Did Rihanna really kick Chris Brown to the curb for good this time? According to OK! magazine, Rihanna has finally come to her senses and told woman beater Chris Brown to kick rocks. We wonder if it's true or just another damage control spin to salvage her career?

From OK! magazine:

“Chris called Rihanna’s producer until he finally got him on the phone,” an insider told OK!. “He demanded to know if Rihanna was there, pleading ‘Is she there? Tell Me! Pease tell me if she is there or not.’”
When Rihanna heard the commotion, she gestured to the producer, “No! Tell him I’m not here.”
If the district attorney asks her, Rihanna’s lawyer has said she will testify in Brown’s trial for assault and making criminal threats.
Brown’s layers are trying to make a plea deal before the next scheduled court date, May 28.


Some of my regulars may remember my Bubblin' Under newcomer feature on Nikki Jane. For the rest of you, click here.

I just got word from Nikki's sister Kim Burse (who also happens to be Beyonce's tour creative director), who said Nikki just made the Billboard charts! Nikki's single "I Love You" entered the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles at #2! The hawt single also charted at #13 on the Hot Singles Sales chart.

Nikki Jane is currently doing In-Stores with F.Y.E as well as New Face New Artists and performing in Malls around the country in an attempt to continue building her fan base.

Kim B, who is the CEO 311 Music Group, is so excited! She wrote in her email: "PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S SUPPORT!!"

Official Nikki Jane Fan Site: Myspace/OfficialNikkiJaneFanSite

First Lady Michelle Obama laughing them hatahs off

Loyal reader BevG pointed out the designer kicks that the First Lady was rockin' at the Feed America rally on Wednesday in DC (4/29). The sneaks are made by high-end fashion label Lanvin, and they retail for $540 so even you and I can afford them. :)

Of course, the media had to hate on the price of Mrs. Obama's shoes because they have nothing else better to do. The NY Daily news wrote, "The First Lady could feed quite a few people with what she paid for the sneakers she's wearing."

Where can you I cop a pair of these fresh kicks, you ask?



Yahoo Shopping


Lawd, if I get one more email about a certain female blogger I'm going to log off my computer for good! Yesterday, I received yet another email about her from yet another male reader (why is it always the males?).

It seems that yesterday this blogger got into it with singer Fantasia on the social networking site Twitter. Supposedly the blogger and Fantasia traded shots for some unknown reason. The tweet battle concluded with Fantasia shutting the blogger down by accusing her of "servicing" Jermaine Dupri (I refuse to believe that one!).

I don't know how fantasia gets down, but this doesn't sound like that blogger at all. She seems so sweet and personable -- online. Anyway, I'll let my loyal reader explain how the drama unfolded on Twitter:

I'm a guy and I'm not into blogs like that; well I wasn't until I came across yours. I had noticed _____________'s blog and read it for a few days then realized she was just another celeb groupie who just HAPPENED to know how to blog. I even heard rumors she gave Jermaine Dupri "head". Any way, I'm a big fan of you and your blogs and decided to share what I saw on twitter to you. Fantasia is on twitter, and _____________; who think's she's the queen of the twitter, tried to really grill Fantasia, and Fantasia was not having it, she told _____________ she took twitter too serious and _____________ got MAD. They started going back and forth and Tasia tore into _____________ and boy was she mad. Tasia posted: NEWS FLASH: _____________ Gives Head For Interviews; Fact or Fiction? Which was sad, a lot of people said Fact.

Photo source: Fresh

When I posted those pics of Alicia Keys' flat azz earlier this week, I didn't even notice the ugly azz heels she had on were those same controversial and offensive "fertility goddess tribal" pumps that's the talk of the message boards. They're made by Christian Dior for their Spring/Summer 1009 collection and they're priced at around $1,500. I'm so happy to see that my original perception of Alicia Keys was correct: she's pretty to look at but there's nothing between her ears.

She might as well go all the way and wear these on her heels. Same difference...


Actress Dania Ramirez was the picture of elegance, grace and beauty at the Clinton Foundation's Millennium Network Event at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. yesterday. Dania wore a sexy black satin dress paired with these hawt Christian Louboutin fuchsia mettallic leather pumps.

These CL pumps are available through Net-a-Porter's website for a very affordable $1,395!


Photos: Wireimage/Getty and Net-a-Porter.com

Rapper 50 Cent promoted his new video game "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand" at Play N Trade in Manhattan yesterday.

Jim Jones looking tired and weeded out on the set of his "Dancing on Me" music video filmed in NYC on Wednesday. We can just imagine what the end result of his video be based on this pic.

Niche Media CEO Jason Binn got up close and personal with music mogul Jermaine Dupri at LA Confidential Magazine's May/June Issue Party in L.A. last night. It's quite touching to see these securely confident, well-heeled industry types getting their man on without worrying about the repercussions. Speaking of repercussions: this pic reminds me of this one and this one, and who can forget this memorable one.

Pop/rock singer Pink also got up close and personal with British fans on the set of a T-Mobile ad shoot at Trafalgar Square in London, England yesterday.

Industry vet Sylvia Rhone, left, President of Universal Motown Records, yucking it up with musician Jay Lyon, center, and rapper Kid Cudi at Norwood's in NYC last night.

Rap icon Mos Def attended Bazar Royal's live performance at S.O.B.'s in NYC last night.

L to R: Socialite/model Selita Ebanks, Rashida Ali (owner of Bourgeoisie Shoetique), and supermodel Jessica White served up well-crafted shoes from the world's finest European designers at the Bourgeoisie Shoetique Spring affair "The Platform" hosted by Selita Ebanks in NYC yesterday.
Source: Nicole Garner/Garner Circle PR

Photos: Wireimage/Getty