R&B Diva performed "Everything To Me" live on The George Lopez Show last night. Later that night Mo hit me on my cell while I slept peacefully, so I missed her text messages when they came in. But judging from the texts, she was very excited about her appearance.

The audience greeted her enthusiastically because it's not every day that they get to hear such an amazing vocalist perform live right in front of them. And she was sharp as a tack during her performance too.

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Apparently, rapper Jay Z is a watch fanatic like me. Watches are my one weakness. But I would never drop $37,000 for a watch with a rubber strap in this recession. They say fools and their money are easily parted, and Jay Z is living proof of that.

Here's what he's wearing courtesy of Upscale Hype blog:

Rap mogul Jay-Z was seen out and about in a pair of destroyed Prps jeans and a pair of Nike Dunk Hi Premium sneakers ($95) in a red oxide colorway. The shoe features a suede and nubuck upper, leather safari print on the toe cap and a gum sole at the bottom. He appears rather ordinary until you notice the extraordinary Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watch (estimated $37,000) on his wrist. This Audemars Piguet timepiece comes equipped with a black dial illuminated by hands and hour markers, a black rubber bezel on a gold 42mm case, and a black rubber strap.

47-year-old Paula Abdul looks so young! The former American Idol judge was spotted out & about today wearing some funky white 6-inch heels with patent leather toe caps. I want to say her heels are Lanvins, but I'm not a fashionista so don't quote me.

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Earlier today, another celebrity blogger tipped me to the fact that the social networking website Twitter.com dissed Tameka Foster today by stripping her of her prized badge. I'm told that Twitter took this action after Tameka publicly denied sending these tweets from her Twitter account.

The good folks who run Twitter.com knows she sent the tweets from that account. This is just further proof that Tameka is a pathological liar.

This is what a verified account looks like.

Knowing narcissists the way I do, Twitter's action had to hurt Tameka. Like other narcissists, she values such symbols of status due to her lack of self esteem and because she believes these symbols separates her from the rest of us.

The original intent of the Verified account status was to prevent people from impersonating celebrities or athletes on Twitter. Tameka is neither. So why was her account verified in the first place? And who would want to impersonate her?

If you follow Tameka on Twitter, please send her a tweet welcoming her back down to earth. Hopefully, her fall from grace wasn't a rough one, lol!

too bad she can't sing. R&B songstress Keri Hilson striking a pose in Avon’s latest campaign. She replaces Jennifer Hudson as the face of the campaign.

“I’m really careful. I don’t want to be affiliated with too many brands. It’s got to make sense, and it makes sense [with Avon.] I love fragrance. I love beauty. I love to touch women that they should feel confident and feel good about themselves for themselves.” Read More...

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I'm not mad at rapper Lil' Kim for being down with the kitty! Kim stepped out for a night on the town with her girlfriend last night in Hollywood, CA. The two partied at Guys and Dolls night spot, and yes, they are holding hands. For once Kim looks nice and happy.

Rihanna gestures to her boyfriend Matt Kemp of the Dodgers after he hit a home run at LA Dodgers opening day yesterday. The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks by the final score of 9-5 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles CA.

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R&B singer and reality TV personality, Brandy, says she's "just friends" with rapper Flo-Rida. But we know better. I'm not saying this email is evidence that Flo-Rida is cheating on Brandy. But I wouldn't be surprised.

Loyal reader Gia writes:

Just thought I'd mention... I went to see a friend that works at Gold rush in miami and seems like flo rida was there boo'd up with a girl that is not Brandy.

I know why Brandy can't keep a man: low self esteem. It's also her low self esteem that compels her to make the wrong choices in men repeatedly.

God sends us signs about the people we should avoid in our lives. He then sends those people into our lives to test us. Women like Brandy often fail that test because her self esteem limits her ability to see that he's not the right man for her.

Because of her low self esteem, she sees the outer package instead of what's inside his heart. It's really not that hard for men to tell when a woman has low self esteem. They can see their insecurities from a mile away. Some men even seek out women like Brandy so they can use and exploit them.

Ladies, please teach your children that looks aren't everything.

A loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous sent this link to a blogger who insists she saw Lance Gross at LisaRaye's party and he was not stalking her.

As someone who attended this party and saw Lance throughout the evening, this rumor holds about as much weight as a Dixie Cup. I didn’t think anyone was taking it seriously, but that’s what I get for giving people the benefit of the doubt.

Lance was not hounding LisaRaye. The closet they got was a picture together on the red carpet – and I don’t think in nine months there will be any new child to come of that pose.

Rest easy now.

First of all, I never said Lance was stalking LisaRaye. I simply relayed information from someone who is close to LisaRaye's camp, and who heard the info from LisaRaye's mouth. In fact, LisaRaye agreed to mention her encounter with Lance on Twitter last week, but for personal reasons she chose not to. I'm not mad that she left me hanging out there, but it does irk me that my credibility is being questioned.

My loyal readers know that I am simply the messenger when celebs or their camps want to release information to the masses. Why would I make up such a story about Lance and LisaRaye? How does that benefit me?

On the other hand, I am told that Lance is still having a difficult time getting over ex-girlfriend Eva Pigford. Maybe that's why he posted the above pic on his Twitter page?

I'm told that Eva dumped Lance because she was sick of him hogging the attention wherever they went. They actually broke up a number of times before their last public split and since then, Lance has bombarded her with phone calls and text messages trying to get her back because he knows that without her, he's nothing.

He really is pitiful, and Eva made a wise choice to change her numbers. Would you date a man who constantly posted pics like this of himself of the Internet for attention?

Ladies, please teach your children that looks aren't everything!

Alicia Keys is somewhere seething at the news that her man has dropped his seed in a Russian jump off after she went to all that trouble to break up his family and all.

Well, that jump off has just spoken out.

Jahna Sebastian, a singer who resides in Russia with her 2-year-old daughter, didn't confirm or deny the rumors that her baby daddy is Swizz Beatz, but then neither did he when another blog reached out to his camp.

Here's what Jahna had to say about the blogs that's making her famous:

If it’s not an official interview or blog post on one of my web-sites, don’t quote me. All blogs claiming “she said…” she addresses…,” “she claims… ” are wrong because I have never spoken to any media outlet regarding the situation with my daughter whether it’s in Russia or anywhere else in the world. The ones speculating on this are the blogs. Get your facts right! Get a life!

Source: C&D