Former lovers, rap icon Q-Tip and radio personality Angie Martinez (Hot 97), reminisced at the Home Cooking Thursdays event in NYC last night.

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson cut a dashing figure at the Hollywood premiere of Warner Bros. "Terminator Salvation" at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre yesterday. They should name a candy bar with dark creamy chocolate and nuts after Tyrese.

R&B singer John Legend performed live at S.O.B.'s last night with the biggest fraud in Hip Hop, Rick Ross, who had the nerve to sport a Louis Vuitton belt after he was publicly backslapped by LV for wearing bootleg LV shades on the cover of XXL. We hope the belt was the genuine article for his sake.

Speaking of Louis Vuitton, British singer Estelle wore a LV scarf from the Stephen Sprouse collection to S.O.B.'s with shredded jeans, a cropped leather jacket and platform sandals. We're glad to see that Estelle has curtailed her habitual Twittering over the past few days. We might even start following her again.

LOVE the shoes Estelle! Too hawt!

Old school rap legend Kwame, left, and Metrosexual DJ Unique attended the Friends Of Doe Celebrity DJ Series in NYC last night.

Actor Forest Whitaker dined with his daughter Sonnet Whitaker and anorexic wife Keisha at the "Mandela Day" Awareness Event at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday. If Forest took his wife to such dinner events 7 nights a week, maybe she would gain a few pounds. It's just a thought.

Unemployed music mogul Jermaine Dupri made a few dollars spinning at T-Mobile's Launch party in Houston for their new Sidekick LX 2009. Some of you know that I took off half a day on Wednesday to pick up my new SK LX 09 after dealing with the old LX's crappy sound for 6 months. The new SK LX is a major improvement over the old one. Though the sound quality remains an issue with these phones. I still hear an echo in my phone when I'm on it. But the new features, including the free apps (mapping, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter), the 3G network, and the faster web surfing make up for the sound quality. I still don't think the phone is worth $450 though.

Rapper T.I. (standing) and comedian Lil Duval chill at the poolside of T.I.'s rented manse in Miami last night. The manse owners could have at least cleaned out the pool for him. As you know, T.I. is throwing hella parties down in Miami this weekend before he enters the federal prison system later this month. A little birdie told me that T.I. will also host a private birthday party for his youngest son Major Philant, who turns 1 on Saturday. Photo: Twitpic

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British singer Estelle attended the launch party for Belvedere Pop-Up Shop over in London yesterday. Estelle has been traveling back and forth between the U.S. and London for the past several days. We know this because she told us so yesterday on her Twitter page. We also know exactly what time the wheels on her jet lifted up off the ground because she told us that too. In fact, it seems there is hardly anything that Twitter addicts won't reveal about themselves on the social networking site.

You can find Estelle, and her fellow Twitter addict Solange Knowles, Twittering away at all hours of the day and night yapping about what they ate, drank or whether it's raining outside their window. There is a fine line between addictive personalities like Estelle and Solange -- and narcissists who think their lives are so important that they have to fill us in on every microscopic detail of it.

The endless tweets of Twitter addicts contain zero calories and are, in fact very boring to the rest of us who are mining Twitter Land for actual information that we can use.

What Twitter addicts fail to realize is that the quality of their twits is more important as a whole than what they are doing every minute of their lives. Wouldn't it be a sad world if all we did all day was sit and wait for an update from someone on Twitter who thinks the world revolves around them?

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It's funny to me that when Christina Milian dyed her locks blond, all the male celebrities had something negative and catty to say about her. But now that Cassie has shaved her wig and looks like Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome, you don't hear a peep from anybody. I guess they don't want none from Sean Combs, who, by the way will be hosting Akon's celebrity-studded birthday bash on Sunday night (4/19) at the Velvet Room. Please get there early so you won't be stranded in the parking lot with the other stragglers.
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Tennis superstar Serena Williams, left, and socialite/model Selita Ebanks attended the 6th Annual New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in NYC last night. Don't they look beautiful?
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Serena's man, rap artist, Common also attended the 6th Annual New Yorkers For Children Spring Dinner Dance last night.
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Actress Eva Longoria admires rapper/actor Ludacris' Armani Exchange watch during the Armani Exchange Watch Launch at the SLS Hotel in L.A. yesterday.
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Hot 97 NY jock Angie Martinez, left, actress/singer Adrienne Bailon (formerly of 3LW and Cheetah Girls), center, and former 3LW/Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams take a picture together at the New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks game last night.
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Actress Lindsay Lohan doesn't look like she's missing her ex-girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson in the least bit. Let's see how many DJ gigs Sam gets without Lindsay Lohan in her camp. LiLo attended the Armani Exchange Watch Launch at the SLS Hotel in L.A. yesterday.
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At what point does reality set in and you realize that you are too old to dress like this? Director Spike Lee attended the New Jersey Nets vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden last night.
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According to my good friend and computer expert, Felix, the so-called Conficker Internet worm is entering PCs through emails servers!

Be careful about clicking on links in emails today -- even if you know the sender. You will also receive emails from yourself that you did not send.

