There's a new must-have item for men that is quickly selling out everywhere.

The plain brown paper bag is no longer just a sack to carry your man's lunch. The paper bag has been given a stylish facelift courtesy of designer Jil Sander Vasari. The Vasari "clutch" for men is made from coated brown paper, stitched seams and metal vents stamped with the Vasari logo to give the brown paper bag a trendy new look.

The paper bag clutch is already sold out at The Jil Sander store in SoHo, New York. It isn't available online either (I checked Sure, you could save yourself $290 by making your own brown paper bag clutch, but it won't be a designer brown paper bag.

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Young Money Cash Money Records signee Christina Milian was inappropriately dressed for the launch of her new bikini line over the weekend. The 30-year-old mother of one launched her bikini line at a beach house in Malibu, where she was seen frolicking with her scantily clad models on the sand.
Photo: Oliver S Wolf / Splash News

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  • Nike is selling LeBron James' new basketball shoes for $315. No, that's not a typo. Nike blames the absurd price on the "increased costs of materials" such as cotton and shipping costs. The 'LeBron X Nike Plus' shoes debuted during the USA vs Spain gold medal game at the 2012 London Olympics.

    LeBron's 1st sneaker release was in 2003. That shoe sold for $110. The price increase comes as Nike continues its free-fall in the stock market. Nike's margins are now lower than most of its direct competitors, including rival Adidas, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Critics of Nike's price increases are taking to social networking websites to urge others not to buy the high-priced sneakers.

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    Sportswear giant Adidas is catching heat for "promoting slavery" by manufacturing 'shackle shoes' trainers.

    The JS Roundhouse mids feature the LA Lakers' orange and purple colors with orange cuffs links that are similar to the shackles worn by Africans during the lucrative slave trade in the south.

    The promotional copy for the shoe ads posted on Facebook reads: "Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?"

    But activists and Facebook users reacted with anger at the premise of Adidas promoting slavery with the shackle shoes.

    More than 2000 Facebook users labeled the shoes "offensive" and referred to Adidas as "ignorant" for the insensitive promotional campaign.

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    With game 1 of the 2012 NBA Finals already on the books, more and more women are tuning in to see who will win the ring: LeBron James of the Miami Heat or Devin Kurant of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    HERSTAR™ makes it easier for the NBA fan to attend the games in style with their hand made crystal platform pumps.

    According to the HERSTAR™ website, the Limited Edition, authentic HERSTAR™ Custom Crystal Pumps are fully hand strassed in luxurious, hand selected Middle Eastern crystals, then offset by a sky-high 6” heel and 3" internal platform to put glitter in her step.

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    Rap producer Kanye West apparently didn't have to resort to a publicity stunt to sell his NIKE Air Yeezy 2 sneakers. The troubled rapper's newest NIKE design was the subject of a fierce bidding war on eBay yesterday. The shoes, which aren't available to the general public until Saturday, sold to the highest bidder for $90,300 on Wednesday. There are reports that sneaker enthusiasts are already lining up to buy the limited edition sneakers on Saturday. That's good news for Kanye who is still heated that Louis Vuitton didn't want his designs. But one Nike Superstore won't be carrying the Air Yeezy's on Saturday. A rep at the Nike Superstore at Lenox Mall told that the decision was made not to sell the Air Yeezy's because Kanye's fans would be too disruptive to neighboring businesses in the moderately upscale mall.

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    LL Cool J's long suffering wife Simone Smith held a trunk show for her 'SIS' jewelry line at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta a few days ago. The exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces in Simone's line range from $45-$8,000, and include diamond-encrusted lollipops which go for $8,000 a pop!

    Local notables attending the trunk show included (pictured above from L-R) Sean Combs's baby mamas Sarah Chapman and Misa Hylton-Brim (who happen to be besties); owner Simone Smith, and guest.

    (Not pictured) VH1 producer Mona Scott ('Love & Hip Hop'); WSB news anchor Jovita Moore, CNN's Audrey Irvine, Bow Wow's mom Theresa Caldwell, and more.

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    Much is being made of President Obama hawking "hoodies" on his campaign website. The hooded sweatshirts, along with other clothing emblazoned with the Obama name and logo, are being sold at

    But conservative bloggers wonder if the sales of the hoodies are an attempt by Obama's camp to capitalize off of the headlines surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, who was wearing a grey hoodie when he was gunned down.

    Martin's killer George Zimmerman, 28, claimed he shot the 17-year-old Miami high school student in self defense on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Florida.

