According to a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous, Akon's brother, Def Jam VP or A&R Bu Thiam, not only A&R'd probably the biggest album of the year (Watch The Throne), but he's also a rapper!:

I'm a runner at a local Atlanta studio and loyal reader of your blog. I saw Bu in our studio a few weeks ago with Verse Simmonds, who records here faithfully. I never really cared for Verse until he dropped that BooThang record with Kelly Rowland and apparently his features just keep on getting better. Last night some engineers were fixing a mix on one of his songs, I'm guessing for his new mixtape and as they were playing it over and over I realized that its BU rapping on the 3rd verse of this song! The track is attached, I downloaded it before the engineers closed out their session.

Apparently music runs in his family because he actually sounds pretty good, he's doing the adlibs too. If your interested in posting this I would like to be anonymous as I could lose my job for this. But I wouldn't want any other blog to get ahold of it.


So So Def rapper Da Brat recently revealed her feminine side in a 'Summer Chic' shoot for The Chicago native, born Shawntae Harris, 37, maintains that despite her usual tomboy style, getting girlie is second nature to her.

Was it uncomfortable transitioning into a "sex symbol" or is this just another side of you that we never see?

I'm such a fucking lady. I loved to get glammed up. I love manis and pedis. I like to go to Vicky Secrets and La Perla because I like lace and bikinis. I'm such a P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)

What is your favorite body part?

I don't have just one. I love all parts of my body! But on a man, I love the Adonis line. It's just so sexy!

Source: Saptosa Foster | The 135th Street Agency

Bow Wow's mom, Teresa Caldwell, whose clothing boutique was shuttered last year for non-payment of state taxes, took to her Twitter page this morning to respond to today's NY Post Blind Item:

That article was in the NY post & had nothing to do with Bow. Y'all know that I will never sit back & let Bow not take care of his daughter. I will never sit back & allow my son not to take care of his responsibility & if he couldn't I would work my butt [off] to make sure she was [straight]

Just so you know: We spoke with an intern for the NY Post this morning, and she gave us certain information that we can't repeat about today's Blind Item. We can not confirm the validity of any Blind Item that does not originate on You can rest assured that your auntie would never post content just to increase pageviews like other blogs do. Thanks for reading!

According to Black Celeb Kids blog, R&B songstress Lauryn Hill, 36, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Saturday:

"Mother and baby are fine,” says the source, who adds that Hill and family “had a little scare because the baby came out the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. All is well now and everyone is happy.”

I guess the only question remains, who's the baby daddy? According to her other baby daddy, Rohan Marley, the baby isn't his. And just so you know Rohan isn't just making up lies to get attention, his girlfriend took to her Twitter page to profess her love for the Rastafarian womanizer.

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As we told you last week, the official release date of the Watch The Throne collaboration LP by Kanye West and Jay Z might be pushed back. Today it was announced the set will be released on August 8 on iTunes, instead of August 2nd. It now makes sense that the super secret listening party for 'The Throne' will be held on August 1st at an undisclosed location.

Of course, yours truly was invited to attend the private listening session by our friends at Def Jam. We were assured that both Hip Hop Kings, Kanye West and Jay Z, would be in attendance (we really want to meet Kanye!).

When we asked (twice) if any other bloggers would be attending the private listening session, we received no response. So it is assumed that other bloggers are invited, and they just don't want to reveal who. (Not that it matters.)

In addition to the release date, a tour was also announced to support the much-anticipated project, which Def Jam execs are already calling a classic. The 21-city 'Throne Tour' kicks off in Detroit, Michigan on September 22, 2011, with a stop in Atlanta on October 9 at the Philips Arena.

Watch The Throne is available for pre-order at

Click the link for more tour dates

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According to Amy Winehouse's rep, Chris Goodman, the tragic superstar died alone in her bed after consuming a lethal cocktail of street drugs and alcohol Friday night:

“She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her he found she wasn’t breathing. He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed.”

Over the weekend, Outkast member Big Boi tweeted a link to this unreleased remix of Amy's "Tears Dry On Their Own" by the Dungeon Family (Rico Wade and 'em)


It wasn't just another party for reality TV star Kim Kardashian last night at Tao in Las Vegas. It was a celebration to mark the end of her troubled history as a single woman who had problems keeping a man.

After running through half the eligible bachelors on both coasts, the 30-year-old silicone Queen decided New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries, 26, would do nicely.

Kim threw her Bachelorette shindig -- complete with midget exotic strippers -- at Club Tao in Vegas with her mom, Kris Jenner, sisters Khloe and Kourtney, and friends such as La La Vazquez-Anthony, 32, in attendance.

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This contest has ended and the email box has been disabled. No more essay submissions will be accepted. A winner will be chosen on Friday, July 29!

Thank you to everyone who entered! We wish we could choose more than one winner from the amazing submissions! The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, July 29, right here on! The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize. If the prize is not claimed, an alternate winner will be chosen.

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ABC's Robin Roberts scored an exclusive interview with the hotel maid who accused former International Monetary Fund head Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her in a scandal that made headlines around the world.

"I want justice. I want him to go to jail," Nafissatou Diallo told ABC's Robin Roberts in an interview to air Monday on "Good Morning America," "World News with Diane Sawyer" and "Nightline." "I want him to know that there is some places you cannot use your money, you cannot use your power when you do something like this." Source

Diallo said she decided to break her silence after Strauss-Khan's high powered attorneys attempted to disgrace her by dragging out her past rape accusations in Guinea.

"God is my witness I'm telling the truth. From my heart. God Knows that. And he knows that," she told Roberts.

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