Didn't I tell you that most reality TV personalities were a little touched in the head?

According to TMZ.com:

One of the guys from the MTV reality show "From G's to Gents" is wanted by Georgia police for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable -- the brutal, bone-breaking beating of his infant daughter.

Cops in Cobb County are on the hunt for Markice "Kesan" Moore, who is "accused of breaking both of his infant daughter's arms, one leg, 3 ribs, a collarbone and bruising all over her body."

Kesan -- who is currently on Cobb County's most wanted list -- was eliminated during the fifth episode of "G's" season one.

UPDATE: Cops tell TMZ Kesan has been wanted by authorities since Thursday -- and has told cops over the phone that he would turn himself in.

Obviously, that hasn't happened yet ... and cops believe Kesan is now in hiding.

Thanks to loyal reader Ebony D. for the tip!

The Internets are buzzing about Trey Song axing his former management team who are now spreading rumors that he is gay.

Well, if you read any of the blogs you know that the gay rumors were being spread way before Trey axed his management team. So what's really going on?

Well, word is that Trey hired former Def Jam exec Kevin Liles to help boost his struggling career. But before that, Trey's management team hooked up with a local blogger to spread lies and misinformation about Trey's love life and when that failed -- they even asked her to manufacture a fake relationship with him.

Talk about desperation?

From what I'm told, the blogger was paid for her services, which included advertising and other perks. All she had to do was keep up the charade and convince Trey's gullible fans that he was strictly into females.

All that lying failed to stimulate sales though. Trey's album dropped and flopped last year. Today, with over 500,000 followers on twitter, his album has yet to go gold.

But back to the gay rumors.

I hear that Trey's label, Atlantic Records, is now very desperate to save Trey's career and image as a ladies man. That's why his team was dismantled and a new team put in their place. The new management team turned over a new leaf by emailing me (of all people) with exclusive images of Trey Song, which I declined to post.

If his old manager is talking to the blogs about Trey's alleged homosexuality, is it more likely that he's telling the truth since he has nothing left to lose?

Anyway, I just received an incriminating photo of Trey Song and Brandon Hines together (not sexually, but incriminating none the less). I reached out to Trey's publicist for comment since it's getting serious (something I rarely ever do). But because his PR has been so kind and supportive of Sandrarose.com in the past, I feel it's only right to let him know that the other shoe is about to drop.

One week after a earthquake shattered his homeland, Haitian-born singer/songwriter Wyclef Jean stood before assembled journalists at a press conference with tears falling down his cheeks, and lied his azz off.

Wyclef called the press conference to defend his so-called charity, Yele, from accusations of sloppy record keeping, money mismanagement and self-profiting from the misfortune of others.

"Have we made mistakes? Yes," Jean said Monday. "Did I ever use Yele money for personal benefit? Absolutely not."

Wyclef went on to recount how he helped pick up dead bodies from the ravaged streets of Haiti. Yet the day before the press conference, while his people were still buried alive under rubble, Wyclef was basking in the glare of hot lights on the sunny beaches of Miami shooting a video to beg for even more money for a charity that doesn't even have a staff or the resources to help with disaster relief.

Wyclef spent only 2 short days in Haiti before returning to the states on Saturday (Jan. 16). He hasn't been back to Haiti since.

Today, Oprah will air a one hour special on Haiti with performances by Rihanna and Maxwell. Wyclef will talk about his couple of days there and beg for more money.

On Friday, Wyclef will shoot a two-hour telethon with celebrities such as George Clooney, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Justin Timberlake and CNN's Anderson Cooper who helped save a wounded boy from a mob in Haiti this week.

The money will be divided up between Yele and other charity organizations already on the ground in Haiti helping the people.

Republican Scott Brown's historic Senate win in Massachusetts yesterday sent a clear message to Democrats in Congress: you're next.

Brown's win means the Democrats in the Senate are no longer filibuster-proof and they don't have the 60 votes necessary to push the troubling healthcare bill through Congress.

