Ciara must be forgetting that she's not living in Bankhead Courts any more? Local residents in LA called the cops on CiCi to complain about her loud music. Narcissists typically don't consider the rights of others:

Singer Ciara had a brush with cops on Tuesday night (May 11) when a playback of her new songs prompted complaints from local residents.

The Goodies hitmaker was celebrating a pal's birthday in Los Angeles when they decided to continue the party in a nearby parking lot.

Ciara insisted it was the perfect time to unveil her latest recordings to her friends - but their raucous reactions resulted in a visit from police officers. Read More...

She even posted pics of herself with the cops on her Twitter page (I know, slow news day).

Cute low budget music video by up-and-coming rapper iQ (International Quincy). As you know iQ is the spawn of singer-turned radio DJ Al B Sure and sometime model/socialite Kim Porter. iQ's Twitter page is @ThisisMyiq. Follow him and let him know if this track is a hit or a miss.

Legendary supermodel Iman called in favors and pulled rank to get "dance music performer" Kelly Rowland kicked off of Bravo's The Fashion Show.

From NY Mag:

Alessandra Ambrosio was rumored to take Kelly Rowland's spot on Bravo's The Fashion Show, hosting alongside Isaac Mizrahi, but Iman got the job. We don't feel bad for Alessandra, who has plenty of other work, but what about Kelly? How will she get attention now? Hopefully Miss Universe is hiring dance-music performers again.


Young Quincy Brown, spawn of Al B Sure and Kim Porter, responded to the widespread criticism he received for that wet, sloppy kiss he planted on his mommy's lips on Mother's Day.

Taken from his blog:

“There were a lot of mixed opinions and judgements that surfaced the internet today concerning the kiss i gave my mother on Mother’s Day. I think it deserves a personal response from me…. [May 9th] was Mother’s Day; A special day to celebrate and give thanks to all mothers and mother figures present in our lives. I chose to express my love and devotion to my Mother, not only by presenting her with gifts and verbal means of appreciation, but by sharing my LOVE for her with the WORLD; A KISS!

I come from a warm, loving and close family. It really is a secure feeling to be apart of a caring family, and my Mother is so much apart of the warmth and love that helps us appreciate and enjoy one another. All through the years, I’ve kissed my Mom, my Grandmother, and my Great-Grandmothers………With more kisses to come.”


Lil Wayne
According to the Village Voice, Rikers Island corrections officers conducted a surprise inspection of rapper Lil Wayne's prison cell and found earphones and a charger.

No audio device was found in his cell, so officers searched the cells of the other inmates until they came up with the missing mp3 player.

Before turning himself in to begin serving a 12-month prison sentence on weapons charges, Wayne told Rolling Stone magazine that he planned to keep working while in prison: "I'll have an iPod, and I'll make sure they keep sending me beats."

The only problem with that is, inmates aren't allowed to have electronics such as iPods or cell phones in their possession.

The MP3 player was discovered in the cell of another inmate in the unit. And, in a kind of tragic detail, it turns out Lil Wayne had hidden the original contraband--the charger and headphones--in a snack bag in the garbage can of his cell.) He's being charged with an infraction--possession of contraband, says our source. Inmates are allowed to purchase an AM/FM player and earphones from the commissary, but what Wayne had wasn't authorized. Before you yawn, realize that everyone in Rikers--even the celebrities--is forbidden to possess any form of non-sanctioned mobile electronics, whether cell phones, videogames, or otherwise, and the fact that Lil Wayne was found with an iPod in his cell means that someone had to smuggle it into him.

Weezy's minor infraction will probably mean additional time tacked onto the end of his sentence. Last month prison officials fired an overeager female prison guard who entered an unauthorized area to peek in on Wayne. The former guard is filing a wrongful termination suit against the city.

Remember back in the days when singer Trey Songz was 3X harder than he is now -- or at least he pretended to be. I dug deep into the SR archives for this video jewel.

Back in 2007, Trey was performing in a hole in the wall club on the chitlin' circuit when a hater tossed a couple of ice cubes his way.

"Who throwin' ice?" Trey demanded to know. When a chick raised her hand, Trey and his bodyguard leaped off the stage and beat ol' girl beat down! Trey would probably look back on that azz whippin' as the highlight of his career.

I bet some of you ladies yearn for the good ol' days when Trey at least pretended to hard as a rock.

About 30 minutes ago, troubled rapper Gucci Mane walked out of the Fulton County Jail a free man. Gucci, real name Radric Taylor, was arrested last November by his parole officer for violating his probation a second time.

Gucci held a press conference outside the jail where he read a prepared statement to a swarm of media, bloggers and photographers who jockeyed for his attention.

During his stint in jail, Gucci kept busy by writing lyrics and recording his latest mixtape, The BurrrPrint 2HD, over the phone with the assistance of his producer, DJ Holiday.

