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Cardi B is seeking primary custody of her 2-year-old daughter Kulture in her divorce from promiscuous rapper Offset.

The "WAP" rapper, real name Belcalis Almanzar, filed documents in a Fulton County, Georgia court on Tuesday to end her three-year marriage to the Migos star. A hearing is set for November 4.


Further details from the legal papers reveal that Cardi is asking for legal and primary physical custody of Kulture, and wants Offset to pay child support.

But word is that Offset is broke due to child support payments for his 4 other children and the coronavirus lockdowns prohibiting nightclub gigs and national tours. The Migos rapper has very little income and a ton of bills.


In the documents, Cardi states via her lawyer that the marriage is "irretrievably broken". Adding that the former couple are currently separated, the papers add that "there are no prospects for a reconciliation".

According to the paperwork, the divorce is "contested", with Cardi listed as the plaintiff and Offset the defendant. However, the "Bodak Yellow" star ultimately hopes it will be "settled by agreement of the parties".


Following the filing of the papers, a source close to Cardi told that she had no idea that her lawyer was going to be state her case that way, and she actually wants the split to be as "amicable" as possible.

"She wants Offset to have joint custody of Kulture and is determined to have an amicable, co-parenting situation," the insider told the website. "Her divorce petition also says she wants child support. (But) she does not want any support from Offset ... in the financial department, she's the Bank of Cardi."

Rumor has it that Cardi knows she would be in for a fight if she sought sole custody of Kulture. Offset knows all of Cardi's secrets -- dirt she doesn't want exposed in court papers.

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Cardi B's ill-advised marriage to promiscuous rapper Offset appears to be over. The "Bodak Yellow" rapper filed divorce papers in a Fulton County, Georgia court on Tuesday, according to Page Six.

The couple wed almost three years ago to the day and shares a two-year-old daughter, Kulture. A hearing has been set for November 4.


According to a confidential source who has vast knowledge of this matter: Covid-19 is the reason behind the divorce action.

The source said the couple realized they weren’t marriage material during the lockdown. They discovered they have totally different personalities. Also, the lockdown made it harder for Offset to communicate with his Atlanta side piece.

With no club dates and no tours, Cardi and Offset were faced with the difficult task of getting to know each other without distractions at home.

They quickly discovered their 22,000 sq. ft. leased Buckhead mansion was not big enough for the 2 of them.

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The source said Cardi was adamant that Offset take the passwords off his phones. "What are you hiding?!" was a familiar refrain in their home.

The couple's marriage hit a wall when Cardi accused the Migos star of cheating on her, but she decided to save their marriage, telling Vogue last year, "When me and my husband got into our issues - you know, he cheated and everything - and I decided to stay with him and work together with him, a lot of people were so mad at me; a lot of women felt disappointed in me, but it's real-life s**t.

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"If you love somebody and you stop being with them, and you're depressed and social media is telling you not to talk to that person because he cheated, you're not really happy on the inside until you have the conversation."

The ex-couple do not have a prenup in place. Cardi may be forced to pay Offset spousal support.

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Andrew Gillum hoped to restore his respect and dignity in an exclusive interview with Tamron Hall.

The full interview will air during the Season 2 premiere of 'Tamron Hall' on Monday, Sept. 14.

The 41-year-old father of three told Tamron he cried every day since paramedics found him lying on the floor in his own vomit in a South Beach hotel room with a naked male escort in March.

Travis Dyson, an ER nurse who advertised his male escort services online, voluntarily surrendered his registered nursing license after the news broke.

Photos depicted bottles of prescription and illegal drugs with pills strewn on the floor and on a nightstand.

The former Democratic candidate for governor was so inebriated he could not communicate with paramedics. Gillum was not arrested despite the presence of illegal drugs in the room.

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Courtesy of Tamron Hall

Gillum addressed the scandal that derailed his promising political career in his talk with Tamron. He said he hoped to redeem himself and he went into alcohol rehab after years of fighting depression.

