Remember we told you that Queen Latifah and her longtime lover, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, split up a while back? We told you that Latifah, real name Dana Owens, moved into a New York hotel where she dined alone on take out food.

Even though it's our job to bring you these scoops, we still feel bad for the Queen. At our age it's difficult to move on and start our lives over with someone new. Especially when you all you have to choose from are gold diggers who are just waiting to empty out your bank accounts.

Well, according to the National Enquirer, Jeanette has had a change of heart and she's willing to take Queen Latifah back on the condition that the Queen kicks her nasty habits, which includes drinking, smoking and eating fatty foods.

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R&B/Soul legend Aretha Franklin was spotted at ABC Studios in NYC for an appearance on 'Live With Regis & Kelly' this morning. As you know, 'Re Re had gastric bypass/lap band surgery late last year, and as a result, she has dropped a massive amount of weight in a little over 8 months. She looks great, doesn't she?

Model Heidi Klum is one cool mama! How does this 38-year-old keep her tummy so flat after pushing out 4 kids? Heidi got a salute as she left her hotel in TriBeCa, NYC this morning.

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Yesterday, we discussed your friend who humps every hawt man she meets. One week later, she's planning her dream wedding to him. She changes men like she changes her underwear, and she hops from bed to bed like a rabbit in heat.

Your friend is most likely an addictive personality type who raves about her love for men she barely knows. There's a certain level of desperation that separates her from other women in your peer group.

But here's a scenario from the perspective of a non-addictive personality type, who meets a man after being single for awhile. She would probably say something like this:

"I met a guy. He seems nice. We have a lot in common. We've agreed to see each other again. I'll wait and see where this leads..."

The non-addictive personality type is not as desperate to jump into a relationship with a man she just met. She's able to think more clearly and make better decisions. Her brain is not addled by dopamine, so she is more in control of her behavior and her thought processes.

She more than likely doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs. The non-addictive personality type channels her energy into more productive pursuits (and less destructive) activities, such as jogging or blogging.

So how does all of this tie into cheating? People who have addictive personalities develop destructive behavior patterns over time, such as cheating, abusing drugs or alcohol, gambling, pornography, and risk taking.

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Singer Kelly Rowland takes a pretty girl home from the club in the follow up single to her smash hit "Motivation" featuring Lil Wayne. "Feelin' Me Right Now" is an empowering, uptempo song about loving ourselves -- more specifically: self-love, as in masturbation -- or as loyal reader Dawn put it so eloquently: dating your middle finger.

Kelly sings about escorting herself home from the club to make love single-handedly, and unconditionally, as opposed to leaving the club with some thug loser who only wants to bang her back out and leave his biological calling card inside her.

    I'm so feelin' me right now
    (I fell in love) I fell in love in the club tonight
    I'm so feelin' me right now
    I wanna take her home, take her home
    'cause I know I'll love her right

After the break, watch a sneak peek of Kelly on next week's "Single Ladies" episode, airing Monday at 9 p.m. EST on VH!

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According to, San Diego Charger tight end, Antonio Gates, married LaLa Vazquez... Well, not Lala, but he did marry an exact copy of her -- a model-turned-business owner, Sasha Dindayal, on July 9 during a lavish ceremony at the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

The "model-turned-business owner" title is important to separate her from the other LSLH groupies who position themselves in team hotels and outside locker rooms in hopes of being the next Mrs. so and so. Hey, a chick has to eat and get her hair and nails did.

TMZ has more photos from the wedding. Click here to see the pics.

Speaking of wedding pics, did you see this photo of Monica's bridesmaids that she posted on her Twitter page? Aren't they beautiful? It's troublesome to my trained photography eye that the picture is so dark. I wonder why that is?

A loyal reader who shall remain anonymous writes:

Hi Sandra,

Not sure if you were aware, but Bu Thiam has a young daughter (maybe 2 or 3). Her mother is Ariel Hakim (@theeariel); a gorgeous Muslim woman, whom you may recognize as one of the cast members from season 2 of BET's Hell Date. She is a model, an aspiring actress & even does some work with Akon's Konfidence Foundation. Please see the attached photo of Bu & his daughter.

A Loyal Reader

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Tonight, DJ Funkmaster Flex ( premiered the latest single off the much-hyped Watch The Throne collabo featuring Hip Hop Kings, Kanye West and Jay Z, spitting on a Otis Redding “Try a Little Tenderness” sample.

"Otis" is quite simply a disappointment... We waited all these months for THIS ****?

A cornucopia of B, C and D-list stars turned out last night for Swizz Beatz's Reebok Classics "Reethym Of Lite" Campaign Unveiling at at Espace in New York City. Alicia Keys showed up to support her husband.

Chrisette Michele, rappers Lloyd Banks and Maino also attended. Chrisette looked stunning with her short hair style.

39-year-old Busta Rhymes looks like he swallowed Jermaine Dupri whole

Photos: Getty Images

Most of us have that one friend who seems to fall in love as easily as he or she changes their underwear.

