to add another email from loyal reader D. Bryant (scroll down)...

Loyal reader Domi writes:

Good Day Ms. Rose,

My name is Dominique from Los Angeles and I visit your site every single day. I have attempted to register to comment on your site to no avail, but I just had to leave you with this!

I saw the pictures of Nas and Amy at Damien Marley's birthday party leaving together, and my mouth dropped open.

I have been an Amy Winehouse fan since her first album, and I was completely blown away after the Back to Black album, which I call the soundtrack to my life. Although she's a real live crackhead, she has undeniable talent.

With that being said, true Amy Winehouse fans know that it has been rumored for many years that Amy and Nas were a couple in the past. There is even a song that is presumably about Nas, entitled "Me and Mr. Jones" which is obviously about a tumultuous relationship between the two. It is one of my favorite songs of all time and she is CLEARLY talking about Nas. Sandra please Google it!

Some of the most notable verses go "Mr Destiny, 9 and 14" (they share the same birthday) "Besides Sammy you're my best Black Joe" I mean come on, the song is called Me and Mr (Nasir) Jones! I thought people knew this already, but all over the internet people are saying "What is Nas doing with Amy Winehouse"!!

Whew! I vented and now I feel better!

Love your blog,

Domi from L.A.!!!

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According to conservative political commentator Patrick J. Buchanon, white voters who helped put U.S. president Barack Obama in the White House are now abandoning him in droves.

In a post on World Net Daily, Buchanon sees the rush to judgment and hasty termination of former USDA official Shirley Sherrod as the latest in a long list of racial missteps by an Obama administration that once promised to be "post-racial."

Once it was revealed that Sherrod was innocent of being biased against a white farmer, the White House quickly distanced itself from the embarrassing snafu. Press secretary Robet Gibbs claimed it was Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's lone decision to fire Sherrod. But Vlisack reports directly to Obama, doesn't he?

And why was an Obama senior official praising other White House staff in a Tuesday morning closed-door meeting for acting quickly on Sherrod's termination? That hardly sounds like the White House had nothing to do with Sherrod's firing.

What it sounds like is the White House jumped the gun because it was desperate to appease the right wing critics in the media.

“[The White House] desperately want to be liked by the right, and this pathological need to ingratiate themselves with people who want to destroy them lead them to make stupid move after stupid move,” complained Markos Moulitsas, who runs the influential Daily Kos blog. [link]

But that's all besides the point, according to Buchanon:

What was it that caused the rush to judgment by Vilsack, the NAACP and a White House that supported the ouster of Sherrod without talking to her or viewing the full tape?

Panic. The White House fears it is losing white America because of a false perception that it harbors a bias against white America.

For though the black community remains solidly behind Obama, ...whites in America still outnumber blacks five to one. And if forced constantly to come down on one side or the other of a racial divide, most folks will wind up with their own.

As the National Journal's Ron Brownstein has been reporting, white America is increasingly alienated and distrustful of all our major economic and political power centers – the banks, big corporations, the government.

And, for the first time in our lifetimes outside the South, white racial consciousness has visibly begun to rise. READ MORE...

It would have been so much easier for Obama if he had done what he promised his supporters he would do when he got into the White House: create new jobs and ease homeowners' fears of losing their homes.

But narcissists like Obama rarely keep their promises.

According to TMZ.com, R&B singer Brian McKnight, shown above with his sons, is breathing easier this morning now that paternity tests prove he is not the father of a gold digger's 14-year-old boy.

Brian McKnight is not the father of a 14-year-old kid in Florida -- so says a DNA test -- and now, he's no longer responsible for $341,640 in back child support payments the boy's mother was hoping to collect.

As we previously reported, a woman sued McKnight last year claiming Brian is her long lost baby daddy. But McKnight didn't respond to her lawsuit, and the judge issued a default judgment against him ... which means he was on the hook for the cash.

McKnight eventually took a DNA test -- and the results showed that Brian could not be the kid's father ... so the judge promptly tossed out the case.

According to TMZ, Miriam Lee filed paternity and child support docs in Orange County, FL last year alleging that the kid was McKnight's son.

According to online reports, Lee and McKnight were an item for many years -- even before McKnight divorced his wife of 13 years. McKnight has expressed regret for staying with his wife for years after realizing there were major problems in the marriage. He said he stayed for the benefit of the couple's two sons.

”I think deep down we both knew that this would be the end result," said Brian. "If we hadn’t had children, it would have been much easier to say, ‘You know what, we’re just going to go our separate ways.’ We do love each other, but people grow apart.”

It was a great ride: After two decades of churning out bubble gum rap and crafting memorable hits for such artists as Bow Wow, Kris Kross, Xscape and Da Brat, music producer-turned rapper Jermaine Dupri has come full circle.

The pint sized former rap mogul now finds himself staring at an uncertain future as he starts over at square 1 with a downsized version of So So Def, the independent label that made him a household name.

The 90s were heady days for Jermaine Dupri who struck gold and then platinum with a mixture of pop-rap that Atlanta has become known for. But few people knew then that JD, as he likes to be known, did not craft those hits himself.

Like fellow Atlanta producer Dallas Austin, JD kept a team of virtually unknown producers on his payroll, and they did most of the work for him.

That's not unusual in a music industry that is dominated by narcissists who routinely take credit for other people's work.

Big name producers, such as Diddy and JD, are often up all night clubbing, and making it rain on botoxed strippers who they share champagne breakfasts with in random hotel rooms at 8 in the morning. All the while, the unknown producers, who make pennies on the dollar, craft the hits that earn the big name producers their Grammys.

This explains why "producer" Sean Combs put out so many hits early on in his career, but he couldn't make a hit now if his life depended on it. The same goes for JD who took his So So Def label independent last year after being dumped from Island Records.

