This past weekend, 4 more trollops have come forward and admitted to having intimate relations with the married golf legend Tiger Woods.

That brings the total of trollops so far to 7. Even more are expected to make their public debut this week.

The latest chick to lay claim to fame and fortune is porn star Holly Sampson, who came forward last night. The 36-year-old from Los Angeles is the star of such films as "OMG, Stop Tickling Me" and "Flying Solo 2".

Sampson follows on the heels of 'mistress number 6' Cori Rist, 31, who is said to have met Tiger in a New York nightclub last year.

Reportedly, Woods secretly flew her around the world and he regularly got her a hotel suite adjacent to his own.

One of the women, Jaimee Grubbs, described Tiger Woods, 33, as 'horrible' in bed.

How can that be if Tiger Woods is a sex addict, you ask?

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Over the weekend, my friend Katrina and I had lunch with singer/songwriter Sean Garrett whose latest penned hit "Papers" for Usher is #1 on the Billboard R&B charts.

Sean was such a gentleman, treating us to lobster and seafood at Atlanta's famed Fish Market restaurant. I learned a lot about the man who Jay Z nicknamed "The Pen". Did you know that Sean wrote Chris Brown's first hit "Run It" or that he penned one of two hits that Kelis will always be known for, "Bossy"? I also didn't know that Sean started his career as a singer at age 15.

He also wrote "Goodies" for Ciara, "Lose My Breath", "Check On It" and Soldier" for Destiny's Child, "Gimme That!" for Chris Brown, "London Bridge" for Fergie, "Ring the Alarm" and "Upgrade U" for Beyonce, and the stellar list of hits goes on and on.

I had a great conversation with Sean about his childhood growing up in Europe. We also talked about the music industry, his son Chris, 11, and industry skanks who try to take him for his paper.

Speaking of which, Sean Garrett is a millionaire which makes him probably the most eligible bachelor in Atlanta! I told Sean that my female readers (as well as a few industry execs who I spoke with) find him very sexy!

Sean is a sharp dresser and his love for everything Louis Vuitton is quite evident. He was dressed fly in Louis from head to toe. Sean told us that while on a college tour last year, he gave away a new Louis Vuitton bag at every show. How many artists can do that?

He also spoke very highly of Beyonce, saying that she was a better singer than most studio artists. He bigged up Bey over the objections of my friend and I who begged to differ! Sean said that while Monica's voice is "retarded", Beyonce was the greatest entertainer. He was very impressed with her overall work ethic. At one point he said, "It takes a lot to sing and dance at the same time. I have to tell Beyonce to dumb it down in the studio. Beyonce is the sh*t!"

After lunch, as we were leaving the restaurant, Sean invited me to the studio to see how he creates a #1 hit. Then he handed me $40 cash to tip the valet for both his Porsche 911 Turbo and my vehicle. He's such a gentleman!


In response to questions about my friend's boots, loyal reader Mesha writes:

Hey Sandra let the readers know those Gucci's are def real. I tried to buy them at the Gucci store in Las Vegas but they won't fit my legs

Oh, please let me join your community.

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance.


Photos by Sandra Rose taken on my Sidekick

The Collective Renaissance Guild (CRG), a non-profit organization comprised of your professional women recently held its 2nd Annual Winter Ball at the beautiful Persian Galleries on Saturday, December 5, 2009. Special invited guest from the Atlanta business, entertainment and political communities, along with celebrities all joined CRG to highlight actress Nicole Ari Parker and Rainforest Films' Will Packer and Rob Hardy for their artistic innovation and their contribution to the growth of Atlanta's film industry.

Themed Make Believe, the atmosphere of the 2nd Annual Winter Ball reflected the hospitality and warmth of the Persian influence. Guests experienced an ambiance filled with unique tapestries; received complimentary henna's and was entertained by exotic belly dancers, fire performers, a hookah lounge, and live carpet looming. Fine delicacies were provided by Rumi's Kitchen with an open bar sponsored by Hennessy Black. Poet Hank Stewart performed his interpretation of artistic innovation by sharing a tribute the 2009 honorees. The evening was hosted by former radio host Rashan Ali.

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Notice the question mark at the end of the post title? That means I'm asking the question rhetorically, I'm not making a statement of fact. So please don't quote me on this. But I think rapper Nicki Minaj and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather are an item.

I say this because Floyd dropped a bundle of cash on Black Barbie for her birthday this weekend, and he attended both of her celebrity birthday bashes in the ATL.

You know, Floyd doesn't spend cash on just any trollop unless he's expecting a return on his investment, if you get my drift. I reached out to both camps for comment but my calls were not returned. So all I can do is post these pics and let you be the judge.

