New heat just released by Puff Daddy on his Twitter page about 20 minutes ago titled "Ghost of Christopher Wallace" by Jay Electronica featuring Puffy vomiting all over the track.

My regular readers will remember my "Bubblin' Under" post that I wrote about this kid back in 2008 when he was still dating Erykah Badu (she gave birth to his seed in 2009).

The most interesting part of this lengthy (almost 7 minute) track is a hoarse (and apparently riled up) Puffy ad libbing over the beat and cussin' everyone from his haters to the "broke ass bloggers."



Beyonce's sister DJ Solange Knowles made an appearance at The DKMS 4th Annual Gala: Linked Against Leukemia in NYC yesterday. Solange has really bad posture and she should look into that before she needs surgical intervention to correct her posture.

Two of Eddie Murphy's daughters Bria and Shayne Murphy were spotted leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills yesterday. As you know, Bria is dating singer Pleasure P, formerly of Pretty Ricky. Pleasure P will be Eddie Murphy's personal guest at the Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosely fight on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

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I'm right again. I knew it would happen sooner or later, Halle Berry is single and dating after breaking up with her baby daddy, underwear model Gabe Aubry. The couple have a 2-year-old daughter and will share custody.

According to Aubry's reps, the couple's age difference played a part in the break up (he's 34 and she's 43).

The rep says it was Aubry who decided to dump Halle after he developed feelings for someone else (a man perhaps?) and he didn't think it would be fair to Halle for him to cheat on her. Wasn't that noble of him?

Halle seems to be taking the split in stride. No doubt she's used to getting dumped because she consistently chooses the wrong type of men -- the handsome, good looking ones that other women want.

So she's dating again, and this time, Halle has decided to play it safe and stop dating younger men with raging hormones. Like other women before her, Halle now knows that older men are more mature, settled and appreciative than younger pretty boys.

Berry stepped out yesterday with her new older man. The couple were swarmed by paparazzi who no doubt heard the news that Berry and Aubrey were separated.

A source told, “Gabriel is a really nice, decent guy and he would never cheat on her, but I suspect that he had become attracted to someone and that he felt he needed to break it off with Halle before anything developed any further.

Berry’s former husbands are former MLB star David Justice and R&B singer Eric Benet.

No doubt, Halle and the old geezer were already seeing each other before the break up with Aubry. It seems those two went their separate ways a long time ago. Probably right after Nahla was born.

I just received this text message convo between reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada ("Basketball Wives") and her representatives on April 17, the Saturday before her nude pics were leaked onto the Internet.

Don't ask me how I got them, but the messages shows the sense of urgency that Lozada must have felt when she found out the pics were about to be leaked.

Lozada is the ex-fiancée of broke NBA player Antoine Walker.

Judging from the text messages, at first her rep had his doubts that the leaks were not a publicity stunt. But Lozada's profanity laced text responses must have assured him that it was 100% not a publicity stunt.

The nude pics, which Lozada sent to a male sex toy a few months ago, appeared on the Internet on Thursday (April 22) -- 5 days after someone sent the pics to Lozada from her own email account. The hacking incident is under investigation by the feds since hacking is a federal offense.

According to a source Evelyn is not happy about any of this. She has a teenage daughter who is still in high school, and she worries about the effect the pics will have on her.

The source said, "[Evelyn] was freaked out because someone hacked into her email account and sent her her own pictures several times from various email accounts. Someone did this to her and even emailed them to her best friend and business partner the same night."

Upon receiving the texts, I reached out to my source at VH1 who said the nude pics leak was not a publicity stunt orchestrated by them because it wouldn't help her that much since "Basketball Wives" is a relatively new show and Lozada is not that well known yet.

According to my source at VH1, "Basketball Wives" has just been renewed for a second season and the cast members were given the great news this week!

My VH1 source offered me an opportunity to speak with Lozada last night to clear up any notions that the pics were a PR stunt. But I politely declined because it was so late and I didn't know what questions to ask.

What do you think? What questions should I ask her?

Peep the text messages and a NOT SAFE FOR WORK pic after the break!

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Rumors have been swirling ever since reality TV personality Antonia "Toya" Carter's Tweet that her daughter Reginae was no longer a part of the group OMG Girlz.

Toya took to her Twitter page this week to dispute rumors that her daughter was kicked out of the group. She also tweeted that she is still good friends with the group's manager Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, who co-stars with her in the hit BET reality series "Tiny & Toya".