Brown's win in Massachusetts was astounding because Massachusetts had not elected a Republican to the Senate since the 70s. During the presidential elections, U.S. president Barack Obama won Massachusetts by 29 points.

But Obama will not go down without a fight. Obama's former campaign manger, David Plouffe, added on ABC's "Good Morning America": "I'm very confident we can pass health-care reform."

Well, good luck with that. Yesterday, Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, a Democrat, released a statement calling for a suspension of further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated. It is likely that more Democrats will follow his lead now that they are no longer burdened with being the 60th vote.

Democrats have good reason to be worried. Martha Coakley, who was a shoo-in for the Senate seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy, lost to a come from behind candidate who never would have had a chance were it not for healthcare reform.

Make no mistake about it: Coakley lost the Senate seat because of healthcare reform, not because she ran a losing campaign. In October, Coakley led Brown by 55 to 29 percent in the polls. It was assumed she would win by a landslide. But that was before Obama, Pelosi and Barney Frank decided they would ram their healthcare bill down the public's throats.

A win for Republicans in Massachusetts signals a changing tide in American politics. A growing public revolt driven by angry Americans who were promised Hope and Change and instead got more of the same.

Sen.-elect Scott Brown said on Tuesday night, “[Democrats] will be challenged again and again across this country. When there's trouble in Massachusetts, there's trouble everywhere. And now they know it.”

Last night, Massachusetts made it clear that Americans do not want a one-party government running this country.

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To correct info about the single...

Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson drops a new video for her track "Change Me" featuring Akon. It's an international single to follow up her #1 single "I Like" overseas in Germany and other territories. I had to grit my teeth while listening to this track. The vocals are not quite stellar, but Keri and Akon are both easy on the eyes which makes this video worth watching. I did promise not to say anything negative about my girl Keri who shouted me out on her album credits.

"Change Me" is not for us, it has an international flavor. Which makes sense because Akon is an international superstar.

Kim Tumey, the publicist for Vivica A. Fox and a myriad of other top shelf Hollywood stars, sent a terse, brief response to LisaRaye's dig at her client in an exclusive interview I posted earlier today.

Referring to paparazzi photos posted on Sandrarose.com first of Vivica in the arms of her boy toy Slimm, LisaRaye said:

"Here's my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain't my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that."

In response, Kim Tumey writes:

I apologize for having to waste your time by responding to LisaRaye's comments. However, LisaRaye is the last thing on Vivica's mind, with all of the catastrophic events going on today in Haiti who has time to be simple. This just goes to show you that an idle mind is an unproductive mind. Please make sure you donate to the victims of Haiti.

Kim Tumey
"The Celebrity Broker"

I don't know what went on between these two great actresses, but there's obviously bad blood between them. We'll get the exclusive lowdown when LisaRaye's touches down in Atlanta next week -- unless I can get Vivica on the phone tonight to get her side of the story. Stay tuned!

A loyal reader scanned through my Exclusive interview with LisaRaye. My reader sent over these pics of LisaRaye posing at her birthday party with local club promoter Slimm who is currently dating Vivica A. Fox. In her email, she writes: "LisaRaye says she's not a Cougar, but isn't this Vivica's man that she's pushing up on in some club?"

I emailed her back and let her know that its not unusual for a celebrity to pose with the promoter who booked her. I see nothing Cougar-ish about these photos. I swear some females can be so messy.

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

Yesterday I spoke with actress and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos Islands who cleared the air about rumors involving her love life and blasted her ex-husband former Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick for, among other things, stopping payment on her daughter Kai's private college tuition.

LisaRay will be in Atlanta next week to host the Trumpet Awards. We plan to get together for another in-depth conversation over lunch. So this post is just a teaser to next week's post in which LisaRaye will reveal what really happened between herself and that other Diva Vivica A. Fox!

Sandra Rose (SR): Hi LisaRaye! How are you?

LisaRaye (LR): What's going on? I just flew back into L.A.

SR: Well, thank you for...

LR: So listen, Devyne [Stephens] tells me that you had a picture of me and Devyne on New Years?

SR: Right.