Did I mention that they arrived and left the club together?

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Hello Sandra,

This is Aisha Wright, sister of Tahira Wright of BrandedPR. I hope all is well! I am your number one supporter and I want to give you this information first that you may want to cover. I am in charge of marketing for Chaza fashions (SEXY U corset Line). Lately we have done business with Kandi Burruss (TRY IT OUT VIDEO) and Nicki Minaj and also gifted a corset to Tocarra (BET).

Nicki Minaj wore our corsets on The Mo'Nique show, Usher featuring Gucci (Spotlight Video), Nicki and Trina Celebrity bday bash this weekend (Dec 5th), and 106 and park this monday DEC 07, 2009 at 6pm.

This business is growing very fast since the HipHop BET Awards Style Suite 09. I attached some pics of the artist in there corsets for viewers to see what's hot in ATL!

Side Info: Corsets hand-made by Chiraza Knight-678-608-8439

Aisha Wright
Sexy U

Rappers Nicki Minaj and Trina celebrated their belated birthdays at Club Miami in Atlanta over the weekend and celebrity photographer Prince Williams and his team were in the house!

Nicki, who turns 25 tomorrow, and Trina, who turned 31 last week, are suddenly BFFs now that there is no other competition for the female rap crown. What I found most interesting about these pics were Nicki Minaj's facial expression. In addition to having that fake smile and the dead behind the eyes look, she seemed to share the same facial tics that Bobby Brown is famous for.

Is Nicki Minaj on crack?

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Saturday Night Live provided comic relief to the embarrassing Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren saga. Tiger Woods was played by the hilarious Kenan Thompson, and Elin was played by Blake Lively.

I still don't believe Elin attacked Tiger with a golf club. I believe he was disoriented and incapacitated by sleeping pills and pain killers. The man was snoring in the middle of the road for goodness sakes.

Political blogs are buzzing about this contentious verbal exchange between obnoxious and pompous White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and American Urban Radio reporter April Ryan last week.

Ryan asked Gibbs whether he thought Michelle Obama felt overshadowed by White House social secretary Desiree Rogers and if Rogers invited herself as a guest to the 1st state dinner two weeks ago when she should have been tending to her job (my words and emphasis).

Gibbs bristled like he always does when he feels he's being challenged instead of just answering the question. First, he ordered Ryan to "calm down" and then compared the black reporter to his child, telling her, "take a deep breath. See, this happens with my son, he does the same thing."

"I'm older than your son. Don't play with me!," Ryan shot back as the other reporters in the room gasped. Would Gibbs have been so condescending if the reporter was black? Can the Obama administration do anything right?


In an interview with ET, TV's "sex Rehab" therapist, Dr. Drew Pinsky, referred to golfer Tiger Woods as a "sex addict."

"It's safe to say that sex addiction might be a part of his problem," the TV doctor says, but also adding that with sex addiction there's usually childhood trauma which he has not seen any evidence of with Tiger.

But conventional wisdom among therapists has long been that there is no such thing as a sex addict. All human beings are born sexual and there is no limit placed on the frequency of sexual encounters humans can engage in. Just as there is no limit to a human being's freedom of sexual expression.

What some refer to as a "sex addict" is actually a manifestation of narcissism. In other words, Tiger Woods is a classic narcissist who believes all (white) women desire him sexually because he feels his sexual prowess is superior. The narcissist attempts to prove his sexual superiority by engaging in a pattern of repeated sexual relationships with women with no emotional attachment.

When all is said and done, it will eventually come out that Tiger Woods has had multiple affairs with women while he's been married. We only know of 3 women because only 3 have come forward.

Another classic narcissistic sports figure was basketball great Wilt Chamberlain who boasted of having had sex with over 20,000 women.

The implication is that a sexual addict is somehow "broken" and therefore can be fixed. Narcissism is incurable and it is the root of excessive sexual behavior.

So when a man who has cheated repeatedly says he can change his ways, he's lying. Narcissists are incurably unfaithful.

Narcissists lack empathy for others and possess an exaggerated sense of entitlement, self-importance or self worth. Narcissists like Tiger Woods engage in repeated sexual encounters to exert control over others -- not for sexual pleasure because narcissists do not get pleasure from sex.

Narcissists are addicted to power, attention and fear -- not sex.

Source: AJC via ETonline

Rihanna showed off her thick thighs on the set of her new video "Hard".

Alcoholic beverage in hand, singer Beyonce playing in the surf in the Dominican Republic. Maybe no one explained the dangers of drinking while swimming to Beyonce?

It's his birthday. Jay Z turned 40-years-old today, 12 months after turning 40 this time last year. I guess he thinks we forgot.

Rapper 50 Cent on a book promo tour over in London.

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