Yesterday, I spoke with an inside source close to both camps who told me that the actual decision for Reginae to leave the group was made by Lil Wayne, who is currently serving time in a NY prison on gun possession charges.

Despite the fact that T.I. raised a glass in Lil Wayne's honor at his welcome back party Sunday night in L.A., the source says tension began brewing after T.I. was released from prison and Lil Wayne went in.

T.I.'s friends agree that prison life has changed T.I., and since his release from prison he has thrown his full support behind fiancee Tiny's business endeavors, which includes the OMG Girlz.

The source indicated that Wayne might be upset about the attention his daughter is receiving from T.I., who has told Reginae she could have whatever she liked.

"T.I. is really helping the girls a lot and [Lil Wayne] had plenty of time to help them while T.I. was locked up, but he didn't," said the insider. "Now that T.I. is out of prison and he's putting his money into the group and helping them, Lil Wayne doesn't like it one bit. Now he doesn't want his daughter in the group."

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This is really sad if it's true. It's very sad that we can't accept ourselves for who we are. But innocent babies don't have a choice and they can't defend themselves.


My friend bleaches her 9 month old son. She only dates light skinned men as she puts it " who doesnt want light skinned children black is dirty". Both her sons were born with more or less the same colour as her, now she bleaches the both of them. The father in the picture, is totally unaware of this. I have spoken to her on a number of occasions to stop but my words have fallen on deaf ears. I am not one for minding peoples business but what she is doing is dangerous. Do you think i should tell the daddy?

And while we're on the subject of innocent babies with peculiar features, loyal reader Natasha sent this in:

Beautiful eyes right?

According to recent Studies, the chances of an Afro-American baby with blue eyes being born are 1 in a million. There are “brown” people with light eyes, usually light brown, green or gray, but they also share the Anglo-Saxon characteristics such as pug nose and Light hair, but a baby with all the physical characteristics of the afro-American race with blue eyes was almost impossible. Seems like Globalization is working right? It will be more common to see mixes like this one day after day. This baby [is] 19 months now and since he was 12 months old got a full contract and a life insurance with Paramount Pictures; you will see him in movies, commercials and magazines very soon! Read More...

It seems as though pop star Rihanna's tour is not selling as well as she had hoped. Could it be because Rihanna is just not the flavor of the month any more? Or maybe it's because of her lack of musical skills or her dumb choices in men. Who knows.

But judging from these hyper-sexualized pictures from RiRi's tour stop in Germany, it could just be that concerned parents everywhere are banning their kids from attending Rihanna's concerts.

Our society has enough problems with teen pregnancy rates and skyrocketing STDs among the teenage population. We don't need celebrities encouraging promiscuous behavior.

Do better Rihanna!

Photos: Splash News Online

Thanks to Natina Reed's manager Conley Armstrong of Strong Arms Entertainment, who sent us this most recent photo of Natina, which is a far cry from her now infamous mug shot. Natina is getting her life back on track. She's busy working on her new album and she just landed a big movie role. So good for her!

You can reach out to Natina on her Twitter page TheRealNatina.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the former Blaque singer being the victim of a malicious attack on another blog. As you know, Reed, 29, was arrested in Decatur, GA (a suburb of Atlanta) back on April 13 and charged with having an open container of alcohol in her car and disorderly conduct.

According to her manager, Conley Armstrong, she was arrested close to midnight and released a few hours later, which made it seem as if she was in jail for a whole day.

Nevertheless, a gossip blog decided her charges weren't scandalous enough and took it upon themselves to falsify a police report to make it appear as though Reed had been arrested on cocaine and prostitution charges. They also altered the amount of her bond and the status of her charges to appear as though she was still in jail.

And lastly, they misrepresented the location of Reed's arrest as Gwinnett County rather than DeKalb County to prevent the other blogs from finding her original arrest report online.

Even though we as bloggers are not infallible, there is a line that most of us will not cross. Tampering with official court documents and public records is illegal, and most of us have better common sense than to put our livelihoods at risk for a few blog hits.

The bottom line is artists are humans too. They all have personal issues like we do, and sometimes those personal issues are played out in a very public manner. Blogs cross the line when they twist the truth and fabricate stories in exchange for money and hits.

I can assure my readers that we take great pride in our integrity and credibility and we will never cross that line.