Pseudo-singer Ciara was spotted out & about shopping with her new boyfriend at Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills yesterday. Where have I seen him before? You know these industry chicks pass men around between them like candy. If that's Ciara's Jeep in the background, that is not a good sign. It means the dude doesn't have his own car.

Or maybe he's one of those weak brothas who prefer aggressive women like Ciara to control him and drive him everywhere. I wouldn't put it past Ciara to have a broke ni**a with no job or even a bank account. To women like Ciara, appearances are everything. As long as he looks better than the last man she was with, she's happy.

We know he's her new boyfriend because her people said so when they called the paparazzi to tell them where she would be. Maybe now CiCi's Stans will believe me when I say Ci and 50 Cent are ancient history. Photo: The Media Circiut/

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From Upscale Hype:

Singer Beyonce Knowles was seen out and about in a distressed Wild Fox “Let Me Eat Cake” T-Shirt (approx. $103), toting a Givenchy Lacquer Nightingale Bag ($716, price varies w/size) and rocking a pair of Christian Louboutin Meree Lace-up Booties ($1,095). Beyonce loves Wild Fox and Louboutin, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her endorse either brand.

Like an albatross hanging around his neck, the BP oil disaster will be Barack Obama's 'Katrina'.

While George Bush took only a few days to mobilize a federal response to the flooding in New Orleans after the hurricane hit in 2005, Obama's administration has gone over a month with no real response to BP's crippled oil rig leaking thousands of barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico.

Back in March, Obama held a press conference to announce he was climbing further into bed with the big oil companies by expanding offshore drilling into the eastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico and opening up areas off of the east coast that were, up to now, protected from offshore drilling.

Obama explained his decision would mean decreased dependency on imported oil from other countries. Major oil companies, such as BP, were naturally ecstatic -- and ready to open their wallets to snap up multi-million dollar offshore leases.

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The major news networks are questioning the leadership of US president Barack Obama for his administration's turtle's pace response to the Gulf oil disaster.

The Kool aid drinkers will say Obama is doing the best he can. But during Obama's campaign for president, he highlighted George Bush's lack of response to the Katrina catastrophe -- and he said he would do better than Bush.

Well, so far, all Obama has done is sit on his hands and deflect blame everywhere else but where it belongs: on his doorstep.

During a live remote from the shorelines of Louisiana last night, ABC's "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer reported on the "anger" that is focused on Washington. "We saw a pickup truck that had a hand painted sign that said 'BP + The Feds = Another Katrina,'" Sawyer reported.

ABC News contributor and Democratic strategist Donna Brazille (who once was an unapologetic kool aid drinker) is now furious at Obama and his administration for not being "tough enough" towards BP. Brazille is a native of Louisiana, where oil from BP's crippled rig is blackening the shoreline.

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Rapper T.I. released his 2nd track from his upcoming album King Uncaged on his website yesterday evening. "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)" is the follow up to "I'm Back", his first single since completing his prison sentence in December.

"Yeah Ya Know (Takers)" features a harder T.I. shouting on the track:

Prison ain't change me, it made me worse. Right, 'Pac? If I want it, I'ma come get it. I ain't asking for it — I'mma take it. We takers."

[audio: TI_We-Takers.mp3]

King Uncaged is set to drop on August 17.

Source: TM

Rapper Trina, right, and her ex Missy Elliott partied the night away at the Velvet Room last night.

Trina's CD Amazin' is in stores right now. In a recent interview, Trina blamed the male-dominated rap game on the lack of attention real female MCs receive:

It's always gonna be less recognition for female MCs because it is a male dominated industry. I work as hard as the male artist do, if not more, so I just stay focused on that and continue to keep grinding. I don't let those barriers distract me at all.

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Loyal reader Dawn S. writes:

Listen, I was watching basketball wives last night and they had Evelyn [Lozada] going at it at [with] that Vanessa Davis about the emails and such.

I googled Vanessa Davis because I wanted to see who her hubby was and what team he played for. Boy was I surprised when I came across this mess, it's funny because I recall reading about this and that's how I found out who Sakra Ross was.

She now dates a Philadelphia Eagle and is close friends with Antonia Toya Carter and this Vanessa even tries to drag Toya into this mess.

British screenwriter Sidney Monjack, the husband of late actress Brittany Murphy, was found dead in his home last night. He was 39.

Prescription bottles were found on his nightstand, according to

There are rumors that Monjack never got over the untimely death of his wife, who passed away 5 months ago. The speculation is that he committed suicide. Romantics would say he went to be with Brittany.

Brittany's mother, Sharon Murphy, found Monjack's body last night. She was also the one who found Murphy's body last December.

Monjack suffered a heart attack in November while on board a flight. He was scheduled to undergo a coronary bypass in September, but he was told to lose weight first.

I'll never understand the attraction of professional bullfighting. Though bullfighting is not a mainstream sport in the states, there are millions of bullfighting fans around the world who follow the sport religiously.

Most fans watch bullfighting in macabre anticipation of seeing a gruesome accident similar to what happened to this bullfighter.

Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio had the unfortunate luck of stumbling during his match with a bull at the arena of Las Ventas in Madrid on Friday (May 21).

Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the bull didn't hesitate to take advantage of Aparicio's misstep by charging and goring him with a horn right up and through Aparicio's chin and out his mouth.

For a few horrific seconds, Aparicio was impaled on the tip of the bull's horn and dragged for several yards before help finally arrived.

Luckily, the horn didn't sever a major artery, or Aparicio probably wouldn't have survived his ambulance trip to a nearby hospital where he was treated for internal injuries to his chin, jaw and mouth. Yuck.

WARNING: If you've already eaten and you don't want to lose your breakfast all over your keyboard, DO NOT watch the video of the goring after the break. You have been warned!

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I guess Necole Bitchie's bestie Juanita Crimiel is out of jail on bond? She sent me a profanity-laced email this morning in a pathetic attempt to keep the spotlight focused on her.

I guess it worked.

Crimiel, 26, was busted last week in Miami for allegedly running up a $20,000 bill on an unsuspecting baller's credit card at the posh Mondrian hotel in Miami Beach, where the cheapest room will set you back $260 a night.

Celebrity gossip blogger Necole Bitchie, who introduced this con artist to her industry connects as "Chef Juanita", wrote a lengthy comment on a groupie's blog over the weekend trying to distance herself from Crimiel.

In her comment on the groupie's blog, Necole wrote that she and "13 - 16" of her friends would "take turns" taking this woman out to dinner in order to "compare stories" on a conference call.

That's 13- 16 people on a conference call with not one ounce of common sense between them.

It took 16 people comparing notes over several days on a scam artist that they should have spotted from a mile away?

Here's how Necole described what happened next:

That one call turned into conference call after conference call with 13-16 people who were comparing stories over days. She found out this week that we all knew about all the lies she told etc and we thought it was the end. Delete us from twitter. Delete us from BBM.

Then we find out she was staying at the Mondrion in Miami since April and we had to figure out who's bill it was on. I don't know the guy but she got him for over 10,000 (not 20,000). How she did that i have no idea. So yesterday, the police were called and the rest is history.

Read the email from Chef Juanita after break.

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