Gucci also started up a new label, 1017 Brick Squad, and fired his longtime manager Debra Antney, who is rapper Waka Flocka's mom

Photo by @PictureMane

Dwyane Wade and his mother arriving at the Cook County courthouse yesterday

There has been a new development in the Dwyane Wade divorce case that casts doubt on Siohvaughn Wade's allegations against Wade and Gabrielle Union.

As you know, the estranged wife of the Miami Heat superstar filed court documents accusing Wade of making out with his jump off Gabby Union in front of the couple's two sons.

Wade struck back saying his former wife is delusional and unstable, among other things. Well, it is now beginning to look like Siohvaughn might be a crazed woman scorned who is using her two sons to get back at Wade and Union.

Dare I say that I was wrong about Union after all?

Here's what we know so far:

Siohvaughn Funches was served with a warrant and arrested for contempt of court when she showed up at the Daley Center shortly after 11 a.m. this morning.

Funches arrived at the courthouse with $10,000 in hand to pay for her bond, and she was released an hour later.

The judge in the case, Marya Nega, issued the warrant Monday, saying she was tired of Funches's antics and what she called a pattern of behavior by Siohvaughn Funches throughout the course of the divorce proceedings.

"When things don't go according to Mrs. Wade's way all of a sudden the phone's turned off," said Nega, when Wade's attorney claimed she couldn't reach her. The judge also said Siohvaughn was "beginning to spiral out of control."

Siohvaughn, who clearly feels a sense of entitlement, has defied other court orders in the past.

For example, Nega said, Siohvaughn Wade has not followed an order to make sure the couple's two children talk to their father every day. Nega also noted the children were not at their Chicago school last week to be picked up by Dwyane Wade's sister as the judge had ordered.

The judge said her main concern was what the couple's ongoing divorce was doing to the children and suggested she may order custody be given to Dwyane Wade.

"Maybe it's time for the kids to go live with Dad for a month or two," the judge said.

Source: CBN

In this exclusive interview by, Debra Antney, the former manager of Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj, discusses her former clients. I recall last year when Debra called me to defend Nicki after I wrote this post.

I have much respect for Debra because she is fiercely protective of her artists and her community. I remember our very first run-in back in my paparazzi days after I uploaded photos to Getty Images of Ludacris and his foundation giving back to the Bankhead community during Christmas 2003.

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Two-hit wonder Kelis was spotted leaving her London hotel today dressed colorfully over the top as usual. In case you're wondering what she's wearing, Upscale Hype got you covered!

Nas’ ex wife, R&B singer Kelis, was spotted in London wearing a Givenchy Gold Studded leather jacket ($2,176) from the Resort 2010 womenswear collection. The jacket features black leather embellished with gold toned round ball studs. For the outing, Kelis carried a Spring/Summer 2010 collection Vivienne Westwood Heart Shaped 4863 Ebury black bag (approx. $888), which was made from leather and has a large gold toned orb on the front. She was also rocking a pair of Fall 2009 collection Adidas by Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sneakers (about $300).

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Rapper The Game wanted you to see the newest edition to his Louis Stewart Collection. This is the cinnamon brown and navy gator set that The Game custom ordered to his specifications.

Unlike Louis Vuitton, which doesn't even take custom orders for soft sided luggage any more, Louis Stewart accepts custom orders and his turnaround time is less than two weeks!


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They say that pop singer Rihanna is being pushed by her mentor Jay Z to be the face of a new chain of burlesque themed nightclubs. Rihanna and her bestie, Melissa, partied at the swanky Mahiki nightclub until 4:30 am last night.

Over the weekend, Keri Hilson along with Cat Deely of "So You Think You Can Dance" was invited to a private dinner at Neiman Marcus...

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For those of you still on the social networking microblog (I know, it's dying slowly), here's a summary of what really happened to one of your favorite delusional Twitter personalities who pretended to be a light skinned pretty boy homosexual on Twitter (in reality he's a self-hating, dark skinned bruvah).

His "followers" woke up one day to discover that his life (and by extension, theirs) was a fraud and now his Twitter page, facebook, Tumblr account and gmail are all deleted.

One of his followers was so moved by the loss of his online fantasy crush, that he wrote this blog:

When I found out that the hilarious, sweet, understanding, endearing, cool ass mofo I had known as @gayshitgoeshere was some constructed alter-ego, I was a bit disappointed. I’m certainly not going to lose sleep over him, and you won’t find me at the bottom of the Charles River, but I do feel a bit jipped. And I have every got damn right to feel the way I do. I followed @gayshitgoeshere’s blog, laughed with him, he checked in on me when I was sick, and I got worried about him when his hoopty broke down. I didn’t know him, but I liked the guy, or least who I thought he was.

