alimony for his estranged wife Crystal Renay Smith.

The "Don't Love Me" singer also wants the judge to evict Crystal and their children from his Georgia house.

Crystal filed for divorce in August after she found out her cheating husband fathered a child out of wedlock.
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According to court documents obtained by, Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Smith, said his marriage is "irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation."

Ne-Yo asked the judge to deny Crystal's request for temporary and permanent spousal support and primary custody of their three children. He said they should share joint legal and physical custody and he will pay child support but not spousal support.

Ne-Yo, 42, insists he is an "active and loving father to his children."

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He is pictured during happier times with Crystal and his children, Madilyn Grace Smith, Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, Mason Evan Smith, and Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. on May 01, 2021.

"[Ne-Yo] asserts that he is financially, physically, and emotionally capable of serving as a joint physical custodian of the parties' three minor children alongside [Crystal]."

Furthermore, Ne-Yo asked for both parties to pay their own debts.

He asked for sole possession of their marital home in Georgia as "he has been solely responsible for the mortgage and maintenance of this property since the date of purchase." Ne-Yo said he purchased 3 properties during the marriage and maintained them by himself.

Ne-Yo & Crystal Renay


Ne-Yo noted that Crystal was a professional dancer before they met, and she should return to that profession to pay her bills.

"[Crystal] possess the considerable ability to procure stable and consistent employment at this current time and following the dissolution of the marriage," he wrote.

Ne-Yo previously broke up with Crystal in February 2020 after she accused him of cheating on her.

The 35-year-old homemaker said, "I gained 3 beautiful children out of this but nothing else but wasted years and heartache."

She asked her followers to "please stop sending me videos or information of him cheating because what he does is no longer my concern. I am not a victim. I'm choosing to stand tall with my head held high."


Kim Kardashian is diving back into the dating pool after her recent break up with Pete Davidson.

Kardashian, 41, broke up with Davidson, 28, in early August after dating for less than a year.

Now that she's back on the market, she's hoping to meet a few eligible bachelors, according to reports.


Kardashian's rep said the single mom is ready to date again but she's not rushing into another commitment. She would rather play the field and date a plethora of men while she's still young and flexible.


Kardashian's rep says Kim knows her last relationship was Dopamine-fueled, and not based on love.


"Kim is single and ready to mingle," said her rep.

"She does not want to get locked into anything right now. Her feelings for Pete were so strong but she knows now that it was lust that she was driven by and not love. Love takes time and right now Kim doesn't have the time to invest in anything serious. So, while she focuses on her billion-dollar empire, including the launching of her new ear pods brand, she is going to have fun. If this includes going on dates, so be it. But she is way too involved with her family and focused on herself right now to give away too much of this to anyone else."

If you're a high value man who earns at least 7 figures annually, slide into Kim's DMs and introduce yourself. Be patient, you might have to wait for a while for a reply.

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Kardashian was seen arriving to shoot Hailey Bieber's "WHO'S IN MY BATHROOM?" YouTube show in Los Angeles this week.

The Hapa Blonde / BACKGRID

She turned heads in a Balenciaga jumpsuit and Balenciaga boots.

Kardashian co-parents her four minor children with ex-husband Kanye West, 45.

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Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson are reportedly back on the market after dating on and off for three years.

According to MediaTakeout, both actresses called it quits for good recently.

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"They were together and inseparable. Both beautiful and talented. It's a shame that they didn't last," an insider told MediaTakeout.

Tessa confirmed the break up in a tweet on Sunday, Aug. 21.

"Single & Ready to Pringle," she wrote. was the first to break the news that the two were lovebirds — although their reps denied my exclusive.


Janelle came out as nonbinary in April. "I'm nonbinary, so I just don't see myself as a woman," she explained.

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Janelle also dated Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o. Janelle, Tessa, and Lupita have dated men in the past.

Janelle kept her LGTB lifestyle a secret from her deeply religious family for years.

"Somebody said, 'If you don't work out the things that you need to work out first before you share with the world, then you'll be working it out with the world.' That's what I didn't want to do," she told Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of Red Table Talk.

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Sylvester Stallone is back on the market after his wife of 25 years, Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce.

According to PEOPLE, Flavin, 54, filed a petition "for dissolution of marriage and other relief" from the Rocky star on Friday in Palm Beach County, Florida.

In court documents, obtained by PEOPLE, Flavin accused Stallone of intentionally selling off marital assets, including a Beverly Hills mansion that was recently snapped up by British pop singer Adele for $58 million.

Brian To/

The filing, obtained by PEOPLE, states that "the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken," and alleges that "upon information and belief," Stallone "has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital estate."

Rumors ran rampant this week that their marriage was on the rocks after Stallone, 76, covered up a huge tattoo of Flavin on his right shoulder.

Stallone covered the tattoo with an image of his beloved late dog, Butkus, who starred with him in the Rocky film. The actor is pictured with his dog, Dwight, in an Instagram photo gallery (swipe left).

Stallone's rep initially denied rumors that his marriage was over.

"Mr. Stallone intended to refresh the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer; however, the results were unsatisfactory and, unfortunately, unfixable," Stallone's publicist Michelle Bega told the Daily Mail.

She continued, "Mr. Stallone loves his family. The Stallones are presently filming a reality show together which will debut on Paramount+."

The last sentence hints that the divorce filing is a stunt to promote their reality TV show.

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Kanye West finally deleted his "Skete Davidson" Instagram post following reports that the former SNL comic is in "trauma therapy" over his online bullying.

As you know, Kanye posted a fake NY Times headline on IG that read: "SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT 28".


Kim Kardashian, who broke up with Pete after 9 months, was reportedly furious and demanded that he take the post down.

But the post was not removed until a story broke on Monday that Pete was in trauma therapy over Kanye's online bullying. That's usually the first step towards a lawsuit of some kind.


A source tells PEOPLE Davidson "has been in trauma therapy in large part" due to the rap icon's incessant bullying since April of this year."

"The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for [Pete], and he's had to seek out help," the source said.

But Kim and Pete's hands aren't clean either. Both of them relentlessly mocked and bullied Kanye online throughout their relationship.

In fact, months before Kim announced her break up with Pete, they dined on a pizza called Ham & Yeezy pizza at Jon & Vinny's restaurant in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the couple ate a pizza named after Kanye. She even posted an Instagram photo that showed them cuddling at the table with half eaten slices of pizza on their plate.

Fans speculated it was part of a coordinated campaign to drive Kanye crazy by taunting him with photos of her and Pete's PDA.

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Kanye "YE" West is in a good mood after reports that his ex-wife Kim Kardashian is back on the market.

Kim and former SNL cast member Pete Davidson have split after nine months of dating.


Kim reportedly demanded that Kanye take down a post that shows a NY Times headline that reads: "SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT 28".

Kanye has not responded to Kim's demands to take the post down.

The post is the only one on Kanye's Instagram page.

Until now there were rumors that Kim may get back together with the father of her four children. But a "source" says not so fast.


A "source close to" Kim's kamp reportedly told The Daily Mail, "Kim won't stand for this. She is demanding that Kanye take the post down, but he won't. She has been vigorously defending Pete. She'll never get back together with Kanye over the way he's treated the people she loves and respects. She has tried incredibly hard to have a good co-parenting situation for the children. She won't stand for this type of behavior from him."

Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, taunted Kanye throughout their nine month relationship, which some say was manufactured for her family's reality TV series.

Kanye clapped back with multiple attack posts that got his Instagram page temporarily suspended.

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Ne-Yo is back on the market after his wife, Crystal Renay Smith, put him on blast for cheating on her again.

The R&B singer and songwriter previously broke up with Crystal in February 2020. She scrubbed all images of him from her Instagram page and later accused him of cheating.
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This time Crystal provided more details and said she is done with Ne-Yo and his cheating ways. Crystal and Ne-Yo recently renewed their wedding vows after 8 turbulent years of marriage.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Crystal connected on an emotional level with other long-suffering wives when she said she was "heartbroken and disgusted" over Ne-Yo's rampant cheating over the past 8 years. In her lengthy post, Crystal made sure to specify that her husband cheated with women.

Ne-Yo & Crystal Renay


"8 years. 8 years of lies and deception," wrote Crystal. "8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and husband with numerous ... women who sell their bodies to him unprotected...every last one of them!"

She added that Ne-Yo was a narcissist who expected her to stay at home with their kids and accept that men cheat.

Ne-Yo & Crystal Smith spends the day with their kids at Disney California Adventure


"To say I'm heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. To ask me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane. The mentality of a narcissist. I will no longer lie to the public or pretend that this is happening it isn't. I choose me, I choose my happiness and health and my respect."

Ne-Yo and Crystal are parents to sons Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr., 6, and Roman Alexander-Raj Smith, 4, and daughter Isabella Rose Smith, 13 months.

Sheri Determan/

The 35-year-old homemaker said she is willing to raise her three children as a single mom rather than keep her family together.

"I gained 3 beautiful children out of this but nothing else but wasted years and heartache," she wrote.

She asked her followers to "please stop sending me videos or information of him cheating because what he does is no longer my concern. I am not a victim. I'm choosing to stand tall with my head held high."


