Television icon Sherman Hemsley passed away at his El Paso, Texas, home, according to TMZ. He was 74. Hemsley is best known to his generations of fans as successful upper east side dry cleaners owner George Jefferson in The Jeffersons.

Hemsley won an Emmy in 1984 for his star-turning role as the abrasive-but-lovable patriarch of the Jeffersons. Hemsley was introduced to television audiences in the 1970s as Archie Bunker's equally bigoted next door neighbor on All in the Family.

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Loyal reader Candice writes:

Hello Sandra, we love you her in Texas! My name is Candice and this is my friend Tiffany White whom resides in Houston. We all joke and call her a hustler in 5-inch heels due to her drive and focus on success not only for self but those around her. She is not only beautiful from the outward appearance but she has a heart of gold, authentic spirit and care for humanity. Tiffany is one of the most humble, giving, kind hearted individuals that I have ever meet and am Blessed by having her as a friend. Since she is always is so encouraging to others I thought I should give her honor. Her motto is God..Family..Hustle...Period. A lady should be classy and fabulous and she is an example of both!

Twitter: @Fancy_Am_I

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Josh Peck, Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso, and bad boy Chris Brown star in the high energy dance film Battle of The Year: The Dream Team. The film, which is due out in January, lights up the screen with athletic dance moves that will leave you breathless for more.

Chris Brown and his ensemble of b-boy dance stars take on the Korean champs in an energetic, rumbling, tumbling battle on the dance floor for the world B-boy of dance bragging rights.

Watch the Battle of the Year: The Dream Team trailer after the break!

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Industry merry-go-round Selita Ebanks is being sued by a TV host who says Ebanks broke her nose for kissing actor Terrence J.

In court documents Telenmundo TV host Liza Irizarry says Ebanks, who was allegedly stumbling drunk, hauled off and punched Irizarry in the nose for kissing former BET 106 & Park host Terrence J on the cheek.

Irizarry, 34, claims the drunken Ebanks told her "don't be kissing my man!" before punching her.

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A messy private battle over Michael Jackson's untold millions went public on Saturday when Jackson's daughter, Paris, tweeted details of a letter signed by her aunts and uncles. The letter reportedly challenged the late Michael Jackson's will as a fraud, and the siblings asked the executors of Michael's estate to step down.

In the midst of all this mayhem, Katherine Jackson, the 82-year-old Jackson matriarch, was reported missing by her nephew, T.J. (Tito Jackson's son). Paris confirmed that her grandmother was missing in a series of emotional tweets on her official account.

In a follow-up tweet on Monday, Paris, wrote: "8 days and counting . something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!< |3"

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Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at Katherine Jackson's residence in Calabasas, California Monday evening.

According to published reports, Janet Jackson faced off with her niece, Paris Jackson, who was spilling family secrets to the world via social networking website A surveillance video shows Jackson repeatedly attempting to snatch Paris's cell phone out of her hand. Janet apparently attempted to discipline the impulsive 14-year-old, who thinks she's grown, but Paris refused to hand her phone over to Janet.

At some point Paris tweeted "Gotta love fam."

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Singer Christina Milian and her daughter Violet Nash were spotted splashing in the surf on Miami Beach Saturday. C-Mili showed off her rock hard abs that made her the envy of every pot-bellied man on the beach. Speaking of pot-bellied men; Violet's daddy is music producer Terius "The Dream" Nash.

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Imagine a world without color, where the landscape is stark black and white with muted shades of gray. Imagine a world where everyone looks the same, where there is no creativity or originality; we all dress the same and wear our hair the same. How boring would life be?

Women look to celebrities like Tameka "Tiny" Harris for their fashion inspiration. Others tear her down because they lack self esteem, and Tiny has a life that they can only dream about.

Over the weekend, Tiny's mom, Dianne Pope, emailed me her response to this poison pen post on a little known blog. The post was written by a miserable chick with too much time on her hands -- who shamelessly admits that she lusts after Tiny's man, rapper T.I.

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What are the odds that HIV/AIDS spokesman Magic Johnson would run into both Chris Brown and Rihanna in the same weekend? Brown, 23, and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, 24, are in St. Tropez, France, where they bumped into Johnson, 52.

Rapper Ludacris and music producer Swizz Beatz are also hanging out in France. Luda and Brown went up in a helicopter to do a little sight-seeing.

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