So imagine my surprise when my timeline suddenly gets flooded with folks discussing how he had been lying all along. All those stories about dinner at his parents’ house, him tweeting while hugged up with his boo, everything was a lie. I know this is the internet. I know that I don’t really know many people on Twitter. I know that people are deceitful and that Twitter is the perfect venue for people to construct fictitious versions of themselves. But, I also know that I’m real on Twitter, that my tweets are a TRUE reflection of who I am, what I’m about. I have no suspect motives, and I’m not looking for away to morph into a different person. So, is it crazy to think that I might assume that many of you are operating under the same premises, that many of you might be, what’s the word, umm, genuine? Nah, not really. Read More...

Usher's live performance on the Oprah Show today was spectacular! He performed his entire routine without losing his breath or his step. That's the mark of a consummate professional!

Usher and Will.I.Am performed his #1 hit "OMG" while Oprah giggled like a school girl on the side of the stage. At the end of his performance, Usher tossed his sweaty sunglasses over at Oprah who caught them and put them on! Great performance!

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Lena Horne
The legendary actress Lena Horne passed away last night at New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center following a long illness. She was 92.

I wasn't a Lena Horne fan (she was way before my time), but what I remember most about her (actually, the only thing I remember about her) was back in 2004 when she threw a fit after hearing that Janet Jackson would play her in a made-for TV biopic based on her life.

Horne got ABC's top brass on the phone and she loudly demanded that they drop Janet, who earlier that year had exposed her breast in a near career-ending publicity stunt that she has never fully recovered from. The network initially resisted Horne's request, but Janet gracefully backed out of the plum role to spare herself any further embarrassment.

Here's what Janet (or whoever updates her Twitter page) had to say about the great lady's passing:
Janet Jackson

There's one more 'Word' after the break!

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Christina Milian and baby

Right off the bat, new mommy Christina Milian is showing her tendency to be a hands-off mom by using a nanny. A lot of new moms are timid like that. Plus, Christina has a fading music career to resurrect (if that's at all possible).

Christina Milian and baby
Christina is looking fine as I don't know what with all that white on. While shopping yesterday, I picked up a few all white outfits for myself. LisaRaye is starting a new trend!

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Beyonce and Jay Z at Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics

Burlesque dancer Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay Z, sat courtside at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Boston Celtics Game Three at TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday (May 7). Bey looks tired and worn out like maybe that time off from the music biz and all those vacations on tropical islands isn't doing her a bit of good. Is she sick?

Kobe Bryant
Remember when I told you that those 'slave plantation' images from Kobe Bryant's LA Times photo shoot were racist? Well, the Utah Jazz fans were probably thinking along those lines too. Kobe can expect to see a lot more of this as his Lakers team advances in the NBA playoffs.

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I missed Jay Z and Betty White on Saturday Night Live over the weekend (I don't watch much TV), but I hear the ratings for the 35th anniversary of SNL was through the roof!

I'm sure the ratings weren't affected in the least by Jigga's appearance on the show -- though he may think he had something to do with it. No, the ratings bonanza was all Betty White's doing. SNL's execs caved under the pressure after legions of Betty's fans signed a Facebook petition to get the 80-year-old "Golden Girls" star on the show.

Past SNL alumni also returned to make this episode one of the most watched in years!

Watch Betty's hilarious skits after the break!

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Aside from looking pretty good without makeup, rapper Remy Ma looks like she's put on a few pounds while inside the rock. As you know, Ma was sentenced to 8 years to life at Bedford Hills Correctional facility for shooting a former acquaintance in the abdomen outside a Manhattan nightclub in July 2007.

The friend survived the shooting, but Remy (at least in this video) still does not express remorse.

Prison life has been good to the rapper and she says things have calmed down considerably since she first arrived there in March 2008. Remy, who married her boyfriend Papoose while in prison, said she misses her son and her family the most.

She also touched on the beef with rapper Nicki Minaj, who allegedly had a lesbun relationship with Remy which Remy denies.

The 28-year-old Bronx native is scheduled to be released in 2013.

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is featured in this clip of MTV's "When I Was 17." Ludacris got his start in the music biz as an intern and then a DJ at Hot 97.5, which later changed it's call letters to HOT 107.9.

After radio programmer Chaka Zulu was fired from the station for allegedly taking payoffs in a Payola-type scandal, Chaka was offered a job at Def Jam and he took the young upstart rapper with him to the label. The rest is history.

Hopefully all of my SR moms had a wonderful Mothers Day.

Yesterday I took my mom to Phipps Plaza across the street from Lenox Mall to buy a couple of outfits. I LOVE Phipps Plaza because you can shop and star gaze in peace while avoiding the hordes of young thugs at Lenox Mall wearing saggy jeans with their hair twisted up in multi-color braids.

Of course, when you shop at Phipps, there's always that danger of running into the likes of Tameka Foster who also loves to shop there. I try my best to avoid her because certifiable loons are very unpredictable.