She's the one who calls you every time she's met "The One" -- and she wants to share the exciting news with you -- again. Your friend has run through literally a hundred men. All the rest were "losers," she says, "but this guy is different. He understands me."

Before you know it, she's already planning her dream wedding to a guy she met just one week ago. She uses language such as, 'I met a new guy... he swept me off my feet!,' 'I LOVE him!,' 'He's so hawt!,' 'I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM!'

One of the reasons why your friend falls so hard for every hawt guy she meets, is because she is flying high off a dopamine rush. Your friend has what psychologists refer to as an addictive personality.

Addictive personalities are easy to spot: they're the ones with cigarette butts dangling from their lips every time you see them. They can't stop drinking or put down that weed, and they can play video games nonstop for hours on end without stopping to take a bite to eat.

Dopamine is the primary chemical in the brain that causes addictive personalities.

Basically, dopamine brightens and highlights our connections with the world around us, says David Goldman, Ph.D., a neuro-scientist with the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. "It's essential for associating something that happens with the feeling of pleasure." In other words, it reinforces behaviors that make us feel good. Source

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Troubled singer R.Kelly is recovering in a Chicago hospital following emergency throat surgery, according to his rep.

According to the Atlanta Journal, Kelly's publicist Allan Mayer said Wednesday that doctors drained an abscess on one of Kelly's tonsils on Tuesday and that the singer will be "laid up indefinitely" at Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Mayer says Kelly had been complaining of throat pain recently. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery after a throat exam.

R.Kelly was on tour with Keyshia Cole and Marsha Ambrious as opening acts.

Tonsil abscess is a common complication of tonsillitis, a throat infection which usually occurs among the pediatric population. A tonsil abscess is a sac containing pus that collects behind or on the side of the tonsil. Symptoms begin appearing a week before the formation of an abscess.

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An oil rich Arab sheik is so narcissistic that he wanted his name to be seen from outer space! So to make his dream a reality, Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Ahyan, 63, hired workers to carve his name in gigantic letters on an island he owns in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates.

And here we thought Kanye West, Oprah and Sean Combs were the biggest narcissists on earth.

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Singer Eric Benét is off the market... again. If you recall in 2003 Benét, 40, split from his then wife, Halle Berry, after she caught him cheating. Benét and Berry, who married in 2001, reconciled in 2003 but their troubled marriage ended in 2005. Benét is famous for his sultry ballads, but also for claiming that his infidelity was due to his sex addiction for which he sought treatment. (He later claimed he was not a sex addict after all.)

For these reasons we can safely assume that Benét has an addictive personality driven by his emotional dependence on Dopamine (we'll discuss this later in a Medical Minute post). Benét's latest flame is 20-something Manuela Testolini. The two lovebirds were spotted holding hands, while out & about in Los Angeles yesterday.


Singer and X Factor judge, Kelly Rowland, was spotted flying out of London's Heathrow Airport bound for Los Angeles yesterday. By coincidence, I received an email from a loyal reader who questioned why Kelly wasn't promoting her new album, Here I Am, in the United States. My answer to the reader was Kelly knows where her true fan base is (in London). Even if she doesn't promote her album here, it will still do well. Why should Kelly promote her album to her American bandwagon jumping fans who are only on her jock now because she has a hit record? Kelly looks hawt even when she dresses casually in boyfriend jeans and platform boots!

Singer Rihanna had a surprise for her Long Island, NY fans who came out to see her LOUD Tour last night. She brought out the one and only Kanye West! They performed their hit duet "All Of The Lights", and "Run This Town" for their delirious fans. Yesterday, was offered the opportunity to fly to New York to attend the star studded listening session for Kanye and Jay Z's Watch The Throne on August 1st. We actually considered going, if only to meet the musical genius Kanye, who, I was told would be in attendance with Jigga. But after giving the offer careful thought, we politely declined.

Watch the video of Kanye and Rihanna's performance after the break!

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

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Chris Brown's West Hollywood neighbors are calling him a nightmare from he!! According to, the self-absorbed, inconsiderate snob has outraged his neighbors in more ways than one!

They say he often parks in handicapped parking spots when he has his own assigned parking spots. Unfortunately, his rowdy friends often take up his parking spots, so he parks in the handicapped spots.

TMZ quotes neighbors who say Brown and his thug friends race their pit bulls in the hallways and blast loud music all day long.

The fed up building manager has called the police, who issued tickets to the selfish star. Brown's lawyer, who always has a ready made excuse for his childish behavior, blames the parking dispute on the building -- for deeding him the handicapped parking spots, lol.

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Nicole Austin, aka Coco, was seen frolicking in the waves on Miami Beach yesterday. Coco stars in the reality TV series "Ice Loves Coco" with her man, rapper-turned-actor Ice T. The show airs Sundays @ 10:30/9:30c on E! Entertainment TV.