"I'm still here by the grace of God. So much of my recovery has been about trying to get over shame. Shame is not that I did that, but I am bad."

When asked why he was in a $220-a-night hotel room with a naked male escort, Gillum responded, "I would say the reason why I went to that room was probably no different than how anybody might communicate with someone that they are in a friendship relationship whatever with. I understand very well what people assume about that."

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He also addressed the shocking photo that showed him nude on the bathroom floor in his own vomit.

"When that photo came out, I didn't recognize the person on the floor," he said.

"That was not anything more than a person being at their most vulnerable state, unconscious, having given no consent, and someone decided to use a moment where I was literally lying in my own vomit."

Police also found a vial of injectable medication that is typically prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction.

Gillum, a former rising superstar in the Democratic Party, narrowly lost the 2018 gubernatorial race in Florida that would have made him the first Black governor of the nation's largest swing state.

Gillum was joined in the interview by his long-suffering wife R. Jai Howard, who discussed the impact of her husband's scandal on their marriage and their family and what the future holds.

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Screengrab: YouTube

Pastor John Gray apologized to his long-suffering wife for stepping out on her again. Gray's attorneys claimed he was being extorted by a woman who said he asked her to send nudes.

In a video posted on YouTube, Gray humbled himself and apologized to his wife, Aventer, and his congregation at Relentless Church in South Carolina.

To his wife, Gray said he was sorry for the pain he caused her. "You don't deserve it. You are an amazing woman of God."

The pastor spoke directly to his church and "God's sheep" who looked to him as an example of leadership.

"I want to take this moment to tell you I'm sorry," he said. "I'm sorry for the areas of my life that I left unattended."

He continued, "For every area of behavior that has dishonored the Holiness of God, I want to tell you I'm sorry."

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Attorneys representing Pastor John Gray say he is a victim of a malicious extortion attempt. The 47-year-old megachurch leader of Relentless Church in South Carolina is involved in yet another cheating scandal.

New allegations came to light over the weekend when YouTube blogger UnwinewithTashaK obtained a short video clip featuring the portly preacher.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In the clip, Gray, picture with his wife Aventer Gray, is speaking with a 48-year-old Houston woman named "Mary". He criticizes his wife's cooking and he asks the woman to go on an exotic trip with him.

The woman claims she sent Gray nude photos of her breasts at his request -- and she said he video-chatted with her while revealing his underwear.

She claimed he invited her to visit his home and she declined because she believed he wanted to sleep with her.

Mary said she hooked up with Gray after the death of her brother's wife in April. Her brother, a pastor in New Jersey, is friends with Gray, who spoke at the memorial service.

After the service, Gray asked for her friendship on Instagram and began liking her posts. Gray asked where she worked and he looked up the phone number for the hair salon where she was employed.

"A couple days after that he called my job and I answered the phone. I'm the manager of the hair salon and I answered the phone and he said 'Hey Mary, it's John Gray,'" she said.

Mary said she was shocked and told him it wasn't a good time to talk but she gave him her personal number, which she described as a bad decision in hindsight.

She said Gray asked for her measurements and for explicit photos. She complied, sending him images of her breasts.

Adriana M. Barraza/

But lawyers for the embattled preacher say he did not step out on his long-suffering wife this time because he and Mary never reached first base.

"There are allegations that there were phone conversations between the two parties, and that's essentially the extent of the allegations," attorney Devon Puriefoy of the law firm Truluck Thomason told Greenville News. "When you take her own words, she says there was no affair, no physical contact, they never met each other, they never saw each other."

That's good news for Aventer, who shares two minor children, daughter Theory Aspyn-Sky and son John W. Gray IV, with her husband.

Marcus Ingram/WireImage

Pastor John Gray's wife Aventer Gray is "extremely embarrassed" over a new cheating scandal involving her husband.

Over the weekend, YouTube blogger UnwinewithTashaK obtained a short video clip featuring the portly preacher.

In the clip, Gray, the pastor at Relentless Church in South Carolina, is speaking with a woman who is not his wife.

