R&B Diva Fantasia Barrino was the headliner at the annual 2010 BVI Music Festival that took place over the weekend and ended today. According to BVI News, the 25-year-old singer demanded that the concert organizers remove barricades that prevented her from getting up close and personal with her Virgin Island and Bahamian fans.

The audience roared its approval as Fantasia told the organizers the concert would not begin until the barricades were gone. With the barricades removed, Fantasia launched into her hit song "Free Yourself" as her fans rushed to the front of the stage. I must make a mental note to go see Fantasia perform the next time she comes to Atlanta. She is so passionate and dedicated to her craft.

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The first thing rap mogul Sean Combs did when he signed rapper Nicki Minaj to his management team was to get rid of that lame Barbie image of hers. Now Nicki's image looks a bit more grown and sexy, and more age appropriate. Nicki and Sean performed live during the Best of The Best concert in Miami yesterday.

Photos courtesy of FastLifeFastMoney.com

Sean Combs' family got in on the act as rapper iQ (Quincy), left, Christian and Justin joined their dad and rapper Gucci mane, far right, onstage.

I'm pleased to see Nicki Minaj looking more like a lady and less like a cartoon figure. Now if only she could rap.

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Former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland was spotted relaxing on Miami Beach during the Memorial Day weekend. Kelly was wearing a too small aqua string bikini top and giving her breast implants a little air. Kelly recently tweeted that her diet was key in keeping herself fit, saying: "I gave up sugar and fried foods again!!!". I guess she doesn't mind silicone in her diet.

Tiki Barber's soon to be ex-wife Ginny was seen out with her son's A.J and Chason and her mother today -- a week after giving birth to twin girls. Tiki was seen earlier in the day visiting his twin daughters and picking up the boys for a play date in the park.

T.I. was spotted rocking out at Klutch nightclub on Miami Beach last night, as his fiancee Tiny watched lovingly from the side of the stage (far right).

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Gays and lesbians in the U.S. military are rejoicing at the news that the US Senate has voted to repeal the controversial 'don't ask, don't tell' policy -- the so-called 'gay ban' on gays serving in the military.

On Friday (May 28), a Senate panel approved an amendment to repeal the ban by 16-12. Later, lawmakers in the House approved the amendment by 234 to 194. The measure still requires a full Senate vote.

This means that more than 60% of gay enlisted soldiers will now 'come out' to their superiors -- and demand special treatment in the process.

Gays in the military will no longer be forced to hide in plain sight. Gay soldiers can now solicit each other for sex openly in the barracks without risking a dishonorable discharge.

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Rapper E-V-E was in town club hopping on Thursday night. There's something different about her. I can't put my finger on it. Did she lose weight?

Rihanna visited Jerusalem in Israel yesterday, where she bought some souvenirs at the Egyptian market and cleansed her soul at one of the largest churches in the city. Her bestie, Melissa, stayed dutifully 5 steps behind her (far left in the striped frock).

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...that this is the man who slapped the taste out of Kat Stacks' mouth in a video that is being re-posted all over Twitter.com.

The 2nd man in the assault video (the one seen picking up Kat's cell phone off the floor and taping her assault), is rapper Bow Wow's bestie, who shall remain anonymous.

He can be heard on the tape ordering the woman to "say sorry, Shad. Say sorry Bow.. Bow Wow!".

A little back story: Kat Stacks rose to fame by dishing out intimate details on her sex partners, rappers such as The Game, Fabolous, Nelly and Bow Wow, to name a few.

I don't condone assault against females. Even if she did put their cell numbers on the Internet -- real men do not hit women and real men don't stand by while women are assaulted either.

In defense of Bow Wow's bestie, he tweeted this to me tonight:

Watch the video of the assault after the break.

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Rumors began flying early this morning about reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada and singer Chris Brown hooking up last night in Miami.

Evelyn, whose username on Twitter is @FirstLadyEve, was quite active on Twitter last night, tweeting about her clubbing escapades with Al Reynolds and her co-star Suzie Ketcham.

But at no time did she tweet about being anywhere in the vicinity of Chris Brown last night -- that is, until the rumors began flying on Twitter this morning.

Lozada was quick to squash the rumors with a series of tweets in an effort to save her reputation.

"I didn't say two words to that boy" she tweeted earlier today. The question is, do we believe her?

Here is Exhibit A

Reality TV personalities Evelyn Lozada, left, and Suzie Ketcham (Basketball Wives) partied with Star Jones' ex-husband Al Reynolds at Club Play on South Beach last night.

Al, Evelyn and Suzie did a little club hopping last night to jump start the big Memorial Day weekend in Miami. Al drove the ladies in his car as evidenced by Evelyn's tweets on Twitter.com last night about her full bladder and his slow driving.

Meanwhile, across the way, Heat star Dwyane Wade partied with Ne-Yo at MIA Lounge in downtown Miami last night.

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