Ne-Yo, 42, has a son named Mason Evan Smith and a daughter named Madilyn Grace Smith with his his ex Monyetta Shaw.

On Sunday, he asked his Instagram followers to "respect me and my family's privacy at this time."

"For the sake of our children, my family and I will work through our challenges behind closed doors. Personal matters are not meant to be addressed and dissected in public forums. I simply ask that you please respect me and my family's privacy at this time."

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Chelsea Handler is back on the market after announcing her break up from fellow comedian Jo Koy.

In May, the comedienne took to Instagram to gush about the "best boyfriend I've ever had."

The couple began dating in August 2021 after a 20-year friendship.

In an "appreciation post" on May 18, Handler, 47, explained why Koy, 51, was the perfect man for her.

"This is an appreciation post for the man who turns on my rain machine every night, even though you hate my choice of rain (thunderstorm) and even though I'm only putting it on to drown out your CPAP machine (Sleep apnea,)" Handler wrote.

"Thanks for carrying around an extra lip balm for me because you know I will lose mine and for never letting me carry my own purse, or really anything for that matter. Thanks for loving my dogs the way you do and for always making sure I double bolt my lock in every hotel room," she added.

"I never thought I even wanted someone to look after me this way, but I do. You're the best boyfriend I've ever had. (Shout out to all my exes.) Let's inspire the people who haven't found their person yet, that real love is coming your way and it's out there in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes! Mahal Kita @jokoy you saved me."

In April, Handler said Koy has "redeemed my faith in men," and she said he called her cellulite "sexy: the more the merrier."

On Monday, July 18, Handler announced her break up with Koy on Instagram.

She posted a video that the two planned to share on their one-year anniversary.

In the caption, she wrote, "It is with a heavy heart to announce that we have decided together that it is best for us to take a break from our relationship right now."

"I know many of you were invested in our love, and I wanted to express to you how much that meant to both of us. How much it still means. And how much I now believe in love for each one of us," she wrote.

"This man blew my heart open with love and because of him, my life experience has changed forever... He renewed my faith in men, in love, in being 100% who I am, and I've never been more optimistic for the future."

"I still believe that my person is coming, whether that is Jo Koy at a certain time or if it's not, I accept that," she added.

Their friends hope the breakup is only temporary.

"Their friends are hoping they can still work it out. But if anything, it's clear their relationship has changed them both for the better," the source told PEOPLE.

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However, some fans aren't buying the break up story.

"I'm starting to think [your] breakup is not real," one fan wrote on Instagram. "Are you guys in some strange way joking with all of us . Two people who seem so incredibly happy and in love does not make sense that you would end it . Life is too short for bullshit . Think this out..."

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Lori Harvey denies reports that her split from A-list actor Michael B. Jordan left her in a deep depression.

Rumor has it that Lori dropped 20 pounds and fell into a deep depression after Michael broke up with her.

Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

"I'm in a really, really good space," she told E! News. She said she is looking forward to her hot girl summer as a single woman.

affinitypicture / BACKGRID

"Like, really happy, I'm excited for the summer. I feel like this is the first summer that we have kind of no real restrictions, like we're off lockdown. So I feel good!"

She says she's focusing on her skin care line SKN by LH and building her brand.

"Business is going good. I have some new fun projects that are coming soon that I've been working on, so I'm extremely excited to share that with everybody. Just excited to continue to grow, continue to evolve, continue to learn as I go."


Sources say Lori is taking a break from reading her DMs. She's tired of the constant stream of "pick me" messages from lonely men.

The daughter of Marjorie Harvey and stepdaughter of standup comedian Steve Harvey said her parents advised her "To not get caught up in the comment section" on social media. Lori says she repeats her mantra to her younger self: "Remember you're the prize, always."

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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are back on the market. A source revealed they went their separate ways after dating for 2 years.

The source tells ET Online! The Kardashians star and the Phoenix Suns guard broke up after going public in April 2020.


"Kendall feels like they're on different paths," the source told ET Online. Another insider said that they "have had discussions about their future but they are not on the same page."
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Fans noticed their body language was off during the NBA's 2021-22 regular season. They rarely held hands, and when they did, she led him around like a lost child.

Body language refers to a person's gestures or body position that communicates nonverbally with others.


Devin clearly knew who was in charge in the relationship. He didn't seem to mind Kendall taking the lead.

That may be because Devin was raised by an independent single mom in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

MEGA/GC Images

Devin's father, who is Black, played professional basketball overseas. Little Devin visited his dad every summer in Europe where his father was playing.

When Devin's father retired from pro ball, his teenage son moved in with him in Mississippi where his father coached him at Moss Point High School.