    Obama, who said "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon," sent out a tweet on his account announcing the sale of the hoodies on Monday.

    "Is the President trying to capitalize off the death of Martin?," wrote conservative blogger Allah Pundit.

    Our president couldn’t possibly be so odious as to try and cash in on the case, could he?, wrote another conservative blogger, who accused Obama of "pimping hoodies".

    He added: "How long until Obama’s showing up in public wearing one?"

    According to celebrity blogger Rhymeswithsnitch, "Revealing her secret 3-year love affair with actor Adam Rodriguez and talking about Blue Ivy wasn't enough to save Melanie Fiona from weak record sales..."

    Apparently, neither was promoting her album on her account. I have said so many times in the past that promoting an album on is no substitute for a well-organized promotional campaign. Just because you have 100K followers on Twitter does not translate to record sales.

    Melanie's second album 'The MF Life" is only expected move between 27 and 30k units in it's first week.

    But Melanie's not alone.

    Ruben Studdards' 'Letters from Birmingham' is projected to sell only 4k copies and Diggy Simmons debut album Unexpected Arrival between 20 and 23K. Source

    One day they'll learn...

    Rap producer Kanye West has conquered the world of music, but he's having a little trouble convincing the world's fashionistas to take him seriously as a designer.

    Narcissists think very highly of themselves, but Kanye isn't your average, run-of-the-mill narcissist.

    Just to prove he's the next Marc Jacobs, Kanye packed his things and moved to Europe -- and he plans to stay there until the other fashion designers stop laughing at him behind his back.

    Last week, Kanye debuted his DW collection during Paris fashion week. His designs, inspired by his late mother Donda West, barely evoked mention by the fashion critics. But the media did buzz about the shoes his models were wearing.

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    Yesterday, T.I. released this trailer for his much-anticipated mixtape titlted F*ck Da City Up. The mixtape drops at midnight on T.I.'s official website,, and on

    I've never heard of a trailer for a mixtape, but we're talking about the innovator, T.I., who sets the standard for these other lessors to try and catch up.

    Since it's so close to Christmas -- and I did promise one more giveaway this year -- I've decided to give away 1 $500 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card to each of the first 2 readers who correctly answers the following 2 questions (you can answer one or both questions).

    You must be a registered member of blog to enter. The gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or additonal gift cards. Saks gift cards are good for purchases made at Saks Fifth Avenue stores, OFF 5TH stores or online at

    1. What timepiece is T.I. wearing in the pic below.

    2. Why do ballers love wearing this particular watch?


    Reality TV personality and socialite La La Anthony celebrated the renewal of her reality show on VH1 recently. La La and her son Kiyan Anthony hung out together in Times Square yesterday. La La wore all black outfit with pleather pants and spiked boots.
    Photo: Santi/Splash News

    Socialite Kim Kardashian was spotted boarding a private jet with her family bound for Las Vegas, where she attended the grand opening of her Kardashian Khaos boutique at the Mirage Resort Hotel and Casino yesterday. Talk show maven Barbara Walters conducted an interview with Kim, her mother, Kris Jenner, and her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney back in September. Walters basically told them they had no talent and they won't be around next year. It was a reality check that the family wasn't expecting.
    Photo: STARPICZ / Splash News

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    Yesterday, Nike announced the release of 1,500 limited edition pairs of Nike MAGS, the futuristic trainers that Marty McFly wore in the hit 1989 film 'Back to the Future'.

    According to owner Matt Halfhill, who was flown out to LA for the shoe unveiling Thursday, the cartoonish trainers comes with a battery pack and the Nike logo lights up like the ones in the movie. But unlike the movie version, the shoes are not self lacing.

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    It's simple mathematics: an equation in which 2 narcissists are equal will always cancel each other out.

    According to, Kanye West and Jay Z's much-hyped collaborative effort, Watch The Throne, debuted on iTunes with just 436,000 units scanned. This figure is far below the estimated 1 million pre-sales on the album's website

    According to, Jay Z and Kanye's "swollen egos" led to the album falling short of 500,000. "Jay and Kanye talk about their "greatness" so much, it is almost as if they forgot to actually bring it to the album," writes IBTimes.

    Both stars have ultra-star power and they certainly know it... and they know that we know it.

    ... In fact, Jay and Kanye talk about their "greatness" so much, it is almost as it they forgot to actually bring it to the album.