The body of the emails includes a link to a product that the sender highly praises as a good buy and invites you to click the link to see the product. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! Clicking the link will activate the worm, which will use your computer as a server to send infected emails to other computers.

If you receive an email from yourself or from a friend asking you to click a link to purchase a product from China, etc., -- delete the email immediately and run an anti-virus scan on your computer.

For more information on protecting your computer from the Conficker worm and other virus, call Felix at (404) 468-7616.

By now you know about the giant Conficker or Kido Internet worm that's scheduled to wreak havoc on millions of PCs today (4/1).

The best way to know if your computer is infected is to try visiting an anti-spyware site like If your browser redirects to a different page other than, it means your computer is already infected with malicious malware such as a worm, trojan or virus.

The worm/trojan/virus protects itself from removal by redirecting your browser to another page and preventing you from downloading an anti-virus program. The worm/trojan/virus will also disable any working anti-virus application that's currently on your PC.

If you don't already have an anti-malware app on your computer, download Malwarebytes from this link and run a quick scan of your PC. has a tool that will scan your PC and clean the infection. Also, has tools that will remove the infection.

If you believe your computer is already infected, you can download the tool onto an unaffected machine and save it to a flash drive. Then rename the tool to something else that the worm won't recognize and create a folder on your PC with the same name. Transfer the tool on your flash drive to your PC into the folder you just created. Next, change the name of the tool to "setup.exe" without the quote marks. Run the tool and follow the instructions.

Leaving your computer off all day today will not protect your PC from being affected if the worm is already inside.

The best way to avoid infection is to buy a MAC. If that isn't in your budget right now, make sure you update Windows regularly and update your anti-virus definitions daily. Also make sure your Windows firewall is turned on.

Never download any file from a web page that warns you about virus on your computer.


Click the above link to scan your PC for the Internet worm and clean your PC if it's infected. Leaving your computer off all day tomorrow will not protect your PC from being affected if the worm is already inside.

As you've already heard by now, a giant Internet worm is set to be unleashed upon your computers tomorrow (April 1) -- and no, it isn't an April Fool's joke. Read more about the worm here.

The virus creators have gotten so smart that even the best anti-virus programs can't detect their handiwork any more. Last week it took me two days to clean out my system from a virus infection -- and I had the full suite of McAfee Anti-Virus tools running on my machine at the time.

After noticing my computer and Internet dragging, I ran 4 anti-virus tools before one of them finally detected 29 instances of the dreaded TDSSserv trojan in my registry. It then took me another two hours and two more programs to remove all traces of it from my PC.

I don't know anything about this worm that's supposed to be released on unsuspecting PC owners tomorrow. What I do know is I will no longer be surfing the Internet on my PC -- only on my Mac which is immune to virus and trojans.

When Bill Gates makes Windows virus-free like Apple then I'll go back to browsing the Internet on my PC.

If Barack Obama, aka George Bush II, gets his way, your laptop can be searched for illegally downloaded mp3s or movies the next time you pass through airport security. Even if you don't have illegally downloaded files on your machine, your hard drive can still be searched anyway. Is this the Change you were hoping for? This government sanctioned invasion of your privacy will add another one or two hours to the already lengthy security lines in airports. So make sure you get to the airport at least 4 hours prior to your departure time.

    The Obama Administration is currently negotiating the ACTA Agreement with several international partners.
    The proposed agreement would empower security officials at airports and other international borders to conduct random... searches of laptops, MP3 players, and cellular phones for illegally downloaded or "ripped" music and movies.


Comments Off on LOL! Obama’s Teleprompter Has It’s Own Blog

Lol, I can't stop laughing! Barack Hussein Obama's infamous teleprompter has its own blog. Click here to view it.

Everyone knows Barack doesn't go anywhere without his teleprompter. Click the video above to see Obama's mumbling incompetence when his teleprompter goes out.

Watch as Obama blames his public speaking disaster on lack of sleep and pretends to be interrupted by an audience member that no one else hears.

Here's Barack's teleprompter's response to his boss demanding another block of airtime from all the TV networks:

    I don't think I'm breaking any confidences here by saying that things are a bit tense around here. Ever since the White House announced that Big Boy was going to do another prime time presser next week, people have been waiting for the backlash. Sure, we could've done it during the day, but then we wouldn't get any attention. We couldn't do it on Thursday night, because that would cut into our watching the NCAA tourney. So instead we cut into "American Idol." If you ask me that sucks ...

    What really blows is that there are some folks in this place who are pushing for Barack to go out there alone. Sans me. With no wing screens.

Some blogs are speculating that Barack's teleprompter blog is run by a White House staffer.

Click here if you can't view the video

This cell phone by Motorola with its 62-carat sapphire crystal screen retails for a ridiculous $2,095!

The so-called "high end" Motorola Aura cell phone is actually just a retooled version of my Motorola V70 that I still keep for emergencies like when my Sidekick flames out.

There's a reason why I keep my V70 stored in a drawer in my kitchen: it functions more as an eye catching conversation piece than an actual phone to talk on.

If you're looking for something to make you feel better about yourself, a Twinkie is much cheaper, and the sugar high you get from eating one lasts a lot longer.

Don't waste your money.