LoLo Jones Disses Drake

Olympian Lolo Jones is back in Black Twitter's dog house for her tweet directed at ESPY Awards 2014 host Drake's slutty ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

"It's amazing that Drake is hosting the @Espys but it's gonna be tough for him to hand out all those awards to Rihanna's ex boyfriends," she tweeted.

The implication was that Rihanna has slept with athletes in every professional sport. As far as we know, Rihanna has only dated LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp. But Lolo obviously knows something we don't.

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Teleka Patrick

Missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick may have suffered from psychiatric disorders ranging from Erotomania to Schizophrenia.

Patrick, a 30-year-old first-year medical resident in psychiatry at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine, was reported missing on Dec. 6, 2013. She was last seen by a courtesy shuttle driver at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, who dropped her off at her car in the parking lot of the Borgess Medical Center where she worked. Patrick had attempted to rent a room at the hotel. But she was unsuccessful for reasons that are unclear.

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Drake and Zoe Kravitz

According to word on the street, singer Rihanna is hurt and confused after photos surfaced online of rapper Drake wooing actress and model Zoe Kravitz on his tour bus.

Rihanna took to her Twitter account today and posted a message that read: "Either keep it 100 with me, or stay 100 feet away from me."

Rihanna tweet

Blogger Tattletailzz seems to think Rihanna was sub tweeting Drake. Drake has admitted to having a "crush" on Kravitz, who is the spawn of singer Lenny Kravitz.

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President Obama and Dan Pfeiffer

President Obama and Dan Pfeiffer

Earlier today, a senior advisor to President Obama tweeted what his subconscious mind was already thinking.

Dan Pfeiffer was responding to a Twitter discussion about political polarization and how the Internet and social media plays a major factor.

He tweeted: "Also a much nigger factor on the right."

What Pfieffer meant to tweet was the word 'bigger' -- but since 'nigger' was already occupying his subconscious mind, that's what came out.

Why is Obama's senior advisor lollygagging around on social media anyway? Is he one of the 800,000 furloughed non-essential workers?

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Cory Booker flirts with stripper

Presidential hopeful Cory Booker has been busy flirting with women on social networks in the hopes that one of them would leak his Direct messages. He got his wish when a Portland stripper named LynsieLee tweeted their private messages on her Twitter timeline, probably with his permission.

Cory Booker flirts with stripper

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Magic Johnson and President Obama

Magic Johnson and President Obama

President Obama's White House guest list is beginning to sound like a joke punchline. Instead of inviting CEO's or experts who know a thing or two about jobs creation, Obama invited NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson to the White House to brainstorm about creating jobs.

As points out, the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which is now disbanded, didn't get the job done. So why not invite a sports star who is the face of a multimillion dollar corporation run by silent partners?

Johnson, 54, couldn't contain his excitement when he took to his Twitter account to boast about his biggest achievement -- no, not his 5 NBA championship rings; and not the birth of his son. Something bigger.

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Singer Brandy Performs to 90,000 Empty Seats

According to Black Twitter, R&B singer Brandy was humiliated and embarrassed after performing for just 40 people in a capacity 90,000 seat arena in South Africa on Saturday.

Several concertgoers at the Mandela Sports and Cultural Day concert tweeted that 90,000 concertgoers left before Brandy hit the stage to perform, reports.

"Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on," tweeted South African musician, Kabomo. "There are more people there on a random Tuesday... Depressing."

Added @My2_Melo: "I gave up the [minute] I saw the empty stadium. Brandy performing for the chairs!"

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It turns out that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, aka RG3, is a normal, red-blooded male who enjoys attention from more than one woman. Most men don't get caught sexting with their side pieces on their wedding night though.

Meredith Barber, a VCU student, Hooters waitress and Redskins fan, was busted trying to sell explicit photos and text messages from Griffin, sent to her on his wedding night.

The sexting drama unfolded when Twitter user, Brandon K., sent an email to the Busted Coverage sports blog claiming to have uncovered suspicious tweets between Meredith, RG3, and William Mallow, one of Griffin's groomsmen, the night of Griffin's wedding to college sweetheart Rebecca Liddicoat.

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As Twitter and other social media proves, most people are followers. They are easily influenced by celebrities and other notables who give them cues on everything from the latest trends to what type of women to date. Last year's craze, popularized and spread rapidly through social media, were 'Planking' and 'Tebowing.' Thank God those trends phased out.

The arrest of former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has launched a new trend called 'Hernandezing' -- or wearing your t-shirt over your arms which are positioned behind your back.

Sports Grid has the details after the break.

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J Cole

A Texas teenager who threatened to blow his little sister's head off if rapper J. Cole didn't retweet his post on was only kidding around.

A rep for the New Braunfels Police Department in Texas told gossip website that the teen had a "bad lapse in judgment."

The police department opened an investigation after receiving tips about the post on the social media network. A photo uploaded with the tweet on Tuesday shows the kid pointing what appears to be a handgun at a little girl's head.

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Keri Hilson new hairstyle

Keri Hilson tweet

Lately, celebrities have begun leaving messages for me in my Direct Message inbox on Normally I don't share my DMs with the public, but in this case I will because singer Keri Hilson thinks she's slick.

Yesterday morning Keri tweeted this on her Twitter timeline: "It's nice when your hard work affords you the luxury of doing whatever you want, whenever you want. That's the goal, right?"

