How do you go from winning American Idol, signing a major record deal and selling millions of records to almost losing BOTH of your cribs and you're still under age 25???

I could see if Fantasia was a broke 45-year-old toothless has-been singer like Beyonce soon will be. Fantasia needs to be beat hard with a common sense stick! Even if there was a man involved and she was supporting him and bought his baby mama a car and paid his child support. She still should have a little something left over if she was investing her money right.

The "American Idol" winner says she was just a day away from losing both of the south Charlotte homes she owns.

"I put my life in other people's hands that didn't quite take care of it like I would have," she said.

She says she always had the money, and when a judge realized that the near foreclosures -- and the people she used to have working for her -- went away.

"I put my trust in other men -- people that said they cared about me, that they said they loved me, that they would do anything for me," Barrino said. "I felt like all I had to do was get the mike, get on the stage and sing and everything else behind me would be taken care of but it didn't happen that way."

Now, she says, it's about moving on.

"I'm excited to be back. It's been a long time coming," she said. READ MORE...

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While browsing one of the other blogs, I came across this image of a lovely brunette. I did a double take at the caption that said the statuesque model was KHLOE KARDASHIAN.

All I can say is wow at Khloe's svelte, eye popping new figure! Can you believe that's the same chick that we all thought Young Jeezy was banging until his publicist vigorously denied it? Jeezy might want to rethink getting with that before some other brotha jumps on it. Maino comes immediately to mind, but I don't know why. Maino has never given me the impression that he was down with the swirl.


Singer Natalie Cole experienced both joy and pain this week when she learned her oldest sister died of cancer just hours after Natalie underwent a life-saving kidney transplant operation.

Early Monday morning, Cole had been comforting her older sister, Carol, when she got a call from doctors saying that a kidney from a 22-year-old patient had become available. Doctors told her she would have to rush to the hospital immediately.

"Natalie was there with her at her bedside ... and she got a phone call from her doctors that a kidney was ready for her. She said, 'What do you mean? I can't deal with that right now! I'm here with my dying sister!' And they said to her, 'No, ma'am. We've got to do it now. You've got to be at Cedars-Sinai in two hours,'" Natalie's younger sister, Timolin Cole said.
Cole had been battling hepatitis C from a past drug addiction and needed kidney dialysis three times a week and underwent the surgery. When Cole successfully came out of her kidney transplant surgery, she found out her older sister had passed away.
"This is all so surreal, and it is devastating," Cole's younger sister said.
Meanwhile, Cole's transplant was a success, and she's expected to go home over the weekend. Her family says "she's doing well, and she's going to party like a rock star in no time."


While still a decent looker, this glorified backup singer/dancer still needs a lot of help to keep the laugh lines and crow's feet at bay.

Find out who she is after the break!

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It appears that Rihanna might have had too many shots of that Patron last night. I only say that because Rihanna's bodyguard (the one Jay Z hired to trail her and keep her safe) had to hold her up when she left the Golden Crust (a Caribbean bakery) before returning to her hotel last night in NYC. I've eaten at Caribbean spots in the past, and I know they have a tendency to be a little heavy handed with the rum in some of their dishes. But I think RiRi was drunk before she ever got to the restaurant.

Like maybe she emptied her hotel room bar before she left out? I know RiRi is under a lot of stress right now -- what with wack rappers trying to use her name for publicity for the come up. But I only hope that Rihanna uses restraint and remembers that Beyonce and Christina Milian aren't too far behind her ready to knock that crown off her head. Get it together girl!

LOVE the gladiator sandals!


I LOVE me some Fresh who runs roughshod all over Miami rapper Trina on her blog My post title is a take off on one of Fresh's many original, yet comical euphemisms: "why won't you let ______ be great?"

Here's what Fresh wrote about Trina today:

My how times have changed. New wig, new look, new attitude! Girl, you so editorial.

Probably not but Katrina Laverne is still trying to make us all believers. Of what, I am not sure of but she isn’t going to give up until she is at the same star status as a certain spicy creole goddess who shall remain nameless. Good luck with that.

Trina opens up about her relationship with Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin, her collard green funk image, and the direction of her upcoming album with Blue magazine editor Lenox Magee. Get your daily dose of the ‘glamorest’ life [HER WORDS, NOT MINE] by following her at TWITTER.COM/TRINAROCKSTARR.


Rapper T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr, has filed a motion to delay the start of his sentence at an Arkansas detention center next week so he can upgrade his living arrangements. T.I. also wants to be moved to a prison facility closer to home -- can you blame him?

As you know, a request was approved back in March to delay the original start of T.I.'s sentence because T.I. said he had prior contractual commitments to tend to first.


In a court filing Thursday, T.I.’s lawyers asked for a two-week delay to resolve the issue with the Bureau of Prisons. T.I. has been ordered by the U.S. Marshall’s Service to begin serving his time on Tuesday at a low-security federal prison in Forrest City, Ark.

In the filing, T.I.’s lawyers said he should be allowed to serve his time in a prison camp. T.I. was assigned to go to the Forrest City facility because he had a prior offense that was designated as a serious violent felony, his lawyers said.

But the prior offense did not involve a weapon and “amounted to little more than a ‘scuffle’ at a mall,” the motion said.