At one point, Gray invites the mystery woman on a trip, and he vents about his wife.

The clip was captioned, "He says his wife doesn't cook and feeds their son Pizza every night. He asks his side chick to fly with him to Cabo privately during the pandemic!"

Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

A source close to John Gray's wife, tells theJasmineBrand that Aventer Gray is "really hurt by what happened. Her marriage and family are super important to her, so to experience this in public – is overwhelming."

The source said Gray apologized to his wife yet again.

"He's apologized over and over again and wants to make this right. He's committed to making their marriage work."

The source said Gray and the woman didn't have sex.

"They weren't intimate, but it was wrong. Their conversations were inappropriate, period. Wrong is wrong."

Gray and his wife made headlines in 2019, when he was accused of allegedly cheating on her. Aventer can’t leave him because the couple share two minor children, a boy and a girl, and the children are their priority.

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LeToya Luckett bowed her head in prayer during a recent episode of "Girlfriends Check In" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

LeToya, who is expecting her third child with cheating husband Tommicus Walker, led her friends Keri Wilson, Eudoxie Bridges and Toya Johnson in prayer via Zoom.

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Screengrab: YouTube

"Come on, deacon - deaconess, bow your heads," said rapper Ludacris' wife, Eudoxie. "Let Him use you," Keri chimed in.

"Heavenly Father, we just thank you so much God. Thank you for being an awesome God," said LeToya.

Prince Williams/

Ironically, her husband, Tommicus, also asked for prayers after a woman allegedly shopped a video that shows him in a compromising position with someone other than his wife.

"The devil is busy and will not win," he wrote in a since-deleted post. "Please pray for my family and especially my wife while she's pregnant. This too shall pass. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

Tommicus, 39, captioned his post: "I love my family. I pray my wife does not go into preterm labor & my son healthy. God fix it & bless my enemies. Amen."

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Instagram bloggers who viewed the tape said the thrusting man resembled Tommicus.

According to readers: LeToya unfollowed Tommicus on social media.

LeToya is 39 years old and she's been through one divorce already. Hopefully she will come to her senses. A good man is so hard to find these days.

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LeToya Luckett's husband is asking for prayers after a woman allegedly shopped a video that shows him in a compromising position with someone other than his wife.

When I first heard this rumor, my first thought was why hasn't Todd Tucker's sex tape dropped yet?

Instagram bloggers who viewed the tape say it looks like the real thing. They say the man resembles Walker and the woman he's with does not resemble his wife, LaToya, who is pregnant with their third child: a boy.

Prince Williams/

According to RhymeswithSnitch, The Shade Room IG blog reported they had been approached by the woman who is trying to sell a video clip. TSR didn't post the clip, which means they didn't purchase the video.

After TSR deleted the original post, Walker took to his Instagram to plead with his followers for prayers.

"The devil is busy and will not win," he wrote. "Please pray for my family and especially my wife while she's pregnant. This too shall pass. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

Prince Williams/

Walker, 39, captioned his post: "I love my family. I pray my wife does not go into preterm labor & my son healthy. God fix it & bless my enemies. Amen."

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Isn't it just like a cheating man to spout Bible verses after he's been caught in the act?

According to Atlanta insiders, LeToya is unbothered by the unconfirmed rumors. She is in her third trimester of a high-risk pregnancy and she has two minor daughters to raise. Plus, her daughters need their father.

LeToya is 39 years old and she's been through a divorce once already. A good man is so hard to find these days.

Her options are slim: she can call a divorce lawyer and draw up the papers, or she can let this pass and keep her family intact for the sake of her children.

Question: What would you do if you were in LeToya's shoes?

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Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

Rapper Jim Jones allegedly has a history of cheating on his wife, reality TV personality Chrissy Lampkin, 49.

The "We Fly High" rapper is seen cleaning out the pool in an Instagram video. Chrissy calls him a liar as he reels off a list of chores he performs around the house.

At one point, Jones asked her to stop recording. "I'm cool, I'm done, because I see you got a lot of hate in your blood," he tells her.