    According to most critics, the album has its impressive moments. In spite of their large egos, Jay-Z and Kanye West are talented artists and bring great tracks to the table. But considering the hype surrounding their names, the album falls short. The rappers almost make it seem they are god-like themselves in the nearly blasphemous and impious track "No Church in the Wild."

    In spite of their names, Jay-Z and Kanye have some work to do if they want to keep their album on the top of the charts.

    About an hour ago, a random tweet popped up on our timeline from singer Ciara's Twitter account. It read, "Check out the hot new Kardashian Kollection from Sears! Clothing, accessories and more – see it all here" -- and then she posted a link to the Kardashian Kollection "Look Book" at E! Online.

    The tweet seemed innocent enough. Just a tweet from a friend in support of another friend. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until we saw the hash tag that read "#ad" behind the link. This led some of us to congregate immediately in the Direct Message box in the back alleys of where figures of $5K to $10K per tweet were thrown around.

    This led some of us to wonder if Ciara is so broke that she is now accepting cash to tweet ads for her friends.

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    A few of our loyal readers are complaining bitterly about the cost of tickets to Kanye West and Jay Z's 'The Throne' Tour. The tour kicks off at Philips Arena in Atlanta on October 29, and some fans say they can't afford the outrageous prices that Live Nation is asking for tickets.

    Loyal reader Maxie King writes:

    The tickets for the Washington DC show are $265/Each in this economy? Talk about tending the throne, these two tired rappers are gouging the pubic, making Jay-Z and Kanye richer, but it won't be me that's for sure for two assholes. $265 is half of my car note, but they don't care. Who do they think they are? Jay-Z's rap is old and so is he, and Kanye is a Beyonce groupie. F-that Sandra. But the show will probably sell-out nonetheless

    Rather than rely on reader quotes of tickets, we did our own checking. We learned that the cheapest ticket to 'The Throne' Tour at Philips is only $83. That's not bad when you consider the magnitude of the talent onstage. I am speaking specifically of Kanye West, of course.

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    Our lucky Louis Vuitton winner, Keysha Willis, stopped by Lenox Square Mall over the weekend to claim her Louis Vuitton Montorgueil PM handbag. My apologies to Keysha for the runaround this weekend. We initially told her to meet us at Atlantic Station at 2pm. Then we changed the time to 3 and 4, and finally we called Keysha and asked her to meet us at Lenox where we were doing last minute shopping for Alex Gidewon's ultra private birthday party tonight.

    Keysha was a good sport, and she was so happy when she saw her bag! She said, "Thank you! Oh wow! Oh my God, this bag is thousand dollars? This is really nice! I like Keysha. She deserves this bag because she cares about others and puts others first! Bless you Keysha!

    Thank you to Prince Williams of for the pics!

    Photos by Prince Williams/

    Songstress Mariah Carey-Cannon loves everything about her Marriah Carey Collection. The Diva spent 8 hours on the Home Shopping Network hawking her wares earlier this week. Some say she was drunk on live television, but it may just be that Carey was drunk off the sweet smell of success? Her exclusive collection of Target-style clothing, shoes and fragrances are selling quite well, thank you.

    Anyway, Rich over at fourfour blog (he also writes for the VH1 entertainment blog) put together this 5-minute clip of the hundreds of times Carey mentions the word "love" during the show. Enjoy.

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    This contest has ended and the email box has been disabled. No more essay submissions will be accepted. A winner will be chosen on Friday, July 29!

    Thank you to everyone who entered! We wish we could choose more than one winner from the amazing submissions! The lucky winner will be announced on Friday, July 29, right here on! The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize. If the prize is not claimed, an alternate winner will be chosen.

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    Last week, loyal member April Lamons (BlackBarbie404) held a launch party for her new online business,, at the M Bar in Atlanta. The event was sponsored by Seraphic, and the SR family came out to support. Some of my loyal readers didn't want to be identified (I'm not sure why), but eastpointvet, Suga Shay and Diva Mama were in the house!

    From Press Release:

    Women, picture yourself walking into your favorite retail outlet where your fashion couture taste buds are savoring because you find everything to your liking feeling you could roll your bed up in there and call it your closet. Well now you can do just that with – an online boutique featuring chic items for women that are both trendy and beautiful. From dresses, shoes, blouses, shorts, purses, jewelry and even hair pieces, Glam Shop Online will eliminate the broker offering the savings onto the customers who will be paying a fraction of what is paid for in current retreated fashion stores. Glam Shop Online will make sure that all items sold are current with the latest fashion trends, styles and forthcoming seasons all at an affordable cost while giving the ultimate online shopping experience.