LR: What happened to 'em? (laughs)

SR: Well... (me laughing hysterically) you know what happened!

LR: No I don't. I'm getting the 411 from you...

SR: Well, he called and he was very nervous. He was like, I'll pay you to take the picture down because it's causing a lot of problems...

LR: I was flying back home and somebody hit me on my phone and was like 'you all over the internet.' I was like huh. So by the time I touched down he called me and was like, 'I had them take it down.' Devyne is so image conscious you know what I'm saying? He does get nervous. I'm more used to it than he is. He isn't really into all that.

SR: So that's your man right?

LR: Nope.

[I explained to LisaRaye that I understood that she and Devyne would make their relationship public at Domique Wilkins' 50th birthday party at the Gold Room this past Friday because that's what I had been led to believe.]

LR: Is that what he told you?

SR: Well, maybe he's in love with you. You know how women are. We tend to lead guys on but we're not aware that we're doing it.

LR: Naw, no! Uh uh, I can't say that 'cause I'm too grown for that! I ain't no Vivica either, honey. I ain't with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation. You were damn right the first time you saw me at Akon's birthday party, you were like, 'how does she do it? She sniffs out money.' You damn right 'cause I would not be a Cougar. She's not a gold digger and she ain't gon' be with a broke ni**a! So Devyne told you that I would be at the club? I was nowhere in Atlanta on Friday. Call his a** out!

SR: RIght, right.

[LisaRyae's publicist J. Peak interrupts to say LisaRaye was never "all over Devyne" at Akon's party as I alluded to in an earlier post]

LR: Here's my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain't my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that. You would never catch me doing that type of sh*t when I was very young. I'm not doing all that. If I'm doing that type of sh*t, It's usually when I'm finna do the da-don-da-don!

SR: Well, that's what they did (laughs).

J. Peak: Can we speak on the Nelly rumor too, please?

LR: No, that was not true.

J. Peak: You heard her Sandra? She said it's not true at all. Do you want to speak on Al Sharpton?

LR: Al Sharpton? Huh? OK I'm saying, does that deserve an answer for that one?

SR: That doesn't even deserve an answer.

J. Peak: Are your readers going to know it's not true?

SR: They'll know, they'll know.

LR: I think what people don't know... they underestimated my role as First Lady... we were in a different country with different rules. Britain had taken over. They have suspended the Constitution and made my ex-husband step down and started a new government. So that made different rules and laws for me with my divorce. So when Rev. Sharpton came to me, he was like 'you're a little out of your league with this.' So I actually leaned on him as one of our civil rights leaders and being a smart man and being one of the closest black men to our president that you can lay your hands on. I think that was a smart ass move. I was like, 'come help me.'

SR: So he helped you out with the legal part of the divorce?

LR: It's not over. I'm divorced legally. But it's two parts you know, the financial settlement, the divorce settlement. Because my ex-husband is up for corruption of governmental funds and money laundering... you know everything is just up in the air with that. And I'm like well, why I got to wait? I ain't got nothing to do with all that? When I met my ex-husband I was my own millionaire. I was doing my own damn thing private plane riding... and going to continue to do that!

[We talked about LisaRaye's only daughter Kai who just turned 20. And LisaRaye wanted to put her ex-husband on blast for letting her tuition lapse at a private school in London]

LR: I'm so proud of her. She's a little upset coming from over in Europe abruptly. My ex-husband let his financial support... he just abruptly stopped [paying her tuition] and messed up her schooling. It was the same school he went to get his doctorate degree and that just f*cked her up. You don't do that to no kid, you know what I'm sayin? My phone is about to cut off y'all 'cause I'm driving. How about if I set time aside for when I get there we'll get together?

SR: I look forward to it.

LR: OK. I appreciate you already though!

Special thanks to J. Peak, Senior publicist, peakpublicity!

Guess who the father of this adorable baby girl is. Hint: he's a singer and his big brother was a member of a very popular urban boy band in the 90s that imploded because of infighting due to the band members' out-of-control egos. There were rumors that he was batting for the other team.

See who he is after the break!
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