According to Creative Loafing, JD is bitter now that he has no major label to call home. No longer able to splurge on the exorbitant $8,000-a-month rental fees, he took down his infamous "Afro man" billboard alongside I-85 downtown. The one that greeted out-of-state visitors driving into Atlanta from Hartsfield airport.

Dupri, 36, also laid off (or fired) most of his staff and now operates So So Def out of his Southside studios in Buckhead with a skeleton crew of 3.

Gone is the big money label budget and all the perks that went along with being signed to a major label. If you don't have a major label budget, then you can't pay producers. This is when a producer's weaknesses -- and lack of raw talent - is exposed for the world to see.

Also gone is the main reason why Dupri's name stayed on everyone lips for so long: Janet Jackson. Sadly JD is in denial, refusing to admit that their relationship is over.

According to Creative Loafing, JD seems to deny that the pair have broken up, despite numerous reports to the contrary last year. "That's an assumption," he says.

The failures began multiplying, culminating In 2008, when JD executive produced his then girlfriend Janet's Discipline album. The album failed to go gold and Janet's contract was not renewed at Island. Some say JD destroyed Janet jackson's career by selfishly elevating his own career above hers. Even if that wasn't true, others took notice of his failures.

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Troubled British singer Amy Winehouse was seen stumbling and leaning heavily on rapper Nas at London's Kyashii club (where Damian Marley was celebrating his birthday yesterday). As you know, Nas is divorced from singer Kelis who gave birth to his only son.

We don't know whether or not Nas took the intoxicated "Rehab" singer back to his hotel and had his way with her. But Amy does look like she's thinking "take me back to your place and get you some."

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Certain blogs have been recycling the rumor that Alicia Keys and her producer boyfriend Swizz Beatz are getting married on a yacht this weekend. But Beatz tells OK! magazine that the rumors are false:

Swizz Beatz spoke to OK! at the New Music Seminar in NYC on Wednesday and not only cleared up the wedding bell rumors, but shared some wedding details as well!

“Well its not this weekend!” Swizz Beatz says. ”But you know, were excited. Our union is amazing. Our union is pure. Our union is positive no matter what people say or what people think, time will tell everything and you know, silence is the best thing. We just keep it private and we do our thing and just have fun with it.”

And Swizz Beatz says he is helping with the wedding planning.

“Yeah, you know, I’m a planner!” he tells OK!. ”I like getting into the detail of things. I’m inspired by fashion, I’m inspired by art, I’m inspired by architectural things so [I like] being involved with the wedding. I’m not the person who sits back and goes, okay, well I’ll just show up. I’m actually spearheading certain plans but it’s a nice blend, a nice partnership.”

What kind of day he is planning?

“Just an amazing day,” he says. “Very intimate. It’s not a superstar wedding. It’s not a gimmicky wedding. It’s a true bond of love, you know, that’s not based on having the most famous person sitting there while you’re doing it. It’s about having the closest people who really understand you as a person and that really have love for you. So it’s a small situation.”

Here’s the first look at troubled rapper Foxy Brown leaving the 77th Precinct in Brooklyn late last night. She was arrested for violating a restraining order after she verbally accosted her next door neighbor who complained about Foxy's noisy outdoor rehearsal. As you know, Foxy is still on probation after serving prison time for another violent incident involving a chick.

Thanks to Miss Info for posting the full music video for T.I.'s "Got Your Back" featuring Keri Hilson.

T.I.'s fiancee Tiny makes a cameo toward the end of the video. Speaking of Tiny, please ignore the rumors that T.I. has called off the wedding to focus on his career. That is not true. The wedding is still on, but Tiny is dealing with a very personal issue that takes precedence right now.

Singer Keri Hilson leaving the Today Show yesterday where she chatted with Kathie Lee and Hoda about being 'Empowered' as Avon's new lady

In an interview with CNN shortly after the White House forced her to resign on Monday (July 19), former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod said that a White House liason with the USDA demanded her resignation "because you're going to be on Glenn Beck tonight."

It seems that the White House was more concerned with what Fox News' Glenn Beck would say about a snippet of video that had been edited by a right wing conservative blogger to portray Sherrod as a biased racist.

But as this clip shows, Beck (who had not yet seen the full Sherrod video) came out in support of Sherrod on his show. Beck supported the USDA's former director of rural development in Georgia, even though he did not know that Sherrod did not discriminate against a white farmer.

"I'm puzzled by this," said Beck, "I believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty." Beck went on to accuse the Obama administration and the NAACP of "harassing" Sherrod into resigning - "before I even made it onto the air last night, and I didn't even run the video."

As you watch this video clip from Tuesday's Glenn Beck show, note that Beck made his comments before the NAACP released the full video.

Beck also noted that the NAACP and the Obama administration condemned Mrs. Sherrod before they had even heard her side of the story.

"Hold on just a second... the NAACP didn't even talk to her?" asks Beck incredulously. "The Obama administration does have a history of acting without all the facts," said Beck.

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U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama apologized to former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod for abruptly terminating her.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs squirmed and fidgeted as he took questions from the assembled White House press corps about the biggest White House scandal to date.

Gibbs said Obama was briefed on the matter yesterday morning, but we know he's lying unless Obama doesn't watch Fox News, which we know he does -- religiously.

Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, used his Wednesday news briefing to apologize to Sherrod, saying, “Without a doubt, Miss Sherrod is owed an apology. I would do so on behalf of this administration."

“Now that the full video is out there and Sherrod's version of events is vindicated, Obama looks foolish, impulsive and reactive,” said Jane Hamsher, a prominent liberal blogger and frequent Obama critics. “And he has only empowered Breitbart, who will continue to employ the same tactics until someone stands up to him. You would hope the President of the United States could manage that.” Read More...