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    There is no doubt that singer Chris Brown influences the fashion style and trends in today's popular culture. I can't go anywhere with my MCM Visetos Cognac backpack, like the one Chris Brown has, without being stopped by young thugs asking me where I got it. I had to stop wearing it! Will Brown do the same for the brand new backpack from the Louis Stewart Collection?

    The Rockstar backpack comes in black nubuck with leather pockets and leather trim, accessorized with Swarovski Crystals! Brown was spotted wearing the hawt backpack on the set of his new music video yesterday in Los Angeles. Every bag in the Louis Stewart Collection is handmade and custom ordered to your specifications and comes in a variety of colors and skins, including Ostrich and Gator!

    This backpack can be yours if you hurry over to before it's sold out!

    Thanks to Alex Thomas for the pics!

    Talk about audacity. A woman has admitted to defrauding financial group ING out of over $56 million, in what's being called the largest embezzlement fraud case by a single individual in Australia's history.

    Rajina Rita Subramaniam, 41, siphoned $56 million (in U.S. currency) from ING coffers, which she deposited into private accounts to fund her extravagant lifestyle. The former senior accountant for ING is accused of spending millions of dollars on cars, homes, jewelry, high end clothing, shoes, bags, exotic trips and Michael Jackson memorabilia.

    When she was arrested, police recovered a haul of expensive merchandise purchased by Subramaniam, including 600 pieces of jewelry from exclusive lines such as Bulgari, Tag Heuer and Tiffany & Co.; 200 Chanel products including clothing, perfume and makeup, tailored clothing by Hugo Boss and Armani, Mont Blanc stationary and a $600 bottle of Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon champagne.

    She allegedly spent more than $16 million on jewelry purchases at Paspaley Pearls jewelry store alone.

    ING Group is a global asset management organization with over 54 billion in reported revenue in 2010.

    Subramaniam's 20-year web of deceit unraveled in 2009 when suspicious high end retailers complained to ING about Ms. Subramaniam's extravagant million-dollar purchases.

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    Two major U.S. book retailers have issued directives to their stores to wrap the covers of this month's Dossier magazine in opaque plastic. The retailers fear that the cover photo of 19-year-old, half naked male model Andre Pejic, with his bird chest and 2-pack abs, will offend housewives who might think he's a 12-year-old girl.

    Although there are other magazines on the shelves featuring shirtless men in all manner of undress, Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores believe that this particular magazine cover will offend because "the model is young and [he] could be deemed as a naked female."

    Dossier co-founder and creative director Skye Parrott was shocked at the retailers' directive to forfeit the magazine orders or agree to be censored.

    She told "We knew that this cover presented a very strong, androgynous image, and that could make some people uncomfortable. That's partly why we chose it. I guess it has made someone pretty uncomfortable."

    She added: "What message are the big bookstore chains sending — that the male torso is only appropriate all-ages viewing when the man in question is ripped?"

    Male model Pejic, who was discovered in his native Australia flipping burgers at Burger King, says his androgynous looks makes him feel more female than male sometimes.

    "I'm sure most people think of me as a woman. It doesn't bother me anymore and I feel fine about it... I don't consider my looks unusual."


    Jewelry designer Simone I. Smith, wife of rapper-turned-actor LL Cool J, launched her new jewelry line, Simone I. Smith, at Bloomingdale's in Century City, CA yesterday. Normally I would have added "long suffering" to her name, but Simone wasn't thinking about LL and his cheating ways. Some would say she has low self esteem, but Simone was busy stacking her chips and raising the couple's three children until she could realize her dream of owning her own business. LL saw that she was a strong and independent woman, and he couldn't do anything but respect her.

    Actress Nicole Ari Parker, designer Simone I. Smith and singer Kelly Rowland attended Simone's jewelry launch yesterday.

    Singer Kelly Rowland, socialite Kim Porter and actress Angela Bassett attend Simone's jewelry launch yesterday.

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    Rapper Fabolous, left, and NBA Knicks player Amar'e Stoudemire watched Game Five of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat at The Ainsworth in NYC last night. In addition to their love of the game, the two men share a passion for high end timepieces.

    In an earlier post I told you that if you want to catch a man with long money, you can start by familiarizing yourself with the things they like, such as knowing the make of expensive wristwatches they wear.

    Men like Fabolous and Amar'e probably won't be impressed with your knowledge of costly wristwatches (since they most likely got a five finger discount), but trust me, the real money men will be very impressed.

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