GIRL HUSH! You know you can't sing! Ashanti screamed performed during "The Wiz" At Encores! Summer Stars Series in NYC yesterday. Aren't you glad you weren't there?

Rap artist T.I. attended game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and the Nuggets at the Staples Center last night. I'm told T.I. and Tiny held that 1st birthday party for their baby son Major Philant at their manse in Atlanta on Sunday instead of in Miami on Saturday so all of their friends and family could attend. Wasn't that nice of them?

Actor Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta cheered on Kobe Bean and the wack azz Lakers during last night's fixed Western Conference Finals game 1 at Staples Center. Does the National Basketball Association issue whistles to ALL the referees on the floor or just one? I've never seen so many blatantly missed calls during a basketball game! Of course, Kobe got all the help he needed from the refs to beat the Denver Nuggets. The NBA is determined to make sure that Kobe meets LeBron in the Finals.

Super producer Timbaland sat courtside at the game with his wife, former publicist Monique Idlett. I'm sure she's waving at the referees for looking the other way and letting Kobe Bean get away with all those fouls. Monique wouldn't be laughing if she knew what I know about her man though.

Legendary actor Jack Nicholson looks like he's telling the Nuggets' Chauncey Billups, "The fix is in son!"

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According to Page Six, the mystery man Rihanna was seen locking lips with at the strip club on Sunday was up-and-coming rapper Drake. *Yawn*

Page Six claims the two were at it again last night at the Lucky Strike lanes in Manhattan. I'm not even going to post the blurb from Page Six because, unlike some bloggers, my eyes are trained to recognize a publicity stunt from the few legit stories that the Post publishes.

I realize that Page Six editors must continue to entertain this sort of nonsense if they want to continue receiving exclusive scoops from certain publicists in order to pay their staff in these sad economic times. I'm glad I don't have those types of problems because I will always have a real job to fall back on.

Besides that, I would hope Rihanna has better taste in men than Drake and Chris Brown who both look like they stepped out of a Saturday morning cartoon.

By the way, I wonder what Drake's current flame Bria Myles has to say about being forced to sit on the back burner while her man gallivants around town with Rihanna trying to get some shine for himself?

R&B Diva Monica and rapper Rocko have a love that has withstood the test of time. It doesn't matter if they are married or not, their relationship demonstrates the mutual respect and maturity that bonds two people together and makes a relationship strong.

And let's not forget that the two children produced by the union are well taken care of.

Rocko recently shot a video for his track "Finesse" off his album Self Made in Atlanta. Accompanying him on the set and in the video were his fiancee Mo and their children Rodney III and Romelo.

Visit for more pics from the set!

I think it's tacky for a man to expose his skivvies in public -- I don't care how expensive the drawls cost or whose name is on the waistband. It's tacky.

Anyway, who do you think wore it worse: Flo Rida or Jermaine Dupri? Both look kinda gay, but only one has a mammoth tattoo of Janet Jackson etched into his torso. At least he'll be easy to identify if he's ever found face down in a ditch somewhere.


T.I. speaks on Atlanta rap artist Dolla who appears with him in this video which was filmed earlier this year. Meanwhile, there are more questions than answers in the aftermath of the senseless murder of the young rapper whose life was cut short yesterday in Beverly Hills.

The following is mostly speculation, so please do not quote from this post.

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Rihanna really has stepped her style game up tremendously! LOVE the throwback suede Nike hi tops! Some of you art students will recognize the pattern on her jacket as inspired by the works of late artist Keith Haring whose "Radiant Baby" and "Barking Dog" graffiti transformed the grimy subways of New York into works of art.

According to the New York Post, Rihanna and six friends made it drizzle at FlashDancers strip club in New York last night. RiRi's crew took over a VIP area and spent $2,500 on liquor and lap dances before leaving the spot at 3:30am.

A source says, "Rihanna didn't get any lap dances herself, but she was tipping the girls a lot. And she was definitely with one of the guys in her group and kissing him all night."

I'm not mad at Rihanna for taking in the beautiful sights at a New York strip club! We don't believe for one minute that Rihanna didn't treat herself to a few lap dances. That above quote sounds like something a publicist would say.

Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Chris Brown was also spotted in New York City a couple days ago. We wonder if he's stalking her? Just a thought.


Songstress Kelly Rowland was out & about in L.A. yesterday looking lovely indeed. We can see why Beyonce ousted her from Destiny's Child: she was the true beauty in that group.
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R&B crooner Ginuwine brought his fine self to The Velvet Room on Friday night. He must have an album about to drop? The ladies were BE-side themselves when Ginuwine walked in. But he behaved himself 'cause he knows he's got a good woman at home.
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This is that good hair that the ladies swoon over but pretend not to notice. These are the same chicks who will say, "ALL hair is good hair." Meanwhile, they wear weave down to their butts.
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This child hurt my feelings the other day at the mall. I spotted rap artist and TV personality Lil Mama at Lenox Square Mall two weekends ago. She was surrounded by fans so I waited my turn to introduce myself. As I approached her I thought I noted a gleam of recognition in her eye. But it must have been the overhead lighting, because when I told her who I was she responded, "WHO?" Then I mentioned and she replied, "What is that? A lifestyle blog?" Then to add insult to injury, she turned to her companions and said. "she runs a gossip blog like Concrete Poop and Y B Fake."

OK, she didn't describe those blogs in those exact words, but she did name them as if my blog wasn't even in the same stratosphere. Feeling a little dejected, I walked back over to my good girlfriend (who couldn't care less about meeting Lil Mama) and I told her what happened. "SO???", she responded icily. "She doesn't know your blog because she's from New York! That shows how out of the loop she is!" Anyway, Lil Mama was in town to host a party at ESSO nightclub last week.
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Busta Rhymes (who usually gets no love on partied with his folk at Dreamz nightclub over the weekend. I'm told Busta is on high alert due to the fact that bodies are dropping all around him, and he sees the writing on the wall. Thanks to Prince Williams of for the hawt pics!

Ever since Keyshia Cole and rapper Young Jeezy parted ways early last year, the big question on everyone's minds has been who is Keyshia dating now? Well, these pics snapped exclusively in Chicago by Prince Williams of has ended the speculation. Your boy Prince Williams gets ALL the exclusives because he's always in the right place at the right time. Prince, who is based out of Atlanta, is everywhere!

Judging from these pics, it looks like Keyshia and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel "Boobie" Gibson are an item and they are very much in love. The couple walked arm in arm, staring lovingly into each other's eyes as they left Keyshia's sold out concert at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, Illinois on May 15. The night before that, Prince snapped KeyCo and Boobie together backstage at Keyshia's show in Wisconsin.

Boobie has plenty of time to hit the road with Keyshia now that his Cavs, led by Lebron James, breezed through the First round and the Eastern Conference semifinals 8-0, earning themselves a much deserved 8 days of rest and relaxation.

We don't know how long Boobie has been romancing Keyshia, but hopefully he will put a ring on her finger soon -- a NBA championship ring. The Cleveland Cavaliers will dispense of Orlando quickly to reach the Finals where they will hopefully play Kobe and the Lakers, who struggled against the Houston Rockets before taking game 7 to win the Western Conference semifinals on Sunday.

Keyshia is currently on the road touring with Keri Hilson, Bobby V and The Dream. The tour stops in Atlanta at the Fox Theater on Thursday, May 21 and will wind its way through another 12 states before wrapping up in Las Vegas on June 21.

Photos by Prince Williams

You know R&B Diva Keyshia Cole is always on top of her bag game! Celebrity photographer Prince Williams of snapped these exclusive pics of Keyshia and her man Daniel "Boobie" Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers following her performance at the Milwaukee theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the weekend.

Keyshia is wearing a hawt Louis Vuitton handbag that isn't available in any store in Atlanta (trust me, I checked). The bag is the LV Shopper Monogram Etoile and it retails for $3,500.

This is one totally hawt bag! Ladies you will have to put in overtime with your man (or girlfriend) to get them to splurge on that bag for you -- if you can find it!

Photos by Prince Williams