I responded by tweeting: "Wrong. The goal is to enrich the lives of others, not your own."

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Draya Michele and son Andraya Howard

Yesterday, I was in my car driving to an appointment when a friend called me to read off a list of "Ask Draya" tweets from black Twitter. Apparently, Draya Michele, formerly of "Basketball Wives LA," was a guest on BET's long-running music show "106 & Park" yesterday. The geniuses at BET set Draya up by tweeting the hashtag "Ask Draya". 99% of the resulting tweets contained mentions of Draya's son, Andraya Howard, who, at age 7, was left alone to fend for himself while Draya worked nights at a strip club.

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Tyler the Creator and Pharrell Williams like singer Miley Cyrus so much they wanted to take a picture with her. Pharrell tweeted this pic on Tuesday night.

The unlikely photo session is odd since everyone thought Miley and Tyler didn't like each other. The Odd Future frontman had nothing nice to say about Miley's new haircut in a recent tweet on his account.

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President Obama supporters on who threatened the life of GOP candidate Mitt Romney remain active on Twitter. reports that the Secret Service was aware of the threats made against Romney's life after the 2nd presidential debate.

The Twitter users with ethnic-sounding names, such as @AllHaleDeja_, @4shogbmg, @DamnGurlYuNasty, @ItsCeddyB, @_OVO_Libra, and @iBeBlowinUrMind, tweeted threats that would have earned anyone else a personal visit from the Secret Service.

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For those of you still on the social networking microblog (I know, it's dying slowly), here's a summary of what really happened to one of your favorite delusional Twitter personalities who pretended to be a light skinned pretty boy homosexual on Twitter (in reality he's a self-hating, dark skinned bruvah).

His "followers" woke up one day to discover that his life (and by extension, theirs) was a fraud and now his Twitter page, facebook, Tumblr account and gmail are all deleted.

One of his followers was so moved by the loss of his online fantasy crush, that he wrote this blog:

When I found out that the hilarious, sweet, understanding, endearing, cool ass mofo I had known as @gayshitgoeshere was some constructed alter-ego, I was a bit disappointed. I’m certainly not going to lose sleep over him, and you won’t find me at the bottom of the Charles River, but I do feel a bit jipped. And I have every got damn right to feel the way I do. I followed @gayshitgoeshere’s blog, laughed with him, he checked in on me when I was sick, and I got worried about him when his hoopty broke down. I didn’t know him, but I liked the guy, or least who I thought he was.

So imagine my surprise when my timeline suddenly gets flooded with folks discussing how he had been lying all along. All those stories about dinner at his parents’ house, him tweeting while hugged up with his boo, everything was a lie. I know this is the internet. I know that I don’t really know many people on Twitter. I know that people are deceitful and that Twitter is the perfect venue for people to construct fictitious versions of themselves. But, I also know that I’m real on Twitter, that my tweets are a TRUE reflection of who I am, what I’m about. I have no suspect motives, and I’m not looking for away to morph into a different person. So, is it crazy to think that I might assume that many of you are operating under the same premises, that many of you might be, what’s the word, umm, genuine? Nah, not really. Read More...

The big story in entertainment news today is teen actress Miley Cyrus has quit Twittering.

The Hannah Montana star quit Twitter today because her new boyfriend asked her to. Miley left a final tweet saying, “FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason,” then she deleted her account leaving her 2 million followers in a panic.

It seems the 16-year-old has discovered what a lot of other people already know: that Twitter is literally for the birds. As a wise woman recently pointed out: most celebrities have poor impulse control. They often end up posting a damaging tweet leaving their publicists to cover their asses by lying and claiming the Twitter account isn't theirs.

There is no really good reason for established celebrities to have a twitter account other than to see how many "followers" they can gain. For that reason, Twitter is a narcissist's playground. For the insecure celebs with low self esteem, it provides a forum to exercise their false superiority over others.

There's really no surprise that the three biggest narcissists in the industry: Oprah Winfrey, Sean Combs and Ashton Kutcher, have millions of followers yet, only follow a few hundred back -- if that many.

The other end of the spectrum are the non-celebrities who sit up on Twitter day and night hoping celebrities will respond to their tweets. Or the Twitter addicts who tweet randomly about every mundane aspect of their lives in the hopes that some other sad Twitter addict with no life will follow them.

The social networking and micro blogging service was brought down by a major distributed denial of service attack earlier today. It took the service 3 hours to recover from the cyber attack

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack occurs when hackers use infected computers to flood a website's server (or servers) with thousands of requests for data packets per minute. Since the server can't tell the difference between the good traffic and bad traffic, it crashes. The computer owners (YOU) don't even realize their computers were used in the attacks.

In the meantime, millions of Twitter addicts were forced to find something else to do with their time such as get a life, reacquaint themselves with their children and pets, or actually put in some work for their employers.

We interrupt our embargo on Ciara news to bring you this sad report straight from Ciara's Twitter page:

Today was a bit rough for me. But I know I have to stay positive. I lost one of my godmothers to cancer. We just discovered almost 2 months ago she had cancer in the 4th stage. Unfortunately it moved so fast and today was her last day. I say this to say make the best of everyday, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Try to end off everyday on a positive note no matter what.

Ms Linda was a sweet, strong and smart woman and she could cook!:) she would come to you with open arms and love you like you were one of hers. She has definitely left a lot of sweet memories in peoples hearts and now she can rest in peace. No more pain.