But this post is not about Trampeka Foster.

It's about the "kiss" seen around the world yesterday on Young Quincy Brown, the spawn of singer-turned-radio jock Al B. Sure and socialite Kim Porter, posted this pic on his Twitter page as a way to honor his mom on Mothers Day.

But the pic had unintended consequences on Twitter. Instead of giving people a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, it set off red flags.

In my opinion, Quincy is too old to be kissin' on his mother like that. A peck on the cheek would have been more age appropriate. But I could be wrong.

Shout out to loyal reader ashland for the tip!

So yesterday I met up with an old friend who brought along her Louis Vuitton messenger bag to our lunch date. Inside the bag was her brand new iPad.

She happily told me she wasn't following the crowd because she had resisted the initial onslaught of overhyped iPad ads for at least a month before she finally gave in after reading on my blog that her favorite singer Monica had an iPad. She said she loves it.

Me, on the other hand, I still have no use for an iPad. I already have a MacBook Pro (which I'm typing this post on) and a HTC smart phone, which I hate, but it serves my purposes when I want to browse the Internet while out & about.

I simply can't see myself dragging that monster iPad out of a bag just to check the sports scores -- unless I just want the people around me to see that I have an iPad -- and I am not that vain.

US president Barack Obama probably feels the same way. He doesn't own an iPad either.

Obama told the graduating class of Hampton University today (April 9) that the iPad is just another useless invention that will only lead them to distraction as they try to find work in a dismal job market.

Last week Apple CEO Steve Jobs bragged that his iPad sold over 1 million units. With over 300 million people in the US, I am not impressed.

Besides, that figure doesn't include all the replacement iPads exchanged by clumsy owners who dropped and broke their first units.

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From loyal reader Dana L:

Bobby Brown was in Jacksonville, Florida performing with Ralph Tresvant and Johnny Gill when he called his lady and baby out on the stage, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. He said this time he will work harder on this one than he did on the last one. This happened Friday Night, May 7th.

Photo: Splash News Online

One year ago this week, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada opened her first high end shoe boutique called Dulce Shoe Boutique in Miami's posh Coral Gables area.

The boutique was a runaway success, due in large part to Dulce's affordable prices and sexy, unique styles that aren't normally available outside of Paris.

Evelyn is a big fan of the blog and modestly offered me an exclusive interview. But quiet as it's kept -- I'm kinda shy, even on the phone. But my blogger friend Lashonda has no such compulsions about interviews.

She recently scored an exclusive interview with Basketball Wives cast member Suzie Ketcham (pictured above, left), who says the NBA will drop the hammer on any 'real' NBA wife who entertains ideas about joining the show's cast.

SK: The NBA hates it. I know that the Miami Heat has put restrictions on the players and their wives: they are not allowed to do it. The wives are not allowed to be apart of the show at ALL. And I personally think that the entire NBA may put restrictions on any wife, girlfriend or player from being apart of the show. You know obviously, if the players are not allowed to do it, then they are NOT going to allow their women to do it. Read More...

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Singer Toni Braxton was spotted leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel today in Berlin, Germany. She was heading to her soundcheck for the Duft Show 2010. Doesn't she look stunning for 41?!

There's a new media slut in town and her name is Dez. You might know her from the many paparazzi pictures of her strolling with her BFF Amber Rose (has anyone seen her lately?) Anyway, Dez is always passing herself off as Amber's "sister" to hide the fact that she and Amber are more than just friends.

The two allegedly met when they both stripped for loose change in a Philly gentlemen's club in their hungrier days. Nowadays they both find that acting as undercover beards for high profile men is a much more lucrative gig than swinging from poles.

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The death knell tolls for health care in America.

For decades, full time workers have depended on health insurance provided by their employers to cover their family's health care needs.

Then along came Barack Obama and the Democrats who decided that changing history was more important than simply shoring up the financially strapped Medicare and Medicaid system, and changing the rules to allow more Americans to apply.

Now that the health care bill has passed, 4 major corporations (AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar and Deere) plan to drop health coverage altogether for their employees -- and pay a penalty to the government instead.

This action will instantly terminate insurance coverage for millions of Americans who will be forced to negotiate with ruthless insurance companies on their own.

From Hot Air:

Internal documents recently reviewed by Fortune, originally requested by Congress, show what the bill’s critics predicted, and what its champions dreaded: many large companies are examining a course that was heretofore unthinkable, dumping the health care coverage they provide to their workers in exchange for paying penalty fees to the government. [link]

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Singer Toni Braxton posed with her adorable son Diesel during a break in filming her "We Volunteers" Public Service Announcement at the American Movie Company in NYC yesterday. We can clearly see where Diesel gets his fabulosity.

Singer Christina Milian and actress Meagan Good posed during the Ana M Grand Opening launch party which Christina hosted last night in LA.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty