Popular comedian (and now Louis Stewart spokesman) Alex Thomas writes:

Hey Sandra hope all is well, it’s Alex Thomas. Geat news!!!! Usher’s artist & Pop Superstar Justin Bieber Loves The Louis Stewart Collection!! Here he is backstage at his concert in LA rockin his custom Purple Suede Louis Stewart Jet pack! Sandra we appreciate you & all the people that Support The louis Stewart Collection……. We love the haters also!!! We actually found out that HATERS ARE THE GREATEST PROMOTERS!!!!!! So to all the haters……….. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!



Promotional consideration was provided by Louis Stewart Collections

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The last time I wrote a post about loyal reader Tyre LaJuan, the thread was riddled with hateful comments towards the young designer. I expressed my disappointment in my SR family, who I thought were intelligent and mature.

Let’s see if my readers have matured any now that LaJuan is donating one of his unique Swarovski crystal shoes to one lucky SR reader (he doesn’t know this yet, but I don’t wear heels).

Peep LaJaun Tyre’s email after the break.

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Evelyn Lozada, star of VH1’s Basketball Wives posted this tweet last night on the microblogging website Twitter.com.

Lesbians who follow both Evelyn and singer Keri Hilson immediately seized upon this tweet as a public confession. Plus, there have been unsubstantiated rumors about Keri’s bisexuality in the past.

Lozada was quick to say she was only kidding. But was she really?

Here is the textbook definition of a Freudian Slip:

Freu*di*an slip
a slip of the tongue or an unintentional error that is motivated by subconscious feelings

The key words are “subconscious feelings.”

I checked Keri Hilson’s Twitter page just now. And while there was no direct response to Evelyn’s “joke,” I did find this subliminal tweet from Keri. Was it meant for Evelyn?

Thanks to loyal reader Jason P. for the tip!

Yesterday one of my readers, Daisy, alerted me to this video of R&B legend Lauryn Hills 12-year-old daughter Selah singing. Hill and her sperm donor Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s seed) have 5 children together.

Does Selah have a future in music? Will she crack under the pressure of fame like her mother did? Lauryn is set to announce a world tour including dates in the motherland Africa. Stay tuned for that announcement.

Teh Ghey rapper Drake’s hired beard, Maliah Michel, is featured in a few booty shots inside the new issue of VIBE magazine.

After appearing in Drake’s “Find Your Love” music video, the two took their “relationship” public when they were photographed hugged up at Atlanta’s Gold Room. Maliah, who dances at one of Dallas’ most popular strip clubs, now commands a modest fee for club appearances.

Maliah proves once again that it doesn’t take talent or hard work to make a name for yourself in this business. It’s all about who you know and the size of your artificially enhanced body parts.

Not Safe For Work images after the break!

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This is good news for both Lindsay Lohan and her longtime supporter Shawn Holley Chapman:

TMZ has learned … Shawn Chapman Holley is going to be by Lindsay Lohan’s side in court this morning, representing her after Robert Shapiro bailed on LiLo.

TMZ broke the story … Holley quit earlier this month, because Lindsay was an uncontrollable client.

But now Lindsay is in a pinch, and Holley is stepping up.

Sources tell us Lindsay is furious at Shapiro, feeling as if he totally used her to get publicity for his sober living house. She believes that is the only reason he agreed to rep her and sold her a bill of goods.

We’ve learned Holley is supposed to be in court in the Juan-Carlos Cruz attempted murder case at the same time Lindsay’s case is heard. We’re told Holley is going to have the Cruz case delayed so she can be with Lindsay. Read More…

Photos: Splash News Online

In case you missed it. The 31-year-old crooner, whose 6th studio effort Raymond vs Raymond has breathed new life into his career, discusses the sexual influence that mentor Sean “Puffy” Combs had on his teen years and his music; cheating on longtime girlfriend Chilli, and his divorce from ex-wife Tameka Foster.

Photo: Splash News Online

Actress Lindsay Lohan has never looked this hawt! The troubled star covers the August/September issue of Complex magazine. Her long, blond hair was dyed brunette for this photo shoot from May 2010 by Markus Klinko and Indrani (the chick she was supposedly dating).

According to X17online.com, Complex editors published the pictures even though Lindsay never got back to them for an interview.

Lindsay is expected to turn herself in today to begin serving a 6-month sentence for violating her probation. But if she appears in court, she will be without legal representation.

According to TMZ.com, Lindsay’s 3rd attorney (in two weeks), Robert Shapiro, abruptly quit after meeting privately with judge Marsha Revel in her chambers yesterday afternoon.

Shapiro had agreed to represent Lindsay after her previous two attorneys bailed on her.

Last week Shapiro was able to coax Lohan to admit herself into a rehab recovery facility owned by Shapiro. One of his requirements to represent her (for free) was that she agree to abide by Judge Ravel’s order to do jail time.

But according to LiLo’s friends, she desperately does not want to go to jail and she unrealistically thinks an attorney can get her sentence reduced to rehab only. But that’s not likely to happen.

Lohan’s longtime attorney Shawn Holley Chapman quit after Lohan was sentenced to jail time two weeks ago.

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When this country’s first biracial president (that we know of) was sworn into office in January 2009, most blacks thought a new day was dawning.

Many black organizations, including the NAACP, wholeheartedly supported Barack Hussein Obama believing his shaky campaign promises full of Hope & Change because his skin was as brown as theirs.

Blacks thought Obama’s election would transform race relations in America. Many (white) Conservatives enthusiastically jumped on board so they could finally unburden their feelings of white guilt and placate African Americans by electing Obama.

Despite the fact that Barack didn’t bother to campaign in the black communities — or even acknowledge blacks in any of his campaign commercials, black people still believed the winds of change were blowing in our favor.

Few African Americans or whites saw the tell tale signs of communism or socialism that were an indicator of Barack’s true agenda.

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Elsa Belai (The Elle B Group) helped her fiance Alex Gidewon celebrate his 35th birthday at Aurum Nightclub on Friday (July 15). The party was also the kickoff to the Secret Society parties which will now take place each and every Thursday night at Aurum. The bash was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka.

Secret Society will have different genres of music bringing the NY and LA feel to the South.

Go to ATLPICS to see more photos from the party!

Ravi Shelton (promotions director Hot 107.9), left, and Alex Gidewon (AG Entertainment Group)

The dress code was strictly booted and suited and everyone complied. Kwessi (owner, Moda 404 Men’s clothing store), Bunmi (road manager for Lauryn Hill), guest, and Malik. It’s good to see grown men where grown men clothes, unlike rapper Jay Z who is older than all of these guys and wears his jeans off his butt.

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Remember little Charice Pempengco, the Filipino girl who thrilled American audiences with her superb voice when she appeared on Ellen Degeneres and Oprah? Well, that little girl is 18 now and she is set to make her debut on the wildly popular TV show ‘Glee’.

Now that Charice has become Americanized, she has fallen victim to the music industry’s stereotypical image standard for young, female singers.

According to online reports, Charice, at the tender age of 18, underwent plastic surgery to reshape her face. She also got her skin lightened and botox treatments — all in an effort to “look fresh on camera.”

Wow. If Charice thinks she looks old and decrepit at 18, I wonder what she’s going to think when she’s 35? What sort of message does this send to other teenage girls?

The 18-year-old Charice, whose singing career rocketed after appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ and Oprah Winfrey’s talk shows, underwent a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox to make her “naturally round face” more narrow, celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo told ABS-CBN television.

Charice, in the same interview, said last week’s face makeover was part of her big preparations for her appearance on the hit show’s second season. She starts filming at the end of this month. Read More…

Before U.S. president Barack Obama signed his ObamaCare bill into law, a component of that bill requiring Americans to buy health insurance or face a stiff penalty was one of the main sticking points with critics.

Many of them called this mandate a tax, but Barack Obama steadfastly denied this. In interviews, Obama said the mandate was not a tax, but now that the bill is law, he’s singing a different tune.

The Obama administration now says the mandate is a tax but they are authorized to order Americans to pay it under the Constitution which gives the government authority to impose taxes “even for purposes that would exceed its powers under other provisions” of the Constitution.

The individual mandate contained in the health care bill is now being challenged in court by more than 20 states and individual organizations.

What this means is, starting in 2014, the government will force Americans to financially support the insurance industry out of your own pockets because the government says the failure of the insurance industry will affect the economy.

If the mandate is deemed Constitutional by the courts, then there will be no limit to the government’s authority to levy taxes on Americans to force you to support other industries such as the banking and auto industries.

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Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade participated in Alonzo Mourning’s Zo’s Groove All Star game on Sunday (July 18) at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The All Star game wasn’t exactly all-star. Rajon Rondo of the Celtics was the only other NBA starter on the bench.

Actress Gabrielle Union, left, and somebody named K-Rose, watched Gabby’s fiance Dwyane Wade play in the Zo’s Groove All Star game in Miami.

Dwyane and Gabby got all dressed up for the Zo’s Groove Benefit dinner at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday (July 17) in Miami.

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