Apparently, Jones cheats on his wife because he's tired of being nagged by an ungrateful shrew all day.

Men are not complicated. All they need is food, sex, and their egos stroked occasionally.

Ladies, if you're not motivated to stroke your man's ego at least once a day, another woman will do it for you.

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Give my man #jimjones some more credit

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Nicky Nelson/

Rumors are swirling about an Atlanta reality TV couple whose open marriage arrangement was violated when the husband decided to see other women without his wife's permission.

We hear this isn't the first time he violated their open marriage agreement. He has had his share of affairs, and now the wife is fed up.

As they say: it's not an open marriage unless both spouses agree to the terms.

It's always sad for everyone involved when couples break up. So this entrepreneurial couple had an arrangement to forego a messy divorce in return for an open marriage.

Rumor has it that they both had a side piece without the other spouse's knowledge. The wife allegedly dumped her sidepiece to save her marriage. But the husband is allegedly seeing a voluptuous real estate agent who sells properties on Atlanta's Southwest side.

We hope this reality TV couple can come to terms with their open marriage arrangement before she ends up divorcing him.


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After months of denials, NeNe Leakes finally admits she is cheating on her cancer survivor husband, Gregg Leakes.

NeNe and RHOA castmate Kenya Moore clashed when Kenya shaded NeNe’s marriage after Page Six broke the news of her extramarital affair.


According to MTO News, the 52-year-old reality TV personality made light of the rumors of her alleged affair with family friend, Rodney White -- by asking fans to let her and husband Gregg Leakes "cheat in peace."

NeNe and Gregg, 65, reportedly have an open marriage and their Duluth, Ga. home is a revolving door.

Blayze / Splash News

NeNe said, even though she and her husband see other people, their "bond is unbreakable."

"The bond is unbreakable! Everything else might break tho ? but not the bond!" she captioned a post on Instagram.

"For real tho, We been working on something very special lately. Noooooo not our marriage fool cause we both got side pieces? We been working on something we hope to invite you into for cocktails, small bites, smooth music and an amazing atmosphere on the north side of ATL. Coming soon! Keep yo eyes and ears open for dat! PS: Let us cheat in peace and mind your business please. lifeoftheleakes?? #isaidwhatisaid #theunstoppablehustle."

Matthew Baker/Getty Images

Azealia Banks claims she slept with comedian Dave Chappelle who is happily married to Elaine Erfe, his wife of 19 years.

But, according to Azealia, Chappelle, 46, cheated on his wife with her. Azealia said she is "sick and tired" of powerful men (like billionaire Elon Musk) using her for sex, but then don't come to her rescue when she is dragged in the news media.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Until now there had been no rumors of Chappelle cheating on his wife. Chappelle and Elaine live on a farm in Ohio with their three children, daughter Sonal and sons Sulayman and Ibrahim.

Jaime Espinoza/

In a video shared on social media, the troubled 28-year-old singer threatened to ruin a lot of marriages.

"Like, Dave Chappelle, I should ruin your f***ing marriage. I should ruin your f***ing marriage, I should tell the f***ing world that we f***ed... You got some good d*ck."


Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

'Black-ish' Creator Kenya Barris has returned to his family after an unscheduled detour between actress Tracee Ellis Ross's legs (allegedly).

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Barris filed for divorce from his wife, Dr. Rania "Rainbow" Barris, citing irreconcilable differences after 20 years of marriage and six children.

Barris serves as executive producer on Black-ish, as well as it's spinoff show, Grown-ish.

Court records show that Barris filed to have his divorce filing dismissed on May 15.

Photo by WENN/Avalon

Rumor has it that Barris cheated on his wife with Black-ish cast member Tracee, 47, whom Barris ironically cast as his wife, Rainbow, on the show.

The second eldest daughter of Motown legend Diana Ross has a history of failed relationships with emotionally unavailable men over the years.