Once T.I. reports to prison, changing his location is an “extremely cumbersome process” that might last until his sentence is almost complete, the lawyers said. The motion is pending before U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr., who presided over the case.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons Web site, prison camps are minimum-security institutions with dormitory housing, relatively low staff-to-inmate ratios and limited or no perimeter fencing.

Low-security prisons, like the one in Forrest City, have double-fenced perimeters with higher staff-to-inmate ratios. Both types of facilities have inmate work programs.

T.I. can carve 15 percent off his sentence with good behavior and is expected to get credit for the two weeks he sat in jail after his arrest and before he posted a $3 million bond.

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I received some responses, not a lot, to the video I posted yesterday titled "Does the black woman know her place in the family?" I'm posting two of those emails after the break. But before I do that, I think I should clarify my position on this touchy subject.

Yesterday I had an appointment so I posted the video and left out before I could read the responses. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see that only a few of you got the point of the entire video and of my post. It has always been my position that marriage is NOT for everyone, and that I am not in favor of couples marrying just to make someone else happy.

Since some of you decided to make a comparison between Monica and Rocko and the statistics that I quoted about unwed single mothers, I should point out that Monica is not single. Not only is her baby daddy living in her home with their children but he is providing for his family as a man should. A piece of paper will not change that fact.

Some of you need to get off that trip about marriage being the ultimate goal to live happily ever after. Statistics show that over 50% of marriages in the black community end in divorce because most of you get married for all the wrong reasons. Maybe if some of you started concentrating on finding the RIGHT man as opposed to worrying about some fool putting a ring on your finger, our community wouldn't have the problems that we have now.

I also want to touch on the fact that more than half of you blamed the "trifling" black man for all your troubles. And quite a few of you typed that oft-repeated mantra that you can "do fine all by yourself," blah blah blah... Let me just say this: who do you think raised that trifling black man? I'll give you a second to think of the answer...

Make no mistake about it, the disintegration of the black community started when the black woman decided that she could do better than any black man! Black women have castrated our sons and husbands and stifled their natural instincts to be our supporters and protectors. Some of them are at the point where they no longer feel like they are a viable part of the black community. And for those men, white women or Ethiopian/Eritrean women are their only options.

Every community is only as strong as its backbone, which is the women. In some communities, the women know their place. For instance, the Hispanic women know that in order to make their communities strong and to keep their families intact, they have to stand behind their men and support them -- not stand in front of them berating them and belittling them in front of others.

Once the black woman lost respect for herself, she lost respect for the black man. You ladies -- YOU are the sole reason why our community is in such disarray. Don't blame it on slavery. The slave master didn't tell you hoochies to lay up under some dog and get pregnant by him.

Some of you need to fall back and swallow your pride and let that black man be a man!

As one friend pointed out, black women were the architects and organizers of the civil rights movement in the 60s. But the women fell back and allowed the men (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, etc) to be MEN and to be the faces of the revolution. Everyone knows that the black woman runs the household. But the responsibility falls on the black man to bring home the money and the bacon. It's alright for the black woman to share that responsibility but you can't take over his role completely just like you can't walk into your boss' office and tell him you're taking over his job. When the established roles reverse, that's when you have anarchy.

I could go on and on about how you continuously disrespect yourself in front of your children (cursing, talking down other black men, women, etc) -- but you expect your kids to do better. Children learn by the examples that you set for them. If you raise your son to be a bitch ass nigga then don't complain when you lay up under another woman's bitch ass son and he gets up and leaves you for that next chick who will willingly open her legs.

And finally, I have a question: if you walk down the street and several black men say "Hey mama" and acknowledge your fineness, do you:

A. Roll your eyes and keep walking,
B. Acknowledge them back and say, "thank you brotha"

The majority of you black women will roll your eyes and keep walking because you feel you are better than that black man. It's as if you have some kind of problem with a black man acknowledging you on the street. It is never disrespectful for a black man to say hello. A confident, self respecting black woman will acknowledge those black men and thank them for acknowledging her. Because as I said, once you lose your self respect as a black woman, you lose respect for the black man.

Some of you will get it and some of you are a lost cause. To the women who get it, I thank your mothers and aunties for respecting black men in your presence. Our community will not be saved if we don't change our attitudes.

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Brooklyn rapper (and my nephew) Maino drops a video for his third single off his 2nd studio album If Tomorrow Comes. At the end of the video is a brief documentary on the life and times of Maino -- a true MC in every meaning of the word. He ranks up there with Jadakiss, Jeezy and T.I. as word slayers assigned by the rap Gods to bring Life to Hip Hop. If Tomorrow Comes is slated for release on June 30. That's not soon enough. Maino needs to come on and drop this album now!

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This really is a man's world, but in the last few decades black women have done more to undermine the black man's role as the head of the family than any white man ever could.

For as long as I can remember, black women have always supplanted the black male as head of most households in the black community. Black women still rank highest among unmarried females of any race. And, the black community still holds the record for unwed single mothers.

This all leads back to the fact that black women do not respect themselves and in turn don't respect black men, who are increasingly looking outside of our community for respect and validation.

Listen to the sistah in this video as she speaks the truth that most of you don't want to hear. After you're done watching the video, watch it again.