Phaedra Parks

Uninformed sources are reporting that local attorney Phaedra Creonta Parks, 44, is due to appear at an upcoming disciplinary hearing to determine the status of her law license. According to my source at the Georgia bar there is no disciplinary hearing set for Ms. Parks, whose law license remains in good standing with the bar.

As you know, Parks’ husband, Apollo Nida, 35, was arrested last week and charged with a laundry list of federal offenses that could put him back behind bars for more than 30 years.

As a result of her husband’s serious charges, several bloggers mentioned unconfirmed reports that the Georgia bar had scheduled an emergency hearing to yank Ms. Parks’ law license. Those reports are simply not true.

Phaedra Parks

That doesn’t mean things won’t change next week — or in the event that Ms. Parks is charged with being the mastermind behind an identity theft and bank fraud ring. blog holds itself to a higher citizen journalism standard, and will not speculate on upcoming charges that Ms. Parks may or may not be facing until the ink has dried on her arrest warrant.

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