Photo by Avalon/WENN[/caption

According to blogger B. Scott:

Multiple sources told the entertainment website LoveBScott in late January that Ross and Barris are dating. The exact timeline of their rumored romance is unclear. But the outlet notes that Barris filed for divorce from his wife, Dr. Raina “Rainbow” Barris, back in August 2019. They were married for 20 years and share six children.

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Photos: Instagram, Austin PD

When a woman is fed up: Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas almost lost his life when his wife caught him in bed with another woman last month.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Nina Thomas held a gun to Earl's head after she caught him in bed with a naked woman at an Austin, Texas AirBnB on April 13.

Austin police responded to a frantic 911 call at 3:41 a.m., and witnessed a Black female wearing an orange sweater with a knife in her hand chasing a shirtless Black male holding a pistol in his hand around a vehicle.

Nina and Earl complied when ordered to drop the weapons and get on the ground.

Earl told police he had an argument with his wife about his drinking earlier that day. He said he and his brother left the premises.

Nina then hacked into Earl's Snapchat account and saw new videos of him with another woman. She used the social media account to pinpoint Earl's exact location.

Nina and two of her friends confronted Earl. The football star and his brother were surrounded by naked women.

Video footage recorded by one of the ladies shows Nina pointing a gun at Earl's head. Her finger was on the trigger. Earl was able to wrestle the gun away from his crazed wife.

One of the women said Nina screamed: "I got something for all you hoes!"

Nina was arrested and charged with burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her friends were charged as well.

The coronavirus lockdown is making it difficult for cheating husbands to hook up with their side pieces.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Andrew Gillum, the former mayor of Tallahassee, was literally caught with his pants down with a naked man in a hotel room on South Beach on March 13.

The news coverage slowed to a crawl and then halted days after Gillum, 40, was found naked and vomiting on the bathroom floor in room 1107 at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel. His friend, male escort Travis Dyson, 30, was treated for a possible drug overdose.

A police report was leaked to conservative activist Candace Owens by someone who knew the news media would cover up the story.

Gillum apologized to his wife, R. Jai Gillum, and his friends and supporters. He announced he was entering rehab for an alcoholism problem.

After recovering from their shock, Gillum's supporters collectively shrugged and moved on, leaving Gillum to his sexual demons.

But 2 of Gillum's supporters believe Black men should uplift Gillum, and the news media should not demonize down low Black men.

Preston Mitchum and Michael Seaberry penned an open letter to Gillum, Black men and the news media to "be our Brother's keeper".

Photo may have been deleted

The open letter came days after The Central Florida Post and London's Daily Mail published embarrassing photos of Gillum naked in a hotel room strewn with drug paraphernalia and bedsheets soiled with blood and feces.

Mitchum, an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown Law Center, told NewsOne in an email Monday night that "all media has a role to play" in supporting Gillum and Black people.

"...mainstream media, in particular, must be careful in how it displays Black people and our bodies and it isn't something they are often forced to do."

Seaberry, a high school science teacher in Clayton County, Georgia, appealed to Black men to be more supportive of Gillum and each other in their times of need.

"Fellow Black men, allow this letter to be a reminder that we, too, must be allowed the space to explore, mess up, reevaluate ourselves and become anew," Seaberry and Mitchum wrote.

Addressing the rightwing news media. Mitchum and Seaberry wrote:

"We should not be shocked that you, the media, would fetishize a Black life for clickbait, likes, and shares -- for anything. Black life, in moments of pain and terror, has long been delectable to the American palate."

While acknowledging that Gillum's story is newsworthy, they said the coverage should not be done in such a "salacious way."

The men asked the news media for decorum and restraint when covering stories about down low high-profile men.

"Sharing photos of Mayor Gillum's naked body, especially in such a vulnerable state, is inexcusable and triggering to a community that has seen our own bodies fetishized and/or slain across the nation, from the lynching tree to Main Street. Quite frankly, we are sick of seeing Black bodies become a call-to-fame and the subject of your headlines."

NewsOne chose not to publish the nude photo of Gillum or the drug-strewn hotel room.